Raw Ch. 03


Josie waited a moment for her eyes to adjust when she stepped into the restaurant. Before the sunspots disappeared from her view, she felt warm arms encircle her, and breathed in Kendall’s familiar scent.

“Hi, you,” Kendall said lightly, pressing her lips gently against Josie’s sensitive neck.

“Hi yourself,” Josie breathed, wondering why in the hell she’d agreed to have dinner with this woman, considering their first brief passionate hours, and Josie’s reluctant agreement to take no more than friendship beyond that time.

Stepping back, Josie grasped Kendall’s hands in her own and drank in her tall form, taking note of the thick black sweater clinging to her subtle curves, her hip-hugging jeans, and the sly spark in her deep brown eyes. With a sigh, Josie squeezed and released Kendall’s long fingers, and followed her to their reserved booth.

“So what’ll it be, gorgeous?” Kendall asked, presenting the wine list with a wink.

Josie’s stomach fell when Kendall grinned at her – she’d had no idea how difficult this evening would be, but was beginning to understand that it would be more than painful. She hadn’t expected to fall so easily for the beautiful woman at her side, and had in fact promised herself that she wouldn’t. Taking a deep breath, she peered up into Kendall’s big beautiful eyes. “Beer. Definitely a beer night – I think I’ll super-size it,” she joked, hinting at the tension she noticed between them.

Chuckling, Kendall replied, “A girl after my own heart – I need to put out some flames on my end, too.”

The two exchanged small talk, staring at their menus and sipping water as if they were dying of thirst. Once they had exhausted topics of the weather, Josie’s job search and Kendall’s dog Pete, silence hung heavy in the air between them. Both were startled when the server appeared over Kendall’s shoulder to take drink orders.

“Hiya, ladies – I’m Adrian and I’ll be taking care of –” the spiky-haired femme froze with her mouth agape when Kendall turned to look at her – “Kendall?”

Stealing a quick glance at Josie and shifting with visible discomfort in her seat, Kendall met the newcomer’s eyes. “Hi Adrian,” she spoke tentatively, “this is, um – surprising.”

Josie watched Kendall carefully, and noticed a frown spread from her brow to her chin, tensing each muscle in her strong face.

“I’ll bet,” Adrian scoffed as she shot a darting glare at Josie and bore her eyes into Kendall’s. “Is this her?”

“Wha-?” Kendall began, confused. Then, “Oh – no. Um – Adrian, this is my – uh – this is Josie. Josie, this is Adrian.”

“Don’t try and spare my feelings, Kendall.”

“Look, Ade, I don’t want-”

Adrian’s low growl kept Kendall from finishing her sentence: “Don’t you dare call me that, you fucking-“

“Excuse me, is there a problem?” Adrian stopped short when her manager came up and put a hand on her shoulder.

Josie couldn’t help but compare the interchange between Adrian and Kendall to what she imagined it would be like if she and Camryn were to meet unexpectedly, and acted on instinct.

“No,” Josie said, standing. “There’s no problem. We were just leaving – I forgot about an appointment we had. Ready, Kendall?”

Wordlessly, Kendall stood, grasped Josie’s outstretched hand and allowed herself to be led from the restaurant. When they reached her motorcycle just outside the front door, Kendall broke the silence between them. Whispering, with her head bowed, she squeezed Josie’s hand and said, “Thank you.”

Slipping her arms around Kendall’s shoulders, Josie pulled the taller woman close to her and sighed as she felt strong arms wind about her waist. “You’re welcome,” eryaman escort Josie soothed, pressing her lips to Kendall’s earlobe. She pulled back enough to look into her soulful eyes and asked, “Wanna get out of here?”

Kendall grabbed her helmet, helped Josie slip into the spare and mounted her bike. Josie’s heart leapt into her throat as she felt the gorgeous brunette’s buttocks pressed against her inner thighs and the engine roared to life between her legs. After a few blocks, they reached a red light and Kendall rested her feet on the ground. Her right hand fell naturally to the side and rested on Josie’s knee, eliciting a soft groan from both women’s throats. Josie tightened her grip on Kendall’s body and hugged her close as they flew forward.

As they drove closer to Josie’s condo, she reminded herself that agreed that neither was in the right place for a new relationship and resigned herself to being dropped off while Kendall rode away to brood alone. How could I have been so stupid, she thought to herself, why did I think that she wouldn’t break my heart? This is what happens, she mused, to raw women who let themselves feel again.

When they pulled up in front of Josie’s place, Kendall shut off the engine and helped Josie dismount. “I hope you don’t mind,” Kendall began as they pulled off their helmets, “I just kept thinking of the last time I felt truly comfortable, and I drove here.”

Josie’s heart raced. “Do you want to come in?” Kendall smiled sheepishly. “Just to talk, right?”

“Right,” Kendall nodded, “That’s what friends do…right?”

Doing her best to smile, Josie smiled. “Right.”

Halfway up the stairs, Josie felt Kendall’s eyes boring into her ass and she took care to sway her hips a bit more than usual as she approached the landing. After sliding the key into the lock and pushing it open partially, Josie whirled around, expecting to catch Kendall checking her out from a few steps below. Instead, the tall brunette had closed the gap between them and wrapped her arms around Josie’s waist, lifting her until their lips were at the same level. As her emerald eyes stared into Kendall’s brown pools, their mouths searched through the air until they met softly, intentionally in tender connection.

The kiss intensified as Kendall carried Josie into the entryway, grabbed her keys from the front door, threw them on the table and kicked the door closed. Josie grabbed handfuls of Kendall’s soft brown waves and wrapped her legs around her sturdy hips as the taller woman squeezed Josie’s ass and lifted her deeper into their lip-lock. Carrying Josie back to the bedroom, Kendall supported her with her strong hands and lightly teased her swollen lips through her denim jeans with her fingertips, causing the aroused blonde to tighten her hands in Kendall’s hair and groan into her mouth, rotating her hips sexily.

Once they reached the bedroom, Josie began to pull at Kendall’s sweater, eager to feel her lover’s soft skin under her fingertips and Kendall pressed Josie into the wall with her hips as she pulled her sweater over her head. As Kendall busied her mouth nibbling along Josie’s sensitive neck, Josie pushed her feet to the ground and tore the buttons from her shirt as she attempted to remove it. Her slim fingers reached Kendall’s belt buckle as her lover’s mouth slid along her ear and groaned, “God, Josie, I need you.”

They removed each other’s jeans together and moaned hotly as they realized that neither wore panties. Josie urged Kendall to the bed and pushed her backward; they fell together and Josie moved her lips to cover Kendall’s nipple as she pulled roughly at her own bra, which Kendall tore from her chest. eryaman escort bayan Biting Josie’s shoulder, Kendall rolled them onto their sides facing one another and reached down between them. Their hands clasped and traveled between their legs in a simultaneous movement as their mouths hungrily clung together – nibbling, sucking and licking loudly.

With a gasp, each woman slid her fingers into the other’s hot and dripping slit. One of them cried, “Yes – fuck me!” and neither knew which; their digits were synchronized as they slipped over their clits and made shallow plunges into their hot pulsing holes only to pull back and repeat the movement. Clutching to one another with arms and fingers and lips and teeth, they ferociously fucked in and out of each other hard and short and fast, gyrating their hips in time to their fucking.

Each tangling fingers in the other’s hair as their mouths pressed tightly together, they snapped their eyes open and begged passionately for release. Without breaking eye contact, Kendall was the first to go, pumping her fingers deep into Josie’s cunt and holding them there as she cried in exquisite pleasure. The sensation set Josie off and she too drove her fingers deep into Kendall’s tight hole and came in waves.

As they lay breathless and tangled on Josie’s bed, they tenderly stroked one another’s bodies, falling into a peaceful slumber.


Josie awoke in the most pleasurable way possible: Kendall’s face was buried in her crotch and her talented tongue was applying perfect pressure to her engorged clit, holding her mercilessly just short of climax. “Fuck, Kendall!” Josie cried as she grabbed the brunette’s long fingers in her own. Deftly, Kendall wrapped her fingers around Josie’s wrists, pulled them underneath her writhing body, and inserted two of her digits into her dripping pussy, grazing the short nail of her pinky across Josie’s tender rosebud. The extra sensation was more than she could take, and Josie’s pink walls clenched around Kendall’s fingers as an intense orgasm raced through every nerve in her body.

As she crawled up to kiss her lover, Kendall saw a look of concern beneath the relaxed pleasure. “I guess we need to talk, don’t we?” she asked, gently pressing her lips to Josie’s.

“Yeah,” Josie said, “we really do.”

“I’m sure you have questions, Josie – I know I would if I were-“

“Adrian – who was she?”

Kendall sat upright with a sigh. “She’s a woman who has earned the right to hate me.”

Silently, Josie sat up to face her lover and rested a hand gently on her knee, nodding her support.

“Adrian and I were together for almost six years, with a significant year-long break about a year ago. Just after we celebrated our fourth anniversary, she made this incredible dinner in the middle of the week, candlelight and all, and took me to bed and we made love nearly all night – we hadn’t had sex like that since our first year together, and it was amazing. I woke up the next morning to an empty bed and a note taped to the vanity. She said that she couldn’t be tied down anymore, that we’d moved too fast and I just wasn’t ‘the one.’

“I was devastated. She came back when I wasn’t home and took all of her things – clothes, trinkets, dishes, artwork – everything. I started going to a different bar each night, bringing home a different woman, trying to prove that I was better off without Adrian in my life. I kept it up for several months and then finally went to see a therapist – she was really great, and I started to put my life back together. After about two months of seeing her, I was out to dinner with some friends escort eryaman and when I looked up, Adrian was sitting at the bar, drinking alone.

“I couldn’t believe it – she was right there, and she looked fucking miserable. I’d always thought that it would make my day if I ran into her and she was in worse shape than I was; instead, it broke my heart. Here was a woman that I had shared so much with, and I could tell how much she was hurting. So I excused myself from dinner and went up to her. I wasn’t sure how she’d react, but I certainly wasn’t prepared for what happened.

“She threw her arms around me and just let go. She cried for a long time, and told me that leaving me had been the worst mistake she’d ever made, that she was miserable and just wanted to come home. Stupidly, I thought that was the answer to all of our problems. She moved back in and everything was perfect for about a week.”

Kendall sat back against the headboard and Josie slid into the space under her shoulder, wrapping an arm around the brunette’s waist and resting her head just above her breast. “Go on,” Josie urged, “I’m still listening.”

With a small smile, Kendall held onto Josie’s soft body as she continued, “I was more miserable than I’d been without her. Adrian told me that she’d been scared at how intensely she felt for me, that she was overwhelmed and felt unworthy of the love we shared – she was insanely generous with her emotions and the truth about who she was and who she’d been. She was being so kind and open, completely honest with me about what she’d been feeling and what she wanted, and I was keeping everything inside. I didn’t tell her that I was angry or bitter, that her moving back in to my home and my life felt like being occupied by the enemy, that I couldn’t trust her with my heart because she’d broken it so soundly before. I didn’t care that she’d been scared – if she’d only been this open before, I told myself, it would have saved us a world of hurt.

“It only got worse. After about three weeks of us reuniting, I started cheating on her. I reconnected with one of my lovers from the bar, Kayla, and fucked her every chance I got, barely trying to hide it. Adrian must have known, but she didn’t let on – I guess she thought that if she was there for me and was open enough, I’d come back to her. She was wrong.

“Six months ago, Adrian woke up to an empty bed and a note on the vanity. I came clean, told her everything: I’d been lying and cheating, I didn’t want to be with her. I was on a brief vacation with my new lover and expected her and her things to be out of my apartment by the time I returned a week later.”

She pulled her arm from around Josie and pushed her away, looking into her eyes.

“I was such a bitch, Josie – I really fucked with her. She has every right to hate me – I don’t blame her one bit. And I understand if you’d like me to get the hell out of here now. I warned you that I’m raw, but I didn’t give you the full story, Josie – I don’t know you all that well, but what I do know is that you are incredible and deserve a woman that can be real with you.”

Grasping Kendall’s hand, Josie looked directly into her eyes and leaned forward, kissing her firmly, yet gently. “I think that was pretty real, don’t you?”

“You scare me,” Kendall whispered, a nervous smile playing at the corners of her mouth.

Josie grinned, squeezing her lover’s fingers in her own. “The worst is over,” she teased, reaching playfully to tweak one of Kendall’s swollen nipples, “you’ve already fallen for me.”

With a growl and a smile, Kendall pounced, pinning Josie beneath her and pressing her wrists into the pillow above her head. “I may have fallen, but look who’s on her back…”

Josie groaned and gave herself to Kendall’s lips as they teased, pressed, sucked, and devoured her own.


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