Meeting with the older man


I am not sure how or why it happened maybe because of a family tragedy, made me stop and realize life was way to short at times that you had to do things you wanted to as long as it didn’t hurt yourself or others.   Or maybe it was my version of a midlife crisis.   What ever it was I told my husband that I wanted to go for lunch with this older man that I had been chatting to on line.   Matt and I had been chatting back and forth via emails and then MSN for a few weeks and seemed to hit it off.   He knew of course I was married; I always let people know that right away.   I try to be as truthful as I can and since I never plan on meeting these guys there is no harm in chatting.   My dear hubby knows I chat with the guys and is OK with it because up until now they have either been to far away to meet or I was never interested in meeting.   So I think he was a little shocked, but once I explained my thoughts he seemed OK with it.     Matt and I were doing lunch on a weekday, I had agreed because it was during the week and if things got to exciting or boring I always had the out that I needed to get back to the office.   Plus if for some reason I didn’t return to work I would be missed just in case he was a wolf in sheep’s clothing and was actually an axe murderer or something.     The day started with me dressing with a little more care that morning; after all I was meeting someone new.   Part way through the morning I was surprised by a delivery of flowers at my office, with a card that simply stated “Looking forward to later”.     The girls went nuts trying to guess who it was from; of course the more they guessed and were wrong the more I blushed.   I couldn’t believe I was doing this, and I couldn’t believe I got flowers from someone who wasn’t Fikirtepe escort my husband.   It caused an exciting stir usually reserved for my husband.   Could I really be getting hot for a man I hadn’t even seen yet?   The morning was either dragging or going by to fast depending how my nerves were doing, to fast because I couldn’t believe I was actually doing this, and to slow because I wanted to meet Matt face to face. At the appointed time he showed up at the office and called from the front to let me know he had arrived.   I grabbed my coat and purse, heading out to the main door curse the walk wasn’t long enough I basically left my office and just a few feet away I could see him standing there with his back to me.   I had no time to take a few good deep breaths, my heart was pounding I was sure it was going to leap right out of my chest.     I took a deep breath and pulled open the door and Matt turned around, he had always joked that, based on my picture, if he ever came across me on the street he would give himself whiplash. I would always laugh it off but I honestly think he did almost give himself whiplash as he turned around.   I smiled; he made a motion with his hand that he wanted me to turn around.   I felt like a kid getting inspected before going out somewhere special, I do it to my kids all the time.   I turned around to let him take a look.   When I was done he stepped towards me and handed me 2 roses, leaned in to kiss me on the cheek and when he did he whispered “I like very much, no disappointment here.”   I blushed slightly.     He held open the front door for me and then opened the car door of his convertible sports car.   I have to admit it was a hot little car and Sancaktepe escort bayan the owner wasn’t too bad either.   He had sent me a picture of a girl in a convertible that was naked and had said he hoped it would be me one day.   I wasn’t ready to be that daring at this time but I had worn a lace corset style bra underneath my “office” shirt and before I left the office I had undid the shirt just before doing up my jacket.   As I sat in the car I pulled my skirt up very high almost indecently so, and after doing up my seat belt I undid my jacket so he could get a good look at my breasts that were spilling over the top of my outfit.   There wasn’t much left of me covered but enough still for the imagination.   I was set up like this by the time he walked around the car and climbed in.   There was that whiplash thing again, he looked at me and then had to take a second look.   He smiled, put his seat belt on, adjusting himself a bit, and put the car in gear.   He said, “You sure you want to go for lunch? I would be more than willing to spring for a hotel room so we both can get more comfortable.”   His smile went right up to his blue eyes.   I blushed again and smiled, “No, I think considering we are just meeting, lunch will be just fine for today.”   I said.   “But thanks for the offer.”   I can tell he is a little uncomfortable because he was starting to form a fair size bulge in his pants.   I blushed as he caught me looking.     “Do you see what you have done to me?” he said.   (Blush) “It was your idea to meet and go for lunch, we could have stayed as online friends longer and then you wouldn’t have been affected this way.” I said.   Escort üsküdar   He replied, “I had to meet you. I was having this reaction even without meeting you. At least now I can see you, not just thinking about it, plus you make for some good eye candy I must say sitting there.   Good enough to eat.” Again that smile that went right to his blue eyes this time I was getting little twitches in my pussy.   Just the thought of him eating my pussy was getting me warm and wet.   He was my first older man since I was a teen.   When I was dating in my twenties and thirties the guys were usually the same age or younger, even my husband is a few years younger than me.     When we arrived at the restaurant I reached to do up my shirt, at least a little and Matt reached out and said, “Please don’t, I like the view and if you get nervous just look into my eyes or take my hand, it will be just like it is the two of us and no one else.   You dressed that way for me, I enjoy the view and plus everyone else can be jealous and I will be one proud man.   Also when you sit down, pull your skirt up like you have it for me.”   I blushed and in a quiet voice said, “I don’t know if I can do that. That is not something I would normally do. OK, maybe in a movie theatre were it is dark but never out in the open.   What if someone sees? What will they think?” “My darling, the only one you should worry about is me. What I will think? No one else matters.   You aren’t being indecent or anything like that. You are just being a flirt and turning me on.   If others get turned on by it so be it.   But the show is supposed to be for me and I will be enjoying it.   That is all that matters, isn’t it?”   Matt asked.   “ I will try but I am really nervous it is a lot to take in all a once. Our meetings, me being a flirt like I was in the car and now you want it to continue in public? This is so not like me.” I whispered.     Matt continued “but isn’t this what you wanted to test out exhibitionism, and I said I would help out.

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