Mixed Marriage — Part 2 of 2

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They humped and they dumped. They kissed for some time, and finally Max removed his appendages from inside Hannah and lay beside her. He held her and their mixed cum seeped out of her and puddled on the bed.—-After the bachelorette party, Ella and Carly were back at Carly’s place. And like Hannah and Max back at Hannah’s house, they talked about some private, personal, unexpected things.“I still can’t believe what we did,” Ella said.“Forget it. Just some wild, crazy fun. It doesn’t mean anything,” Carly said.“I don’t know. It’s weird. It’s like it wasn’t even me doing it. It just happened.”“Our secret.”They were sitting on the wicker sofa on the back porch having a glass of wine, which they both knew they probably didn’t need.“Should I call off the wedding?” Ella asked.“What? Don’t be ridiculous! You’d piss off a lot of people if you did that.”“But I cheated.”“Come on, Ella. If everybody who got a little something at their bachelor or bachelorette parties called off their weddings, nobody’d ever get married.” “Really? You think so?”“Sure. You ever watch porn?”“Yeah. We watch it sometimes.”“Do you talk about it? Fantasize?”“Yeah.”“So, think of it as virtual porn. You sucked a cock. So what? It doesn’t change how you feel about Max, does it?”“No.”Carly poured more wine for both of them. She sipped and held her glass up in salute, then put it down.“I don’t want to make another toast, there have been enough of those tonight,” she said. “But, can I show you something?”“Sure,” Ella said.“Okay, good. Close your eyes.” “Why?”“Just do it.”Ella chuckled and shrugged, then closed her eyes. Carly slid a little closer, took a deep breath, and pressed her lips against Ella’s and kissed her, and held it for a long moment. Ella opened her eyes in surprise but Carly’s were closed. They parted, but only for a second. Carly went back for another, and Ella was ready. This second kiss was longer, deeper, and open-mouthed. When they separated Carly had a smile on her face.“Wow,” Ella said. “Where did that come from?”“I’ve wanted to do that since the first time I laid eyes on you.”“Really?”“Oh, yes. I wanted to, and I thought you’d like to too, but I wasn’t sure.”“I liked.”“I could tell. Can I be completely honest with you?”“Sure,” Ella said.“When Max first introduced you to my family, to me, I knew he’d hit the jackpot. I knew you were a thoroughbred and a class act, were attractive and would be good for him. I think I loved you right away. We all did.”“Thank you, Carly, that’s so…”“Shh,” Carly said. “Let me finish.” She took another gulp of wine. “What I want you to know is, that I was also very jealous.”“Jealous? Why? Because I was taking your brother away…”“No!” Carly barked. She took Ella’s hand in hers. “That’s not why. I was jealous because he was fucking you, and I wasn’t.”Their eyes were moist globes, locked in. Then, after a few seconds of dead air, it was Ella who initiated the kiss. She opened her arms and Carly was immediately inside them. Their lips met and opened and they were suddenly sucking tongues. They made out like teen lovers, wet and hot and sloppy, and their hands probed over each other, and soon buttons were unbuttoned and zippers unzipped, and despite the fact that in about sixteen hours Ella would be marrying Carly’s brother, tonight would be Ladies Night.“God, I want you so bad,” Carly croaked.“Me too,” Ella said. It had been a long time since she’d had a taste of pussy, but she would be eating Carly’s tonight.They made their way to Carly’s bedroom, undressed each other, and fell naked together onto the bed.They lay there kissing for a long time while their hands wandered over every reachable nook and cranny of their bodies. Carly’s lips found Ella’s aroused breasts and her fingers slipped inside her soppy gash. She moved downward.“I’ve dreamed about eating your pussy for a long time,” she said, licking her fingers.“Wait,” Ella said.She pivoted her naked body around so they pointed in opposite directions and they both had a head between their legs. Their first sex would be a sixty-nine. They didn’t hesitate. Both buried their faces into wet cunt.The slurp fest that followed took time as they zealously, and not quietly, licked lips and kissed Kıbrıs Escort clits. They moaned and groaned as their assholes were rimmed and finger-fucked. When they came, only seconds apart, it was an overdue explosion that drowned their tongues, doused their faces, and dribbled onto the sheets. After, they stayed in the same position, kissing pussies and thighs, and licking up what they could, tasting the residue of their sex. Then they were back up side-by-side, holding each other, kissing, half-drunk with wine and each other, and did so until they fell asleep.They woke up a little later than they wanted in the morning. For each, their first vision in the morning was a face smiling back at them.“Are you okay?” Carly asked.“I’m wonderful,” Ella said. “Loose as a goose. Another secret to keep.”“Right. I was just wondering. You know…”“Yes, I know. But it’s okay, I think. You’re Max’s sister. We’re going to be family.”They kissed. They kissed again, longer and deeper. Within thirty seconds their nude bodies were enwrapped like a soft pretzel and they did everything they’d done the night before, and more, and they took their time, until both had come.Carly looked at her watch.“Oh God, we have to get up,” she said. “Or we’ll be late. We have to be over to your step-mom’s by eleven.”They dragged their drained, bare bodies into the bathroom and stood side-by-side as they brushed the taste of pussy out of their mouths. Then they got into the shower together.—-Across town, Max was awakened by Ella’s stepmother going down on him. He always awoke with a huge, hard, stretched, semi-painful boner, and Hannah had awakened first, had seen the big old thing lying there and couldn’t resist. She sucked him until he ejaculated, a massive morning blast, and then kissed him with a mouthful of cum.“Good morning,” she said. “Consider this an early wedding present.”Max laughed and said thanks, took her in his arms and rolled on top of her. He kissed her lips and sucked her neck and licked her tits and ate her pussy until she came. Then, with his dick again armed and ready, he rose up and inserted it into her wet snatch, rammed a finger up her ass, and they fucked until they both came again.“I’d like to stick something else up here,” Max said, wiggling his finger inside her asshole.“Some other time,” she said. “We have to get up and you have to leave. The girls are due here at eleven, and will likely be early. It’s a pretty big day, you know. We don’t want them finding you here.”“I know,” he said. He picked up his various pieces of clothing from the floor and started putting them on.“Hey, are you okay?” Hannah asked.“Me? Are you kidding. Never better. I had an incredible night.”“So did I. God knows, I needed it. But…”“What?”“Ella.”“I know.” He pulled on his shoes and sat beside her. “Look,” he said, “It’s going be alright. I think this was bound to happen, and Ella knows it.”“What are you talking about?”Max took her hands in his and stared into her eyes.“Ella and I, well, we have a great sex life. But, uh, we… I probably shouldn’t tell you this. We have talked about having other partners, um, in our bed. Threesomes. But only with somebody we were both a hundred percent comfortable with. We’ve not done it as of yet, but, you were the first person we both agreed on. If she never mentioned it, it’s because we’re not there yet.”“Really.”“Yes. So it doesn’t even that feel wrong to me. But if you want to tell her when she gets over here, go ahead, do it. I’m fine with that. Or if you want me to call off the wedding, I will.”“Like hell, you will,” she said. “You do that and you’ll have a pissed-off crowd, a pissed-off wife and a pissed-off mother-in-law.”Max laughed, kissed her, and thanked her for saying that.—-The female wedding party straggled over to Hannah’s house, one was on time, the rest were thirty to forty minutes late, and most giddily hungover. But that didn’t stop them from having a couple of pops of cheap champagne as they dolled up. They were all in a merry mood, which would transfer over to the festivities, and thereby infect all of the guests. The weather was good, clear, and warm.The wedding went well, another short Lefkoşa Escort and sweet ceremony for the preacher, although there were coy smiles and subtle eye contact between Max and Hannah, and between Ella and Carly, which they all hoped nobody noticed.The reception was a blast. Ella was beautiful, and all of the rituals took place smoothly and without a hitch. Max stole a couple of dances with his new mother-in-law, the second one a slow number. He navigated them to the center of the dancing crowd so they would blend in. He held her close.As they slow-danced, Hannah asked Max if he was looking forward to his honeymoon.“I have a hard-on, you know,” he said into her ear and pressed it against her. “Can you feel it?”“You’re young. You have to learn to control yourself.”“I can’t. It’s because of you.”“Oh, please,” she said. “You’re about to go on your honeymoon. A week in paradise. You and Ella will be fucking like rabbits.”“I miss you already. I want to see you when I get back.”“We’ll see.”“Hey, you can’t shut me out. Not after last night. It was good for you too, wasn’t it?”“It was. Like I said, we’ll see. We can talk when you get back. Maybe I’ll give you an I.O.U. Not in writing, of course.” She laughed.Max backed away and looked at her as the song ended.“So, Ella told you about the I.O.U. on our first date,” he said.“She’s told me lots of things. You knew we were close.”“Did she tell you anything about maybe having a threesome?”Hannah flicked a few strands of her blond hair out of her eyes. She smiled coyly.“No comment,” she said with a wink.—-Hannah had been right about one thing. Ella and Max were like sex-crazed maniacs on their honeymoon. Maybe it was the tropical heat, maybe it was relief that the wedding was behind them and they were now husband and wife, or maybe it was guilt from their premarital strays, but whatever it was, they sure as hell knocked the sexy shit out of each other.They’d lie by the pool, fondle one another, and go back to the room and fuck. They’d be eating breakfast and Ella would peel a banana and seductively slide most of it into her mouth, and they’d go back and she’d suck his cock. They went on a bus trip, snorkeling and some Mayan ruins, but they just wanted to get back to the hotel and fuck. They went to a bullfight, but that was not a good experience for them; they were appalled when they watched the matador stab the bull over and over until it was dead. But when they got back to their room, Max stabbed Ella over and over with his stiletto penis with about the same amount of force. Max would see a woman that resembled Hannah, and it would make him think of her, and make him want her, and he’d think about getting back home so he could have her again. Then, as if it were overcompensation to cover up his secret, he’d seduce his wife back to the room and bang the bottom out of her.Ella had similar thoughts. She’d spot a gal around the pool that reminded her of Carly, take a glance at her wet bikini-wrapped cameltoe, and imagine her face down there, between Carly’s legs, and she’d get wet, and horny, and she’d lead her husband back to the room where she would be eaten and fucked. The honeymoon was an amazing, hot success by any measurement. But when the week ended and they flew home, their thoughts drifted back to the reality of their lives. The flight was smooth and on time, and by the end of the day they both had contacted their secret lovers.—-“So, Ella, it’s been almost three weeks since our last meeting,” Elizabeth said. “You haven’t told me about your wedding and honeymoon.”They were in the therapist’s office, well into their session. It was Wednesday evening after Ella had returned from Mexico.“The wedding was beautiful. The weather was good, and the reception was a lot of fun. Everybody said they had a wonderful time. And the honeymoon was really good, and relaxing. A whole week at this luxury resort right on the Caribbean. We did a little sight-seeing, but mostly all we did was eat, drink, and have sex.”“That sounds like what an ideal honeymoon should be. Are you both now back into the routine of daily life?” “Uh, I guess so. Back to the real world. Or bizarre-o Girne Escort world.”“What do you mean? Is everything okay?”“Yes, things are okay. Just… I don’t know. It’s not quite what I expected a few weeks ago.”Elizabeth waited in silence. Then, “Go on.”“Well,” Ella said, and sipped water. “It’s complicated.”“How is it complicated?”Ella took a deep breath, and said, “I’m kind of having an affair.”Elizabeth’s jaw dropped. “An affair? Already? When did this affair begin?”“The night before the wedding. At the bachelorette party. Or, actually, it was after the bachelorette party.”“How did happen?”“That’s a good question. I don’t know how it happened, it just did. She was one of my bridesmaids. Her name is Carly. I went home with her. She kissed me, I kissed her. We went to bed. It was incredible. I hadn’t had sex with a woman since Hannah and it felt so good. I saw her again yesterday after work. We were naked in about thirty seconds.”“Hmm, this is a new twist,” Elizabeth said. “I see how it could be a complication.”“That’s not all,” Ella said, and took another drink of water. “Carly is Max’s sister.”Elizabeth almost dropped her pen. She jotted down a quick note as she tried to figure out where to go next.“Ella, let me ask you. Does Max know that you and Hannah were lovers?”“Not really. We’ve never discussed it. But I don’t think it would shock him.”“You don’t? Why?”“Because we’ve talked about it, uh, having sex with others. Threesomes with another female. We’ve discussed other women we’d like to, you know, go to bed with. And Hannah was the first one we agreed on. He didn’t think it was sick that I’d go to bed with him and my stepmother.”“But what I mean is, do you think that Max expected that it would be two-on-one, as in he would have sex with two women, and the two women would have sex with him, or would he expect that you and the other woman would be having sex independent of him?”“Uh, I don’t know. I just figured it would be anything goes.”“Well, it might be good to find out.” Elizabeth capped her pen, signaling that their time was about up. “I’m glad you opened up about this, Ella. You’re being honest with yourself and that’s the first step. But I think you will feel better once you are honest with everyone involved. This affects them as much as you. Think about how you can get it all out in the open. Honesty really is the best policy, and sooner is usually better than later.—-Once back from the honeymoon, Ella and Max fell back into the routines of their lives: jobs, socializing, hobbies, exercise, marriage, sex. But in the weeks that followed, neither stopped getting pussy on the side.Once a week or so, Max would slip over to Hannah’s and they’d spend a couple of hours in her bed. The sex was uninhibited and physical as if they had a lot to do and say with their bodies in a short time and wanted to let it all out in a hurry. It didn’t even feel like cheating because they knew they would have ended up in bed together anyway once Max and Ella followed through on their plan for a threesome. But as the weeks wore on, that feeling of absolution waned.Similarly, Ella would go over to Carly’s for their trysts. The sex was intense, the orgasms gymnastic, and it didn’t diminish her love and desire for Max. Ella reasoned that she was loving Max’s sister, she was family, it wasn’t like she was running around on her husband picking up skank. But as the weeks wore on, their feelings of absolution waned.They all knew that at some point, to be fair and honest to all, they were going to have to come clean. On a weekly basis, in their sessions together, Elizabeth would remind Ella of this. But they put it off. Until a particular occurrence pushed the quandary to the top of their to-do list.—-It was a Saturday afternoon. Ella had gone to the gym for a workout, then over to Carly’s for some bedtime. Once she was back in her car, she called Hannah on her cell. The call went immediately to voice mail without a ring, so she figured Hannah’s phone was turned off or the battery had died. Hannah’s place was kind of out of the way, so normally she wouldn’t just drop by without talking to her first, but she decided to take a chance and drive on over and see if she was at home. She needed to talk to somebody.Twenty minutes later she drove down Hannah’s street, and was still a half-block away from the house when goose pimples covered her arms and a queasiness kicked up in her belly. She saw Max’s car parked out front, and knew instantly what was…

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