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Madison turned on the music as she walked through her apartment. What a day this had been. All she could think about all day was coming home to a stiff drink and a hot shower, and the one thing she wanted the most, one night with Daniel.

Would he remember her? The invitation to the reunion lay on her desk awaiting her return response. She had heard from a friend that he had sent in his response, and that he was coming there alone. She couldn’t wait to see him.

Her Long Island Ice Tea in her hand she made her way to the bathroom. As she kicked off her shoes her thoughts of how long it had been since she had someone that would take care of her wants. Slipping off her hose her thoughts were now of what type of lover would he be.

She had different tastes; it was as if her moods defined her sexual needs at that given time. If her mood deemed it necessary she wanted hot and wild abandon and at times her mood made her want and crave slow and sensual love making.

Turning on the shower the steamed filling the bathroom she finished undressing. Madison loved lingerie. No matter how professional she had to dress, her undergarments were sexy. Today was Friday; she always Sefaköy escort wore black on Friday. Maybe that was her hopes that it would be seen, that she might get lucky and get to show them off.

As she glanced into the mirror she wondered if Daniel would enjoy watching her dance for him, teasing him as she swayed to the music. Watching herself in the mirror noticing the flush on her cheeks and her breasts swaying, nipples tight begging to be touched. Would Daniel be gentle with them? She loved to have her breasts kneaded, nipples nipped gently by teeth and greedily sucked as if it was the substance of their being.

As she ran her fingertips over her nipples, taking them between her thumb and forefinger, toying with them her thoughts of Daniel. Longing for him to be the one giving her pleasure. Shivering, running her hands lower over her body, feeling the steam on her skin from the shower and the need of underlying passion longing to be set free.

Stepping into the shower, the water caressing her body she needed. She had come along way from the wall flower eight years ago. Would that excite him? Would he finally notice her? Would he desire her? Escort Yenibosna She so hoped he would.

Soaping her body with her favorite vanilla scented wash as her body burned for release. Slow circles over her taut breasts, lifting them, squeezing them, making her body crave for more.

The bubbles on her skin mixed with the water and steam from the shower making her desire for so much more. Moving lower on her body, fingers skimming her smooth mound. This was another secret; she loved the feeling of her smooth pussy. Would Daniel like it? Would he touch her, lick her, fuck her?

As she ran her fingers over her clit, rubbing it teasing her body, wanting a release but still teasing none the less. Slipping her fingers lower, feeling how wet she is, sinking her finger inside her body. Thrusting in and out of her hot body, her pussy grasping at her finger, tightening against it.

Oh how she longed for it to be Daniel. Longed for him to be watching her outside the shower, longed for the tasted of his cock in her mouth, wished it was that cock thrusting into her instead of her own fingers.

Reaching into her basket taking out Halkalı escort bayan her favorite bath toy as her fingers just were not reaching her need. Running the toy over her lips kissing it for the pleasure she knew it was going to bring her.

Parting her legs, she teased her body pressing the toy against her swollen flesh. Her body screaming for release. Pushing the toy hard and deep into her body, would Daniel be an aggressive lover? Would he take her higher than she had ever been? Would he like her telling him how good he felt, how hot she was? Would he tell her how good she was?

Thrusting the toy deeper and faster into her hot pussy, her juices flowing freely, would he taste her? The thoughts sometimes drove her mad. The fingers from her other hand slipping to her hard clit, circling it as the toy was thrust harder still and deeper still, her body a rollercoaster of emotions her thoughts consuming.

Pushing the vibrator as deep as it would go she felt her body’s response, legs quivering, she rested her head against the shower door as her orgasm made her weak. Sweet release but pulling the toy from her body made her realize that she would be crawling into her bed alone.

Turning the shower off and drying her body, she was thankful for the invitation to the reunion. It would be something she would look forward to.

Turning the music off and double checking her locks, she climbs into her satin sheets to dream of Daniel and hopefully a night of passion.

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