Mature Educator


This story is a fantasy of mine, which finally came true after years of dreaming about it. Before I start, I guess I should introduce myself. My name is Tim and I am a 19-year-old virgin. For a while now I have been infatuated with older women and the thought of being seduced and educated by one. The figure of my adoration for mature women is a lady called Sandra. Sandra is an absolutely gorgeous and lusty 40 year old. She is about 5’11,” sexy arse, legs that wont quit and a superb arse that makes you weak at the knees. I have known her for about 5 years and have been attracted to her for about the same.

One day I went to visit Sandra because we are good friends. When I got to her house, I remembered that her kids would have been at school, and since I had left school, I had the day off. I knocked on the door and when she opened it, I was greeted with the view of a lady dressed in a short tight skirt and a little bikini top. She apologized for the lack of clothes but she had been out sun baking and this was all she could find. I said it was fine, which it was since I had a hard on that felt like it was going to burst through my shorts.

She offered me a drink and I followed her lovely swaying arse out to the pool deck. When she was there, she took Maltepe Escort of her skirt and was wearing a little g-string which barley covered her pussy lips. I thought I was going to blow my load then and there. She asked if I wanted to go for a swim. I thought the only way to hide my hard on was to get into the water so I took off my top and jumped in. I was swimming around for a couple of minutes when Sandra turned onto her back and stretched her arms up, which dragged the flimsy material up into her, which exposed all her women hood. I couldn’t help it. My hand moved down to my cock and started stroking it slowly enjoying the sight of a beautiful woman in front of me. I didn’t think I was being obvious until Sandra said…

“Looks like you could use and extra hand down there.”

I didn’t know what to say. I stood there shocked. I didn’t need to say much. Sandra slowly sunk her sexy curvy body into the water and started to rub my cock.

“I have wanted a young man in me for quite a while now, and you have been on my mind for a long time.”

With that she leaned in and gently bit my bottom lip. I returned the gesture and we started slowly and passionately kissing each other. Our tongues explored each other’s mouths while Cevizli Escort she continued stroking my ever-hardening dick. My confidence started to increase and my hands began exploring her body. I undid her top and freed her magnificent breasts. My mouth moved down to her nipples which were already hard and began biting and sucking them. She began moaning and yelling and stroking my cock harder and harder.

She then pulled my pants down, grabbed my dick and guided me out of the pool and laid me down on the lazy boy where she had been laying earlier. She stood up and slowly removed her bikini bottoms and exposed her bare pussy. She bent down over my stomach and gently kissed the tip of my dick and licked off all the pre-cum. Then without warning she took all my 6 inches down her throat and sucked ferociously. It felt like I had a vacuum cleaner on my dick as she bobbed her head up and down faster and faster. I was close to cumming and I couldn’t tell her in time. I almost blew the back of her neck out, but it didn’t seem to worry her.

I filled her mouth up with my cum until it was dripping out her mouth. She swallowed it all and then began kissing my dick again. Being a virgin, it didn’t take much to get me hard again and ready for Atalar Escort action. Sandra noticed this and had a look on her face that made me shiver. She straddled my dick and then quickly sat down. My cock slid right into her wet pussy as she cried out in pleasure. She began slowly rocking back and forward and up and down. I began moaning in ecstasy but I couldn’t be heard over her screams. She jumped up and down like a mad woman and flicked her body all over the place.

I reached up and squeezed her nipples. This was too much for her and she screamed out and then came all over my dick. I had her juices flowing all over my balls and I could hear it squishing as I pounded her pussy hard. She was close to her second orgasm and when her muscles tightened around my cock I couldn’t hold back any longer. I came deep inside her and she came all over me. It was the best feeling I have ever had before. She fell over on top of me and our wet bodies laid together for what felt like eternity.

Her husband was going to be home soon, so she kissed me full on the lips and told me I should leave and maybe come back and visit tomorrow. I smiled and kissed her back and grabbed her mound at the same time and said I would be here bright and early.

To this day, we are still seeing each other and fucking each other crazy during the day. She is a fantastic teacher, and one hell of a good fuck. I am pleased I went to visit that day. She wanted me to join her and her husband as well. But that is another story all together…

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