Lover Beware Ch. 02


Vic felt across the bed and found an empty space, his brain tried to compute the situation, it was dark, it was quiet and it was lonely.

He heard the toilet flush and seconds later felt his wife, Glynnis, settle back beside him, he realised he was back at home in his own bed with Glynnis his wife of thirty years. The events of the last three weeks replayed themselves in a series of flashbacks in his mind, as he had watched her walk back into the room.

“You OK?” he said huskily.

“Oh Vic, sorry did I disturb you, sorry love”. She swung round and her large breasts rolled across his chest and her large belly rolled against his stomach igniting the fire in his prick and making it rise.

Glynnis giggled, and ran her hand down to his thickening prick,

“Ohh, does Viccy want to play hide the salami now?”

“God Glyn I’m so tired and yes I would love to make love again. Fair do’s though, I never got to lick and suck your pussy last time, any chance of a bit of oral gratification then?”

Glynnis smiled and lifted herself up over his upturned face and lowered her hairy forest over his nose, hearing him sniff in her smell.

“Fuck that is a fantastic sight, smell and..” he moved up slightly and ran his long tongue from her anus to her clit, pushing hard against her, “Taste,” he said running his tongue back the other way pushing into her opening slit and sinking into her inner vulva.

He could taste her sex, the remainder of his cum and her last piss as he traced his tongue along her folds. Glynnis sank lower allowing him to rest his head on the pillow under his head.

“Oh best view in the house my love”, he said as he once more attacked her inner folds and ran his tongue tip by the side of her clit hood.

Glynnis gave an involuntary shudder as his tongue ran past the clit hood, then she sighed as his mouth closed over her bud and sucked gently. Since getting back together he had become an able partner, ensuring her satisfaction as well as his own, making sure that they both reached as many orgasms as they needed at any particular time. He was very careful to keep his teeth away from her sensitive areas and used the flat of his tongue and not just the tip to lick her pussy and clit. He enjoyed orally stimulating her and liked to see how far he could get his tongue into her vagina, a task she told him he excelled at.

Glynnis felt her orgasm building, but wanted to come with him inside her. She really thought it special to have him inside as she came, preferably just as she did or just before, so she could feel his cum squirting inside her.

“Ohh, please put it in me, put in me now and kiss me Vic, please I’m coming.” she pulled at him, trying to make him see her urgency.

He responded by easing under her and lifting his prick up towards her pussy as she sank down. As he entered her she came, her muscle walls contracting round his dick and pulled it in to her, they kissed locking together. She bucked and swayed on his groin, grinding him against her clit, his pubic hairs soaked in the juices leaking from her pussy. She pushed down on him hard and he held her close, pushing up against her pussy, driving his cock into her as deeply as he could. She mumbled incoherently and grabbed him hard, bearhugging him as she rocked on his prick. Slowly she relaxed and sank down beside him. Sweating profusely she lay on her back trying to calm her breathing. Vic found and held her hand and they both settled back eryaman escort to sleep.

They woke at about ten’ish, the phone trilling in the background, Vic got up to investigate, he recognised the number but couldn’t quite place it.

“Glynn, 387…” before he continue, she shouted back.

“That’s my mother’s new number, we had a card last week telling us it’s changed.”

“Of course I knew I knew it, but not who, well we just missed her, do you want me to call her back?”

“No it’s OK I’ll do it, I’m coming,” Glynn walked naked down the hall, Vic watching her large breasts and big belly swaying as she walked, his dick rising showing how much he liked watching her being naked. She smiled picked up the telephone in one hand and his dick in the other. She punched in the number one handed and wanked him with the other. When her mum answered she carried on wanking him as she talked. He ran his hands over her tits and squeezed and rolled her nipples gently, she opened her legs and he moved one hand down to tickle her labia gently with his fingertips, replacing his hand with his mouth on her breast. Astonishingly she was able to hold a conversation with her mother as Vic played with her.

He managed to turn her towards the wall and bent her forward, after taking her hand off his cock. She put her free hand on the wall and opened her legs. Vic slipped his cock between her large arse cheeks, and felt for her pussy. Instead, resting her head on the wall Glynn wiped her hand on her pussy then wrapped it round his cock head, covering it in her juices, then reaching in to re-cover her finger she bent enough to rub the juice round her anus, Vic understood.

Bending forward he swirled round inside his mouth and with the saliva created pursed his lips and dribbled it onto her crack, using his hand to rub it in with the juice from her pussy. Gently he placed his cock head against the puckered entrance and began to push. Whilst it seemed to resist at first the hole slowly opened to allow his cock to slip in. Glynn took the phone from her ear and held her sticky hand over it, moaning softly. Vic placed his hand on her shoulder and she nodded yes, so he pushed a little more in as Glynn returned to her mum.

Pushing slowly he managed to get most of his cock into her. He held firm as Glynn continued to talk to her mother, then she began to slowly move her arse back and forward, sliding his cock out and in of her dirt box. He felt the intense pressure of her bowels grip around his cock and he realised that he would cum very quickly. He tapped her shoulder and she stopped for a moment. slowly he felt the orgasm slip away. After a few seconds he gently began to rock his cock again. Glynn continued speaking to her mother until she too felt her orgasm building. She tensed her muscles and her arse gripped his cock, stopping him pushing. He ran his hands over her back, then leaned in to run his hands down the sides of her saggy breasts.

He found purchase and slowly managed to fill his hands with her large spongy breasts, centring the nipples in the palm of his hands. Squeezing gently he pushed the breasts back against her chest and wiggled the index finger of each hand so that they touched her aereola’s, circling then and gently flicking the nipple. He felt the skin pucker and the nipple harden, meanwhile Glynnis continued to talk to her mother, despite losing her way on several occasions and then she began to pant and gasp.

She eryaman escort bayan resumed the slow rocking motion, as Vic felt an orgasm rise, he loved playing with her breasts and didn’t want to let go, so he tried to think of anything other than the erotic feeling of pushing in and out of her arsehole. Glynn said something to her mother then tried to pass the phone back to Vic. Confused he let her right breast fall away and took the phone, as he did so Glynn bucked and rocked on his cock, her hand feeling for her clit. He struggled to talk to Kerri.

“Hi Vic, so glad Glynnis and you are back together. Glynn tells me you’ve got your fat cock buried in her arse and are seconds away from cumming, I wish I was there to watch or join in,” she said in his ear.

Vic felt his orgasm rising and knew he couldn’t hold out any longer. he gasped and panted then yelled into the phone.

“I’m fucking your daughters arse Kerri and I’m in up to my balls. She’s beautiful and naked, bent over in front of me, I’m holding her left tit and I’m cumming nowwwwww,” He felt his balls contract then his cock spurted thick ropes of sperm into Glynnis bowels. She was shrieking now and bucking wildly , her hand a blur as she frigged her clit rapidly.

“Ohh Vic, I wish I was there, would you fuck me and lick my grey haired pussy, do you think Glynn would let me suck your cock till you came in my mouth. She says it’s short and fat and fills her up and she loves it when you come inside her. Can I come and play too Vic, please.” her words came in short pants and Vic realised she was wanking herself off to his and Glynn’s fucking, his cock surged again, delivering a further spurt or two and he and Glynnis fell to the floor panting, shaking, locked together, he felt the phone drop from his fingers. He watched Glynnis scrabble for it and put it to her ear.

“Mum, it was absolutely unbelievable, I came so many times and Vic’s filled me up with his cum, I can feel it moving inside me, I’ll call you later. She clicked the phone off and dropped it on the floor. She pulled back until he was nearly out then backed onto him again a couple of times more. Finally his wilted, drooping, spent dick was ejected by her and they sat up side by side, breathless against the wall behind them. Looking down he could see no trace of his sperm leaking from her arse, she must be clamping the muscle tightly shut he thought.

“What.. what the fuck was that with your Mum?” he panted, looking over at her heaving breasts hanging down over her stomach, her legs drawn up but wide enough open so the thick mat of tangly hair on her pubic mound and lower belly was visible. Glynnis giggled, making her breasts shake and roll slightly.

“Mum asked me how the sex was going, she seemed very interested, so I told her and she started to play with herself as I was talking, eventually she brought herself off, I got so excited I came too, then she asked me to phone her when I was fucking you so she could listen.” She grinned at him, “I think you made her very happy.”

“She said she wants me to fuck her and let her suck my cock,” he grinned, “Your mother, I thought she hated me, I really did.”

“No she’s always fancied you, but she played it close to her chest, as she knew how possessive I was,” she said, her breathing slowing to normal, “Now I think I could share you with her, if you were willing, are you?” she nudged him with an elbow.

“What, your mother’s nearly 71, does she escort eryaman still need sex, what about if she has a heart attack or stroke when I’m doing her?” Vic said looking at Glynn in desperation.

“Mum had me when she was fifteen, my Dad did a flit, he was a squaddie in his twenties and the army hid him. She never really had a sex life, as she was bringing me up and didn’t get any freedom to date or meet other men. I was talking to her before we got married and she admitted she used her fingers a lot but would love to feel a real cock inside her. It’s my Mum, how could I refuse her or be jealous?” she winked at Vic and her hand began to massage his prick, using their spent juices as lubrication.

His legs flattened to allow her better access, she moved over him, draping her breasts over his groin, and placing his dick between them. Gripping her tits she massaged his trapped dick in her cleavage, watching it thicken and grow. He sighed and relaxed as the sensation in his dick intensified. Seconds later globs of cum erupted onto her boobs and she bent to lick him clean. Cleaned she relaxed and sat up slightly, allowing her breasts to drape over his drooping cock. she moved slightly causing her nipples to scrape back and forth, hardening as she did so. He reached down and held a large mammary in each hand. Bending forward he placed her left nipple and surround in his mouth. He slurped and rolled his tongue over and round, feeling the small bumps on her aereola begin to thicken and the skin pucker. Her nipple hardened and he withdrew slightly to pull it outwards, before relaxing back until he covered her aereola with his lips again. She touched his shoulder, dropping her hand into his lap and gently playing with his shrunken cock.

Her pushed her shoulder gently and made her lie down, beginning to kiss down her large stomach until he reached her hairy mound just below her navel. Using his hands he prised her outer lips open and buried his face in her cunt. Licking, kissing, slurping, fingering her pussy he slowly worked her up to a tit wobbling, stomach heaving orgasm, closing his lips over her lips in case she pissed herself in her excitement. Sadly she held herself back but her orgasm was a spectacularly loud explosion with her feet driving her arse off the floor into his face, her thighs trapping his head, leaving him gasping for air. All he could feel, see and taste was her sex and his dick was as hard as he could remember it being. Glynnis screamed again and her legs opened and she lay back, crying with pleasure. Vic gave her two or three more large flat tongued licks, before crawling round to kiss her on the lips. Her arms enveloped him and they locked together for another ten minutes, trading tongues and juices between them.

“God I need another shower after that,” she said, sweat covering her body.

“I could lick you clean,” Vic offered, smiling down at her.

“I bet you could, but I’d still need you to shower with me,” said sighed.

“Here,” he sat up and offered his hand, helping her to her feet.

They staggered into the shower together, Vic adjusting the water to a comfortable temperature. He turned and she grabbed him and pulled him close. She opened her legs slightly and his dick, semi hard, slipped between. Seconds later a warm stream of piss bathed his dick. He reciprocated by allowing his piss to pulse out against her arsehole, causing her to giggle and wriggle against him. They hugged and kissed under the warm water, then broke apart to find gels and soaps to clean off. Half an hour later they towelled each other dry and wandered back to the bedroom and lying on the bed pulled the duvet over them and snuggled down together, dropping off to sleep very quickly.

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