Lucky Day for Summer Lovin 2019

I want to add a special thanks to hertsSub for taking time to edit and review my story. Excellent work and great tips as well. Thank You.

This story contains male bisexuality. Friendly fire, cream pie eating and double penetration. If any of those are a turn off for you don’t read further. We don’t all have to like the same things. Almost all of my stories are based on some real life experience that I have spiced up a little by mixing some fantasy with some reality. While some would say that I started too early. You may read about it here if I decide to post that far back, I have been blessed to have met, gotten to know and enjoy some wonderful sexual adventures with and even loved some wonderful women in my life. A little like the song “To All The Girls I’ve Loved” except I can’t sing and I don’t have that cool accent. I enjoy sharing my experiences through my stories and I hope you can enjoy them.

It was early summer in the south. I was working my way through college. I had done several jobs but hadn’t really liked any of them. But the job with the pool company sounded like fun: it allowed me to be outside just about every day and on some jobs the scenery would at least be interesting.

So I took it and, after just a few weeks on the job, I was already one of the company’s top workers. Lots of turnover in the pool business!

One day, they sent a new guy, Brad, with me so I could train him. He seemed like a pretty cool guy, nice looking, and very athletic. Like me, he enjoyed being outside and I was betting that, also like me, he didn’t like tan lines!

They were sending us to a new house. I was just hoping that there would either be no one home or that at least the owners would be cool. I didn’t want some retirement home like the last time—mind you, those old folks know a thing or two about flirting and I even got a pinch on the ass!

The paperwork just had the address and the name ‘Anna’ for the contact information. I was hoping that either Anna was a hot milf or that she wasn’t home.

When we got to the house there was no one in so we just let ourselves in around the back and got started on the pool. It was hot as hell, but we were enjoying it. It was early in the day and we both figured that no one would be back for several hours. I told Brad that I hated tan lines and asked if he would be offended if I just lost my shorts and worked nude. He said he was just about to ask me the same thing. So we both shucked our shorts at the same time. I was impressed. Brad had a nice body and a nice fat cock too. He probably wasn’t as impressed initially—I am a grower, not a shower. But I had been in enough locker rooms and gym showers to know that, once Ankara escort hard and throbbing, I didn’t have to take a back seat to anyone. What’s more, mine worked. I had seen lots of guys with long hanging cocks that looked great but they could hardly get the damn things hard when it counted.

After an hour or so we decided that we could both do with cooling off a little. We already had the pool looking good, so we both dived in. Brad swam to the steps and leaned back in the sun. I swam to where he was and, without saying a word, slid up between his legs and took his cock in my mouth and started to suck it. I was right, he was a shower. His cock got nice and hard but didn’t get much bigger than it had been when soft. But it tasted sweet and, damn, it felt good in my mouth. I was just getting him good and hard when I heard the door open, followed by a gasp. I looked up and saw her coming out of the door straight towards us. She looked confused and excited at the same time. And—holy fuck!—she was hot!

She came to edge of the pool, looked at me between Brad’s legs with his cock still in my hand and said, “What the hell are you two doing?”

As a natural born smart ass I just couldn’t resist that opening. So I replied, “Well I’m sucking his cock ma’am.”

“Well, I can see that! But who the hell are you and why are you sucking his cock in my pool?”

“Oh, I’m Jack and this is Brad. We are here to clean your pool and it’s really hot so we got in to cool off. But then we got hot again, and then you walked up, and now it’s really, really hot!”

She stood there, watching. She didn’t scream at us to get the hell out or threaten to call the cops which made me think she might be up for playing along. But I wasn’t sure for how far she’d go. I focused on stroking Brad’s cock and took it back into my mouth. He groaned and leaned back enjoying my mouth.

She looked at me in disbelief, “Well, are you just going to keep right on sucking him like I’m not even here?”

Brad reached out and put his hand on her leg, running it up the back of her thigh. “Well, you could join us if you want.”

“What the hell makes you think that I would want to join you?” she asked.

“Well,” I smirked, “It might be fun for all of us.”

I let go of Brad’s cock and stepped out of the pool. I faced her and ran my fingertips up her arms to the shoulders of her sleeveless dress. I could feel her shiver at my touch as I ran my fingers up her neck line and around behind her to find her zipper. I kissed her softly and licked her lips, enjoying her taste. Brad had stepped out of the pool and was now behind her, his hands running up her bare arms.

That was all the invitation Ankara escort bayan she needed. She slid out of her dress and stepped forward. Brad fell to his knees and guided her onto his face so that she was straddling him and facing me. He must have made a quick impression with his tongue licking her pussy because she instantly began riding him like crazy. She leaned forward towards Brad’s cock. I pulled off and fed it to her. She gobbled it up like a mad woman who hadn’t had a cock in a long time. I stood and offered her my cock which was now fully hard and throbbing. She was like a kid in a candy store. She couldn’t get enough. She was sucking and stroking and alternating between us. I straddled Brad’s leg so that our cocks were right together. She tried to suck us both but her hungry mouth couldn’t quite accommodate the two cocks. She stroked us together, moaning like crazy.

We made our way across to a lounger. I laid on my back and pulled down her on top of my cock. She sank all the way down to the hilt with one plunge. Fuck, her pussy was so hot and so wet. She started to grind her pelvic bone into mine, squeezing her clit in between. Brad was behind her playing with her ass and massaging her back. I could tell she was hot enough for just about anything so I pulled her face to mine and started to kiss her and suck on her tongue. Without a word Brad knew just what to do and I could feel his cock head rubbing on my balls. He slid his cock next to mine and pushed his way into her pussy with our cocks shoved in together. I held still, allowing him to control the movement.

Then Anna turned the tables on me and started to suck my tongue like it was another cock. She was moaning and groaning like crazy and I could tell that she had never been this full of cock. Brad stayed in her pussy with me for several thrusts getting his cock slick with her gushing juice. I felt him slide out. I had an inkling as to what he was about to do—I hoped I was right. I resumed thrusting upward into her pussy.

Before she even knew what was happening—and before she had time to object— Brad sank his cock into her ass all the way to the balls. I felt his balls slapping into mine and I held still for a moment to allow her ass to adjust to Brad’s cock. I looked into her eyes. Damn, that look was priceless. I told her she was about to get the best fucking of her life. She put her head on my chest and I heard her whisper, “Oh god, I fucking hope so.”

I pushed up and could feel Brad’s cock throbbing in her ass. Brad took my lead and started to pump with long slow strokes. I matched his thrusts and tried my best to match his cock with mine on each stroke. All she could say was “Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” Escort Ankara over and over.

I felt Brad tighten up and I knew he was about to blow. I started thrusting harder and, as he started to cum, I felt semen running down onto my cock and balls. That really set me off and I came like a fucking rocket into her pussy. I pulled her shoulders hard and forced her down further onto my cock.

The pressure on her clit was perfect and she came too, in waves that lasted a couple minutes.

The three of us slumped exhausted into a heap of sweat and cum. As soon as she stopped shaking I pulled her up and, sliding my way down, covered her full pussy with my mouth. I could tell she was surprised; she’d probably never had a guy eat her out straight after fucking her.

I licked and sucked for all I was worth and, before long, she was blasting off again with another wave of orgasms. Watching me suck the cum out of her pussy was enough to get Brad hard and I saw his cock coming towards her pussy. He turned her around so she could suck my cock while he fucked her from behind with me licking her. His balls were slapping my face as I watched his beautiful cock slide in and out of her pussy. I licked her clit and then his shaft as he pulled out. She had my cock down her throat and was going crazy on it. After a few more thrusts I could feel Brad’s balls start to tighten. A couple more pumps and he began to moan. As he started to cum he pulled back, shooting his cream onto her pussy and into my mouth. I lapped it up, sucking it direct from his cock and licking the rest from her pussy.

She was incredibly hot. The hottest woman I had ever been with and it wasn’t close. She was everything a hot older woman could be and more. Every young guy’s fantasy. I wanted to be sure that we were giving her at least as much pleasure as she was giving us.

I knew that with her in this position that I could make her cum again if she would let me so I swirled my tongue around her clit in tight circles then sucked on it hard, sending her into orbit again. Amazingly she never stopped working on my cock. She just plunged it deeper into her throat. Holy fuck! She was bucking and trembling then she started squirting like crazy. That was my first actual experience with a woman who squirted and something I will never forget. I had seen it in porn movies but honestly didn’t think it was real. I’m not even sure what set me off, her throat or the gusher from her sweet pussy but it was more than I could take. I usually last a lot longer after I’ve cum once but I had no control at all. I felt it and didn’t even try to hold back. My balls quickly tightened and I shot my load deep into her throat. She swallowed and gulped, all the time stroking on my cock like crazy. We had awakened a wild banshee. A banshee who was definitely going to have the cleanest pool in town!

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed it. I know we did.

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