Masturbate on Freeway

Big Tits

My boyfriend Mark and I had been driving across the USA East coast to West coast for 3 days. It was midday and we had been on the road since 5am. It was hot, very hot and the air conditioning in the car was broken. It was cold and dark when we left this morning so I had put on a long shirt and jeans.

“You are sweating like a pig,” Mark commented to me as I wiped the sweat from my brow.

I undid my seatbelt and looked in the various bags in the back seat for my shorts.

“I have to get out of these jeans, but I can’t find my shorts,” I said to him feeling irritated.

“There is nobody on the road so why not just take off your jeans!” he suggested in a naughty tone.

I couldn’t take the heat anymore. My cotton shirt was soaking through and my jeans felt like they were strangling me. I felt claustrophobic and sick from the intense heat.

I lifted my feet up on the dashboard, I peeled the jeans off my legs and I then took off my long shirt. I sat there in my pink g-string cotton panties and my white satin underwire bra. There were no cars around so I didn’t think much about my state of nudity. I felt much cooler now.

“That’s looks much better, but I bet you are too much of a prude to take your bra off?” Mark dared me.

I quickly looked at the long empty road ahead and through the rear windscreen behind us and there were no cars around. I unclasped the buckle and let my bra drop off to the floor.

I felt so strange being topless in the car. I had been topless on the beach only once before, but being naked in the car seemed out of so wrong. The strangeness made me feel self conscious and a bit slutty at the same time.

Mark was ogling me. He was looking at my c-size breasts. My breasts although of fair size, are still quite perky. My nipples appeared quite pinkish red with the tiny little dots surrounding each nipple standing out. I cupped my breasts with my hands and then let them drop free.

“They need some tanning,” Mark commented while peering over at my white breasts which had a contrasting bikini tan line around them.

Mark slid his left hand onto my one breast and with his fingers started to caress my nipple, twirling it in between his fingers. It had been a while since we had Akbatı escort bayan sex and I was horny. It took only a few seconds of his touching and my nipples became erect. I felt a rush of excitement course though my body. I wanted him to keep touching my nipples, to rub them until they were raw. I was on fire within. I stretched my shoulders backwards and close my eyes as my nipples he touched and pinched my nipples. It felt so good!

I put my hand onto his knee and I slid it up onto his shorts. He had an enormous hard-on bulging out of his shorts. I slowly slid my hands over the long hard tube on top of his short and grasped his erection in between my fingers.

He was slowing down as his concentration got diverted. He put his fingers on top of my cotton panties and started to gently rub up and down its front, tracing vertical lines against my labia. My clit was swollen and was screaming to be touched. He touched me with greater pressure pushing inwards into my slit. I pulled my knees up and in to my body, anchoring my feet on the seat. I opened them as wide as I could to give him easier access to my throbbing, hot and wet pussy.

I felt the sun shine through the window onto me as I squatted on the front seat with my legs wide open and my pussy folds clearly visible as they pulled my panties in to them. I was aching to be fucked.

My tits wanted attention too, but Mark could only spare one hand, needing the other to hold onto the steering wheel, so I with my left hand rubbed slow circles around and over my pinkish nipples, sending blasts and volts of sexual tension through them. My pussy was welling up and my panties getting sticky. I noticed a big wet spot appearing on the front of my panties.

I stroked his hard on up and down as best I could on top of his shorts while he was driving. I was just about to free his huge cock from under the confines of his shorts.

“Take your panties off?” Mark commanded.

I followed orders without much thought.

I lifted my sticky thong panties over my knees and pulled them off my legs. I had a short regrowth in the shape of an inverted triangle. It had been a month since I had last had a Brazilian wax. I was now totally nude in a car travelling Escort Aksaray at 70 mph. I felt very naughty being naked on a public road. It only made me feel even hornier.

Mark didn’t delay and slowly rubbed my damp clitoris up and down. I watched as my pink folds glistened in the sunlight, enjoying each and every nerve ending point being touched. I was still squatting with my knees wide apart. I gyrated my hips up and down to help guide his fingers in towards my throbbing pussy. His fingers followed my lead and then first one finger and then second entered into my pussy. I felt them touching me deep inside. I was already way into the journey beyond.

I took my hand off his pants and I squeezed my nipples in little circles as I do when I masturbate.

“Let’s pull over and do it!” I said.

“We can’t pull over here. There is no stopping for next 30km,” he said.

We had slowed down and with my focus elsewhere I didn’t notice the tour bus pulling up behind us. It was overtaking us when I noticed it. I quickly tried to cover up, putting my hand in between my legs to cover my pussy and quickly closing my knees together.

I had no hands left to cover up my naked breasts. I looked up and saw two guys staring from the window of the tour bus. They could see my tits. I knew from their expression. I don’t know what came over me, but instead of covering my tits, I arched my shoulders backwards and sat with my back upright and my tits perking upwards displaying my hard nipples.

My exhibitionism conveyed the message “Yes, have a good look and enjoy!”

I looked back at them as they took in every detail of my body.

“Why didn’t you cover up?” Mark asked me.

“I didn’t have time to” I lied.

Something deep inside me actually enjoyed the attention and it revved up my hormones once again. As the bus passed our car, I sat back and I opened my legs wide like in yoga. I flicked my right index finger against my clit. I had never masturbated in front of a guy before. I just didn’t care and I did it for a minute until I felt another wave of orgasm relief. It didn’t satisfy me though. I wanted action badly.

The bus had slowed down to turn left and we were going to pass it this Ankara escort time. The guys were still gawking out the window looking out for our car.

“Should I give them a show?” I asked Mark.

While he was about to tell me not to I lifted my legs straight wards onto the dashboard, sat on my hands and slightly opened my legs and lifted my torso as if doing a yoga backbend. I looked up at the window and watched them taken in my naked pussy. It sent shivers down me.

“Why did you do that?” Mark tensely asked me.

I sat up and turned to face Mark.

“You are too stressed out,” I said.

I stretched out over Mark and I pulled his shorts down to his knees and freed his huge cock from his shorts. It was hard and felt hot. I opened my mouth, encircled my lips with my tongue to moisten them, puckered them and slowly went down on his dick. With my one hand I gripped the underside of his balls and cupped them tightly as I gave him a blowjob.

It only took a few minutes when he started ejaculating. I felt his cock pulse. I squeezed his balls to milk him of his cum. His cock jumped up and cum burst out of it. I withdrew my mouth just in time. His cum landed in spurts all over my breasts.

“I want you to touch yourself more for me,” Mark begged.

I was too frustrated and at edge to resist. I sat back on the chair, lifted my feet into a crouching position on the chair and I opened my knees again. I slowly flickered my right index finger up and down my clit, getting a rhythm going as I spread the cum on my breasts over my nipples. It didn’t take long for me to start feeling an orgasm. I slid two fingers into my wetness and pushed and pulled them out in quick but strong jolts. I felt my juices start running down my thighs. I quickened the pace of my fingers. It happened.

I moaned “I am cumming.”

I felt Mark’s finger go into my butt. I was holding myself up on the chair as I pushed my butt deeper onto his finger to take it up deeper. With my other hand I thrust my fingers deep into my pussy.

Another orgasm came over me. I could not hold back. It just took over. I was breathing quickly and whimpering loudly. I felt a series of waves wash through and over me. I just went with the flow. I ejaculated some sticky whitish stuff which flowed down to my butt and onto the seat beneath me. I breathed out a breath of release as I withdrew my fingers from my hot sticky pussy. My fingers were soaked.

I put one of my fingers in Mark’s mouth. He slowly sucked my fingers and tasted my salty juices.

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