Since I wasn’t ready to go home yet, not really even wanting to go home, I wandered into the park to find a bench to sit at and read. As I walked into the park there appeared to be some activity near my favorite spot so I walked further. After finding a bench I sat down, reached for my book and then saw what the activity was about. Several people had gathered to watch a street performer, a mime going through one of her routines.

I never really liked mimes, it all seemed too close, too personal of an act for me to be comfortable watching, yet this one seemed different. Sure, she was doing what I imagine every mime does, the “in the invisible box” routine, her hands open as if pressed against glass. Finishing the routine, she paused while the people clapped and then she began to mimic some people in the park, following a man smoking a pipe.

The man finally discovered her and wincing, walked quickly away. It suddenly felt uncomfortable to watch so I opened my book and began reading. After finishing up a chapter, I spotted my bus working its way through the traffic heading toward the stop at the edge of the park. Glancing at my watch I figured I could catch the next one and looked down to pick up with a new chapter.

There was some movement on the far end of my bench. Sure enough it was the mime sitting there, pretending to read a book. She even mimicked the scowl I made as I tried to return to my reading. Looking around, I realized her previous audience had dispersed and except for a few people spread out in the park, the mime and I were alone.

Feeling uncomfortable I said, “No, no, no,” motioning with my hand for her to leave.

She furrowed her brow, shaking her index finger back and forth before waving her hand like I had. She then pretended to hold her book up while glancing at me, just as Arnavutköy escort I was looking at her. Her eyes were a dark brown highlighted by long black lashes that stood out from her white makeup.

We continued looking at each other, me peeking over my book while she peeked over her imaginary book. She was quite attractive, with prominent cheekbones, a thin neck and breasts that made just the slightest curve in her blouse. It must have really looked odd if anyone else had been watching, a woman so petite mimicking me who must have weighed three times as much as her.

Pretty as she was, I made one last attempt to get rid of her, cupping my hand and moving it up and down above my lap. It was a move that always got a laugh from my male friends and usually disgusted any women around.

The mime gave me a shocked look, yet just as I was about to get back to my reading I noticed a sly smile come over her face. Then, instead of leaving, she leaned back on the bench and slowly moved her hands up along her thighs, over her stomach and to her breasts. Now she wasn’t actually touching herself, instead, her hands moved just millimeters above her body as they circled over her breasts.

It was as if she was lightly running her palms in circles over her nipples. I glanced up at her face as she closed her eyes, as if in pleasure. Watching more intently now, I could see her nipples pressing against her blouse and I tried to remember if they had been like that earlier. She continued, slowly trailing one hand down her breast, down her stomach as she spread her legs apart.

Her hand teasingly moved down between her legs and then quickly returned to her breasts where she continued circling just barely above her nipples. While her hands drew most of my attention, I’d occasionally Avcılar escort bayan look at her face and it was as if she were really enjoying the sensations she was mimicking.

Moving her hand downward again, this time she lingered between her legs, as if she were moving her fingers over her clit as the fingers of her other hand pinched just above her nipples. Her hips began to move upward, thrusting up to her fingers.

I watched as she even moved her fingers down from her clit and pretended to push them into her pussy as if to get her fingers wet before returning to her clit. For a moment I thought I heard her moan, but realized it was actually me making the sound. Feeling my cock pressing against the fabric of my pants I longed to touch it, or even better, feel her touch it.

Her hips moved faster now and I could see in her face she was about to come, or she acted as if she was about to come. Yes, yes, she pushed her hips up, lifting her ass up off the bench as she arched her back and then suddenly relaxed, her body flinching as if in orgasmic convulsion. Damn, it was incredible. I could only watch as she now curled up on the bench and looked up at me as if I had just given her that wonderful orgasm.

I had to say something. “That was incredible, it was like you actually… did you actually?”

She smiled slyly and shrugged her shoulders.

“Have you done that before?”

She nodded.

“In the park?”

She shook her head from side to side.

“Somewhere else?”

She nodded.


She held her hands together and rested her head on her hands.

“Sleeping… you did it at home?”

She nodded.

“For your husband?”

She moved her head from side to side.


She nodded and then Escort Bağcılar held her hands up and moved then apart, as if she had a string between her fingers.

“You do it elsewhere?”

She nodded again.


She made a motion as if drinking.

“At a bar, a club or something?”

She nodded. Then she moved her head some and nodded at something behind me.

I turned and noticed a bus working its way through traffic. Damn, it was my bus. I looked at my watch and saw it was almost five-thirty. If I missed this bus I wouldn’t get home until late, too late.

“I’ve got to go,” I said grabbing my book.

She frowned.

“Will you be here tomorrow?”

Her head swung from side to side.

“Another day?”

She shrugged.

“I want to see you again,” I said standing up. My erection formed an embarrassing tent in my pants which I reached to adjust as I noticed a smile come across the mime’s face. She then moved her tongue over her lips.

“I come here every afternoon after work when the weather is nice. Will you come back here?”

She smiled and shrugged.

Looking over my shoulder I saw the bus moving though the last intersection before reaching the park. I looked back at her frowning face and, “I need to go. Goodbye.”

As I walked toward the bus I noticed her following, mimicking my walk. I turned and walked backwards so I could watch her, but she turned and did the same, doing everything I did down to where I stumbled and nearly fell. When I finally reached the bus, I looked at her, waved and then climbed up the steps.

Near the back of the bus I found an open seat where I could watch out the window as the last few people climbed on board. Looking out I saw a small crowd gathered around the mime as she did her box routine. As she spread her hands out against the invisible glass I thought of how the hands circled just above her breasts and felt a tingling inside me.

The bus started pulling away just as her “in the invisible box” routine ended. The small crowd began to applaud as the bus turned and the park slipped out of my sight.

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