Later Discovery Ch. 04


Phyllis’ erotic training is progressing every day and every week. It has become big fun and the joke between her and Mark,

“All this has been amazing for me; and exciting. I can’t wait to see where we will go next, Dear Mark.”

“No,” he replies, “it’s YOU that’s amazing. You’re the woman of my dreams and I’m in love with you. We’ll take so much pleasure with each other; you’ll see.”

Before dressing in the evening and the morning, Phyllis is now accustomed to being plugged in her rectum. It had become a routine with much affectionate holding, kissing and pleasure on her clitoris and labia. Every day and night, she felt the pressure and the weight of a large plug slowly installed into her. Of course, she needed to evacuate each day and that was also part of their lover-method. Mark had first held her pee in his hands many months ago, as she sat on the toilet. Now he dosed her with suppositories and ensures that she is empty. Then he uses their douche nozzle to make her smooth and clean before the plug goes into her. Only then is she ready for corseting. But Phyllis likes the corset so much that always she wishes these preparations to be completed quickly. But she would not miss them because they add to the pleasure she gets from the sensations of corseting.

After being cleaned, Phyllis kneels while Mark spreads Lubrigel around her bottom. He gently pushes a finger into her and then two and then three. As a final part of the preparation, he kneels behind her and slowly presses his erection into her, so that he can feel the sphincters and the clever ridges inside her rectum. Phyllis mews like a kitten, “Hmmm, that is so nice to feel.” And she pushes herself backwards to gain more of his erection into her.

Mark is careful not to ejaculate into her; that will come later when she’s had her pleasures. This is just preparation for her plug.

He withdraws and lubricates the chosen plug for that day. His choice: increasingly it is a simple sphere about 2½-inches across, with a long stalk of about ¾-inchand a flat circular base also 2½-inches across. He presses it into the opening he has made in her anus with his erection. She is still a little open and he urges the plug into her. Slowly at first and then with greater pressure. Phyllis feels the force against her muscles and knows that it must go through. She cannot stop her throat from showing her feelings, “Oh, it’s tight. Will it go?”

“You push out now, as if you want to stop it,” Mark urges, and she does so.

That is the secret and they both know by now. With her pushing her rectum outwards, the outer sphincter muscles relax a little and the plug makes progress.

Suddenly, almost by surprise although they know it will happen, the plug pops through into her rectum. It settled into place with the broad base tight up against her bottom. She gives an audible indication of her satisfaction, “Aaahh, very nice,” she murmurs.

She can feel the hardness and the slight bulging inside her body, and the effect it has on her vagina and cervix. She is aware of the increased bulk in her body and she knows that Mark will soon join it in her front opening, adding more sensations still.

And so she is ready for the corset and everything that comes later.

+ + + + +

On the advice of an on-line corset maker, Mark measured Phyllis carefully and sent off for two more to be made. Both new corsets would just touch on her skin at top and bottom edges but would press nicely on her waist and abdomen; to create a noticeable hourglass figure. Both reached up to her bra-line at the top edge and down to the widest part of her hips at the bottom.

The first time Mark put Phyllis into one of the new corsets, her eyes widened with surprise and wonder. They were not so tight as to cause her discomfort but tight enough to change her shape. The first fitting was gently laced into her waist and she kept one of them on for every hour of the day; replacing it with a girdle for their night-time pleasures. She didn’t realize at that time that she would soon be wearing a tight corset for the rest of her life for about 23 hours a day, and that her figure would be Bostancı escort modified radically.

Phyllis stood in front of the long mirror and felt at her figure inside the corset, with the hard boning and the shaping over her waist and hips. She liked what she saw although she knew the corset was closed on her waist by only a couple of inches. By reaching round, she could feel the gap in the lacing and knew that more was to come. Even so, she pranced about and bent her figure as much as the corset would allow; revelling in the new shape she’d acquired. Mark laid her down on the bed and played with her body; touching and working her clitoris and kissing her labia and sucking on her vagina; until she came a lovely orgasm inside the corset. Then she knew again that corsets would be another part of their learning in special pleasure.

The white satin corset was the first to close completely on Phyllis. Mark closed it slowly one evening after she’d been wearing it daily for about a week. It made her a little breathless, but breathlessness was a common experience for Phyllis and she marvelled at her figure as her waist reduced to 22 inches. She placed both her hands on her waist and hips and pressed downwards, as if to shift her breasts and breathing upwards.

Mark simply had to get his erection inside her, inside the corset. So he took her to the bed and helped her kneel on all fours while he filled her from behind and clung onto her waist. The sensation was amazing for many reasons. First, Phyllis could not move very much. Second, the pressure of the new tighter corset seemed to transmit to her entire abdominal region, to her vagina and to the muscles of her bottom. She felt tighter than he’d ever felt her. He tugged at her waist and plunged as much of his body as he could into her waiting vagina; his erection right up to his testicles banging against her buttocks.

And so he filled her. When he let go of her waist, she slumped forward exhausted from his treatment and the tension in her thighs. But not so exhausted that she couldn’t reach down under own body and please herself for two minutes, until her own orgasm arrived that quickly.

After then, the corset-training moved on relentlessly and predictably towards their goal; or rather his goal. The next set of corsets was made with smaller waists, and the ones after that smaller still. Changing her waist measurement every three or four months. Not always comfortably, it must be said, but they took seriously her waist training and the closure of the corsets over days, weeks and months. Eventually, each corset would be closed at the end of the day, after gradual tighter lacing during the day. For a few minutes, her waist was small enough for Mark to place his hands around it and to feel his fingers and thumbs touching.

And filling Phyllis while trussed up like that has added to his pleasure. As he enters her, he can feel the extra resistance from her internal organs. Her cervix is pressed downwards a little, so that he can feel it firm against the end of his penis. And, as he moves in and out of her, he can senses also the added tension of her lower bowel and the plug in her rectum. His hands are tingling with the pleasure of the firmness and immobility of her waist; his groin presses against the bottom edge of the corset and into her labia. His erection grows further from the summation of all the sensations; and the extra knowledge that she is his and that she is enjoying the enclosure, the containment and the shaping of the corset on her body.

Within a few months, Phyllis was laced to her minimum and the corsets all fully tightened on her. During the day, she has always been plugged up in her rectum and a nicely-fitted dildo in her vagina, held in place by lovely chocolate-coloured little tight Lycra panties. Then her corset and stockings. Sometimes over the corset is the zippered girdle and more nylon stockings. Of course, the outer girdle is loose over her waist but it holds her nicely up to her bra and down over her bottom, and onto her thighs. She looks incredible: dressed and laced up like this. Shaped; held; controlled; plugged back and front; Anadolu Yakası Escort walking like a mannequin; available to Mark whenever he want her body; marvellous to touch and hold; like a walking statue or a carved erotic figure.

+ + + + +

Anyone who knows about figure training, or tightlacing as it is called sometimes, will understand the progress that can be made with careful and prolonged corset-wearing. So it has been with Phyllis. Now, at the end of the year since she first met Mark, she has “worked her way” through four corsets, each progressively smaller at the waist and more controlling in its bones and design. Phyllis now wears a laced-up corset every day, under her work clothes; carefully planning her accessories and movements to prevent too obvious a display to her colleagues. Her relaxed un-corseted waist is now 24-inches but in her workday corset she is 21-inches. And every night through the night, and every weekend for the whole weekend, her waist is laced-in to 22-inches or a little less.

Also, she has been wearing increasingly loose clothes over her tight corset and tiny waist. Mark is spellbound by Phyllis and their love-making. He wants to spend his entire life with her and it becoming clear to other people that they are a couple.

In the past few days, the latest corset has arrived and they are enjoying their time together as they prepare a time to fit it onto Phyllis.

First, Mark helps Phyllis to undress until she is naked apart from her stockings, bra and panties. This is their usual routine for dressing her each morning and each evening. As the day corset is removed, she smooths her skin and feels the indentations from the bones and the tight fabric. To be honest, this aspect of tightlacing is the least attractive; there is simply no way to prevent the corset from leaving its impression on the wearer’s skin. And yet, Phyllis is not concerned: the effects of the corset on her figure and her sex-drive are so pronounced that a small skin-effect is negligible. This evening, she is looking forward to the new corset and its “installation” on her body. They have joked frequently as to whether it is rather a matter of Phyllis being “installed” inside the corset.

Mark kneels and peels of the stockings, which have been worn all day. From the stool next to the bed, he lifts a pair of firm compression stockings. They have found it helpful for Phyllis to wear such stockings when tightlaced: they prevent fluid retention that has been said to occur. Although Phyllis has never experienced the problem, they are cautious and conscious of her comfort and her health.

Slowly, the compression stockings are eased into place on her thighs, ready to be attached to suspenders in a few moments. These are a special design, and very expensive. They are made in the fully-fashioned style with the decorative seam up the back of her legs.

Next, Mark takes the new corset from its box. It is black, covered in smooth satin, containing 20 bones and longer than any previous corset. There are 7 clips on the busk. But most obvious is the waist measurement. Mark loosens the back laces to make a gap sufficient to allow the first placing around her waist.

Phyllis is accustomed to the process of donning her corset each morning and evening, and she stands upright with her arms relaxed, slightly out form her body. But before she adopts this stance, she has a good feel over her figure and especially her new waist. She is very pleased and then stands still, ready for Mark. He wraps it around her and adjusts the flat panel under the laces. This is design feature he has introduced in recent corsets, to protect Phyllis’ skin from the excessive tightness of the laces. The corset is loose at this stage, hardly noticeable to Phyllis.

Gradually Mark laces the corset as always; from bottom to waist and then from top to waist, until it fits on her skin. Only then does Phyllis ask the question that he was expecting, “What size is this waist?”

For a moment, Mark contemplates lying, so as not to alarm her. But he decides that honesty is more important.

“It’s 20-inches, but we won’t Kadıköy Escort close it today or maybe for some time. “

“Oh, Mark, that sounds too much for me. Please don’t overdo it,” she pleads.

“Dear Phil, you know that you’re in control of what we do with your corsets,” he reassures her and wraps his arms around her, giving her a gentle kiss.

Actually, Mark knows that they both wish to close this corset as soon as possible but he will not let that become an issue between them. It will happen, and she will be happy. And he will satisfy himself with her, on her, in her.

He kneels again and attaches her stockings to the six broad suspenders, before standing behind her to complete the lacing. He continues gently until the wait-gap is about 4-inches wide. All this time Phyllis has not uttered a single sound of complaint. He assumes she is comfortable to be laced a little tighter than before; but he thinks he’d better check.

“Does that feel right for you?”

“Ye-e-es,” she says a little uncertain, “It’s tighter than usual, so what’s the measurement now?”

“About one inch less than before and it seems to be comfy on you. Yes?” he hopes.

“Hmm. It’s alright. I can tell it’s smaller but I like the feeling,” she admits to him and to herself.

“I’ll just tie off the laces,” he says, and then goes on to pull a little more at her waist so that it reduces by a further fraction of an inch.

She says nothing so he ties off the laces in a bow at the middle of her back.

“You look wonderful, amazing, very exciting,” he tells her.

“Hmm, let me walk about a little,” she asks and starts moving around the room.

Of course, she ends up lying down and Mark gently removes the dildo from her vagina. He spends many minutes pleasing her with his lips, tongue and his hands. He jiggles the plug in her bottom as he kisses and nibbles on her clitoris. His erection matches her excitement and he knows that he will exhaust himself on her later.

Phyllis holds her new reduced waist throughout and even squeezes it from time to time, as if to see how much slackness there may have been in the corset. No; there seems to be no looseness at all. Her waist feels as if it is made of carved wood. Solid, warm, round and small. But she knows the prospect for her future and so does Mark. Her waist will be made to fit this new corset, and then there will be others after this; smaller still. She knows and accepts it, partly to please him, but also because now it is part of her own sexuality and her excitement.

Holding her own waist, her orgasm is colossal and exhausting; almost frightening in its intensity. She relaxes as a spent woman under his control and the control of the corset.

Mark’s erection is getting stronger every time her figure is changed; whenever her waist is reduced further. They both know this and her reactions intensify also.

She lets him do as he wishes on her body and he is rampant. Lying full-length on her corseted form, he holds her waist and crashes into her like a primitive animal.

To himself, Mark thinks, “She is incredible. This is what fucking is about.”

Then Phyllis is moved around on the bed as he changes her position and enters her from every angle. But always hanging onto her waist. For Mark, the feeling of his legs against hers, contained in their smooth stocking, adds to his excitement. They are shiny and slippery against the hairs and skin of his thighs and calves, and he rubs them deliberately to get even more sensations. And his hold on her hard small waist under his hands is as erotic as any sensation he feels through his groin and his penis.

+ + + + +

They are now both corset, nylon and anal addicts, and they know it. In her underwear drawer, there is the other corset, waiting for her; it measures 18-inches and she wonders if she will ever wear it. But that is their plan.

As they snuggle together for sleep, Phyllis murmurs to Mark with a big grin, “You’re turning me into a pervert. It’s a bit disturbing for an old lady.”

“Lady,” he jokes with her, “you were three-quarters on the way before we met. And you’re definitely not completely perverted yet.”

“Oooh, is there more to come?” she asks pretending to be alarmed, but grinning even more broadly.

“Let’s watch what happens and enjoy it whenever we can. Yes?” he replies.

And so it is agreed.

There is more to come.

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