My Initiation Into The World Of Love


This is how it happened.

I had finished school and was in college studying for an important exam. At 20, I was looking forward to life.

All my family members were out of station for the holidays. I was alone except for our Nepalese maid servant, Nirmala who lived in the house and our cook who left for her home at night after dinner. Nirmala was about 10-12 years older than I, Her husband, an army man, was often away on duty for long durations, this being one. She was a buxom woman with comfortable breasts and prominent jutting buttocks.

One night, after dinner, Nirmala came into my room to see if everything was all right. Soon after, cleaning up the room, she sat down on my bed where I was lying, put her hand over me and kissed me. It was a deep kiss, tongue in mouth, something beyond my imagination. And, with her hand she was caressing me under my pajamas. Sensing my reaction, she quickly put off the bright light, leaving the room in the dim glow of the night-lamp. She undid my pajama strings and fondled my erect manhood, first with her hands and fingers, then with her warm wet tongue. I’d never had a woman’s hand on my cock, let alone a tongue. My heart was beating hard in my chest, and I was quite frightened about what might happen. I thought I would die with pleasure. Then she kissed me again and slipped off her dress to expose herself completely to my sight. Even in the dim light of the night-lamp, the sight of her big breasts, her beautiful buttocks and thighs excited me no end.

I found myself kissing her passionately, first one her mouth, then on her breasts and then on her stomach and back. She told me later that she felt completely safe with me to go further ahead in her amorous adventure with me. I was feeling anything but safe. What if somebody found out what I was up to? There would be no end of trouble for me.

But Nirmala had no such worries. She started to lick my cock over the length of it with long, sensuous strokes of her tongue. I could feel her hot breath on me. The she took me completely into her mouth and bobbed her up and down my shaft circling the head with her tongue. She kissed me again and then straddled me with her legs open and took my cock inside her cunt, helping me in with her hand. She bobbed up, down, up and down with gentle strokes, taking my cock completely out of her cunt and then taking it in Bostancı Escort until it could go in no more.

After some of this play, she lay down beside me, kissed me on my lips and mouth and asked me to get on top and kiss her whole body. I did as commanded, but when I got lower, I hesitated. She pushed down my head down onto her between her thighs, on to her pussy, which was clean shaven. She told me to caress the insides of her thighs with my tongue, and to put my tongue inside her cunt. She held my head firm against her so that I couldn’t move away. I found that her cunt tasted salty but not bad. Suddenly, I started liking what I was doing. I tongued her vigorously and sucked on her clit.

After some time she raised her back and directed me to explore her anal area with my tongue. I again hesitated. Could I really kiss her there? But she insisted and said if I wanted to fuck her again, I had to do what she told me. Soon, her moans and sighs egged me on to forbidden places, places which I never thought my tongue and lips would ever caress. I reamed her asshole with my tongue. She told me that this was something that gave her immense pleasure. Hearing this, I reamed her asshole again and again. I had become her love slave.

She helped me to get my cock hard and erect with her tongue and mouth, kissing and licking it all over in her warm mouth. She pulled me over her, inside her, taking hold of my cock with her hand and guiding me in. I gave her slow thrusts, deep and long, and then harder strokes. My confidence was growing that I could fuck a woman properly.

She told me to take it easy. She was shaking with long low moans and deep sighs, clutching me tight to her, her vaginal muscles tightening on my cock, cautioning me all the while not to spend as she wanted to enjoy me more. Finally, her body relaxed and she lay on the bed, contented and finished.

To thank me, she kissed me again, and made as if to get up and leave me. But no; she said she wanted to be caressed again by my lips and tongue from where I had just withdrawn. My tongue was now in her cunt again, tasting her juices and mine, caressing her little button inside. I sucked on it. She held my head tight against her cunt. She was a woman who knew what she wanted.

After I had sucked her cunt for what seemed a very long time, she motioned that I could Anadolu Yakası Escort get up on top of her. She opened her thighs and raised them high to give a view of her open pussy. It was so pink and inviting. I kissed it, and mounted her and thrust my cock quickly into her cunt in a swift motion. I rode her like a galloping horse until something came out of me in great bursts that I could not control. She was now heaving and moaning. She held me tight against her and told me how much she loved me. I could feel my cock growing smaller inside her. I knew that it was time for me to take it out of her cunt.

We then took a hot shower together, soaping each other in every nook and cranny, letting the warm water caress our skins. She tucked me up in bed, gave me a warm kiss and left. I dropped to a deep sleep, tired out after my exertions.

The Aftermath:

Generally, Nirmali and I used to avoid any intimate contact during the day, to allow me to continue my studies undisturbed. This was by no means an easy task. One evening, after a tiresome day with my studies, I developed a severe headache towards the evening. Nirmali asked me why I was looking so tired. When I said I had a headache, she affectionately started giving me a head massage. I put my head against her ample breasts to comfort myself. To further comfort me, Nirmali used to bestow on my lips a few darting kisses now and then. In one of those delicate moments in walked my distant cousin Indira. We knew we were in for trouble.

Indira was a distant cousin, a cousin’s cousin, really. She was married to a doctor guy who was now in the UK for higher studies. She was waiting for him to call her to the UK. It was six months ago when she was with her husband. Indira was tall, fair with long brown hair, with a good body that she liked to show off wearing tight clothes even when her husband was not there. I had wanted to fondle her once or twice, but she wasn’t the one to give in. Anyway, here she was, asking embarrassing questions:

“What are you two up to? Why is she kissing you?”

Nirmala gave me a meaningful look and I gave her one back. We understood each other perfectly. She put an arm around Indira and made her sit down on the bed, and then forced her to lie down. She lifted up her sari, exposing a pair of creamy thighs. Nirmala hitched the sari further up Pendik Escort to expose a beautiful mons veneris with curly brown air on it. It was such a lovely sight. Indira was making protesting noises, and to shut her up, Nirmala signaled me to kiss her on her lips and mouth, which I did. Indira resisted at first, but under my relentless pressure, soon gave in and opened her mouth to let my tongue in. I caught her tongue between my lips and sucked on it. Nirmala in the meanwhile had got busy down below, burying her head deep between Indira’s thighs, who was by now writhing and moaning. Seeing she was ready, I gripped by cock and tried to put it inside her, but she wriggled away, saying:

“Not there, not there. Anywhere but there, that’s my hubby’s treasure.”

So I put my cock into her mouth. She was an absolute amateur in cock sucking, and Nirmala had to teach her, with practical demonstrations on my hard shaft. Soon, Indira was working on me as expertly as Nirmala.

Nirmala said: “You have to enter her and fuck her.”

Indira said no, very firmly, but turned to lie on her stomach exposing her beautiful ass. I slid the edge of my palm into the valley between her two mounds and rubbed her all the way up from top to bottom. Nirmala then made her crouch at the edge of the bed, on all fours exposing her ass to our view completely. She then moistened the asshole with her tongue, and made me do the same, which completely floored Indira.

I then guided my cock in, with Nirmala’s expert help. Indira groaned and moaned, but did not resist. I gave her ten slow strokes and then three fast ones and then withdrew slowly. Indira was on her back again, looking very much happy though ravished. She motioned for me to put my head between her thighs and held my head firm there.

Her aroma was quite different from Nirmala’s, but equally seductive, I savored it for a moment and then plunged my tongue right into her, tasting her and sucking her. Her clit was much bigger than Nirmala’s. I took into in to my lips and sucked on it hungrily. She thrust her pelvis into my face. Her love juices poured into my mouth, and soon she was done.

We took her into the bathroom and tenderly washed her.

That’s how Indira’s silence was bought, and that’s how she became a willing co-worker with Nirmala and me, except that I did never fuck her in her cunt.

Many years later, after she had gone back to England to her husband, had become the mother of two children and then a widow, I visited her there. She quickly became my lover, and we had swinging times in London and elsewhere. But that is another story.


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