Interracial in an Adult Store video booth.

Interracial in an Adult Store video booth.
As I walked into the Adult store, my eyes raced around at all the magazines, movies and adult toys they had on display. It was such a turn on, it is almost sexual overload. They have a section for every taste, whim and fetish. As I browsed around the store, I saw a sign above a darken hallway that said “personal video booths.” I walked in, hoping to watch some porn and relieve my aching in my pants, as my cock was begging for release.

As I walked towards a booth, I heard a voice say “You want dick?” I could tell immediately that it was the voice of a black guy. I didn’t respond and kept on walking towards a booth. “Hey man, you want dick?” The voice said again. I couldn’t help but turn, I couldn’t believe how forward and open this guy was about looking for Gay sex. He was a tall black guy, dressed in a t shirt and jeans. I didn’t answer, I just turned back around and walked into a booth. He walked in behind me. I don’t know why, the lust in the air, the throbbing cock in my pants, I didn’t object and instead sat down.

He now stood before me and me and he started to undo his jeans. He let them fall to the floor. In the dimly lit video booth, I could see his manhood as it hung in front of me. He had the biggest cock I had ever seen. It must of had hung at least eight inches and he wasn’t even hard yet. I was most shocked by how thick this cock was, however. It was like a Red Bull can. I had been with a few guys before, mostly when I was younger, but it was just experimenting. Differently none of them had anything close to a cock like this.

“Suck that dick, man” he said to me in firm, but soft tone. My cock instantly began leaking pre cum for the tip. A sure sign that I wanted his cock, even if my brain didn’t know it yet. Fuck, it did look amazing and I’d never get a better chance to experience this, so I leaned in and almost instinctively kissed and licked up and down his enormous shaft. “Ah yeah, that’s nice” he spoke again, this time much more passionately, then said, “Suck my balls” and I quickly moved my mouth to his full firm, thighs sack, pushing his heavy, hanging cock to the side with my face. It was strangely arousing getting instructions from him and my cock leaked more pre cum every time he spoke. “Ahhhhhhhh” he said as my tongue licked and lapped at each massive ball, in turn. I felt intoxicated, almost drunk. Light headed and lost in cock lust.

I felt his hand on my head, pulling my mouth away from his ball sack. I was greeted by his now hardening cock and it appeared even bigger and thicker than before. He held himself at the base, and with his hand guiding my head, offered it to my mouth. I licked the fat tip and tasted a slick, sweet drop of his pre cum as I oozed out. I was surprised at how thrilling and delicious it was to taste another man. Again, I felt my own pre cum flow. I wanted to grab my dick and squeeze and stroke it, but my hands had found there home on this man’s hips and thighs.

He pulled my head eat closer to his cock, I knew he wanted me to suck him, but there was no way I could take his massive head, let alone his huge dick, in my mouth. With his persistent urging, I stopped licking around his cocks head and wrapped my lips around as much of his thick head as I could. I couldn’t believe I moaned out loud, in pleasure, but I did, without thinking. If he didn’t know he had me before, he surely knew it now. “Ah yeah, take that dick” and I let out another muffled moan. He began moving his massive cock, now even thicker and firm, in and out as he continued to hold the back of my head. I strained to take more of him and my lips caressed the ridges of his cocks head. I felt as if I was experiencing one long, slow orgasm as I held his hips and began guiding him in and out of my mouth, myself. Making him fuck my mouth, now he released his grip on the back of my head and held it gently. I moaned again at the erotic passion of the moment.

When end I began to feel his body shake my my hands, I sensed he was nearing orgasm. In stead of pulling away, I found myself moving him in and out of my mouth even quicker. With a sense of urgency, now wanting him to explode inside me, I sucked hard on his fat head and my hands moved to his ass, caressing it and guiding him in and out, back and forth. He yelled out, “aahhhhhhh” as his semen flowed I to my mouth without warning. I let out a, “mmmmmmm” without thinking as I tasted his warm, silky cum on my tongue.

He pulled his cock from between my lips and as he lightly stroked the back of my head with one hand, stroked out the remaining drops of cum from his dick with the other. He offered them to me and I licked them off him as he smiled and savor his orgasm. “Fuck, that was nice” he said and I continued to lick his thick cock clean.

“Man, I’m gonna need to see you again.” He said and I finally responded back. “I’d like that too.”

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