Sasha and Clair


I was worn to a frazzle. My 7-year old twin boys were driving me up the wall now that school was out. “What are we going to do today?” each one asked over and over. Finally their dad took pity on me and took them off my hands for an extended weekend. They left early on Wednesday morning to spend time with Craig’s parents. I went back to bed.

When I awakened, I remembered the new neighbors across the street. I’d seen the moving vans, but had not laid eyes on them. After a late breakfast, I baked chocolate chip cookies and walked across the street. A beautiful young woman answered the bell. She was perhaps 24 or 25 with creamy skin, vibrant green eyes and smartly styled short auburn hair A belted robe covered her.

“Hi, I’m Clair, your neighbor from across the street. Am I disturbing you? I brought cookies. Welcome to the neighborhood,” I stammered. She took the plate.

“Hi Clair, I’m Sasha. Nice to meet you. I was out on the patio. Would you join me?”

“Of course,” I said. “Thanks.”

“These will go great with the lemonade I have outside. I was taking a little sun. Do you mind if I continue while we talk”

“Please, go right ahead.” I seated myself under an umbrella near the pool as she went to a beach chair. When I looked back at her she had removed her robe. She stood there in her totally nude, voluptuous beauty. High full breasts, tiny waist and impossibly long, shapely legs.

“It’s just us girls here. You don’t object to my nudity, do you?”

“Not at all.” I forced the words past my lips. She was so incredibly beautiful and perfect. My mind, my nipples and my pussy went on alert. I thought I had basically controlled these kinds of responses to women years ago. As I nibbled on a cookie, I thought back…

…Mom and Dad divorced when I was 16. She wanted to travel so Dad got me. He never remarried, but had relationships until he found a steady. Deborah seemed to be perfect for Dad. Perfect until she desided to fuck me on my 18th birthday.

Dad was gone overnight on a business trip and asked Deborah to stay with me since this was my special day. He felt guilty for leaving me alone. She gave me a lovely negliee, my first sexy piece of intimate apparel, after Dad left. During the night she came into my room. She was naked except for the dick that protruded from the area of her pussy. She frantically pulled at my new gown until it was torn down the front. She kissed me hard, jamming her tongue in my mouth repeatedly and rubbed herself and the dick on me, all the while telling me to relax and enjoy it. She bit at my nipples as she rubbed my pussy. I tried to push her away, but fear and disgust soon turned to pleasure when she made me cum. I stopped fighting and let her have what she wanted.

My body became her playground. She licked and sucked every inch of me. Oh, what sounds she made as she ate my pussy, as she mounted me and rode me in the night. She took my virginity with her strap-on dildo. I’m sure my dad didn’t know she had a dick too. As I yelped in pain when she de-flowered me, she was triumphantly cumming on the part that was lodged in her. All night, she extracted one orgasm after another from my inexperienced body. She encouraged me with her moans of pleasure as I sucked her large breasts, as she held my head between her legs and accepted my tongue. She grunted in satisfaction as I brought my pussy down on her dick pushing it further into her. It became hard to distinguish her moans of pleasure from my own.

I discovered the joy of female loving that memorable night. But I was so embarrassed at my actions when the morning came. I looked at my dishelved self in the mirror. I had love bites all over. The lips on my face and between my legs were swollen from much use. Dad’s girlfriend had fucked me good and was probably anticipating more. I quickly showered, packed a few essentials and drove to my grandmother’s house while Deborah was singing in the shower. I never stayed with Dad again until he got a new companion. I never told a soul what I had done.

I went off to college later that year. Making a success of it was my only goal. Not many dates and very few parties. I switched roommates Ankara bayan escort several times because the lonely ones wanted to fuck with me. In their naked youthfulness, they tempted me but I did not surrender. Pink pussy, taut titties, smooth skin, floral fragrances, flowing hair were put from my mind. Sometimes I forced myself to listen as a roommate moaned in pleasure when the girl from across the hall slipped in and fucked her. I knew how good they felt as they did it. When I allowed myself a peek, a roommate might be lying across the bed with her hair spilling to the floor. A girl might be attached to her breast, sucking loudly. Or she might be using her mouth between her legs. Or she might be riding her. Beauty on beauty, rubbing swollen pussies, seeking release. Most times, though, I would put in my earplugs, turn over and go to sleep. I was not going there again. Straight people didn’t do those things.

I met Craig in my senior year and I had proper sex. His excellent fucking pushed ‘those thoughts’ further back in my mind. An advertising firm hired me right out of college. We married two years later. The boys came along when I was 30. I still work for the ad firm but only part-time and from my home office…

I brought my thoughts back to the woman in front of me. Looking at this gorgeous creature sunning herself, those feelings that I keep deeply hidden are slithering back. She rubbed oil on her skin as she chatted. I don’t think I heard much of what she said. When she lay back on the chaise, her large, shaved pussy came in to view. My own pussy clenched. I nervously agreed to do her back when she asked. My hands kneaded her neck, shoulders, and her back.

I was watching Clair. She was a sexy looking woman. It wouldn’t take much to seduce her. Clair was lost in her own thoughts for a few minutes. I wonder where she was. “Would you be a darling and do my back and buttocks?” I asked.

Was it my imagination or did Sasha purr and undulate as my hands traveled over her pretty ass. She was turning me on. Big time. I finished her up, created an excuse and got my wet pussy the hell out of Dodge. “I have to leave now, Sasha. I may have left something cooking on the stove.”

Yeah, right. The only overheated thing was her. I know Clair was turned on by me. Her hands shook as she massaged me. I know what I look like. I practically ooze sexuality. It’s a fact of my life. Men and women are hot for me. I’ve had lots of sex in my life, but it wasn’t until college that girls were added in the mix. I didn’t know what I had been missing. In my second year at college, I met a beautiful couple at a student-teacher mixer. They took a sexual interest in me at first sight and I began fucking them both. He would encourage her as she fucked me. “Eat that pussy, honey. Trib her hard. My baby loves to fuck pussy.” She went crazy and so did I. She would watch while he pounded his dick into my ass. The professor would never do it any other way. He preened and watched his performance in their all-mirrored bedroom. I truly blossomed sexually that year. I’ve since taken pleasure from many people, the beautiful, perfect men and women that I encounter, even though I am married.

My husband at 42 is 16 years my senior He fell hopelessly in love with me when I interviewed for a job at his company. I have not worked a day since I met him. But I expertly spend his money. Even at his age, Barry is an excellent lover. When he pops the little blue pill, he fucks me long and hard and deep in both orifices. I am an excellent hostess and I do look great on his arm.

Now back to Clair. Yes, those hands felt marvelous. Especially on my ass as she pulled open my cheeks to spread the oil. Clair has probably forgotten how beautiful she is since her kids were born. She is 5′ 7″ with shoulder length black hair and gray eyes. Motherhood has not hurt her figure. I’ll just bet she thought primarily of her family until I came along. Now she is thinking about how my pussy looked when I spread myself out in the sun. Had she looked closer, she would have noticed it glistening with my juices. Juice brought forth by her stares.

That night I dreamt four dark-haired women Escort bayan Ankara were pulling at me, wanting me, touching all of me. I woke with a start before I came. Craig would be so disappointed in me if he knew I had been with a woman. Even though I’m married with children, I guess I am still am turned on by women after all these years. Watching Sasha brought it to the surface. I try so hard to suppress it, but sometimes late at night when I can’t sleep, I pull out that memory of Dad’s girlfriend, hair swinging, breasts bouncing, pounding into me. I silently rub my clit and let myself cum. Once I am spent, I can roll over, pretend it didn’t happen and go to sleep.

The next day I decided to invite Clair for brunch. It was Thursday and my husband was already at the office. I also invited Heather, a fellow graduate student. Heather lets me kiss her above the waist only. Man, she is a kisser and her breasts are to die for. I love women’s breasts. Sucking those titties takes the edge off our study sessions. She said she was saving the rest for Mr. Right. I wanted to excite Clair a bit. While they were there, I touched Heather’s braless breasts inside her low-cut blouse as she sat next the Clair on the sofa or kissed her on the lips as if it were the most natural thing to do. Wide-eyed, Clair took it all in. At the door, I gave Heather one long last kiss with some tongue and saliva action as I moaned and rubbed her tits. I gave Clair a quiet, swift smack on the lips before sending her across the street.

Sasha kissed me. She really did. But not like she kissed Heather. I saw her pink tongue enter Heather’s mouth. She had her hands all over her breasts.They seem so natural together. Was Sasha fucking her? She’s married like me, but she played with that woman’s titties and kissed her like a lover. Somehow, I was a little jealous.

By Friday, I knew I had to make a move on Clair while our husbands were away. Mine was in an all day golfing tournament in a neighboring city. It was already mid-morning. I was horny for pussy and wanted to make another conquest. I had to get in Clair’s panties. “Clair, come over. I have something I want to show you. You’ll love it, I promise. Ten minutes, ok?”

I showered and slipped on a mint green, see-through-lace tank bra and panty. The panties were cut so that they didn’t cover my ass completely. The front hugged and accentuated my large pussy lips. The tank bra pushed up my globes invitingly. I was sexy if I do say so myself. Clair rang on time. I quickly pulled her in. When I closed the door, I greeted her with a quick smack on the lips-kind of like before. When she opened her mouth to gasp, I forced my tongue inside. She put up a token effort to push me away, but finally acquiesced as I knew she would. I knew from day one that I would fuck her. Married women are my best conquests. They are so needy for something different and exciting. I am that.

“Let’s go upstairs, baby. I want to fuck you now! I know you want it.”

“Sasha, please. I don’t know if I…Is this outfit what you wanted to show me? Green is your color. You look so hot in it. I can see your pussy…it’s so pretty.”

“Thanks,” I said while turning to model. “I’ll let you peel it off me. You want to touch me, don’t you? You want to touch my pussy. I saw you looking at it. At me. Come on up, Clair. You can do whatever you want with me.”

I had her. I was offering her everything she wanted. Her clothes fell away quickly. Before long, she was slowly removing my green items. Her breath was ragged as she touched my flesh. Then I was naked, lying on top of Clair. My large clit was pushing into her. My tongue invaded her sweet mouth again. Our breasts pressed tightly together. I heard the sound of surrender in her throat as I began to slowly ride her.

This beautiful woman, Sasha, was pressing against me. Her mound was screwing on mine. Pressing me into her mattress. She felt so damn good. I thought I would go crazy as she fucked my mouth with her tongue. Such exquisite pleasure from a woman was finally mine again. Her hot body and her naughty words encouraged my release. Her fragrant skin was soft and smooth as I roamed my hands Bayan escort Ankara over her. I humped my pussy upward as I came endlessly. She joined me.

We were still very excited from our initial sexing. Sasha pulled away and began sucking my breasts very hard as she rubbed my clit. Soon she moved between my thighs, spread me wide and began eating on my pussy. She pumped three fingers into me as she pulled on my clit with her lips. My labia, my entire pussy disappeared into her hot, wet mouth. I thrashed in sublime pleasure as her long tongue made its way deep inside my vagina. My juices flowed freely. I lost all count of my orgasms. I was 18 again.

My, my what a passionate woman this Clair is. She seemed to have had a lot of pent-up passion for a woman and she released it with me. Before she ate me, Clair whispered that she’s needed pussy for so long. I don’t think she’s aware that she spoke. She sucked hard and long on my clit bringing me over and over the top. Her tongue pumped in me with such rapidity as these hungry sounds escaped from her throat. She was devouring me, becoming as aggressive as me. It was wonderful. Perhaps I can get a story from her. Wherever she got some, it must be memorable.

During our time together, Clair asked to “ride” me as I did her. My engorged clit stood at attention for her. She was trembling as she climbed aboard and fitted her swollen pussy to me. Her lovely face, eyes closed, was concentrated in lust as our swollen pussies humped toward orgasm. Her red lips were parted, thick from my kisses. Perspiration dripped from her long neck down between her breasts. Beads of it caught on the thin gold heart that dangled from its chain. Her nipples were rock hard when I reached up for her breasts. Her ass was soft and sleek as I guided her screwing. I was ground into my mattress. Our pelvic bones grated on each other. Our sore,swollen lips became one sealed by our juices. Our clits lengthened to capacity. Pain was pleasure and pleasure was pain. I thought I fucked hard, but Clair fucked harder. Her pussy slipped into my opening. Mine slipped into hers. She held off cumming for as long as she could. Her body would leave mine for precious seconds holding back, but it could barely stand the absence. Contact. Sweet contact again. When she finally let us cum, frantically moaning and moving up and down on my pussy, it was hard and sustained. After long minutes, she collapsed on me. Tears flowed as she thanked me and kissed me passionately.

Sasha and I spent the afternoon having sex. I surrendered my mind and my body to her. Hunger overcame me. I kissed and sucked every delicious inch of her-breasts, pussy, ass, the soles of her feet-everywhere. I memorized her with my hands and tongue. Now I know she did purr as I put my fingers in her pussy one by one.

Sasha left me for a short time and came back with a bag she said she kept hidden in the attic. With her back to me, she stepped into a harness. She turned and came toward me with a red 8-inch dick. This was just too good! What pleasure I had with her slicing that thing into me from behind as we watched ourselves in the mirror. When she aimed the phallus at my butthole and paused, I gave her permission to enter. My dad’s girlfriend had been in there and it felt really good. Sasha rubbed my dripping pussy and transferred the juice to my hole. Ever so slowly, she pressed forward. Slowly, so that I could savor the thick fullness. So that I could watch. There was no real pain even after all these years, but there was so much pleasure. She pushed all the way to the hilt and locked herself into me. She began sliding the dick in and out of my anus. Powerful strokes. Playful, erotic slaps on my cheeks heightened my pleasure. I came when I saw her dip at the knees, then come back up and push hard into me. The feel of that thing was incredible. It was part of the beautiful Sasha who was extraordinary.

We were marvelous together. Sasha pressed me against the shower wall, kissing me hungrily as the water beat down on us. I couldn’t make up for almost 20 years of lost pussy in one day, but I made a nice dent. I was no longer in denial. I liked fucking women, but I would still keep it a secret from my husband. As we kissed at her front door, Sasha told me that I was an excellent lover. I happily made my way across the street exhausted from delicious sex with a beautiful young woman. It was one of the best days of my life.

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