My Ride-or-Die Ch. 03


I awoke in bed with Olena. We were in a different room; a hotel like space that overlooked a garden. From a window, I could see Jai walking around on two strong, unbroken legs.

I wrapped myself in a sheet before coming out, but then I realized Jai was walking around wearing only a towel.

“Jai?” I said as I let the sheet fall. The warm sun felt soothing on my skin.

“Hey, Shay.”

I ran to him, leaping into his arms. I cupped his face kissing him slow and soft. The way his facial hair touched my lips made me genuinely happy. Maybe I did have daddy issues.

Jai laughed as he put his arms around me, holding me close. “I’m going to miss you.”

“Miss me?” I should have asked for more information. But instead, all I wanted was to experience him one last time. I kissed his neck, down his chest, as I got on my knees. Under the towel, he was already hard.

I took his entire length down my throat. Holding on to his legs, I waited for him to grasp my hair.

Jai took a step back. “Fuck, Shay you’re going to swallow me whole.” Luckily there was a nearby wall for him to lean on.

I found a comfortable position, gripping his balls with a tender squeeze as my mouth worked his shaft.

Jai was moaning. “You’re so good to me.”

I pulled away for just a moment, long enough to take a breath. “You deserve it.”

“You wouldn’t say that if you knew me.

“But I do know you.” I licked the tip, giving it a tender kiss. I glided my tongue down his shaft to his balls. I sucked on each intern. With each lick and kiss, I knew this was a dream. I started to touch myself. My pussy was wet, tingling. Craving. “I need you.”

Jai stood up, pulling my legs around his waist.

I gripped his shoulders as he held me by my thighs. I closed my eyes and took a breath but as I did, I felt my legs lower to the ground.

“I have to go now.” Jai’s voice said

“You don’t have to go. I said quickly.

“I do. I’ve been sick for a long time. The heavenly father has been trying to call me home, but I just wanted to stay so badly.” Jai cupped his hand over his mouth as he started to sob. “I’m going to miss my kids, and my grandbaby.”


“Please take care of Lenny. She’s a good kid, she deserves a good life.”

“You’ll see me again.”

I went back inside to a shocking sight. Jai was in the bed, with the elderly native women by his side.

Jai was very sick. His legs were covered in a blanket but I could smell the dried blood and rot. I ran to his side. “Jai?”

“He lost consciousness a few minutes ago,” Olena said.

“A few minutes ago?” apparently I fucked a ghost. I touched his hand. he felt warm. Abnormally warm. Jai was dying of fever. Or had died. I squeezed his hand. there was no pressure. Don’t look at his face, don’t look at his face. I knew if I released his hand. I could take a step back and just run.

“Hi, Shay!” Pablo was walking with another little boy. “This is Billy.”

I turned. I fell to my knees. “William Jaiminez.. billy.” I started to sob. I wanted to scream.

William approached me. He smiled. “you’re going to be a great mommy.”

He touched my stomach and that was the last thing I remember.

I awoke in a hospital bed. my body felt numb. My eyes darted around the room. Was I alone?

“Hey,” said a female voice.


Olena was standing by the window, she pulled her hair to the side. “wow, just wow.”


“I don’t know.” Olena turned to me, holding her stomach. She was noticeably pregnant.

“How long was I out?”

“Only twenty-six days.”

That explained why my body hurt all over. “Are you pregnant?”

“I’m more fat than anything. Planning your father’s funeral tends to cause stress eating.”

I had no idea what to ask first; Jai was dead and she was pregnant? “So what now?”

Olena shrugged. “I can’t abandon you. it would be like losing him all over again. And, well, I don’t have much to go back to.”

“What about your husband?”

“He left me.”

“He left you?” I asked as I forced myself to sit up. There was a sharp pain in my side.

“Left me, died in combat- same difference.”

“Um, not really.”

Olena sighed and continued, “I got transferred to Saratoga Springs NSU Navy Base where I’m ulus escort going to work as a glorified secretary.”

“Saratoga Springs, NY,” I asked.

“Yes, that’s what I just said.”

“That’s just three hours away from the Bronx,” I said casually. Did that mean anything?

“Is that where you’re from?” Olena turned to me with a curious smile. “I guess you’re coming with me.”

“You don’t have to do that.” Did I even want to go back to New York? “I mean, I’m grateful that you stuck around to make sure I didn’t die but… “

Olena laughed. “You’re pregnant with my baby brother. I’m not about to let you die in the middle of the Arizona desert.”

“What exactly happened?” I asked. “When did we leave the spa?”

“Spa?” Olena was still laughing. “What are you talking about? My dad had a seizure behind the wheel. I called 911 and got you both to the hospital.”

‘So Jai is dead…’ I nodded and pursed my lips.

Olena’s laugh shrank to a smile, then to a calm smirk. “My father died in Arizona. Miles away from where he wanted to be.”

“Where is he now?” I knew he wasn’t buried. There was a reason I dreamt that he died of a fever. “Where are his ashes?”

Olena bit her lip as she motioned to a silver box, sitting on a shelf. “I don’t know what I want to do with it. I guess I should take him back to Mexico since that’s where he wanted to be.”

I turned my head, looking at the wall, I knew there had to be a sign somewhere with the name of my nurse, the sign read, ‘Valley hospital,’ we were back in Las Vegas. “How did we get to Vegas?”

“After my dad died, it was recommended that I have you transferred here, to give the baby a chance to survive,” Olena said like it was not a big deal.

“And you had me transferred?”

“Like I said, I wanted to save the baby. If you never woke up I would have paid to keep your comatose ass alive until they could get my brother out.”

I chuckled. I knew she was serious. But she was also damn beautiful. “Now that I’m awake do you want to be friends?”

“Sure.” Olena took a seat closer to me. “So, what exactly did you dream about?”

I told her all about the spa, the Pablo and the old woman. Then I told her what I remember her saying about her love for her father.

Olena wiped tears from her eyes. “It’s all true. He was sick for a long time. No one belived him except for me.” She told me about how her father lived for half a century with misdiagnosed epilepsy, migraines, culminating in a crippling addiction to pain medicine.

I let the poor girl rest her head on my shoulder. “Why did he feel like he had to leave?”

“My mom and my brother.”

“Your brother?”

“I have a younger brother who still lives with my mom, but…he’s not my dad’s.”

“Oh.” I could only imagine how badly that hurt Jai.

“My dad never blamed my mom. He felt like everything was always his fault. The night he left, he got really high and just wondered out. I searched for hours before I found him on the floor of a parking garage. He said he was tired of hurting the people he loved.” Olena was choking back tears as she glanced at the urn. “Do you want to hold him?”

I looked over at the shelf. From where it sat, the shiny metal box looked like a shrine: Jai was watching over us. “I’ll make it over there on my own.”

We stayed in Las Vegas for the next two months, where I alternated between bed rest and physical therapy. While I was grateful for Olena’s company, in the back of my mind, I could not help but keep track of just how long she’s been on leave.

“I have to get back to New York soon,” she said, one day, as she worked from a laptop.

“Is it safe to put a laptop on your unborn child?”

“When he’s born he’ll be used to the warmth so I’ll be able to do it all the time,” she replied with a laugh.

I laughed with her. “So, what are you working on, anyway?”

“Orders to get you transferred to New York on the government’s dime,” Olena said with her usual sense of confidence. “It’s the least they can do since I’m staying in for another ten years to take an admin position.”

“You are?”

“I already have a spot in on-base housing…” she looked up at me. “There will be plenty for you to do, I mean, I don’t yenimahalle escort want to keep you as an unpaid nanny.”

I sat up, scooting off the bed, to stand on my own two feet. “I would be honored to be your unpaid nanny.”

We booked a military transport flight from Nevada to New York. The plan was to fly over before either of us were too far along to travel. There, we would both transfer our medical care to the on-base facility and give birth in New York. At least that was the plan.

I was in my second trimester, and Olena although six months pregnant, she was slender, muscular, and just overall physically fit. With our military orders, we were allowed on the flight without question.

It was with a heavy heart, and crampy legs, that I joined Olena in economy class. We could have booked business class for ourselves but on the military’s dime, we were put in the small, cramped coach seats.

“Will you be ok?” she asked.

“Yeah, I’ll survive. it’s my fault for learning to walk again. if I was in wheelchair we could have bargained for an upgrade. Do you want the window or the aisle?”

“Asile,” she said with a snicker. There were not two seats, but three and more then likely this was a full flight. So, some lucky soul was going to get to sit between two pregnant women for a cross country flight. “I want to be able to use the restroom.” Olena stowed her bag, closed her eyes and attempted to sleep.

I was right, we had a solo businessman stuck between us, attempting to work on a laptop. I’m not sure how long we were in the air when he screamed. His exact words were “What the fu-!”

I awoke to see him shaking Olena. I slapped him hard, and our mini fight got the attention of the flight crew.

The older female flight attendant looked pale as she rushed to Olena’s side. “Who was her traveling companion?”

I raised my hand.

The flight attendant ordered a co-worker to make a, ‘is there a doctor on board?’ request, then pulled me aside. “Your friend’s water just broke but she appears to be unconscious.”

I tried to remain calm, although every part of me wanted to burst into tears. “She’s only about six months along, I mean as far as I know.” Jai had asked me to protect her, and I was about to fail before we even laned.

“Hopefully the baby is viable. I put in the request with the pilot to land at the nearest airport that can take us.”

I knew I had left the map open on my screen but where I was I couldn’t see it. Maybe that was for the best. “Can I stay with her?”

“For now.”

Olena was moved to an area in the back and promptly woke up. Her eyes blinked as she casually crossed her arms. “I just had the most beautiful dream.”

I couldn’t help but smile. “What kind of dream?”

“I saw my dad,” she said softly. “He was walking with a little boy. I think it was Pablo.”

“Do you feel like you need to push?” I asked. From the corner of my eye, I could see the flight crew talking. They seemed to have a plan in place, and Olena seemed to not be in mortal danger. So, for the time being, things were looking ok.

The lead flight attendant returned to our side. “I have good news, bad news and worse news.”

The bad news: there was a storm preventing us from landing anywhere in the midwest so we had to remain on course for New York.

The worse news: there were no passengers with medical training onboard the flight.

But the good news: the flight attendant had delivered a baby before. While it was not the easiest thing in the world, she knew enough to keep the process moving for the next few hours.

A medic crew would be waiting for us in NYC. I held Olena’s hand, trying to ignore what was going on. After what felt like hours, I was told to get back to my seat while Olena was secured to a stretcher for landing. I didn’t know if the baby was crowing or if she was destined to push for the next six hours after we landed.

As soon as I reached my seat, I looked at my screen. We were less than an hour away from NYC.

I closed my eyes and tried to relax until we landed. After all, there was nothing I could do; either everything would be ok or it won’t and Olena would be rushed to a hospital.

The engine roared as we came in for a landing. I kept my eyes closed, hopeful that the kind flight attendant would come and get me if and when I was allowed to leave with Olena.

Darkness. A single, small voice echoed in the distance, “Hi Nana!”

My eyes shot open. The plane landed, people were exiting. I turned to the businessman. “Hey!” I shouted as he grabbed his bag. “Where’s my friend?”

“I think they’re with the paramedics.”

They? I figured he meant Olena and the flight attendant. “They wouldn’t leave without me, right?”

“Hell if I know.”

Thanks. I waited until I had a clear path to exit, making me practically the last person to leave.

I emerged from the gate to the sound of ooh’s and aww’s. There were even a few news cameras. I walked behind the camera line, making my way to the front. I heard the distinct sound of a baby’s cry. So, for whatever reason, I thought the best option was to shout, “Olena!”

The cameras turned to me but the microphones were still pointed at Olena. Apparently, she was the brave military widow who just gave birth to a tiny but healthy baby boy on a cross country flight. Olena was in a wheelchair but she was smiling, strong. she looked at me with tears in her eyes. “It’s Pablo.”

We arrived at the base as celebrities. Since Olena gave birth she was allowed to start her paid maternity leave; a full eight months for her spend unpacking and falling in love with baby Pablo. I got my driver’s license, military dependent id, and worked on making our house a home.

We kept Jai’s ashes in a sealed container next to a photo of him. The image was from Olena’s christening when Jai was young, happy. Little Olena looked so much like Pablo, I would just stare at the image and smile for what seemed like hours.

Olena approached my back, putting her arms around me. “Come to bed, baby.”

I moaned as she kissed my neck.

“Is he hungry?” I asked.

Olena was holding Pablo, pressing him between us as she kissed my lips. “Yes, that, And I love feeling up your tits.”

At seven months my milk was coming in and since I would be at home with Pablo it only made sense that I nurse him. I had not engaged in sex with Olena since her body was still sore from the birth, but we slept together in the same bed, sometimes naked. She loved to touch my body while I nursed. At first, I thought it was to feel close to the baby. But the night she offered to massage my pussy with a vibrator, we took our relationship to the next level.

I got used to orgasms while I nursed. I would lean into Olena’s touch, my body begging for more. Olena would tell me how fucking sexy I looked, how badly she wanted to lick the milk off my tits. But that would just be weird; my milk was for our babies, our sons.

I ended up giving birth at home, during an especially wild night of sex. Olena was fucking me with a strap-on while using a vibrator on my clit all while I was handcuffed to the bed. Covered in sweat, I had just climaxed for the third time when I started to feel an abnormal amount of moisture between my legs, followed by mild cramping.

My water had broken.

Olena chuckled. She was going to fuck the baby out of me. With my naked body handcuffed to the bed, she started to finger me.

Every touch found my g-spot. I leaned my head back, gasping for air.

“You can scream, if you want,” she said with a sexy smirk.

“Nah, I’m good.”

I gave birth in record time. To her credit, Olena did allow me to go to a hospital after, to make sure that my son and I were in good health. And to fill out a birth certificate for ‘William Jamie Jaminez, Jr.’ I listed Jai as his father because I knew that’s what Olena would have wanted- hell, that’s what I wanted. My son would know his father.

That night, as I stood in my room with both babies in my arms, I realized something.

I was technically Pablo’s Nana. I never married Jai but I would always think of him as my one and only. Maybe it was my destiny to become an old woman running a mysterious desert spa.

William jr became fidgety in my arms. He cried so hard I was sure Pablo was going to join him.

“Give me a second.” I laid on the bed, letting William lay on my chest. “Do you need to nurse, little one?” I opened my nightgown slipping the fabric down my shoulders until I was naked from the waist up.

Little William took to my breast. The way it felt was difficult to describe. it wasn’t painful or nor was it pleasurable but the feeling of our bodies connected as one brought tears to my eyes. “I love you Jai, and I always will.”


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