Mother-in-Law is Disciplined Ch. 02


(This is a fantasy written for fun. All characters are age 18 and over. If you do not enjoy spanking, humiliation and some fetish please do not read, as you will not enjoy the story. Thank you.)

“Okay girls it time to get dressed, we are going shopping for Kathy’s punishment outfit,” I called upstairs to my 25 year old wife and her Mother of 48.

Both girls were being disciplined this weekend, my wife for wearing the wrong panties, and my Mother-In-Law for having a bratty mouth. Katherine had agreed to be under my strict discipline in exchange for staying with us while going through a divorce. Both she and my wife, Karen, had been spanked among other things last night. We were going to shop for Katherine’s punishment dress similar to Karen’s.

Karen’s punishment outfit was a typical schoolgirl uniform. She wore the traditional outfit of St. James Academy for Girls, starched white blouse, blue skirt, blue knee socks and loafers. I had met Karen when she was a senior at St. James and had saved her uniform. It was much tighter and shorter now that she was 25 years old and her figure was that of an adult. Karen hated her punishment clothes. I am going to get the same thing for her 48 year old Mother-In-Law unknown to her.

Karen and Katherine came down the stairs; her mother was dressed in jeans with a blue sweater. Her jeans fit her snuggly, she looked very sophisticated. She had gone home after her punishment session and got a few things before moving in with us. She was freshly showered, with a slight touch of makeup and looked none the worse from her spanking session last night.

Karen, on the other hand, was dressed in her school girl uniform, her skirt ended about mid-thigh she had to be very careful when she bent over or sat down that she didn’t show her underpants. Her hair was carefully crafted into two pigtails hanging down her back. Karen’s face was freshly scrubbed and contained no makeup and her hair was shampooed. She looked the typical 14 year old school girl with her Daddy: except I was her 35 year old husband, and in charge of both girls.

“Karen come over my lap I am going to spank you and check your panties to make sure they are the right pair. I want you to be a good little girl today and do everything ‘Daddy’ says. It will be your turn next, Kathy,” She hated being called Kathy.

Karen obediently stood at my right side her skirt was up to her thighs, as she stood at attention. She handed me to 2 safety pins and waited for my nod. I looked up at her and nodded my head and she stretched her hands in front of her, bent at the waist and carefully climbed over my knees. Her short skirt rose to the tops of her tanned

thighs. Karen’s long legs stretched to the right side and her head was almost touching the ground on the left side. I took the hem of her blue skirt and lifted it up her back to her white starched blouse. I saw a pink pair of plastic panties with another pair peeking out from underneath the plastic panties.

She was wearing two pairs of panties, both childish and humiliating. I questioned her about them? “Why are you wearing a plastic panty over your frilly undies?” I asked her patting her bottom as I asked.

“Sir you indicated the crinkling of the plastic panty will notify people I am approaching and the frilly baby panty will remind me I am still a little girl,” She sniffled.

“Is my daughter wearing plastic panties?” Katherine practically shouted. “Who dares to do that to my little girl?” Immediately she regretted what she had said.

I gave her my most dominating stare and said in a very low but commanding voice “I did now you lower your jeans and place yourself over Karen’s spanking stool I think you require a lesson with the groove strap.”

Without a protest Katherine went to get the spanking stool, I patted Karen’s plastic panties. They crinkled and creaked as they were brand new. “I am pleased that you are so obedient, let’s see what we have under the plastic undies.”

I slowly lowered her plastic panties to her knees to find a pair of white rumba baby panties. They had several layers of lace across the backside. The lace was pink in color and matched her baby plastic pants. These were also lowered to her knee hollows. I now could see her still pink fanny cheeks from her tanning last night

Next I took the two safety pins opened them and firmly pinned her skirt to the blouse she was wearing so that when Escort Bayan she stood her panties or bare backside would be exposed.

Katherine entered the living room carrying the spanking stool. I motioned for her to come over beside me. She did and I unsnapped the top button on the jeans and pulled them down to her ankles. She was still wearing her panty girdle only this one was much tighter than the one from yesterday.

“Kathy bend over the spanking stool and wait for me,” I ordered

Over the stool she went her spandex girdle sticking up over the stool, squeezing her fanny cheeks together. Her head and arms hung straight down and her legs were stretched over the other side of the stool. Her toes were about 4 inches off the ground. In this position she was completely helpless, and with her girdle showing mortified and embarrassed.

I rubbed Karen’s cheeks with my palm round and round. Raising my right arm I whacked her fully across both globes. WHACK! Owwwww! Karen cried and tried to kick her legs which were pinned by her panties. WHACK! SPANK! SPANK! her backside was being spanked one cheek than the other over and over. Karen was jumping on my lap because the spanking I was giving her was on top of the tanning she had received last night.

I then started on her thighs right at the crease, I spanked her on one leg than the other until each thigh was a bright red. Lower and lower I went until I reached her plastic panties. The back of her legs were bright red and anyone who saw them would know she had just been spanked, Karen Anne was bawling her eyes out. Finally after about 5 minutes I stopped spanking her.

“Okay, Karen Anne you may get up now.” She slowly rose from my lap, her hands immediately went to her backside, and she started to rub it vigorously as she did a funny dance hopping from foot to foot. I let her dance away for a few seconds, she knew how foolish and childlike she appeared and her face turned bright red.

“Enough pull up your rumba panties, leave your plastic panties where they are and put yourself over the arm of the couch with your cute little panties facing me,” She slowly reached down inside her plastic undies and pulled her frilly little girl underwear up and over her adult hips wiggling as she did.

Walking slowly over to the living room sofa, her plastic pants crinkling as she almost waddled trying to hold up the extra set of panties. Karen lowered herself over the couch arm, her backside facing me. Her head was resting on the first pillow and her arms were stretched over her head, Karen’s legs were slightly spread so her panties would not fall and the schoolgirl dress remained pinned to her blouse.

I got up off the chair and walked over to Katherine, who was wondering what the groove strap punishment meant. “Now Young Lady, you are going to learn what happens to little girls that continue to open their mouths and backtalk me, when they should be submissive and respectful. I am going to give you 6 swats with this groove strap. I only use it occasionally, but I guarantee you will remember this punishment for a long time.”

I reached into the waistband of her panty girdle and began to roll it down her hips. It was extremely tight and required me to yank it forcefully downward, pulling her to tight, bright yellow underwear down with her girdle, exposing her light pink bottom covered with some red splotches from yesterday’s hairbrush tanning.

She remained in her 90 degree angle position, as I took the sides of her fanny cheeks in each hand and pulled them apart exposing her rosebud to my view. I could see the tears of shame and humiliation in her eyes as she submitted to me.

“Okay, Kathy I want you to reach back and keep your cheeks spread as wide as you can, I am going to strap you with my groove strap. This strap I reserve for bad little girls who do not learn their lesson the first time. It is going to sting an by the time I am through with you, you will be one sorry naughty young lady”


She spread her legs as wide as she could as she griped her cheeks. I could see clearly in between the juncture of her fanny globes. Taking the groove strap which is about a ten inch long narrow strip of leather, I whistled the strap through the air; Katherine had a good idea of what was to happen and started to wiggle in anticipation. She knew it was going to sting.

I. started the strapping on the inside of Bayan Escort the right cheek, where it was still white and quickly punished the left side. “DO not let go of those cheeks Katherine,” I continued with 2 on one side then 2 on the other. I then aimed for the exact middle, right down the groove twice. By this time my Mother-In-Law was crying uncontrollably.

Karen had the groove strap administered to her a few times, but only when she was particularly naughty. It was something I rarely do, but it was very effective and lasted for several hours. Each time the cheeks squeezed together the punishment is remembered.

I let Katherine compose herself and then ordering her up I took her by her left ear and marched her over to the corner. She couldn’t move quickly because of the girdle and panties tangled at her knees and the sting in between her cheeks. Before she reached the corner I took my hankie out and made her blow her nose, as if she were 6 years old.

I then swatted her on the plumpest part of her backside and told her to put her nose flat against the wall.

A waited about 10 minutes until Katherine stopped her loud sobs and then said: “Okay girls its time to go shopping. Karen Anne pull up your plastic panties. Kathy pull up your under things and your jeans. NOW MOVE.”

Both girls obeyed my orders immediately, Karen raising her plastic panties and Kathy her tight panties and jeans. Her panties cut into her middle right where she had just been strapped she was one sorry young lady as she tried to get comfortable with her panties and jeans digging into her crease.

Both girls walked to the car very quietly, my Mother-In-Law makeup was smeared from crying. She could not walk very fast because of the sting in between her legs every time she moved. Luckily they did not have to go outside as the car was parked in the garage. Karen’s plastic panties continued to crinkle and my Mother-In-Law continued to sniffle and kind of hobble.

When we reached the car I placed both girls in the back seat like toddlers and buckled their seatbelts. I ordered Karen to take down both pairs of her panties and sit bare bottomed on the seat. Kathleen also took down her jeans, girdle and yellow panties.

We drove into town and I explained to both girls that I did not want any trouble or I would have no problem disciplining them. Katherine was going to get her schoolgirl outfits, panties and plastic pants and Karen was going to get another supply of underwear. It took about 15 minutes to drive to town, mostly in silence with some quiet sobbing coming from the back seat.

I pulled up in front of the store called St James for Girls Outfitters. I took both girls by the hand, as if they were children. Karen was mortified as her dress was still pinned and her pink plastic panties were showing, she kept reaching back trying to cover them up. In addition her legs were bright red; everyone would know she had just been spanked. Katherine also had that well spanked look about her, makeup smeared, walking kind of stiffed legged.

As we opened the door the bell above rang to notify the sales girls that a customer was inside. The owner was Mrs. Emily Johnson and the sales girl was her daughter Susan Johnson. This business had existed over 50 years and was as old as the St. James School for girls.

I had dealt with Mrs. Johnson several times regarding Karen’s punishment outfits; she was the same age as my Mother-In-Law and was a firm believer in discipline for women of all ages. She was very strict and spanked her daughter who was the same age as my 25 year old wife. She had spanked Susan it in front of me on a few occasions.

“Welcome, Mr. Taylor and what do we have here,” She said looking at both girls.

I began to explain my mission that both Karen and Katherine were being punished this weekend and I wanted a school girl outfit for my Mother-In-Law, including panties and plastic pants.

I turned Karen around to show Mrs. Johnson; Karen started to back away so I swatted her a few times across her plastic panties. “I see you had to discipline Karen already today, my her legs are a bright red I bet her bottom matches.”

“Yes it does, “I answered.

“And who is this?” motioning to my Mother-In-Law.

“This is my Mother-In-Law she is going to be living with us for the next six months; I want a few school girl outfits for her, for when she is naughty.” I answered.

“I Escort believe we can help you, no problem. My daughter Susan can assist you. Susan please show Mr. Taylor and his Mother-In-Law some of the larger school girl outfits.”

“Yes Mommy,” Susan said very respectfully.

“Now what does this naughty little girl need, Mr. Taylor?” She asked.

“A few more little girl panties, one size smaller, and some more plastic pants. She can pick them out,” I answered

“Come this way, Karen,” Mrs. Johnson grasped Karen’s ear and gave a firm slap across her backside. “I don’t want any trouble from you.”

Meanwhile, Katherine was taken to the dressing room, where I had ordered her to strip to her underwear. Standing there in her bra and bright yellow panties, Katherine was mortified. Susan brought several school girl outfits into the dressing room and had her try on each one as I sat watching. I could see that Katherine was getting more and more frustrated and was expecting an outburst any minute. I closely inspected each of the skirts and blouses on her making small adjustments to the length of the skirts. I made her display her panties, having her bend over for me, having her dress and re-dress. She was starting to lose her temper.

She didn’t disappoint me. “I will not try any more of these clothes ON!” She stomped her foot and reached for her jeans.” I am 48 years old not some child. I am old enough to be her mother and will not accept this nonsense any longer. I am leaving give me my clothes.”

“STAND RIGHT there Young Lady. We will see what you will accept. Susan please come here bring a straight backed chair and a hairbrush. You are going to spank this little girl for her outburst,” I ordered

“No I will be good, no more, I will be good. Please don’t have her spank me.” Katherine started to sob.

“You should have thought of that before your outburst.”

Susan came back with the chair and the hairbrush into the dressing room. “Now Susan I want you to spank this bad girl just like your Mommy spanks you. Is that clear? If you do not do it correctly I will have your Mommy spank you.” Susan blushed and sat on the chair hairbrush in hand.

I walked Katherine over to Susan and laid her over her lap. Here was a 25 year old about to spank women of 48 as if she were a child. “Lower her panties, Susan,” She did.

“Now spank her bare buttocks until she decides she will be a good little girl and says she is sorry,” She did. Whack! Whack! Whack! ………Whack! Whack!….Whack! 25 hard swats later. Katherine was crying and kicking promising to be good and saying she was sorry to Susan.

“Okay Susan let her up,” Up she got jumping from leg to leg, her groove strap punishment still smarting, now being spanked on top of that. “I am… soooo sorry, no more”

After about 30 minutes Katherine had 3 outfits, the same as Karen. She also had several pairs of little girl cartoon character panties, footed PJ’s, and about 6 plastic panties. Karen also had several panties and plastic sets.

Both girls were now dressed identically. Tight white blouses, short blue skirt which ended 4 inches above the knee, blue knee socks, and loafers. Their undies were also identical, both wore little girl rumba panties and plastic pants and both were pinned in the back.

Both my wife and Mother-In-Law were very subdued in their punishment dress. “Okay girls thank Mrs. Johnson for helping you dress so nicely.”

Both girls said “Thank you Mrs. Johnson,” in unison, knowing the punishment for disobeying me.

“Okay girls, hold hands, we are going. Kathy, I noticed when you were trying on your panties that you had not shaven. When we get home I am going to shave you down below. I want you smooth from now on just like Karen Anne.”

Both girls held hands they looked like twins, they had their heads down and both of their faces were bright red. We walked out the front door; the girls were trying to cover their underpants with their free hand, as we walked the short distance to the car.

Unfortunately, for them an 8 year old girl walking with her mother noticed them. She asked her mother in a loud voice “How come those big girls are wearing plastic pants, do they wet themselves?”

Her mother answered “I am not sure honey, I think they are being treated like that because they were bad little girls, see the red spank marks on her legs, just like Daddy spanks you.”

“Yes Mommy,” She answered.

My 48 year old Mother-In-Law and her daughter were completely embarrassed and got into the car as quickly as possible. “Both of you sit on your bare bottoms, your punishment is far from over,” I ordered.

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