my fantasy…61

my fantasy…61
i hear u walk in from work
& drop your jacket in the hall
then walk in2 the door-way
& lean up against the door…
i am sitting at your computer
looking at a very sexy close-up
of a very thick & veiny cock
as it stretches a guy’s butt-hole
while it is pounded in & out…
his balls slap in2 the other’s guys
with every deep & viscious thrust
& his hand reaches around & under
2 jack the bottom’s swollen cock…
although the volume is very low
the sticky sweaty sounds of sex
& the guys’ moaning are genuine…
i pause the movie & spin around
so u can see that i am fully naked
as i stroke my distended cock
& smile up at u very very wickedly…
i breathe deep & whisper
” guess what i wanna do ?? ”
as i lean 4ward & grab your cock
& squeeze that expanding flesh
as i stare at your meaty package
& then lick my lips liridly…
” i have been waiting all night 4 u !! ”
i whisper
” i wanna feel u balls-deep in my ass !! ”
as i press my lips 2 your bulge
& then slide down your zipper
so i can pull out your big juicy cock…

my hot breath tickles your cock-head
as i lean 4ward 2 lick a drop of juice
that has oozed from your open slit…
as my hand grips your thick shaft
i stand & pull u in2 the bedroom
as u pull your shirt off & toss it…
i drop submissively 2 my knees
& i swirl my tongue all over your balls
then slurp on your throbbing glans
as my hand squeezes your fat shaft
until u are cumpletely & fully erect…
i quickly jump up on2 the bed
then press my chest 2 the mattress
as i slide my knees all the way out
then wriggle my wide-spread ass
as i reach back & pull myself wider
& my entire body shudders lustfully
as i run a finger over my tight pucker…

i look back over my shoulder at u
as i finger my fuck-hole & whisper
” i wanna feel your fat cock in me !!
i wanna feel u fuck my ass full of cock !! ”
i feel u slowly kneel down behind me
then place your glans against my hole
as i suddenly & forcefully slide back
& suck your knob in2 my grippy ass…
a shiver runs all the way through me
& i moan deep in my chest & whimper
as u push 4ward deeper in2 my body…

i clutch handfuls of the sheets tightly
as u push your cock even further in
until i feel your balls against mine
& your cock-head bumps in2 my core…
u pull back & then drive 4ward again
& again & again & again & again & again
as u grip my hips tight & increase speed
& i press back against u & then whimper
” oh yes !! fuck me with your big cock !! ”
pre-cum oozes from my distended cock
& spatters on2 the sheets below me
as u slam in & out of my greedy hole
& i reach back 2 pull my ass open wider
as i look back over my shoulder & beg
” fuck that ass !! fuck that tight ass !!
i wanna feel u cumming in my ass !!! ”
u push 4ward even harder & deeper
as your hands pull me back roughly
& my clutching ass accepts u further…

i start 2 rock my hips up & down slowly
as your rigid tool slides back & 4th
& invades the depths of my passage
which makes me cry out in ecstasy…
i reach underneath our sweaty bodies
2 squeeze & release your shaved balls
as my cock rubs the sheets below me
& i can tell that u are close 2 cumming
when your balls pulls up tight & high…
i pull away from u quickly & spin around
so we are in a perfect sixty-nine position
& as u cram your erection in2 my throat
i feel your body fall 4ward on2 mine
as your drooling mouth slides on2 me…
as i feel u throb & pulsate on my tongue
my own cock explodes with a huge gush
& while u drink down my spewing seed
i feel u squirt thick ropes of tasty cum
in2 the very back of my gulping throat
as we both quiver with lustful release…
( do u wanna ??? )

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