Milking the Tiger


This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.


Milking the Tiger

The blue-striped tiger walked around the haunted house with his paws shoved into his pockets, an unhappy frown pulling the corners of his lips down. It was most likely the cheesiest one he’d ever had the pleasure (or not so much anymore) to walk around, cobwebs and skeletons dangling as if the organiser had had a budget to use up, going overboard in the name of fake spiders and dripping piles of blood and gore. The lighting was good, however, to give them credit, flickering and dropping at the worst possible moments as Takoda blinked and strained to see just what was before his paws. He wouldn’t have put it past whoever was in charge to put something nasty just where he was stepping either and picked up his paws a little too high in an effort to, at least, avoid that unpleasant experience.

“Okay, guys, come on,” he grumbled, although his tone was too soft to be taken as genuine. “This really isn’t funny… Can you all just come out already?”

Of course, it was a classic – to be ditched in a haunted house, that was. He could only imagine just which of his friends were waiting behind the pillars and draping cobwebs to scare the living daylights out of him. He wasn’t so much of a scaredy-cat, per se, as he was liable to startle, of course, but that didn’t mean they wouldn’t get a jump out of his blue fur, the prickling tingles coursing down his neck and spine eerily close to the edge of adrenaline.

A noise… Stiffening, he turned his head slowly, legs locked in place. Just what was that? A strange sort of groan? Rolling his eyes, he tried to tell himself that it was just a recording – of course, it was just a recording – but he couldn’t stop himself from following the weathered lines of an old, wooden staircase rising in the corner of the room. A pumpkin was poised on the one unbroken banister at the bottom, jauntily tilted as if it was laughing at him, making a mockery of a moment of true, blood-curdling terror.

Again, the sound rose, although it seemed to hold a feminine lilt to it – that was, if his mind wasn’t simply playing tricks on him. If someone was in trouble, really now, he should go and see if they were okay…shouldn’t he? That was the right thing to do…

Takoda’s frown deepened, tail lashing unhappily. The skeleton’s grin mocked him from the wall, dangling with arms raised as if in celebration. Damn his good nature!

But he had to see and had to try… The tiger swallowed hard, eyes watering with the sheer strain of holding himself back when the larger part of him yearned to help, despite natural caution. He was Escort Bayan a reclusive sort by nature and, well, he didn’t usually run into strange situations head first but…

The thought trailed off, seeming to push from his mind with the sweep of a much larger paw than his own, quelled from running on indefinitely. No! He had to do what he could even if it was not very much at all! And now there was a light too at the top of the stairs, wavering from pink to purple and back again as if someone was holding up a novelty lantern, trying to see where they were going.

Was that a whimper?

“Hello?” He tried to make his voice sound full and brave, thrumming with confidence, but hardly came close. “Who’s there? Kyle, is that you?”

Unlocking his legs, he bravely stepped forward with every last bit of courage he possessed, taking first one step and then the other as the old, old wood creaked beneath his bare hind paws. His tail lashed anxiously but, somehow, he kept himself going and going, forcing his body to move as the light glowed brighter and brighter, the pull within him increasing with every bold step he took.

Yes… His eyes misted over, breath slowly falling more and more lethargic. Yes, he definitely was going in the right direction. He had to be. She was calling him…

Alas, it was too late to turn back as a giggle rose from the room ahead of him, steps flowing more easily now that he moved without the consent of his waking mind, tail low and relaxed and drooping. What need did he have of tension when everything was, suddenly, beyond his control? Although his whiskers quivered and he could still lick his lips – a small attempt to moisten a mouth that was just a little too dry – there was little the tiger could have done to resist the pull of one who had had her eye on him from the very moment he’d stepped foot into the haunted house. In all truth, it had not been his friends who had deserted him but him who had wandered off on his own, her whispered purr curling through the house with the tingle of her aura.

She was so very skilled, after all, at choosing the perfect victim.

There was only one room at the top of the stairs and, as he stepped into it, the light drew all the way into a perfect sphere in the centre, illuminating only the bare floorboards and decrepit furniture that had clearly not been used in many, many years. The cobwebs up there were very real and the shutters across the window placed for a very particular reason. Blinking softly, he swayed in place, paws hanging limply at his sides. What he was waiting for, he could not have said, but there was no longer any sense of fear in his heart as something darker and deeper churned in the pit of his stomach, a strange sort of need rising like the head of a serpent.

And then she was there, standing before him as if a perfect apparition of beauty: a king cheetah with Bayan Escort jet black fur and her rosettes a deep crimson as if pulled from a pool of fresh blood. The cheetah did not wear a single piece of clothing – what need did she have of it? – but Takoda could not find anything strange in that, caught up in her hypnotising spell well and truly.

She smiled, although there was no warmth in it, no light to reach her eyes. It had almost been too easy to ensnare this one.

“Takoda,” she purred, her fine, red eyebrows rising smoothly. “So good of you to join me, kitten…”

The tiger could only pant open-mouthed, eyes glassy as she stroked his cheek. Her claws had been left long, providing a pleasant enough sensation as they raked through his fur, stripping him carefully of his clothes, article by article. For the autumn season, he had not exactly been dressed lightly and it took her a moment, folding each piece with unnerving precision until the tiger stood completely naked before her in all his glory. It was only then that the golden slashes of stripes between his blue ones were revealed, although his cock pushing from a fluffy, white sheath quickly took centre stage.

Still, she sucked in a breath, white teeth flashing in the glow of her little ‘lantern’, the magical orb bouncing and flickering as if with a mind of its own, making their shadows dance wickedly on the bare walls.

“Such a fine, kitten,” she breathed. “Now for what you came for…”

And, although it most certainly had not been what he came for at the start of the night, it was how his night was fated to continue and to end, her paw wrapping softly around his cock as if she had always been meant to hold him in her paw. The smooth length twitched against her palm, although she was notably careful to keep her claws tucked away. She wouldn’t have wanted to break her new toy so quickly now, would she? And the art of hypnosis was oh so very fragile… Licking her lips, she relished in his breath, how his hips moved lightly to pump his shaft wantonly into her paw, betraying him in the seductive heat of the moment. She had to have him!

And her paw pumped and stroked, rising and falling beautifully along his cock as if she had kept her life training for one moment alone. But a seductress such as herself could not be anything but perfect as she bared her teeth, eyes alight and tail flicking as he tipped forward to her, falling prey to baser instincts as every fibre of his body bid him to fuck, to hump to cum. And that sweet release was all she wanted from him as she fed him every fantasy she could, breasts rising and falling even as his eyes roamed her body, seeing her nakedness for the first time since entering the room.

Moaning, Takoda gulped and shudder, although was not quite willing to roll his head away as he adored her body with her eyes, tongue hanging cutely over the edge Escort of her lips. Her giggle filled the air again, paw squeezing, and there was nothing he could do to hold back as the need to cum raced upon him with the power of a storm, winds howling and tearing at his fur as he twisted and growled, jaws snapping madly at the crux of the moment.

“Easy, little tiger…”

But he couldn’t go easy, not when her paw moved like that, driving him blissfully over the edge as he snarled and rocked against her, wave after wave of pleasure swamping him. Each throb of semen spilling from him into the jar she held at just the right moment brought rise to another thrum of pleasure, the tiger shakily thinking, in the part of his mind that was still his, that he never wanted it to end even if her paw was suddenly too much to bear, too much pressure on a cock sore from cumming. He tried to pull away but it was her magic that yanked him back, pinning him in place as her lips pulled back from her teeth in a wickedly feral snarl of lust and power.

“Be still!”

Movement beyond him, the tiger panted and whined, head hanging low as he plummeted to all fours, her body following his as if they were tied together with an invisible string. He’d only just climaxed and yet her paw kept pumping and working, forcing him to endure the over-stimulation to race towards another orgasm, what he didn’t know was her magic keeping him hard and ready. Quick to force another orgasm from his sore and tired body, the leopard hissed with pleasure as another load spilt into the jar, ignorant to his sensitivity as the tiger mewled and still tried to claw away.

In time, as the night went on, he would learn that it was useless to fight her as he was milked – of course, even hypnosis could not quell the most fervent of souls – but he would submit to her, like they all did, allowing his beautiful body to be used as it always should have been. Rolling the tiger onto his back, she allowed him the relief of not having to support his own body, a smirk pulling cruelly at her lips as she pumped and stroked his cock, coaxing him to the teetering edge of a third climax, the need to rest warring with the need to cum: a beautiful battle in the trappings of his own mind.

“Come now, kitten,” she crooned. “Have you no more for me?”

It only took a brief lap of her raspy tongue to send him over that brink for a third time, tail lashing as he dug his claws into the floorboards and howled, dust marking his striking coat. But he filled that jar with three loads and she quickly replaced it with a fresh one, milking him with each and every tantalising stroke of his cock, her paw moving with single-minded need and determination.

Trapped in her hold, all the hypnotised tiger could hope he would survive the night, forced to climax over and over again as he sweated up, fur matted and unkempt as she drove him on and on to climax after endless climax. Milking him for all he was worth, she filled the second and then a third jaw, eyes glittering as she collected the third for her shivering, moaning charge.

It was going to be a long night indeed until she’d milked him dry.

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