Mom’s Christmas Cookie Pt. 3 of 3


Cookie held a finger to her lips while looking up at the camera.  Then she went over to the door of her room and opened it.  I faintly heard Mom say something over the Christmas music in my earbuds, and then Cookie said, “What do you think, Sis?  Follow them.”Mom responded, and then Cookie gave me a thumbs-up to the camera.  She crawled into bed to wait, striking a sexy pose.The wait for Mom to change felt as if it was taking forever.  I was so nervous that my erection even drooped.  Finally, Cookie perked up, and beckoned Mom into the room.Mom strutted in, wearing candy-cane striped stockings, just like Cookie’s.  The rest of her outfit was nearly identical, save it was primarily white, instead of red.“You look good enough to eat, Sis,” Cookie said.“I hope so,” Mom responded.Cookie said, “Pour us a drink.”Mom picked up the bottle, looked at it, and said, “Are you trying to get me drunk?”“Thought you might need to loosen up a little after that awful party.”“Awful doesn’t even begin to describe it.”  Despite her protest, Mom opened the bottle and poured two glasses.Damn, she looked so fucking hot slipping into bed with her friend.  They clinked their glasses together, said, “Cheers,” and then drank.Cookie licked the creamy liquor off her upper lip and asked, “Is this a better Christmas party?”“It’s not a party yet,” Mom answered suggestively.“I’ve got a party favor,” Cookie said, and then retrieved a tablet from her nightstand.  “Your naughty boy Wayne sent his auntie some pictures.”Mom gasped when Cookie brought up the picture.  “Oh my.  That’s a lot of cum.”“And then this one was just a little later,” Cookie said while swiping.Mom bit her lower lip, moaned, and said, “Good heavens.  He could drown a girl with all that.”  She then swiped back to the first picture.“Like that one, do you?” Cookie asked.  “I was teasing him about sliding that cock into Mommy’s pussy.  That’s what made him come so hard.  Just imagine all that cum all over you.”“Oh, I’d rather have it deep inside me.”Needless to say, I was rock hard and throbbing again by that point.  Hearing Mom say that forced me to give it a squeeze to calm it down.“I’m good either way, so long as I get to eat it all up afterward.”Mom said, “Then I definitely want it inside me.”“I’ll drink to that,” Cookie said, and held up her glass.They clinked their glasses together, and when Mom noticed Cookie chugging hers, she did the same.Mom blew out a long breath between pursed lips when she finished her eggnog.  “Whew, that’s strong.  I’m already feeling it.”Cookie took the glasses and sat them down on the nightstand.  Then she pulled Mom into a hungry kiss.  They both lost their Santa hats almost immediately.  I watched them kiss and caress each other, straining to hear Cookie’s quiet voice.  I only caught snippets of it, but I knew she was talking about me, and saying my name a lot.  It was certainly having an effect on Mom.  She was moaning, gasping, and whimpering the whole while.  I had to fight down my own groans as I squeezed my cock.Cookie pulled away and said, “I’ve got an early Christmas present for you.”Mom glanced toward the bedroom door.“And what were you expecting?” Cookie asked with sultry laughter in her voice.  She scooted across the bed, and leaned over to reach into the drawer of her nightstand.“You are a terrible tease.  Do you know that, Sissy?”“You love it.”  Cookie pulled out a white blindfold, matching Mom’s outfit, and trimmed in fur, just like the rest of the garments.  “No peeking, if you want your present.”Mom pouted, and the sight of it in the soft glow of the Christmas lights gave me the shivers.  Then she sighed, rolled her eyes, and said, “Fine.”Cookie maneuvered Mom until she was sitting on the edge of the bed, and then moved in behind her.  She snuggled in until her tits were pressed against Mom’s back, and then put on the blindfold.She waved her hand in front of Mom’s face and asked, “Can you see anything?”“Of course not.  Come on,” Mom answered.My heart skipped a beat when Cookie waved to the camera, beckoning me into the room.  I swallowed hard, pulled the earbuds out of my ears, and shut down the Girne Escort app.  My legs were weak and wobbly as I walked naked in a Santa hat down the hall, toward Cookie’s room.“You’re killing me,” Mom said as I opened the door.“Just a second more,” Cookie said, while nodding for me to approach.“How am I supposed to unwrap a present when I can’t even see what I’m doing?” Mom asked.“I didn’t think you’d want this wrapped.”  I must have been walking toward the bed a little too slowly, because Cookie added an impatient wave to her nodding.I took the final couple of steps, and I could tell Mom had either heard the door, my footsteps, or realized someone else was in the room somehow.  Cookie guided me until I was standing right in front of Mom.  She took Mom’s hand, lifted it, and curled her fingers around my cock.  I stiffened, trembled, and let out a barely audible little grunt past where I’d tried to trap it in my throat.Mom gasped and asked, “Sis, is my present what I think it is?”She started stroking my cock, and Cookie moved her hand, letting Mom have full control.  I stood in open-mouthed awe with my dick in Mom’s hand.“What do you think it is?” Cookie asked.Mom grinned, licked her lips, and asked, “Is it…”At that moment, Cookie pulled off the blindfold.Mom’s eyes shot wide open.  She jerked her hand away from my cock, and screeched, “Wayne!”I winced at the reaction and watched her try to scramble away.  Cookie held onto her, and more or less had her trapped between us.  Mom snatched up a pillow and tried to cover herself with it while closing her eyes.“Shhh.  Calm down.  Just look at him,” Cookie said.Mom looked off to the side, her eyes still tightly closed, and said, “No.  Oh my god.  I can’t…  How could you?”“You saw – felt how hard he is,” Cookie said.  “That cock is hard for you, Sis.  He wants you.  He wants Mommy.”“Candice, this is serious.  This isn’t a game.  Oh god.  Oh god.”Cookie looked up at me and said, “Tell her, Wayne.”Put on the spot, I said the first thing that popped in my head.  “Mom, that felt so good.”She only let out a weepy groan in response.Cookie mimed stroking Mom’s hair, and I reached out.  Just as my fingers slid into Mom’s hair and she flinched, Cookie mouthed, Tell her to look at you.“Mom.  Look at me, please.  You’re so beautiful.  So sexy.” The words just tumbled out as I looked down at her.Mom said, “Wayne, I can’t.  We can’t.  This isn’t…  I…  I…”  Her eyes drifted open.  She looked at me, and drew in a shuddering breath.Cookie leaned in close to Mom’s ear and said, “He wants this.  You want this.  Stop fighting it.  This isn’t fantasy.  It’s reality, and so much better.”The chorus of All I Want For Christmas Is You playing in the background crystalized the moment perfectly.Mom’s gaze darted downward for a moment, and then back up to my eyes.  “Oh, honey,” she said in a breathless voice.I have no idea where she was hiding it, but the next thing I knew, Cookie was holding a sprig of mistletoe over the top of Mom’s head.  Mom glanced up, saw it, and let out a weak, nervous chuckle.  Then she met my eyes, reached for my hand, and said, “Come here, honey.”I leaned down, and Mom guided my hand to her cheek.  Then she slipped her hands behind my head, and pulled me to her lips.  The kiss was soft, and oh-so sweet, but there was an undercurrent of desire lurking beneath the softness.  I could feel it, and responded in kind.Still holding me, Mom pulled away from my lips and asked, “Are you sure you want this, honey?”“So bad,” I answered with the hunger she’d stoked in me filling my voice.She locked lips with me again, and our kiss was even more passionate.  My Santa hat finally joined the other two when Mom’s roaming hand pushed it off my head.  I had a moment of panic when Mom stiffened.  I opened my eyes, and saw that Cookie was sliding Mom’s bra strap down off her shoulder.“Exactly what do you think you’re doing?” Mom asked.Undeterred, Cookie went after the other bra strap.  “What do you think I’m doing, Sis?”Mom looked at me and said, “Your aunt has no patience whatsoever.”  She let out a surprised Magosa Escort oh when Cookie popped open the clasp of her bra.“I don’t think he’s all that patient either, from the way that cock is bouncing around,” Cookie remarked.Mom pulled away from Cookie, holding her bra in place, and asked, “Do you want to see them?”I nodded with a wide smile on my face and said, “Yeah, Mom.”A shoulder check from Mom encouraged Cookie to move out of the way.  Mom then scooted back – still holding onto her bra – turned, and lay down.  Only then did she carefully slip her arms out of the straps, one after the other, and finally drag the bra across her chest to drop it on the bed.Mom pushed those big tits together and asked, “Do you like them?”“Your…”  I stopped myself before saying tits.  “Uhm…  You have great breasts, Mom.”“You can call them tits, honey,” she said, and punctuated it with a little laugh.“I love your tits, Mom,” I said as I drank in the sight of them – so close, and with no screen between us for the first time.Then, Cookie was dangling the mistletoe over them.  “So, show her.”“Show me,” Mom repeated.I climbed into the bed, eager to do exactly that.  Once I dropped down to my hands, Mom put a hand behind my head and pulled me toward her breasts.  At the same time, her other hand cupped under my cock with surprising speed and accuracy.  A sharp moan escaped me as I wrapped my lips around her nipple.“Oh sweetie,” Mom said.  “That feels so good.”Feeling Mom shiver as I sucked her stiff nipple and hearing the pleasure in her voice made me break out into gooseflesh.  I suckled it softly, caressing it with my lips.“I have two, you know, Sis,” Mom suggested.Cookie got the hint.  I saw her suck Mom’s other nipple between her lips.After a few seconds, Mom said, “You can do it harder, if you want, honey.”Her fingers, which had been stroking my scalp and running through my hair, pushed down a little harder when I followed her suggestion.“Oh, that’s it, honey,” Mom gasped.Mom moaned and wriggled beneath me.  Cookie was moaning loudly too.  All the while, Mom’s fingers were gliding over my erection with a feather-light touch.“You’re making me so wet, Wayne,” she said in a husky voice after a minute or so.  Her fingers then wrapped around my cock and she said, “Let me see.”I reluctantly let her nipple go, and pushed up to my knees.  Mom gasped, licked her lips, and gave a gentle tug on my erection.  I put one foot on the floor and scooted my way toward the head of the bed.  Mom rolled on her side and guided me to where I was sitting next to her on the bed.  Her soft hand slid up and down my cock, making me let out a series of clipped grunts.Cookie was kneeling behind Mom, running her hands over Mom’s ass.  She said, “It’s bigger than his dad’s, isn’t it?”Mom looked up at me and nodded.  “Your father wasn’t exactly hung.  Oh, it’s gorgeous, honey.  So hard.  I can’t remember the last time I felt a cock this hard.”“Hard for you, Mom,” I heard myself say.Mom’s eyes rolled up in her head and she whimpered.Cookie reached out, and sure enough, dangled the mistletoe over my erection.  Mom looked up at her and sighed.  Cookie laughed and said, “Oh, come on.  You knew that was coming, Sis.”Mom shook her head, turned back to me, and moved in to plant a soft kiss on the head of my cock.  It bounced away from her touch, and then promptly slapped against her lips again.  Her tongue snaked out, curling around the head, and made my dick bounce again.“Tell her to stop playing around and suck it already,” Cookie said.Mom gave me another lick and asked, “Is that you what you want?  Tell me what you want.”The words tumbled from my lips in a rush.  “Please suck it, Mom.”She corralled it in her hand, wiggled a little closer, and did just that.  My mouth opened, but no sound came out when her lips slid down my shaft.  She’d already taken about half of me in her mouth, slid her lips back to the tip, and started down again before I could force out a clipped grunt.It was pure magic watching Mom push forward, making my dick vanish.  She was sucking me so slow, letting me feel Kıbrıs Escort her lips on every inch of me.  My cock glistened with her saliva, reflecting the multicolored lights, and she let out excited little moans around me.“Is Mommy doing a good job sucking that cock for you?” Cookie asked.“So good.  You look so sexy, Mom.”Mom moaned a little louder, and I groaned when her next suck took me almost to the root.  The one that followed was just as deep.  I had to put one hand on the back of her head and one on her shoulder to hold my balance, because it felt so amazing.“Aren’t you going to share with your little sister?” Cookie asked.Mom slowly pulled back to the tip, let me go, and planted several soft kisses on the head of my cock.  Then she looked up at me, patted the bed, and said, “Come lie down.”As I climbed into the bed, Mom moved to make room in the center.  Cookie quickly popped the clasp of her bra, pulled her arms out of the straps, and tossed it to the floor.  Cookie and Mom dropped to their hands over me – their tits resting lightly on my legs – shared a look, and then came at me from both sides.“Oh fuck,” I said as two tongues slid up and down my cock.“Your son’s cock tastes so good,” Cookie said.“So good,” Mom agreed.  Then she slid her tongue down my shaft, to my balls, and gave them a broad-tongued lap.Cookie’s tongue went the opposite way, and when it reached the head, she took me in.It was beyond my wildest fantasies.  I had two hot women between my legs, licking and sucking.  Having one of them be my mom was even more intense.Her breath hot on my balls, Mom asked, “Do you like having your aunt suck your cock while I lick your balls, honey?”“So hot,” I growled.Mom tickled my balls with the tip of her tongue for a few seconds, and then said, “Don’t you come, now.  That cum is mine.”“All yours, Mom,” I agreed.Cookie let out a disappointed moan around me.“You can have all you want second hand, Sissy,” Mom said before turning her attention back to my balls.It was only a few seconds later that Mom let out a gasp and lifted her head.  She patted Cookie on the head and said, “My turn.”I growled as Cookie sucked like a vacuum – at a torturously slow pace – back to the head, and finally let it pop out of her lips.  She pointed my dick toward Mom, and Mom made it vanish in her mouth.“Ah!  Ah!  Shit!” I cried out in delight when Mom started sucking me hard and fast.  Her hair bounced, and her tits dragged on my leg.  Faint croaks sounded sometimes when she took me deep, and air rushed in around her lips at the tip.Cookie crawled up next to me, and leaned in to whisper in my ear.  “Tell her to suck that cock.”“Yeah, suck my cock,” I repeated.Mom moaned, “Mmm hmm,” around me.“Show him what a good little cocksucker Mommy is,” Cookie said in a tone that had a sneering quality to it.“That’s so good.  So fucking hot, Mom,” I said.  The tickle that had already been building in the head of my cock rapidly swelled through the whole shaft.Mom was relentless.  I was fighting a losing battle, and it was happening fast.  An especially sharp jolt of pleasure made my hips buck, and Mom let out a loud croak when my cock pushed into her throat.She jerked away, gagging and trailing thick strands of saliva.  Then she coughed.“S-sorry, Mom,” I apologized.She coughed again, sniffled, and then swallowed.  “It’s okay, honey.”  She sniffled again.  “I know you didn’t mean to.  Were you close?”Cookie elaborated, “About to fill Mommy’s mouth with cum?”“Yeah,” I answered.Mom – still sniffling – wiped her chin and said, “Now, honey, you should warn a girl before that happens.  Let her be ready so she doesn’t choke on all that cum.”I nodded.  “Okay.”“Good boy,” Mom said.  She then gave my bouncing erection a pat and said, “Let’s give you a little rest.  It will be so much better if you wait a little while and build up a nice big load for me.”Little did she know that I’d been building one up for a day and a half already.  A little of that crept into my voice when I said, “Okay.”Mom smiled and said, “Oh, don’t pout.”  She then let out a moan, rose up over her knees, and slid a hand into her panties.“That’s so hot,” I said as I watched her fingers wiggle beneath the satiny white cloth.“Would you like to lick my pussy, honey?” she asked, giving me a stare so sultry it nearly made me melt.I licked my lips and swallowed.  “Can I?”She offered me a crooked grin and pulled her hand out…

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