Mike , Tony


Mike & Tony are a gay couple that I love dearly. Tony is the younger of the two men he had to go to work and must of disturbed me when he got out of bed. I watched as he got himself dressed, not letting him know that I was watching. Evan though this couple had been together longer than I had been alive, they both had an appetite for pussy unmatched by any younger man I had ever dated.

I must have fell asleep again but I awoke again from the gentle nudge of Mike’s hard cock against my ass. Before I knew I was awake I had turned around and was astride his cock pounding my pussy up and down as if my life depended on it. Mike was quick to react to my thrusts buy timing his thrust so our pubic bones crashed together harder I was on the brink of cumming and I guessed mike was trying to time it so he shot his load at the point of climax. (Not a lot of men have that sort of consideration or control.)

Mike and I first met at a wedding of mutual friends. I was on my own and I couldn’t keep my eyes off one of the brides maids called Vicky she was short and a bit over weight but she carried it well ankara rus escort and had one of the sexiest smiles I have ever come across, Mike must have noticed me looking because while the photos he came over to me and said. “That’s my niece and she is taken,” I looked at him and smiled, we got chatting he asked how I was getting to the reception I told him I was going to get a taxi he said that he would give me a lift if I wanted, I looked at him in his tight black leather trousers that held his bulge firmly in place and was soon by overcome by his charm, I think he couldn’t help but want what was under my dress I was wearing. We got to the reception and as it turned out we had been sat opposite each other. After all the speeches the disco started, a while later Mike asked me to dance. We danced t a few records you know the normal wedding stuff then it was the smooch time I was a bit reluctant but we soon where dancing slow and close, I saw Vicky with her partner on the floor she guided her self over to wards us and said, ” what should I tell Uncle Tony when I see him.” ankara türbanlı escort Then laughed I was puzzled by what she had said but let it go it was if no one else was in the room. I could feel his bulge against me each time we touched, soon my clit tingled with excitement. I could feel the moistness between my legs, and my heart was pounding so hard I could hardly stand it.

At that moment I knew I had to leave, so I made my excuses and left. I got outside to the phone box when Mike pulled up in his car I put the phone down and got into mikes car mike said,” you need a taxi miss.” I told him I lived out of town he said that was ok and started to drive to my house. On the way, Mike reached over and put his hand on my leg, he began to explore my thigh and I let him. He was surprised to find I wasn’t wearing anything under the Dress! I spread my legs a little, so Mike could feel my hot, moist pussy. I reached over and unzipped Mikes Trousers. I couldn’t wait to touch his cock, and it was all ready hard and throbbing, I wanted to suck it! That’s exactly bahçelievler escort what I did! I began to lick and tongue tease his cock, he moaned with delight! He gently pushed my head down and I swallowed him whole. Mike at this point realised he couldn’t control his car! So he pulled over to a secluded spot off the road.

He began kissing me, his tongue exploring deep onto my mouth. He unbuttoned my blouse and started sucking my breasts. I began to moan with pleasure.

Mike took my hand and led my out of the car, he sat me on the bonnet of his car and raised my dress and began to taste my sweet nectar. I squeezed my nipples and came with in minutes, but Mike wanted more! So he licked and teased every part of my pussy, I came again and again! I moaned “FUCK ME, MIKE PLEASE FUCK ME” and I wrapped my legs around his waste and lowered myself on to his cock. He went in hard and deep and we came together in an explosion of ecstasy! Exhausted we got back in the car and he drove me home. I told him it was late and he should stay the night he accepted we spent an hour or so in bed exploring each other’s bodies and I fell asleep contented.

The following morning I got up and made some breakfast for us both then mike said. “Look I have to tell you something.” I just replied. “No you don’t Vicky told me last night, when she gave me her phone number.” Holding up the scrap of paper with her number on it.

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