Mum’s Friends Ch. 12


Paul then went to his toiletry bag and took a Viagra; he knew that tonight would be very naughty.

They arrived twenty minutes later, Sheila looked stunning, Paul hugged and kissed Sheila, the kiss was long and hot, Paul felt Sheila was sucking his tongue out of his mouth. Then Sheila said, “I have wanted to do that for years. Every time you left me my pussy was always wet. I am so happy we have met again.”

They sat in the lounge, both Sue and Sheila were excited, Paul poured them some Champagne then said, “Girls, I think Sheila should meet Pat.”

Sue replied, “That is an excellent idea, Sheila, Pat runs the Antique Center, It is good if you meet her then she will be able to organise everything at the Center for you.”

Sheila answered, “I would like to meet her as she can tell me all about the Center.”

Paul called Pat; he said, “Hi Pat, I have Sue and her friend Sheila here with me, Sheila would like to rent some space in the Center, would you like to come and meet her?”

Pat replied, “Paul, I would love to, I’m just finishing my dinner, I will be with you in fifteen minutes.”

Paul said, “Pat will be with us in fifteen minutes.”

Sheila said, “Do you remember the day I had been shopping, and you sat beside me on the train, then carried all my shopping back to my house?”

Paul replied, “Yes, it was a lovely summer’s day, you were wearing a shaped yellow silk blouse with a skirt that came just above your knees with a long slit on the side of it. You had your pearls on three strands and they lay between your beautiful twins. Then we sat on your sofa, and you sat on my knee and fed me ice cream.”

Sheila answered, “Paul, darling you are right, I went upstairs to Peter’s room, and he was fast asleep, I had a baby listening system which I switched on. Then I went to my room and took my panties off. Then came downstairs turned on the speaker for the listening system got the ice cream then sat on your knee. Did you notice I had only one spoon and the way I licked the spoon when I fed myself some ice cream? I imagined the spoon was your cock, so I was licking it.”

Paul replied, “Yes, I noticed we were sharing a spoon, I also noticed you had undone two buttons on your blouse, I loved that, as you weren’t wearing a bra and I could see more of your twins. I was very hard when you were on my knee, did you feel that?”

Sheila answered, “Paul, I felt everything, I wanted to kiss you so much that day. Peter had a nurse coming in three times a day then. I knew we had four hours before she was due back. After you had left, I went to my room and took my biggest dildo out then I fucked myself thinking of you. I was lying on top of my bed naked. I fell asleep with the dildo still inside me. I woke up, and the nurse was in the doorway looking at me. She smiled then said, “I will change Peter now. I am sorry I am a little late, but I have had a very busy day, Sheila, I would love a coffee if you have time.”

“I said no problem, put on a dressing gown went downstairs, when she came down I asked her if she would like a glass of wine. She said yes, please. She then stayed the night; we are still friends today. That was all because of you Paul; you aroused me so much.”

Paul heard his front door opening then Pat came into the lounge. Sue introduced Pat to Sheila. Paul went for a glass of Champagne for Pat. Pat was looking stunning; she had a wonderful dress sense. Paul sat on the sofa next to Sue and Sheila. Pat gave Sheila her business card and said, “I am so pleased to meet you, Sheila. I think the best thing is if you give me a call then we can find a suitable time then you can come round, and I will show you around the Center.”

Sheila told Pat she would be there at eleven tomorrow morning. Pat said Esenyurt Escort Bayan this was perfect. They chatted for another five minutes then Pat left.

Sue and Sheila then stripped to their bodysuits and self-supporting stockings. Then Sheila started to undress Paul; soon she had him naked. Sheila said, “Paul, that is the biggest cock I have ever seen, I love your testicles, I love big testicles.”

Sheila then went down on him; Sheila had a very gentle touch, she was massaging Paul’s balls as she sucked him, she was now taking his full length, Paul was playing with Sheila’s pussy which was very wet. Paul now had three fingers inside Sheila; his tongue went around her clit several times then he took it into his mouth and started sucking it. Paul had four fingers inside her now; he had also found her G-spot. Paul knew Sheila was now ready for him. Paul lay on the floor then said, “Sheila, go on top.”

Sheila then rubbed her clit with the crown of Paul’s cock, she moved it around in circles then took half of him inside her. She was gripping him beautifully, slowly she was taking more and more then she had the full length inside her. Sheila said, “This feels fantastic.”

Then she started to ride him, she was excellent, after twenty minutes Paul was on the verge of cuming when Sheila had an incredible and noisy orgasm. Sheila held Paul inside her as she bent down and kissed him. Sheila said, “Paul, that was super, I have waited a long time for it, I am sure this will become a regular thing.”

Paul then had Sue, who was hot, Paul went into her doggy style and Sue came fifteen minutes later. They kissed again. Then they ordered three Thalis and two naan bread from the Indian restaurant. They all showered then gathered in the lounge. Paul put on a dressing gown and put some money in the pocket to pay for the Indian meals. Sue and Sheila were talking about the Center, Sheila dealt in jewellery, and she would need two display cabinets.

They arranged to do all the paperwork at ten tomorrow morning. Sheila also had two friends, that lived close by, who would take space as well. Sheila said, “Paul, I think you know my two friends, they are both teachers, both are widows, both were married to doctors and you dated both of their daughters.”

Paul replied, “Sheila, what were the daughters’ names?”

Sheila answered, “Alison and Susan, their mother’s names are Joan and Su.”

Paul knew at once who they were. Alison was five years older than Paul, Paul, got his first car when he was seventeen. He had lost his virginity to Alison, who he believed now lived in America. Alison had used Paul, but Paul had used Alison for sex for four months. Joan, Alison’s mother, was a far nicer person than Alison. Her husband had a serious drink problem. Joan was also a beautiful looking woman. Paul had a short affair with Joan, which was wonderful, but because of circumstances, it was cut short.

Paul had dated Susan for two months; he would see her twice a week. Susan would give him a blow job or a hand job but no more. Paul wasn’t attracted to Susan, but Su, Susan’s mother was gorgeous, she was a lovely woman with an incredible body. One night in her apartment they had come very close, but Susan had disturbed them.

Paul replied, “It’s a small world, when I was seventeen I lost my virginity to Alison, I haven’t seen or heard from her for years. Joan was a far nicer person than Alison. I dated Susan for a couple of months, but it just wasn’t working. I once saw Su in the city, I tried to get her attention but she got into a taxi, and I didn’t get a chance to speak with her. Su is a lovely lady. She was a widow when I was dating Susan, after Susan and I broke up, I was tempted to give Su a call to invite her Avcılar Escort Bayan out for dinner.”

Sheila answered, “You should have asked her out, in fact, you could have asked Joan out as well, they both find you very attractive. I spend a lot of time with the two of them. We all met up again because of the Antiques, Joan deals in paintings, while Su deals in Bronze sculptures, they both make a good living from it, they now want to have a base, so the Center is perfect for them.”

The meals arrived, Sue then got the cutlery and plates, they all sat in the kitchen for their dinner. After the meal they went back into the lounge, Paul topped up their glasses then Sheila’s mobile rang, it was Joan, Sheila said, “Hi Joan, I was just talking about you, you will never guess who I have shared an excellent Indian meal with and now drinking Champagne.”

Sheila had put her phone onto the speaker, then Joan replied, “I have no idea, but I wish I were drinking Champagne.”

Sheila answered, “I am with Paul Ryan, he owns the new Antique Center beside the harbour, I am taking two cabinets there, they can let you and Su have space too. The Center is excellent; I met an old girlfriend there today, she is having an affair with Paul, so we are sharing him tonight.”

Joan replied, “That is unbelievable, I have heard that the Center is fantastic, but I didn’t know Paul owned it, Su is with me, she has just cooked an excellent meal for the two of us. You must tell Paul that I would love to see him again, maybe have a glass of Champagne together.”

Sheila answered, “He is sitting beside me, speak to him yourself.”

Sheila gave Paul her phone; Paul said, “Hi Joan, what a wonderful surprise, I have thought of you often, how are you?”

Joan replied, “It is wonderful to hear your voice, I am good, I am now dealing in paintings, I love it. Alison is still in California but I hardly ever hear from her. It would be wonderful if we could meet. Su is sitting on the sofa with me nodding her head; I am sure she would love to see you again too.”

Paul answered, “I would like to see the both of you. Would you like to come and have some Champagne with me? You can be with us in fifteen minutes.”

Joan replied, “We would both love to come, but we will both shower first. We will be with you in forty-five minutes.”

Paul gave the phone to Sheila then said, “Tell them the dress code here and the address.”

Sheila said, “There is a dress code in Paul’s apartment, it is crotchless bodysuits or Basques and self-supporting stockings. So you will know what to expect, Paul has the biggest cock I have ever seen, my pussy is still tingling.”

Sheila then gave them the address. Sue said, “Paul, when Joan and Su arrive, Sheila and I will go to my bedroom so you can enjoy Joan and Su, that is only fair.”

Paul sipped his Champagne thinking about Joan and Su; He had wanted them for years, Su was plumpish, she had enormous breasts, seriously big needing two hands to cover them, she was tall and very distinguished looking. She had lived with Susan in a fantastic West End apartment, which had five ensuite bedrooms. It also had beautiful Antiques. Paul remembered one night when Susan was giving him a blow job; Paul had been in the lounge for an hour with her, the internal phone rang, Susan put it on speaker, Su said, “It is getting awfully late, when will your guest leave?”

Susan replied, “Mum, he is just leaving now, we were talking about the rugby results.”

As Paul and Susan left the lounge, Su was standing in the hall in a beautiful silk dressing gown, tied tightly which enhanced her figure. Su said, “I hope I didn’t disturb you, I find it difficult to sleep if I know my front door is not locked. “

Susan excused herself and went to the bathroom. As the bathroom door closed, Su ran her hand over Paul’s chest and said, “You are so tall and athletic looking, did you play rugby?”

Paul replied, “Yes I did when I was at school, I also do a lot of swimming which I enjoy.”

Su asked, “What is your favourite stroke; I love the breaststroke? I am not very fast as I have these slowing me down.”

As Su said that she cupped both of her breasts and pushed them up.

Paul replied, “Sometimes it is better to go slowly, I have found when you do things slowly you always get more pleasure.”

Su answered, “You are so wise for a young man, a lot of people just rush things, that is why I gave you an hour before I called. I remember when I was your age, all the boys wanted things very quickly if you know what I mean.”

Paul replied, “Mrs Johnson, thank you, I know exactly what you mean, I think we both have similar views on things. What do you do for exercise as you look so fit?”

Su answered, she took Paul’s left nipple between her fingers and squeezed saying, “Please call me Su, you make me feel young when we talk when you call me Mrs Johnson then I feel old. I go to callanetics once a week. I swim twice a week, I go to yoga once a week, and I also do part time modelling for older ladies fashion clothes. I also collect Antique Bronze Sculptures come, and I will show you.”

Su then took Paul into another lounge which had shelves full of the most beautiful Bronze Sculptures. Su started to tell Paul about them which was intriguing. She must have talked for over half an hour when Pat left the room; she came back a minute later to say Susan was fast asleep in bed.

Su said, “I have a lovely Chablis in the fridge, would you like to share a glass with me or would you prefer to save it for a night when we are alone?”

Paul replied, “It is too dangerous, we both would never hurt Susan. Can you imagine how she would feel if she caught us in bed?”

Su took Paul in her arms then said, “You are right, that was a very silly thing for me to suggest. What do you think of me now Paul, I have been stupid.”

They had still their arms around each other, Paul replied, “I believe that you are a very attractive woman, I would love to get to know you better, but in the present circumstances, I would not do anything to cause a conflict between you and Susan. I don’t believe my relationship with Susan will last. If in the future, we are both alone then I would love to be my partner for evenings out, I am sure we would have so much fun together.”

Su then kissed Paul on the lips, his mouth opened to take her tongue, as she kissed she was pushing her breasts into Paul’s chest. Paul felt her pussy pushing against his hard cock. Su stepped back and undid her dressing gown belt; her dressing gown opened, she had nothing on under her dressing gown. Her breasts looked enormous; they did not sag, her nipples were hard, Paul looked down and saw the first shaved vagina of his life. Paul bent down and took one of Pat’s nipples into his mouth, gently sucking it, it got harder.

Su said, “My tits are very sensitive, I can cum when they are sucked.”

Paul kept sucking then Su took Paul’s right hand, as she opened her legs she placed it on her pussy, Paul slid a finger in, she was very wet. Paul could feel her hard clit, he rubbed it with two fingers then slid the two fingers inside her, Su gripped Paul’s fingers tightly then there was a knock at the door and Susan saying, “Mum, are you in there?”

Su quickly belted her dressing gown, unlocked the door and went into the hall. Two minutes later Su came back, she put a finger to her lips and signalled for Paul to follow her. Su opened the front door, gave Paul another kiss as he left. As Paul walked to his car, he turned round, in the bay window of the apartment Su was standing blowing kisses at Paul. Apart from the day he saw her get into a taxi, that was the last time he had spoken to Su.

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