Ms. Puckett’s Very Private School: Cindy


When you are filthy rich, you can do almost anything you want to do so long as it’s not illegal and not too unhealthy. Suzi Puckett was filthy rich. And what she chose to do with her money she liked to think of as a blessing to shy young men and their future wives. It was also a blessing to a host of frustrated women.


“Where do you draw the line on sex?” Cindy Parker looked at the question on the paper she held.

She felt herself blushing as she looked up at the four other women sitting around the comfortable room. They all shared one thing in common. A couple of them were probably in their forties. The black girl was tall and slender. The blonde was on the verge of being chubby. But they were all very attractive. And each of them was carefully ignoring a form just like the one that had Cindy turning red.

Connie was her best friend. And Connie had warned her about the questions. She had also warned her that it was the most unusual job interview she would ever experience.

Cindy remembered that they’d been talking about their frustration with the men in their lives when Connie had said that she had the problem under control for the moment. And Cindy knew that her buddy was far happier than she’d been for some time. It didn’t take much coaxing to get the story from Connie.

She explained that one of her friends had introduced her to this lady who was operating a very exclusive, very private school. And that the lady had offered her a job on the weekends. The kicker was that it didn’t pay a cent. But it provided her with all the sex she could handle. And it didn’t require any game playing.

Connie had told her that the job involved teaching mostly-shy young men how to appeal to women and how to attract women and how to give their partners a maximum of pleasure in bed, or the shower, or at poolside or on the kitchen table. And Connie had laughed delightedly.

It wasn’t long before Cindy was almost begging Connie to introduce her to the lady, a Ms. Puckett. She’d been pleased and a little surprised when she got the invitation to learn more. Now she was sitting in the very fashionable living room of a lovely home in Buckhead with four other women. All of them were there for the same reason. They wanted more sex or more pleasure from sex than they were getting.

Their hostess, Rachel Benton, explained that she was not Ms. Puckett but that she would tell them what she could about the school and answer their questions, if possible. The discussions were timid at first and then more pointed and more personal. By the end of an hour, all of the newcomers were talking freely about their sex lives and all seemed agreeable to their role as teachers and ready to meet their first students.

At that moment, Bobby Wilson was pacing back and forth in the very plush suite he’d been sent to. He was so nervous he was almost ready to bail out. He looked around him and decided that his buddy and the Benton woman would never spend the cash for such a great room just to play a trick on him. And he wondered, for the thousandth time, what his teacher would look like and what she would try to teach him.

Twenty minutes later, Cindy was entering the elevator of the same exclusive hotel on Peachtree Street. She smiled at her reflection in the mirrored door, fluffed her blonde curls and tugged at her blouse to make sure it showed just enough cleavage. Her long legs, in the blue heels, looked delicious below the short blue skirt. When she found the room on the sixth floor she knocked softly.

“Who’s there?” a youthful voice asked after a moment.

“Is that you, Bobby?” she replied. She heard the chain clink and the door swung slowly open.

The boy who stood there was certainly not handsome, but he was well built and well dressed and he had a timid smile on his face. “Please come in,” he almost strangled.

She walked into the spacious room and heard him chain the door behind her. Then he stood beside her, his eyes focused on the carpet. “Would you like a chair,” he stammered, “or the couch?”

She looked around for a moment then settled in the center of the comfortable couch.

“May I get you a drink?” He smiled a timid smile. “A soft drink or beer,” he hesitated, “or some wine?”

“Well, it’s early, but some white wine would be nice,” she smiled, “if you have some.”

He went to the mini-fridge and recovered a soft drink and a small bottle of wine. He sneaked a peek at her in the mirror. God, she was a knockout. Not the little old schoolteacher type he had feared. Great legs and great boobs. And he struggled to arrange his rising cock so it didn’t strangle. In a moment he had opened the drinks and poured her wine into a stemmed glass.

“Thanks,” she beamed at his good manners. “Why don’t you sit here and let’s get acquainted.” She took a small sip and put the glass on the end table.

He sat, obviously uncomfortable and careful not to touch her.

Cindy smiled warmly and let her hand rest casually on his thigh. “Do you know why I’m here?”

“Not Kurtköy Escort exactly.” He paused. “I mean Mrs. Benton gave us a sort of orientation, but she left the lesson plan sort of vague.”

“Well, your first lesson deals with becoming more comfortable around girls…and women.”

“That would be wonderful.”

“Do you like video games?”

Bobby looked up in surprise. “Yeah. Yes, Ma’am. I do.”

“Well, what do you do if your hero gets blindsided and killed by the villain?”

“I figure out what I did wrong and restart for another try.” He beamed.

“Exactly. And getting along with girls plays by very similar strategies. Remember, the worst that can happen is that you have to start over. You can’t let hurt feelings keep you from giving it another try.” She paused, “See what I mean?”

“I think so.” He spoke with enthusiasm.

“And remember, the more you know about your opponent, or your objective, or your goal the better you can control the situation.” She smiled warmly, “And the more you can enjoy the situation.”

“I’m not sure I follow you.”

“The more you know about what the girl likes and dislikes, the more you know what gives her pleasure, the more you can keep her coming back for more.”

“I understand that,” he confirmed.

“Okay.” She was warrming to her assignment. “Now remember to do all you can to make your partner feel comfortable and feel good about herself. Make her feel really wonderful. It’s okay to use all the flattery you can think of so long as it’s sort of honest.”

“So it’s okay for me to tell you that you’re beautiful?”

“Any woman would like that.” She was surprised at how much it pleased her.

He grew a little bolder, “And it’s okay for me to tell you that you have a really great figure?”

To her surprise, Cindy felt herself getting excited.”

“A good move.”

“What should I do next?”

“Well, what would you like to do?”

“Well, I’d like to hug you.”

“And what is the worst thing that can happen if you try to hug me?”

“You could tell me to stop.”

“Right. And if I did, what would your next move be?”

“I’d try to find out more about you…and about why you stopped me.”

“Great. And then what?”

“I’d try again.”

“Super.” She felt a little surge of accomplishment when he slid closer to her and shyly put his arm around her shoulder.

“What are you doing?” she demanded.

“I’m giving you a hug.”

Cindy snuggled closer to him. “That’s nice.”

They sat together, for a couple of minutes, enjoying each other. Then Cindy leaned forward and turned to face him. She put her feet up on the couch, her knees against the back and leaned into him, letting him cradle her in his arms. “Is that better?”

“Oh, yes,” he stammered as he held her closer and felt her full breasts flatten against his chest. She moved her head against his shoulder and began to caress his shoulder and chest. “Do you like that?”

“Oh, yes.”

“Well, darling, when a girl touches you she is probably sending you a message. For instance, if she rubs your thigh or your cheek or your chest she may be signaling that it’s okay for you to return the pleasure.”

“You mean?”

She smiled eagerly and almost bubbled when he put his hand on her thigh and caressed it from hip to knee.

“I like it.” And she caressed his cheek.

Her satisfaction increased when he moved his fingers to caress her own cheek. Her face was close to his and she tried to convey her desire without words. It was hard to believe how excited she got when he read her message and leaned in to touch his lips to hers. After a couple of tentative kisses, he became more aggressive, pressing harder against her lips. And she was more pleased when she felt his tongue touch her lips. She pushed away from him a little and looked into his eyes. Then she opened her lips and kissed him with an open mouth, her tongue seeking his and relishing the minty flavor of his mouth. She moaned into him, aware of the heat building in her as their tongues dueled.

Bobby was in heaven as he held her and caressed her shoulder and arm and side while his tongue relished the heat and flavor of hers. He felt her hand on his chest, felt her fingers slip inside his shirt and close on his nipple, and it took him a minute to get the message. When he moved his hand from her shoulder, slowly, to cup her breast, he almost fainted with delight when she leaned into his hand. And she moaned into his mouth when he gently pinched her engorged nipple.

He couldn’t believe that he was holding this lovely woman and touching her breast and that she was welcoming it too.

They both enjoyed the caresses for several minutes. Then Cindy pushed back a little. “Feeling more comfortable now?” she whispered.

“Oh, my goodness, yes,” he gasped.

“And what would you like to do next?”

“I’d like to please you even more,” he hesitated then whispered, “Darling.”

“I’d like that, too, Darling.” Pendik Escort And she leaned back in his arms when he moved his hand to the top button on her blouse. It took him a couple of minutes of unfamiliarity to get all the buttons open and then he was caressing the warm creamy flesh above her lacy bra.

When he hesitated, she sat up and began tugging the blouse out of her waistband. “Want to get this out of the way?” She tossed it to the back of the couch.

“Oh, yes.” He reached out to her, but she half turned away.

“Why don’t you help me with the hooks, Lover.”

He was trembling so badly it took him a couple of tries to unhook the two snaps on her bra. Then he was sweeping the straps off her shoulders to ravish her lovely mounds with his hungry eyes.

“You like?”

“You’re gorgeous.” And he cupped one handfilling beauty, hefting it and gently pinching the bright pink bud.

“I love your touch, darling.” She reached up to kiss him softly then pressed her cheek against his. “And most girls love it when their men kiss and suck and lick and bite and pinch their titties.” She was almost lost in her excitement when she remembered her role. As he leaned down to kiss her, she covered her breast with her hand. “Don’t rush it, Darling. Make her want your kiss. Hunger for your kiss.”

Confusion clouded his face.

“Kiss my face and ear, Darling.” And she closed her eyes as he followed her instructions. “Now my neck and shoulder…while you squeeze me…and my collarbone…now kiss my chest, Lover. Then let your tongue tickle the valley between my titties. And nip at me…and tease my nipple with your tongue. Oh, yes, Lover. Yes. That’s it. IIove it…And suck…like that. Oh, yes, Lover, bite my tittie.” She was thrashing on his lap and couldn’t believe he had her on the edge of a crashing orgasm. “Harder, Bobby, Harder.” And, as he bit her almost painfully, the wave flooded over her and left her sobbing and trembling in his arms.

Bobby didn’t know what was happening. “Are you alright, Darling? Did I hurt you?” he asked anxiously.

She took a minute to recover, then looked up at him. “Oh, no, Darling, you didn’t hurt me. You gave me an orgasm, one of the nicest I’ve had in a long time. You did a wonderful job.” And she beamed at him before settling against his chest again.

After a few minutes, she pushed back and looked at him. “What would you like to do next?”

He knew with any doubt. “Could we do that again?”

She knew he was a keeper. “Oh, yes, Darling. I’d like that, too.

This time he delighted her without any instructions, squeezing her other breast…licking and sucking and biting and twisting and wringing sobs of pleasure from her as he covered almost every inch of her beautiful chest with his lips and tongue and cheeks and fingers. Building. Building. Until she was on the tip of the mountain again and falling into the well of wracking pleasure with a resounding scream.

As she lay in his arms, bathed in the afterglow, she couldn’t help thinking of The Prick, as she thought of her former husband. In four years of marriage he had never given more than passing consideration to what she wanted. What she needed. All he could think of was his own cock. He had persuaded her to swap with another couple and then left her for the other woman. Now she was in the arms of a boy who seemed intent on pleasing her…and it was heaven. Then she thought of the ultimate revenge. “Do you need to go to the bathroom as much as I do, sweetheart?”

Bobby was obviously relieved. “I sure do, Cindy. You go first.” He watched fascinated as she rose from his lap, her lovely breasts dancing for his pleasure. Her beautiful bottom wagging delightfully as she walked into the bathroom. And he rose to rearrange his rampant cock. What a relief.

When she returned she gave him a warm kiss. “Your turn, lover, but hurry, please.”

He was so erect he had to sit down to keep from splattering all over the floor. Then he was back beside her and her arms circled his neck as she kissed him hard. “Let me get this shirt off so I can feel you against my titties, Bobby. And her fingers made quick work of the buttons and peeled his shirt off.

“You’re a wonderful lover and you have a great body, too,” she beamed sweeping him with her eyes from shoulder to knee and noticing the obvious swelling at his groin. “What would you like to do now?”

“I’d rather know what you want to do now.”

She almost laughed. “You may be the first man in years to ask me that.” Then she circled him with her arms, flattening her full breasts against him and feeling the heat of his cock against her stomach. “What I’d like to do, my sweet, is help you with that problem.”

“What problem?”

She pressed her palm against his chest and ran it down to his waist, over his belt and onto the hard length of him. She squeezed him firmly as she smiled up into his face. “It has to be uncomfortable.” She could almost feel him blush.

“A little,” he admitted.

Cindy Mutlukent Escort kissed his chest as she used both hands to unbuckle his belt. In a minute his trousers were down around his ankles and she was kneeling in front of him, helping him step out of the trousers. Then she was unsnapping his boxers to release his throbbing cock.

“Beautiful, Darling,” she smiled up at him, and she was caressing his length with her fingers and with her cheek. “What a nice cock, my dear. May I kiss him?”

“Oh, please,” he sobbed. And he watched with amazement as her lips kissed him from the base of his rod to the tip. She made the trip again after licking her lips to wet them. The third time she lapped him with her tongue…circling and lapping…and soon she had him dripping wet from her attentions. He caressed her head and shoulders and let his fingers tangle in her blonde curls. “That feels so wonderful, Darling.”

“There’s more,” she smiled. And she opened her lips to let them engulf the tip of his prick. He could feel her surrounding him with warmth, her tongue caressing him eagerly. And she bent lower to take an inch of him inside her mouth. “Wonderful.”

Slowly, slowly she played with him. Licking and sucking…enjoying the flavor of him. Pinching and biting gently while her fingers cupped and caressed his balls and the length of his rod. She had loved doing that with The Prick before he began cheating on her. Then she was taking Bobby deeper, bobbing her head up and down slowly to enjoy the feel of him. Knowing the pleasure she was giving him. “Delicious,” she smiled up at him.

Then Bobby moved his hands from her shoulders to hold her head. “God, Cindy, I’m about to come.” He might have pulled her head away, but she circled his thighs with her arms and kept her mouth firmly on his cock. And when she began to bob her head again, Bobby changed his grip to encourage her as he began to push in and out of her loving mouth. When he came he sent jet after jet of cum into her eager mouth and he almost fainted when she made a show of savoring and swallowing his seed.

Cindy was delighted to know that the taste of warm cum was still so exciting for her. And, as Bobby sagged back on the couch, she washed him gently to be sure she had harvested every delicious drop. She stayed on her knees between his legs while he recovered from his fantastic cum.

When she looked up at him, Bobby caressed her cheek. “My darling,” he said with growing confidence, do you know what I’d like now?”

“No,” she brightened, “tell me.”

“I’d like to see more of your beautiful legs.”

“Oh you would, would you?” she teased.

“May I?”

She rose to stand in front of him then reached for the hem of her bright blue skirt. She raised it slowly across the tops of her stockings…across the cream flesh of her thighs until he could see just the hint of her lips covered by the lacy panties. “Is this what you had in mind, kind sir?” And before he could do much more than nod, she turned. “Or was it more like this?” and she continued raising the skirt until his eyes could feast on the firm globes of her beautiful ass and the deep crack between them.

Bobby didn’t even try to resist. He leaned forward to run his hands over her thighs and rump before pressing his lips hard against her firm cheek. “Wonderful. Wonderful. Better than my wildest dreams.” And she was leaning back, lost in the pleasure of his attention.

When she turned again, the skirt was still up almost to her stomach so he could see all of the bright blue triangle of fabric that covered her. He could see the blonde curls that crept out from under the lacy fringe. And the moist spot between the lips of her puss. His cock was as hard as it had ever been. And he couldn’t keep his hands off her legs and her hips and her stomach and her beautiful rump. And he pulled her close to cover her stomach with kisses as his fingers continued to squeeze her cheeks.

“Do you suppose you could help me with these damp panties, Darling?”

He could and he did, stripping them gently down to her knees and then off her feet one at a time while keeping his gaze on the warm mound almost touching his nose. It was his first look at a real, live pussy in all his 19 years and seeing it and smelling it had him almost faint.

“See anything you like, fella’?” she teased.

“I like everything I see, beautiful.”

Cindy turned and sat that wonderful bottom down on his thighs. His hands immediately found her breasts and pinched and squeezed before moving to caress her stomach and hips and thighs.

She reached for his hand and kissed it. Then she took one finger into her mouth and licked and sucked it for a minute before moving his hand down between her thighs. “Can you feel this little button, Lover?” she asked as she presed his finger between her moist lips.

“Oh, yes.”

“Well, that’s my clit. And most girls can’t resist a man who pays attention to her clit.” He was a fast learner and was quickly caressing her love button so enthusiastically she was almost faint.

Bobby almost panicked when she half rose from his lap. But then he felt her hand reaching between her legs to grip his prick. In a moment she had aimed it at her love nest and was sinking slowly, her heat engulfing him.

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