Mistletoe Lane Ch. 03


Chapter 3: Barbara

When I was in high school, we lived on a quiet street in the suburbs called Mistletoe Lane. It was a cul-de-sac with about 15 houses, all of them occupied by white, yuppie families with multiple kids. Most of the wives were in their mid-thirties, and were very attractive. Most of their husbands were salesmen or corporate types who worked long hours and were frequently out of town on business.

As a senior in high school who had recently turned 18, I really enjoyed spending time with these hot, sexy older women. I was very attracted to most of the women on our street, and tried every excuse I could think of to be at their houses when their husbands were gone.

All of the adults on our street thought I was very responsible and mature for my age, and they had no trouble with me babysitting their kids and mowing their yards. I loved the money I received for these chores, but more importantly I liked being around the women of Mistletoe Lane.


One afternoon I was reading when there was a knock on the door. I answered it to find our neighbor from across the street, Barbie. She was a good-looking brunette, who was tall and thin and dressed very conservatively. While Barbie was attractive, she was not beautiful, and I had not had any fantasies about her. That was about to change.

“Hi Jason, I was wondering if you could baby-sit for me tonight, I have an art class, and my husband is out of town. It would only be for a few hours,” she said.

“Sure Barbie, as long as I can get some studying done, I have a test tomorrow.”

“No problem, Jason, just bring your books over. Natalie will go to bed around 7 o’clock, and you can study in peace and quiet after that.” she replied. I told her that sounded good, and let her know I would be over around six that evening. She thanked me and walked back to her house.

As she left, I watched her walk, thinking to myself ‘Why have I not fantasized about her?’

At six I arrived at Barbie’s house, school books in tow. Barbie thanked me again for babysitting, and showed me where everything was located. Natalie, her five-year-old, was already yawning, and would be going to bed soon. Barbie said goodbye to Natalie, and told me she would be back around eight. We watched her leave, and then I put Natalie to bed, so I could get some studying done.

Around 7:45 Barbie returned, just as Ankara escort I was finishing up my studying. “Hi Jason” she said.

“Hi Barbie. How was the class?” I asked.

“Great, I really love learning to paint. How was Natalie?” she asked.

“Not a problem, she didn’t make a peep after I put her to bed.”

“That’s good, I’m glad you could get some studying done. Jason, could you stick around a little while longer? I want to take a shower. Could you stay until I am finished and listen for Natalie in case she wakes up?”

A million dirty thoughts quickly flew through my head. I was really becoming attracted to Barbie, even though I had never really thought about her before. The idea of her taking a shower made my cock twitch inside my shorts.

“Sure Barbie, go ahead, take your time.” I replied.

With that Barbie headed to the master bedroom. I sat down on the couch, trying to relax, though my cock was getting hard quickly. I heard the water begin to run in the bathroom. After a few minutes, the water stopped and she called to me. “Jason, would you come in here please?” Trying to contain my erection, and not knowing what to expect, I walked towards the bedroom.

Sitting on the huge king-size bed, in the candle-lit master bedroom, was Barbie. She was wearing a black lace bra with matching panties, and black thigh-high hose. She smiled at me, and motioned with her finger for me to come to her. By now my cock was hard as a rock, and bulging against my shorts. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! This conservative, middle-aged mom was almost naked and wanting me to come to her! I quickly walked to the side of the bed.

“Now Jason, my husband is out of town on business, and will be gone for several days. I need someone to keep me company.” Barbie began to rub my leg with one hand and rub my chest with the other. “It will be our little secret, ok?” she asked.

I nodded, and leaned in close to her, smelling her perfume. I kissed her lips. She hungrily kissed me back, shoving her tongue inside my mouth. I returned her passionate kiss, and climbed on top of her, my hard on poking her in the stomach through my shorts. I cupped one of her tits, which were small by perky. She gasped as I did that and pushed herself into me. I quickly unfastened her bra, as we continued to kiss, our tongues probing each other’s mouths. I wanted to suck her perky small Ankara escort bayan tits, so I slid my tongue down to her neck, then down her chest to her left breast. Her nipples were a light pink color, and stood at attention. I put the whole thing in my mouth, my tongue darting quickly around it, as I sucked her nipple. She moaned, running her fingers through my hair, saying: “Yeah suck my tits, suck them good.”

Barbie was really getting me worked up, and I guess I was doing the same to her. We were breathing hard, our hands and tongues exploring each other. I slid my tongue down to her stomach, which was flat and tone from hours of aerobics classes. I reached her black lace panties, and teasingly licked them. She begged me to take them off, and I quickly obliged, pulling them down and off her legs. I decided to leave her hose on, as I have always been a sucker for thigh-high hose.

I looked at her beautiful pussy as she spread her legs. It was shaved around the lips with just a small tuff of reddish-brown pubic hair above her clit. She began to rub her pussy lips with her fingers, inviting me to have a taste. I lowered my head, taking in the aroma of her hot, wet pussy, before spreading her lips and sticking my tongue in as far as I could. Barbie moaned in ecstasy, arching her back and squeezing her tits together. I stuck my tongue in and out, licking her juices. I rubbed her pussy lips with my fingers, and then sucked on her clit. With one finger I began rubbing the outside of her asshole, which she seemed to like, because she grabbed my hand and shoved my finger inside her tight, little asshole. I began finger-fucking her pussy and ass, while I sucked her clit. Barbie was moaning and gyrating, when she suddenly cried out “I’m cumming!!!” I continued to finger her quickly as she came, then slowed down and kissed my way back up her stomach, to her tits, and finally her mouth.

I kissed her passionately, and then reminded her “You need to be quiet; Natalie is just down the hall.”

“Oh shit,” she replied. “I forgot, you got me so worked up. Let me go check on her.”

Barbie grabbed a robe from her closet, and quickly left the room to go check on her daughter. I just laid there with a rock hard dick.

After a minute she returned. “She is still fast asleep,” she said, taking off the robe and smiling at me. She began to crawl on the bed, towards me and my hard Escort Ankara cock. She unfastened my shorts, and pulled them down, then pulled down my boxers. I pulled my shirt off, laying there with my swollen cock standing at attention. Barbie grabbed it, and began stroking it as she licked the tip. My whole body quivered as I watched Barbie play with my dick. She licked the shaft and then my balls. She then put the length of my dick inside her mouth, never taking her eyes off me as she swallowed my engorged cock. I could feel her tickling the shaft with her tongue even as she deep-throated me. She then began to pump my cock with her hand, as she sucked the head. After a few minutes of this, I was about to pop.

Sensing this, she stopped, and sat up. “I want you to fuck me Jason, fuck me hard.” She then climbed up on top of me, and lowered her beautiful pussy onto my cock. It slid inside her tight, hot snatch, and went all the way inside her. She moaned with pleasure, and began riding my cock, bouncing up and down. I squeezed her perky tits and tweaked her nipples as she rode my hard cock. Her ass cheeks slamming down on my thighs, as my cock went in and out of her. She looked down at me, as she fucked the shit out of me.

Sensing my orgasm coming again, I gently pushed her off of me, to give my dick a quick rest. ‘I want to fuck you from behind, Barbie.” I told her. She quickly got on all fours, spreading her legs to give me access to her hot pussy.

“Shove that big cock inside me, Jason.” She told me. I got behind her, and teased her by rubbing her pussy lips with the head of my cock. She moaned and begged me to fuck her some more. I slid my still hard cock inside her. She grunted, then reached behind her and stuck her index finger into her asshole. “Fuck me Jason!” she cried out.

I began to slam my cock into her pussy, hard and fast. I held her hips with both hands, and slammed her pussy. Sweat dripped from my head as I fucked her furiously. Faster and faster, harder and harder. I felt my cum building inside me, and knew I wouldn’t last much longer. I cried out, “I’m gonna cum Barbie!”

She quickly turned around and grabbed my dick. Barbie began to pump my hard cock, with her mouth open. “Cum in my mouth Jason. Give me your hot cum!”

The cum began to spew out of my cock, hitting her in the mouth and chin. She jerked me off, squeezing every drop of cum, as my whole body shook. I moaned with pleasure as she sucked and licked the remaining cum from my dick. She looked up at me smiling, with cum all over her chin. “I hope you can come over and baby sit again for me next week, Jason.”

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