Discovering Ourselves (Chapter 12)


Chapter 12: New Friends to Play With.Even if the swingers website did not really provide us with what we’d been looking for, we’d nevertheless made a few acquaintances there. People who were fun to chat with, with whom we could talk about what we did without being judged, who understood our kinks even if they were not looking for the same things. And thus we’d kept logging in once in a while just to chat and have fun.We rarely ever did exhibitions anymore, even not activating the camera at all sometimes. With our profile stating that we were only potentially looking for side-by-side sex with another couple, or for a voyeur girl, most people did not even try to contact us anymore. A few lone men kept trying their luck once in a while, most of the time because they’d merely looked at the pictures of Belle and had not enough blood left in their brains to read what was written in our bio underneath.So when we got a private message just saying ‘hello’ one evening from someone whose screenname was unknown to us, we thought it was just another case of ‘too long; didn’t read’, did not bother to open the cam, and just ignored it. But a few seconds later the notification pinged again.”Was it you that we talked to at the bar of a swinger club over a year ago? After you’d made a show in the bubbles?”We opened the cam, and saw the nice couple who’d wanted to go to a private salon with us. One of the first things they told us was that, after our first encounter at the club, they’d been going back there more regularly than they usually did in the hope of seeing us again. But of course, Covid had put an end to this. We explained why we never returned.”It was our first visit to such a club, and likely our last,” I wrote. “Our experience inside the bubble wasn’t as good for us as it seemed from outside.””Wow, really? You both seemed so relaxed and confident. We’d never have guessed so,” they replied after a handful of seconds.”We seriously considered going back, just to try and see you two again. But since we knew we wouldn’t do much if you were not there, and the chances of that happening seemed quite slim, we never found the motivation to actually do it. And then Covid hit, and it was no longer an option anyway.”We chatted long into the night, and created a private room just to be able to talk instead of having to type long messages. We laughed a lot, at no point did any of us felt like we needed to start an exhibition instead of chatting. Belle and I had forgotten their names but we did not need to ask them to tell us again. Their names came up naturally in the conversation, Olivia and Victor. By the time we all felt tired, they asked us when we’d be on the site again. Since we did not have the slightest idea, we opted for a Skype call a few days later instead.On the day of the Skype call, we set up just like we used to for the virtual parties with our friends during the lockdowns, pouring ourselves drinks and preparing a few snacks. The call started like any of those parties for the first two hours, just joking around, chit-chatting for the most part. But there was a difference, we did not need to refrain from talking about certain subjects. They knew of our kinks, and we knew theirs too.Basically, they were voyeurs and exhibitionists. They did not dare to play in public places like we did though, and that’s why they’d started looking for couples to have sex side-by-side. They were not interested in ‘real swinging’ because they feared they’d be jealous. But Olivia was bi-curious, and Victor enjoyed watching her with other women, so she’d done a few things with some of the girls from the couples they’d experimented with. That’s why she’d given Belle the kiss goodbye on the lips, she’d felt like it was the right thing to do somehow.Belle complimented her on that kiss and Olivia, wanting to return a compliment, said that she’d been impressed by the way Belle had deepthroated me just has I came that night, Fikirtepe escort bayan letting me come down her throat. We’d been in such a hurry to put an end to the show that neither of us really noticed she’d deepthroated me. And since I’d just faked cumming, what Olivia thought had happened was far from the truth, but we were not ready to tell them this much.Belle told Olivia that she didn’t succeed every time she tried but that her experience had led her to think that it was mostly a question of angle and being relaxed. And one thing leading to another, Belle deciding to demonstrate what she’d learned. A few minutes later, we were naked and Belle was swallowing my cock while Olivia and Victor watched, gawking. I don’t know if the alcohol helped her relax, or if she’d gotten used to it with practice, but Belle kept moving her head at a fast pace even with my dick down her throat. Her eyes were glued to mine, with nothing but a triumphant glint in them, somehow begging me to cum. I did.When we looked at the screen again, they were naked, masturbating each other. They’d watched us till the end. As soon as we sat down, Olivia climbed on top of Victor’s dick, in reverse cowgirl, offering us a perfect view of her perky little tits and of Victor’s more than decently sized dick stretching her waxed pussy. We watched them until they both came. Then we chit-chatted again, as if we’d not stopped to have sex.After a short while, Olivia being a bit restless in her seat just threw a leg over the armrest, offering us a perfect view of her pussy again. My dick stiffened and Belle noticed. She climbed on top of me, much like Olivia had done a few minutes before, but I could tell I was not in her pussy, mostly because her fingers were. She fingered herself hard, the slapping sound of her palm against her clit while her fingers thrust deep into her vagina filling my ears. She came. She took my cock out of her butt and finished me with a boobjob.While Belle was cleaning off my cum from her boobs, Olivia pointed at her smaller tits.”I’m sure Victor would love it if I could do that.”Victor grabbed her tits and kissed them. “I love them exactly as they are. But maybe I should start ‘watering’ them more often, as Beau just did to Belle’s, to help them blossom…””If it worked, I’d have double-D’s by now,” retorted Olivia.We all laughed.We had fun till late in the night again, only this time with much more sex than the first time, and when we all felt tired and satisfied, before logging off, decided on another virtual date as soon as we could. We would have five of these dates before seeing the couple in real life again. And it would take the last minute changes to our plans for the summer, because of the constraints still imposed on traveling abroad, for us to find an occasion.During one of these dates, we told Olivia and Victor we’d decided to stay at home again this year. They immediately suggested we visit them for a few days during our vacation. They lived in a house in the countryside, with a large garden and even a swimming pool. The offer was too good to pass. However, when the day arrived, the weather was against us. The weather was quite bad for early August, cloudy and quite chill. So we had to say goodbye to our hopes for a barbecue by the pool.On the night of our arrival, they suggested a game of strip-poker. I’d played quite a lot during my college years, so I was down for it. Belle had only played poker a handful of times before, and I knew all her tells, so she was the first naked. It did not bother her at all. She removed each piece of clothing in a sort of mini-strip-tease, taking her sweet time, making as much of a show of it as she could.Once naked, she decided that because I was the only one who had not lost a piece of clothing yet, she’d do her best to ruin my concentration. She started swaying by my side, playing with her boobs and even Escort Sancaktepe exposing herself in lewder ways. But in the end, all her efforts ended up ruining Victor and Olivia’s concentration much more than mine. After I won the next two hands, they begged her to stop. She did.But since visual interference wasn’t enough to bother me, she’d try more direct methods. So she sat on my lap and started grinding against my crotch. I quickly felt much too tight in my pants and, since I ended losing that hand, removed them. Having proven her point, Belle stopped trying to get me to lose. Victor was next to get naked; he was quite a good player as far as estimating his hands, but not that good at bluff. Olivia was a very worthy opponent. Though she’d been down to her underwear when I was still mostly clothed, we ended up both with only one piece left.Since everything would be decided on this final hand, Olivia proposed to up-the-ante and that the loser would have to do whatever his partner wanted for the next thirty minutes. Belle and Victor were all smiles at that idea. Since it’d make her the ‘ultimate winner’ Belle was once again hellbent on making me lose. She crawled under the table, pulled down my briefs and started blowing me. Victor didn’t wait long to crawl under the table too and to start licking Olivia’s pussy. I was unable to play while my cock was being sucked, so I knew I was about to lose. But Olivia was as distracted by Victor’s ministrations. She silently mouthed the perfect idea to me. We’d just declare we’d both lost and keep it at that. And so we did.Olivia had it better than I did, because, although Victor asked for a blowjob and then anal, they were done in about ten minutes. While, by the time they’d finished, I had been eating Belle’s pussy all along and could barely feel my tongue anymore. Once they were done, Belle finally ‘allowed me’ to please her with my dick. It dawned on me she’d purposefully waited, watching them fuck while I ate her, just so they’d both watch us once it was our turn to fuck.With these tensions released, we spent most of the night just joking and fooling around a bit. Victor and I convinced the girls to give us a little show at some point. It actually did not take much convincing. Their show turned hot quite quickly. Belle and Olivia started by dancing together, grinding against each other, then they started to make out. It did not take long for their hands and mouths to begin wandering around each other’s body. And before the show was over, they’d gotten their first taste of each other’s pussy. Once done with each other, the girls took care of the effect their show had on our dicks.The sun had started to rise when we finally decided to go to bed.We all woke up in the early afternoon. To take into account the time of the day and the fact we’d just awakened, Olivia suggested a brunch. We all helped her to prepare it. We spent the rest of the afternoon taking a walk in the countryside, despite the less-than-perfect weather. We talked about a lot of things we had not yet revealed to each other, more personal matters we had not felt comfortable talking about over the internet. Belle ended up revealing the truth about the end of our exhibition in the bubble, how we’d both felt uncomfortable and had decided to fake our respective orgasms.Victor burst out laughing at the revelation, Olivia was more shocked. She’d been telling him repeatedly since then that she hoped they’d get that comfortable with their own sexuality and their bodies to be able to do what we’d done. And thus Belle and I spent a lot of the rest of the walk explaining to her that the issue had not much to do with how comfortable we were but with the situation itself, and the behavior of some of the onlookers.When we came back from our walk, Belle told us she had a surprise for the evening and took out the adult board game we’d played with Juliet üsküdar escort from one of the bags we’d brought. Victor and Olivia laughed and showed us they had the exact same game. One of their friends had offered it to them when he’d learned about their libertine lifestyle. This prompted Belle to ask if they’d told their friends, and possibly families, about it. They shook their head, telling us the friend had discovered the truth by accident.One week-end, they’d brought home a couple they had met in a bar, but, a bit too horny to think properly, they’d left the gate to their home wide open and not locked the door either. The friend had driven in, parked, knocked on the door without anyone hearing, and eventually let himself in. When they’d become aware of his presence, he’d seen too much to tell him anything but the truth. It had been a bit awkward between them for a while. Partly because Olivia was a bit ashamed to have been seen by this friend not only naked, but also with Victor’s dick shoved right up her ass.But in the end, the friend had paid them another visit a few weeks later. He made sure to announce his arrival properly this time. He had offered them the game as some kind of proof that, even if he did not understand their life choices, he fully accepted them and swore never to tell anyone. He’d often acted as their alibi when their other friends got too close to discovering their ‘secret hobby’, as they called it.Victor added that his dad might know, because during one of their visits to a club, Victor had seen one of his dad’s friends, but if the guy had talked, his dad had never said anything. Victor suspected he knew because his dad’s demeanor with Olivia had changed a little for a few weeks afterwards, slightly more distant. But since it had not lasted that long, Victor had deemed it unnecessary to have the awkward conversation he’d been rehearsing in his head for weeks. If his dad had wanted to talk about it, he would have already.Belle was very interested in these incidents. She asked a lot of questions. Once she’d gotten all the answers she wanted, she told them how we’d initially refrained to do anything which could not be merely deemed as just her being a bit too comfortable with her nudity while close to home. They laughed, telling us it must have been hard to embrace our desires while respecting such a rule. I nodded.”That’s why, while we still try to remain on the side of caution, we’ve mostly dropped it by now. But if we had not respected that stupid rule, we might not have chosen this particular club and never met you two…”Victor raised his glass. “To the stupid rule which allowed us to meet!”We cheered.We ate dinner, finally having that barbecue we’d all been craving, even though we ate it inside, and then sat down in the living room to play the adult game. We had lots of fun, and lots of sex. And some of the boundaries we’d respected so far were forgotten. Victor and I came to the conclusion that we did not mind if we touched or kissed each other’s woman, if it was fine with them too. Belle and Olivia agreed.”Fine with me,” said Belle, “as long as Beau is in the room, of course.””As long as there is no inter-couple penetration, nor oral sex, I’m not against feeling yet another pair of hands, or lips, on my body,” added Olivia.Belle giggled. “Too bad you said it like this, because that means the double-ended dildo I brought will have to remain in its bag.”Olivia giggled, and said, “These rules don’t apply to girl on girl action, I thought it was evident. Or we’d already have broken the oral sex rule yesterday.”Having taken such a decision, we decided to add one of the optional decks of cards to the game. This deck mostly contained games like having to recognize one’s partner blindfolded by touching a specific part of every player of that gender. And it added a lot to our fun.Olivia won. She turned to Belle.”Where you just joking earlier? About that dildo…””I was. But if being with Beau for so long has taught me something, it’s that I should always be prepared, so yeah, I’ve brought it along. Should I go get it?”Victor and I were nodding vigorously. Olivia just blushed. To everyone in this room, it was a valid answer. Belle went to get it, a little skip in her step.

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