Maya’s Story Ch. 02


In the first chapter, Maya had applied for a job at my store. I was aroused by her natural treasures, and had correctly figured out that this meek and submissive woman could easily be made to do my bidding. Maya didn’t want to be seduced – she wanted to be “forced” into doing things, in order to make it okay in her mind. That was fine by me. I was willing to play the game, and enjoy every minute of it.

This chapter also could qualify for the loving wives and non consent/reluctance categories.


All that night I thought about Maya, and I was so excited about what had taken place that I was forced to take care of myself, because if I didn’t, there was no way I was going to get any sleep. Whatever reason, when I first set eyes on her, I knew what I had to do. To my surprise, Maya had let me.

Maya had put up a little display of being offended, and of being pure because she was married, but for some reason I knew there was something else inside of her that was liking the way I treated her. Liked it almost as much as I did. Whether she liked it well enough to come back and start work the next day – well, that was another thing all together. I supposed that I would find out the next day at noon, if she arrived for her first day of work.

Maya didn’t arrive at noon the next day. She arrived a half hour early. She was dressed very conservatively, covered from neck to toe in a very plain tan sweater and slacks that hid all of her treasures. When she emerged from the back room she had taken off the sweater and was wearing the light blue company shirt, and as soon as I saw those hairy forearms my cock surged to attention.

I did need to get some work done around here, so I greeted her and showed her around the store, giving her the basic training she would need to get started. She was just as shy as she had been the night before, and I found her submissive way of averting her eyes to avoid mine had not changed since last night, and I still found it quite stimulating.

“Here,” I said to Maya as we prepared to emerge from the back room. “You’ll need to wear this.”

I had a name tag ready for her, and pinned it on her chest for her. Taking my time, I rubbed the back of my hand over her breast as I applied the identification carefully. I felt her nipple swell under the contact, and soon it blossomed enough so the nub was visible through her bra and sweater. Her breasts seemed lost in what seemed to be an overly large and ill-fitting brassiere, but I could tell that they were small and very sensitive.

“I’m very glad you came back today,” I told her.

“I – I – I have to,” Maya said haltingly. “I need the job very much.”

“I think you need more than the job,” I added before sending her out into the store. “We close in six hours.”

“Is that when I will work? 12 until 6?”

“You’ll start at noon and you’ll leave when I’m through with you,” I explained.

“I was just wondering, so I could inform my husband of the time he should pick me up.”

“He can wait for you,” I sneered. “Not like he has anything else to do. Or he can come in and watch you – work.”

Maya shuddered at my last words, and I patted her on the shoulder as she went to work. I watched her a lot during the day, and while I happy to see that she was industrious and a hard worker, I was more interested in just watching her and undressing her with my eyes.

Maya was originally from India, and I guessed her to be in her early 30’s. She was a very petite woman who was painfully shy and was married to some guy who couldn’t hold a job. The way I saw it, he wasn’t going to be holding a woman for long either. For whatever reason, I could sense her unhappiness and the fact that her needs weren’t being met. That was something I was already Escort Bayan beginning to fix.

I made contact with Maya periodically throughout the day. I would lean against her if she had a problem with the register, and would press my crotch into her as I helped. I would touch her copper colored hand from time to time as well, reveling in the feel of the smooth skin as I remembered that very same tiny hand clutching my cock the night before. By closing time, I was more than ready for her.

“That’s my husband,” Maya indicated as she watched me set the alarms after locking the door.

I looked out at the nerdy looking guy with glasses who was again sitting behind the wheel of an old beat up Camry and sneered.

“You want to tell him to wait, go ahead. You could ask him if he wants to watch you work in the back too.”

The thought of her husband watching while I defiled his wife, really excited me, and the more I looked at that nerdy wimp sulking in the car outside, the more excited I got.

“I will tell him to wait.”

Maya came back in, and I watched her husband slink down in the seat as he fiddled with the radio.

“He is not happy,” Maya told me as she came back inside.

“Too bad,” I snapped. “If the poor excuse for a man had a job he wouldn’t be out there.”

I led Maya to the store room, and unlocked the door at the back of that room. It was a tiny room with a sofa bed and one overhead light that I occasionally used in the event of a snowstorm that made driving home impossible. Now it would come in handy for something else.

“Get undressed,” I told Maya, who shyly turned away from me as she pulled the shirt over her head.

Folding it and setting it on the edge of the bed, she stood under the light with her arms crisscrossed over her bra, looking every bit as frightened as she had the night before.

“Your slacks too,” I said curtly, and Maya seemed shocked at this request.

“You didn’t say…”

“I didn’t say anything besides take your slacks off. Let’s go.”

With great reluctance, Maya undid her slacks and pulled them off. Now she was trying to cover her tits and her pussy with her hands, even though she was wearing a very modestly cut bra and panties. The brilliant white cotton against her creamy brown skin made for an exhilarating contrast, and what I had suspected was proving to be true.

When I first met Maya, I had only guessed that she was a hairy woman. There had been little indications of that; the hair on her lower arms and the downy side burn-like fuzz that circled her ears. Having seen her armpits in all their glory the night before, I had a good idea of what to expect from the rest of Maya, and I was not disappointed.

Maya’s bronze legs were slender yet shapely, and her thighs had a faint coating of down on them. That down turned into thick hair below the knee, and her legs, particularly the insides of her calves, were as hairy as mine. The best part was between her legs, where the white full cut panties struggled and failed to contain what had to be an outrageously thick and full bush. Hairs peeked out from the elastic sides and sprouted out from the top. A visible trail of hair grew up to her navel, and there was also fur peeking out from the crotch of the garment

I gestured for Maya to raise her arms, just as she had the night before, and she followed my instructions. This time, however, things would be a little different, as Maya soon discovered. I went behind Maya and snapped the padded handcuffs on her wrists, an action that she had made easy for me by locking her hands behind her head. By the time Maya swiveled her head to try and see what had happened, it was already over. The rope I had secured to the cuffs was thrown over the girder Bayan Escort above us, and with a few pulls I had Maya helpless.

“Please!” Maya begged. “Don’t hurt me.”

“Shut up!” I said, pulling on the rope so that Maya’s feet were up in the air, kicking as she hung suspended off the ground. She was so petite that it was easier than I had expected to lift her up, and I secured the rope so I could enjoy my handiwork.

“I’ll scream!” Maya declared.

“No you won’t,” I said calmly. “You’ll take it and like it. You like the way you feel there, don’t you?”

I know I liked it. Way beyond liking it. I undressed myself as I took in the sight of little Maya dangling there helplessly. Her toes a foot off the ground, we were at eye level with each other. Her arms were stretched taut, every muscle and tendon bulging on those slender limbs. Her armpits were glistening with sweat, and the woolly jungles that filled them looked even hairier with her in this position.

Naked now, I walked around Maya, taking in the beauty of her form. Her back muscles were also rippling, as were her shoulders. My cock swayed in front of me as I circled Maya, and while her eyes would not meet mine, they were having no problem looking at my throbbing erection as I walked by again.

Behind her, I wrapped my arms around Maya and squeezed my body into hers. Her body was coated with sweat already, and I ran my hands all over her exposed flesh as I pushed my cock into her buttocks. She had arrived to work all sparkling clean and freshly scented, and now she was wringing wet already. From behind, my hands slid up Maya’s sides until they were under her arms.

My fingers raked through the soggy mats of hair, causing Maya to sigh a little. Holding myself against her, I clenched my fingers, grabbing the clumps of hair in my fists and pulled on them Maya cried out in shock as I yanked on her armpit hair hard for a few seconds before releasing my grip. Walking around to face her, I saw Maya’s eyes welled up with emotion. Tears – or lust? I could not tell.

“You liked that, didn’t you?” I guessed, not expecting an answer, and reached under the bed for the step-stool, which I placed under Maya so she could stand on it and relive the strain on her arms, which were still tied above her head.

My hands rubbed Maya’s shoulders a minute before returning to her armpits. My handling had stirred up the natural scents of Maya, and I buried my nose in the coarse bush and inhaled the natural fragrance that rose out of her armpit.

I had been with one other woman that did not remove her body hair – several years ago, and she had really made an impression on me. With fashion and customs the way they are these days, I had assumed that I would never have the pleasure of enjoying another woman like that again, until Maya had walked into the shop.

“Can’t believe how hairy you are,” I said as I toyed with the spray under her arms. “Such a tiny girl with so much hair. Does your husband like you hairy like this?”

Maya didn’t answer right away, so I repeated the question, along with a tug on her pit hair for emphasis.

“Yes,” Maya finally said. “I mean – he used to.”

“What does that mean?”

“He cannot – you know.”

“No, I don’t know,” I said.

“He cannot – get hard any more.”

“I see,” I answered, watching sweat trickle down Maya’s sides from her armpit jungles. “Can’t work and can’t fuck. Some man.”

“It is not his fault,” Maya started to explain, but I cut her off.

“That explains why you seem fascinated by this,” I said, gesturing down to my cock, which was as hard as blue steel and in full sight of Maya’s lowered gaze. “You like my cock, don’t you? You want to feel this thing inside you. I can tell. Escort You want to suck on it too, I’ll bet. Am I right?”

I was right. She didn’t say it, but her eyes gave it away.

“You like me doing this, don’t you?” I asked, before sliding my tongue up and down her woolly armpit, tasting the salty sweat as I did. “Don’t you?”

“Yes,” Maya gasped, her mouth open and leaning toward me.

“I want to know what it feels like,” I said, raising my arm and moving up to Maya. “Suck on my armpits.”

Maya moved her face away but I grabbed the back of her head and pulled her face into my armpit.

“Lick it!” I demanded, and I shivered when I felt Maya’s tongue scraping against my sweaty armpit. “Oh man, that feels good. Of course, I don’t have nearly as much hair under my arms as you do. Then again, who does? That’s it, now the other one.”

By the time I moved away from Maya, I was ready to squirt my load, it had felt so amazing. There was someplace else I wanted to leave my load, and it was about that time.

I grabbed Maya’s shirt and rubbed her armpits dry with it, or as dry as I could. Undoing the rope, I unshackled Maya’s wrists, which had tiny red rings around them from the cuffs, and helped her down from the stool.

“Will you…”

“Fuck you?” I said, finishing her sentence. “No, I told you. Not tonight. Maybe tomorrow night. Tonight, I want something else.”

I laid down on the bed and motioned for Maya to join me.

“Get me off, Maya,” I told her, putting her across my legs and putting her tiny brown hand on my tool.

“No, not like that,” I corrected her as she started to masturbate me. “I want to fuck your armpit.”

I arranged Maya so that my cock was nestled under her arm. Without any further explanation, Maya began rubbing my cock head into the coarse tuft of hair. After doing that for a minute, she brought her arm down so my cock was clamped tight in her armpit between her bicep and her side, and she began to move her arm back and forth.

“Omigod!” I groaned as I watched the head of my cock being worked over in the hairy vise.

Clearly, this was something she had done before, and while I had tried it once with the other woman long ago, it was nothing like this. Maya alternated between this armpit fucking and just rubbing the head up my cock up and down her underarm like she would a roll-on deodorant, while I fought the urge to cum. It was a battle I was going to lose, although I delayed it as long as I could by not looking. It was so visually thrilling that I couldn’t keep from watching for long, and as the head of my dick became crimson from the friction, I moaned loudly.

Cum spurted out of me rapid-fire, hosing the dense black forest with some of my milky seed, while the rest splattered all over us. Even after I was drained, my cock twitched and jerked until Maya finally let go of my limp instrument. Maya’s jet black armpit hair was drenched with my milky white load, and I put Maya’s arm down as I crawled out from beneath her, trapping the semen in her pit.

“Go to your husband,” I told her. “Maybe if he smells my cum under your arm it will make him hard.”

“Please,” Maya said, getting up on shaky legs. “I need – need to have…”

“Maybe tomorrow night,” I told her, looking down at her crotch.

Maya’s panties had become almost transparent, and her pussy hair was outlined clearly against the cotton. I slid my hand lightly over the mound and then looked up at Maya.

“Did you – go to the bathroom?” I asked, feeling her crotch, which was saturated, and Maya briskly shook her head no.

“You really do want it, don’t you?” I asked with a grin. “You want me to fuck you.”

I ran my hand up and down the damp front of her panties, and Maya began swaying and thrusting herself into my hand while making whimpering noises that sounded like begging.

“Do you?” I repeated.

“Yes.” Maya gasped.

“See you tomorrow. Noon. Tell your wimp husband what we did. Maybe it will get him hard.”

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