My Boyfriend and his Bud Ch. 02


A few nights after my boyfriend and his best friend jerked each other of I got a call at work from my boyfriend telling me that about 15 minutes after I left for work Pete text him and asked if it was cool for him to come over. My boyfriend text back right away it was cool.

When Pete showed up the sexual tension was thick, but they settled quickly and things got back to normal right away. They started playing Watchdogs and quickly got back in their groove and comfortable.

“I’m glad things aren’t awkward after the other night,” Pete said, “I’ve been thinking about it a lot.”

“Me too,” My boyfriend replied, “I’ve been thinking about it too.”

“I get hard just thinking about it and I can’t help but jerk off,” Pete said, “I’ve been jerking off to the pictures of your girlfriend you sent me too.”

“Oh yeah? Which ones are your favorites?” My boyfriend asked.

“I love stroking to her big tits!” Pete said, “But that picture of her bent over with her panties pulled down around her thighs always make me cum!”

“That’s one of my favorites too!” My boyfriend said.

“Do you have any more pictures of her?” Pete asked, “Can I watche the videos again?”

“Yeah but only if you let me stroke your cock to them” My boyfriend said.

“Hell yeah!” Pete said, “But only if I can stroke your cock at the same time.”

They had their cocks out right away and wasted no time. My boyfriend synced his phone to our TV and they were slowly stroking each other while pictures of my naked body played on the screen.

“She is so fucking sexy!” Pete moaned, “I love her big tits.”

“They Escort Arnavutköy are so soft,” My boyfriend replied, “I love squeezing them and burying my face in them!”

“You are so fucking lucky” Pete gasped.

“Do you want to fuck her?” My boyfriend asked.

“What?” Pete asked surprised.

“Do you want to fuck my girlfriend?” My boyfriend asked with a moan.

“Fuck yes I do!” Pete said instantly as his cock throbbed hard in my boyfriend’s hand.

My boyfriend knew Pete wouldn’t last much longer so he told him they should strip so they don’t mess up their clothes and then put on the video of me playing with my Hitachi.

Once the video was on they stroked each other faster. My boyfriend loved how good Pete’s cock felt in his hands, and Pete stroked his cock so good he knew exactly what he liked.

“Oh fuck don’t stop,” Pete moaned “I’m gonna cum!”

My boyfriend used his other hand to play with Pete’s balls for and started stroking him faster.

“Cum for me Pete,” My boyfriend whispered to Pete, “Blow your load in my hand while you watch my girlfriend make herself cum.”

“Unnnngh oh fuck yes!” Pete moaned as he shot his load all over my boyfriend’s hand.

“Don’t stop stroking me Pete,” My boyfriend gasped “I’m gonna cum too!”

The sight of his best friend cumming in his hand sending my boyfriend over the edge. Pete stroked his cock faster and used his free hand to play with my boyfriend’s balls.

“I’m cuuuuuuming!” My boyfriend nearly screamed as Pete kept going milking my boyfriend’s hard cock.

After that they cleaned Avcılar escort up but decided to stay naked. They went back to playing video games but continued to talk about the pictures of me and the video they watched.

“Why did you ask if I want to fuck your girlfriend?” Pete asked, “Do you want me to fuck her?”

“I know you think she’s hot I’ve seen you checking her out and now we have been jerking each other off to her pictures,” My boyfriend paused, “Well you never know what can happen.”

Pete bit his lip and fought back a moan at that but my boyfriend could see the conversation was getting him hard again. My boyfriend paused the game and put up some more pictures and they started stroking each other again, this time facing each other.

“I want you to fuck her,” My boyfriend said suddenly as he stroked Pete’s cock, “Do you want to use my girlfriend like your personal slut?”

“God yessssss.” Pete moaned.

“I want to watch you fuck my girlfriend Pete,” My boyfriend moaned.

“I want to fuck her like a dirty slut.” Pete moaned as he squeezed my boyfriend’s hard cock.

“We are going to take turns fucking her” My boyfriend said, “We are going to use her all night and fill all her holes.”

The dirty talk was taking effect and they both came almost simultaneously on each other’s cocks they coated each other. They kept stroking each other till they were soft and stopped to clean up, and went back to playing video games for a few hours.

“I’m horny again” Pete said breaking the silence, I want to stroke your cock while you play.”

My boyfriend Bağcılar escort bayan nodded his approval, and Pete grabbed my boyfriend’s cock and started stroking him slowly getting him hard and playing with his balls. Pete got really close while he stroked my boyfriend.

“I want to fuck your girlfriend so bad” Pete whispered in my boyfriend’s ear, “I want to fuck her in front of you.”

All my boyfriend could do was moan in response.

“I want to dp her so we can both fuck her and feel each other’s balls rubbing while we do it.” Pete continued.

It was too much for my boyfriend and he came hard. Pete looked like he wanted to lean forward and catch it in his mouth but stopped and just kept whispering in his ear

“That’s it cum for me” Pete said.

Then it was my boyfriend’s turn to stroke Pete and he did the same thing. My boyfriend stroked Pete slowly and leaned close to whisper in his ear.

“I know how bad you want to fuck my girlfriend,” He whispered, “I want to see her let go and act like a slut.”

“I want to see you make her beg for your big cock” My boyfriend continued, “Make me beg to cum for you.”

Pete lasted longer than my boyfriend thought and he was getting hard again while stroking him. That’s when he realized he wanted to suck Pete’s big cock. He stared at it thinking it looked so good and he wanted to make him cum so bad, and he wanted to see how Pete would react.

“We are going to turn my girlfriend into a slut,” My boyfriend said.

Pete couldn’t take it anymore and he came hard all over my boyfriend’s hand and almost got it on his face. After that they cleaned up again played for a while longer and Pete left.

When I got home my boyfriend told me everything that happened while I slowly rode his hard cock. I couldn’t believe the things they wanted to do to me and I could only imagine how good it would feel to be used as their personal slut.

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