My Cross-dressing Urge

My Cross-dressing Urge
Having previously enjoyed my lustful dalliance with my first cross-dresser, the thought of him clad in beautiful lingerie was an image in my mind that I could not shake for weeks. I had discovered my liking for women’s underwear in my teens when I used to visit my grandmother, and she always had beautiful stockings in her hosiery drawer. I would slip them on when I would stop overnight, delighting in their feel, the smell of the smooth nylon as it encased my teenage legs. Sometimes, I would sleep in them, loving the naughtiness of it all! But since leaving school and entering the world of work, that part had been long since discarded and forgotten about… until now.
I decided I wanted to feel that thrill again. That meant I was going to have to buy some lingerie of my own. This was long before the days of internet shopping, so I was going to have to physically go into a shop and purchase the items myself. And one weekend, I summoned up the courage to go into town and entered a large department store, making my way up the stairs to the women’s underwear section. There were so many beautiful outfits on display, my eyes lustfully drawn from one outfit to another. Then I saw the one I wanted, it almost spoke to me. A whole outfit of a silky red bra, it’s cups adorned in flimsy lace and embroidered flowers in a darker red, a matching suspender belt and a skimpy set of see-through lace red knickers to go with it. I picked up the set and made my way to where the tights and stockings were displayed, and decided upon some matching red seamed stockings to finish off the look. I think my face must have been as red as the underwear I was holding as I made my way to the cash register to nervously make my purchase. An elderly couple were directly in front of me in the queue, and the elderly gent looked at what I had in my hand and commented to his wife, ‘Looks like he’s having some fun tonight!’ He didn’t know how right he was..!
I made my naughty purchase and hurried home, my cock already becoming engorged at the thought of wearing my skimpy outfit. I took my underwear off it’s hangers, removing the price tag and laid it out on my bed. I quickly removed my clothes, my now fully erect penis bobbing up and down in anticipation at what was to come. I made my way to the bathroom and ran myself a hot bath, using my razor to remove the hairs from my legs. After drying myself off, and noticing how sensitive my legs had now become, I proceeded to the bedroom where my underwear was waiting to be adorned.
First, I opened the pack of stockings, breathing in the fresh nylon’s smell, gently removing them from the cardboard they were wrapped around. As I slowly eased them up each leg, I could feel the tip of my cock becoming sticky, already coated in my pre-cum. Then I put on the suspender belt. It was tight, but that only made my cock jump more. After eventually figuring how to attach the stocking tops to the lacy red straps, I focused my attention to the bra. I slipped it onto my chest already clipped up, and then the skimpy red knickers were put on, merely covering my aching ball sack and my cock pointing out over the top. I made my way over to the full length mirror to check the sight of my transformed look.
The bra did nothing for me, stretched tight across my big chest, but as my eyes were drawn towards my groin and legs, I delighted in the shapely form of my legs, my genitals surrounded and beautifully framed in red nylon and lace. I finally allowed myself to touch my aching cock, my painful erection needing to be sated. Slowly I wanked as I admired the view from all angles, touching my nylon clad legs, fondling the lace of the suspender belt. It’s safe to say, the first orgasm didn’t take long, but I ensured I got none of my hot spunk on my new outfit! I lost count of how many times I masturbated that day, but by the time I had had my last cum, the liquid that ejected from me was clear and runny.
And that was the beginning of my love affair with nylon and lace…

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