Please note that the following story is essentially true but that my long term boyfriend and I only fuck with strangers when condoms are worn. Stay safe!


I can’t really remember how I came to be sat in my shorts and vest in the living room, doing work on my laptop to do with marketing our bed and breakfast. My boyfriend Dave had made a rare trip back to London from our home in northern France for a couple of days and I had domestic chores to do fixing this and that and moving wood, ready for winter and taking advantage of the late warm autumn weather we were having. Once that was done, I showered and shaved my cock and balls for Dave’s imminent return, hardening a little but not bothering to jerk off. I dried and pulled on the shorts and vest, then set about amending our B&B advert. Due to other commitments we hadn’t had sex for a couple of days before his departure and I was trying to keep sex off my mind as I was all alone. And horny.

The knock at the door was a surprise that took me away from my almost finished handiwork. I opened it and recognised Loïc, a guy from chats we had over a social media site as I was interested in entering the local triathlon and had joined a group to find out more. We had conversed and exchanged information only relating to our sporting interests but I had told him where I lived and issued a general if-ever-you’re-in-the-area kind of invite, never expecting any more. Except he happened to be in the area.

“Come in” I said.

He seemed reluctant, explaining he was close to our house as we live near the estuary where some of the outdoor swimming takes place. He’d been in the water and was about to cycle back home the 20 km or so, drying off as he went so he was still quite wet stood outside my door.

“I’ll lend you a pair of shorts and a Tee if you like, take a shower and dry off and then bring them back next time you pass if you want.”

He looked to be the same size or similar as me, 5’8 and slim although if anything he was perhaps slimmer and with better defined leg muscles. I placed him in his early thirties. Not quite as cute as in the selfies he’d uploaded but not unattractive either.

He said that sounded great, slipped off his foot footwear and followed me down the hallway to the downstairs bathroom. I said I’d leave the shorts and top on the door handle and went back to the living room to close down and finish up my computer work. A short time later he appeared wearing the borrowed clothes.

I guessed he wouldn’t want alcohol if he had a ride ahead of him and so offered him an apple juice which he gladly accepted. Perhaps in part to take away any taste of the river, it’s salty where it meets the incoming tide, not to mention probably not that good for you and certainly unlike tap or spring water.

He sat in the chair and I tried to check him out but the shorts and top weren’t that flattering, all I could see were his very smooth calves and thighs, and wiry arms. We chatted about the triathlon, what training we might do individually and the possibility of doing some together, the deadline for entry and so on. And at least it took my mind off being horny as it was something Beylikdüzü escort I really wanted to do.

I then showed Loïc around the house after explaining that we had a small bed and breakfast business, first out the back with the small piece of land we keep and the bigger part that we rent to our neighbour. We then entered and I showed him the 2 rooms we let out to guests. He had already seen the bathroom of course and our bedroom was next door, looking- as ever- like a bomb had gone off in there. He opened the door as he asked me what the room was and I explained it was our room.

“Your wife not very houseproud?” he asked.

He was clearly teasing me, although I think he was teasing that the room was a mess rather than my previously unmentioned marital status.

“He’s away” I said, smiling back.

A long but unawkward silence followed.

“Gay?” he asked.

“Gay” I said.

His face gave nothing away and I wondered if he would not quietly withdraw the offer of training together or make a hasty retreat. There was a small awkward silence which he broke.

“Could you help me?” he asked, quizzically rather than suggestively.

“Go on” I said.

“I want to try anal with my girlfriend. Can you give me any advice?”

I paused and smiled. I wasn’t sure whether he wanted to borrow a manual, have a description or have me lube up one of our non-existent sex toys and demonstrate but as Dave hadn’t emptied his balls up my arse for a while and I knew I was willing… I asked him to stay where he was.

I ran to the living room and slipped my shorts off, quickly pulling on one of my 3 coloured jockstraps from my sports bag. I chose the one that looks, from the front, most like tight underwear. I also grabbed one of the lube sachets I keep in the bag in case Dave and I get horny down at the beach, the bag doubles up for carrying gym and sunbathing stuff. I returned to the bedroom facing Loïc.

I walked up to stand right in front of him and then turned around. He couldn’t see my exposed butt. I grabbed back and pulled his arm and wrapped it around my stomach then pushed back so his bulge was snuggled in my crack. He didn’t object.

“Stood up or laid down, spooning, parallel to your girlfriend so your cock rubs up her butt crack and take it gently, that would get you in” I said.

I pushed back again and felt his bulge swell a little but through the shorts I couldn’t tell if he was hard, nor if he was a big boy. I confess, I prefer a small cock, Dave is a perfect fit and less than 6 inches hard. I walked forward to the bed, pulling him along with me. Once there, I turned over, my pouch still holding my swollen cock in place, and laid down. I took Loïc’s hands and pulled him towards me so we were in the missionary position. I moved my hips so again, his bulge was snuggled in my crack.

I pulled him down so he was less than an inch from my mouth.

“This one is good if you want to kiss but enter slower as the inner butt isn’t in quite the same direction as your hard on.”

I stared in his eyes for a while, I hadn’t noticed how piercing they were, wondering whether he’d pull back, open Beylikdüzü escort his mouth or lock lips with me. I smiled and reached round, slipping my hands in the waistband of the shorts and feeling his smooth buttocks, pulling him in from the hips.

“And she can control how deep you go” I said.

He smiled and I felt a further swelling of his package. I smiled too and then freed myself. I turned over again, now assuming one of my favourite fuck positions, on all fours. He didn’t need any encouragement this time, he had seen now my naked butt and I spread my legs ever so slightly. He moved forwards and again, positioned the hard shaft of his dick in my crack and against my hole. I told him to take hold of my hips, which he did, and I rocked very slightly backwards and forwards.

“This one is my favourite, if you go in gently it feels great for the both of you. How’s the view?” I asked.

“Pretty good from here” said a voice from the doorway.

Way ahead of schedule, Dave was home! Loïc froze.

Dave smiled and I think that at least stopped him rushing fo for the door. He walked over and looked Loïc up and down, even though he was still in the shorts and t-shirt he was cute and clearly in good shape. Both Dave and I are a similar build, he a little more muscular than me around the chest, and we are both blessed with little body hair.

“Lube helps” he said.

He opened the packet I had brought from my bag and left next to us on the bed. He kept eye contact with Loïc and the slight gap between my arsehole and Loïc’s tented shorts was enough for Dave’s finger to find and lube my hole. It was cool against my warm ring and he pushed just the tip of his finger in me. He then stood behind Loïc and slowly eased down the borrowed shorts so his hard on which had thankfully not receded in shock or shyness, banged against my taint. Emboldened, Dave squeezed some more lube and reached under, finding the head of Loïc’s cock. He wasn’t cut but the foreskin was pulled back and although I hadn’t seen his cock I could tell he was very slightly bigger than Dave. And, as I found out afterwards (and for next time) like many a keen French athlete, he didn’t just shave his torso.

“Got you a little something” said Dave.

He unzipped and unfastened his trousers and his cock was limp. I love such self control. I took his cock in my mouth and sucked hard on it for a moment and then stopped, letting it swell ever so slightly. I kept it there in my wet mouth and he stopped moving completely, took a breath and then I felt the flow of his piss across my tongue. I swallowed, careful not to spill any, although the first spurts were a little strong due mainly to him having been sat in the car for 2 hours without a break. However, once in full flow, he controlled the volume and pace and the the taste sweetened as my own cock reached full hardness and wanted desperately to be freed.

Loïc meanwhile was rubbing his hard and freed cock against my lubed hole and I clamped my sphincter hard when I felt he was about to enter, then relaxed so as he pushed against what was previously firm, he found no resistance and slid in immediately. Fortunately Escort Beylikdüzü Dave had stopped pissing as I took a small sharp intake of breath and felt a warmth in my arse. Dave stood up and bent down to kiss me, climbing out of his trousers at the same time. He then grabbed the lube sachet and squeezed out the last of it on two of his fingers and placed them gently against Loïc’s asshole, teasing his ring as Loïc eased himself further and deeper in my own slippery arse.

He seemed to be enjoying the tips of Dave’s two lubed fingers and was thrusting determinedly, squeezing his buttocks, clamping down hard on them and giving himself pleasure as his shaft, well up my own arse by now, rubbed against my prostate gland and drove me wild. Dave’s hand, excluding the two occupied digits, squeezed the muscular butt cheek firmly.

I knew Loïc wouldn’t last long as he and I both found his speed and rhythm and sure enough he loudly proclaimed he was about to shoot although his breathing had made it obvious and I felt him empty his balls deep within my guts, several huge spurts followed by more smaller ones. I slowly fell forward, disgorging myself from his cock and Dave let his hand drop from his arse.

“Hope I last longer with her” he mumbled.

He said it very matter of factly , standing upright and pulling up the shorts from his ankles. I smiled and he left the bedroom to collect his things, Dave- still naked and hard- following him to the living room to see him out.

He returned to the bedroom after a couple of minutes via the bathroom where I heard him wash his hands. I was still laying on the bed in my jock hard in expectation of what was due.

“Short but sweet” I said.

“Welcome home!”

Dave came and lay on top of me, his cock pressed in my crack. He had removed all of his clothes and took my vest off, then smacked one of my arse cheeks hard.

“Somebody’s been a bad boy” he said and slapped me again.

I raised my hips a little, making my ass more smackable and received several more strikes, leaving me with a tingling sensation. He then rubbed it gently before the head of his cut cock pushed against my slippery, damp, just-fucked hole and, still good and moist from the lube, slowly slid in. I lifted one leg and turned over so I was on my back and pulled both of Dave’s ass cheeks, bringing his cock deep within me. He in turn rubbed the pouch of the jock strap and pulled the waistband a little so my own knob end was free, heavily leaking precum. Then he rocked himself in and almost out of my arse, starting slow but gaining speed and rhythm, pumping away and driving me nuts.

I knew I was going to cop for a huge load, he comes plenty even if we have sex every day and the sensation of him spunking so much inside me was incredible, it lasts a long time and as his cock isn’t that long, he shoots against my my mancunt giving me great pleasure. Following Loïc’s generous ejaculation, I was worried I would have their juices leaking everywhere and wanted to enjoy that feeling of being spunk filled as long as I could, so much so that I reached down and squeezed my full balls through the pouch before instantly shooting my own heavy load across my chest and stomach. Dave fell on to me so it sandwiched between us, making us both a sticky, sweaty and spunky mess before kissing me deeply.

“Miss me?” he asked.

“A little” I said.

“But now it’s like you’ve never been away.”

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