Morning Play


Hi boys and girls. I just wanted to fill you in on what I spent the last thirty minutes doing.

I woke up earlier, hopped in the shower, and came out feeling horny. As much fun as I can have in the shower, I wasn’t in the mood for that. So, with my towel wrapped around my hair, and moving from room to room naked (roommate was already gone for the day), I came into my bedroom and switched the computer on.

In the meantime, I pulled on a black thong, and a soft gray skirt. For some reason I even put on an ivory bra. Once my computer was ready, I did the necessary stuff first: email, chatting, and checking the news online before settling down, getting comfortable, and heading to Lit.

Just the thought of going to Lit gets me excited. I mean, what is there not to love? All the stories, the free pics, and that free video. Today there was a young girl sprawled in an oversize white chair. As she rubbed her clit, this nicely hung guy slowly fucked her. Suddenly he picks up the pace, and really starts giving her a nice fucking. Her face contorts, her hands and arms Arnavutköy escort bayan go up over her head, and she looks like she’s cumming. He then stands up, gets on the chair, and presents his wet cock for her to suck. Not bad. I mean, I’ve seen better…we all have, but it works when you need that extra “oomph” to cum.

Before I even clicked on the link for “Free Video of the Day”, I grabbed my Hitachi Wand. God I love that thing. I turned it on, and rubbed it over my mound, over the thong. I slipped a finger into my folds and realized how wet I was already. Fantastic! After pulling my thong to the side so it wouldn’t get too wet, I brought my wet finger to my mouth. I LOVE the way I taste. There is no other flavor I know of quite like my own pussy.

While watching the video, I kept the Wand in the same place next to my clit, and slightly thrust my hips. At one point, when he really started to move, I grabbed my newest toy. I encourage you all to go to the Good Vibrations website. I really miss being able to go in the Escort Avcılar store itself. I have yet to find a sex store like it here in South Texas. Too bad.

Anyway, I recently bought a G-spot vibrator. It stands seven inches tall, but can only be inserted about four and a half inches max. The tip of the head takes a 70-degree turn, bending toward me. The reason I cannot fully insert this little wonder is because there is a large protrusion, covered in nubs, that is supposed to stimulate my clit while playing. It doesn’t exactly work that way, but I still enjoy it. Oh, and it’s pink, as in hot pink, and clear jelly.

So, as I was watching the video, when she starts to look at him when he increases his speed, I grabbed my toy, and rubbed it up and down my wet slit. My thong would occasionally slip back into place, but I wasn’t going to take them completely off. When my toy was fully prepared, I slowly slid it into the source of my wetness. My wand was still on, buzzing away on my clit, and as I pushed my G-spotter in, I came. It wasn’t Bağcılar escort earth shattering, but it was satisfying. I continued to slide it in, until I felt the head nudge that one spot that makes my insides turn to jelly.

As the video ended, I restarted it, and matched the thrusts of my toy with the thrusts of his hips. I came hard, enjoying the way the toy felt as it passed the rings at the entrance to my cunt. God I love the feeling of being pounded, while he takes his cock almost completely out, so his head stretches that ring of muscles. Mmmm. Well, after I came, the guy in the video pulls out of her, and sticks his dick in her face, so I followed suit.

My toy was shiny in the bedroom light, and wet. Certain areas had more to lick than others. And wet doesn’t really describe what was on it. My cum is viscous, thicker, almost like a mucus, but clear/opaque. Mmmm. It tasted so good that when I ran out of pussy juice, I put my toy back in myself to get more.

I licked off my goodness, then sucked on the toy, making sure I had cleaned off every last drop of my cum. Oh, but the best part of it? When there is a strand of my cum stretching between my tongue and my toy. I imagine it’s my lovers cum, stretching between my lips and his well-spent cock.

Mmmm. I’m getting horny again, so I have to go and play. Maybe you’ll want to know how that goes too?

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