Linda The Cheerleading Nymph


Hello, based on some comments I’ve received on some of my stories I wanted to place this disclaimer. There is no disease in the World of my characters. They are all consenting adults. No one is leaving anyone. No one is mad at anyone. They are happy with their lives.

If you don’t like reading about people having fun, exploring new experiences with others, partners, etc…, then PLEASE STOP HERE. Because quite honestly, no one wants to hear your troll comments about the sanctity of marriage, single commitments, blah, blah, blah. If you believe in that so much, then don’t read a story in this category. Whew, now that that is off my chest…ENJOY!


As football practice ended, the studly college players made their way off the field. As one of the running backs got close to the sidelines, a cute, petite, bombshell of a cheerleader motioned him to her and whispered something in his ear. The player nonchalantly acknowledged the message and continued into the locker room.

Coach Tanner had seen the exchange and knew what was being said by the cheerleader to the player. A smirk came across the coach’s face and he made his way to his office, located just off the locker room.

Once in his office, coach Tanner closed the blinds and before sitting behind his desk, he dropped his coaches shorts and underwear. He was already getting hard just waiting for the knock on the door. Shortly after settling in behind his desk, he heard a gentle knock and told the person on the other side of the door to enter. It was the cute cheerleader.

“Coach Tanner? May I please come in?” The innocent voice asked through a slightly opened door.

“Of course Linda, please do! Please lock the door after you enter.” Coach Tanner replied.

Linda entered the room, knowing full well what she would have to do. Linda was not a slut. She didn’t dress slutty, she didn’t talk slutty, she was very prim and proper in everything she did. Linda’s specific condition was that she was a nymphomaniac. She needed sex almost as much as she needed to eat and sleep. She was supposed to take medicine for the “illness”, but she had decided that why take medicine for something she didn’t deem an illness?

Linda also knew that to get what she REALLY wanted in that locker room, she had to pay the piper so to speak, and that piper was coach Tanner.

“Sit down Linda. What’s on your mind?” Coach Tanner prompted, in a genuinely concerned sounding way, making her confess to what her real goal was that afternoon. He knew she loved playing these games.

“Well coach,” Linda began, in an innocent voice with eyes that could melt an iceberg. “I was wondering if I might be able to shower with the team this afternoon? At least with my group?”

Coach Tanner stood, his half hard erection now fully visible to Linda. He moved slowly around the desk until he sat on the edge, his cock inches from her cute, petit mouth.

“I don’t see any reason why you can’t shower with the boys Linda.” He said softly as his hand came behind her head and brought it to his now hardening cock head.

Linda opened her mouth and received her treat. She loved coach Tanner’s cock. Seven inches and almost as thick çukurambar escort as an energy drink can, it was the perfect size to wrap her expert mouth around. She took more and more of the thick shaft into her mouth until she literally bottomed out at his balls. Deep throating was one of her expert skills, and she could hold her breath beyond a minute while doing it.

While coach Tanner loved Linda’s mouth moving up and down his shaft, he loved something even more…Her tight, tight pussy. After about five minutes of Linda sucking him, he pulled out of her mouth, gently lifted her out of the chair and took a position behind her, leaning her over his desk. His cock, now beyond hard from the sucking, was eased into her pussy which was dripping with her own lubricant. They never really spoke during these sessions and Tanner liked it that way. He knew he was just the gatekeeper in this scenario and had no issues getting his rocks off quickly.

five more minutes of slow, even thrusting and Tanner could feel Linda’s pussy begin to convulse in an orgasm. She moaned and whimpered in a seductive sexual sound while whispering to no one in particular “Fuck me…Fuck me…”. Tanner’s balls contracted and he unleashed a torrent of cum into the little hottie. After their orgasms subsided, coach Tanner pulled out, and watched his cum begin to run down the beautifully supple thighs of the young nymph.

Linda, raised her panties, wanting to preserve as much natural lube in the form of coach Tanners cum as she could for what was to come.

“Thank you coach Tanner.” Linda stated matter-of-factly while straightening herself up, then turned and left.

“You’re very welcome Linda.” Coach Tanner stated, returning to his seat behind his desk, wanting to burn these sessions into his mind for later use while jacking off at home some night.

With the gate keeper taken care of, Linda turned her attention to her next goal for the afternoon.

While Linda had been servicing coach Tanner, five football players remained behind in the showers after all the others had left. These five were Linda’s “stable” so to speak, chosen by her based on looks, build, and cock size. The five ranged from six to nine inches in length, each with his own specialty to pleasure Linda.

Linda appeared from between the lockers and took in the sight of her stable. She calmly walked into the shower area and disrobed, making sure to neatly fold and stack her uniform so as not to call attention to herself after the session. The boys loved this part and each took in the petite beauty disrobing before him.

She walked into the shower, picking up the bottle of hair conditioner that one of the players had made sure was available to her. Again, nothing was said. One shower ran, but everyone was outside of the spray, which was only there to provide any moisture that may be necessary during the session. Linda began on the right side of the line of boys, they were all in position according to cock size, small to large. She squirted some conditioner into her left hand and began applying it to, then stroking the six inch cock while handing the bottle to the next boy in line. She demetevler escort rarely looked at the boy’s faces, instead concentrating on her hand moving up and down their shafts. The boys had no say in when they would come. Sometimes Linda would wait until the very end for them to come. Other times, she would make them all come with her hands first, which would make them last longer the rest of the session. It also depended on how horny each boy was…Some couldn’t help the stroking of her expert handjob and come quickly.

She now moved to the seven inch cock, letting the six inch calm down. As with the six inch, she began to stroke the shaft slowly, fixed on her hand moving up and down. The seven inch was too worked up though, and after less than a minute, it erupted in five, powerful shots of cum that ended up covering Linda’s hand as it continued to pump.

Moving off the seven inch cock, she positioned herself between the two eight incher’s, facing opposite of the boys. She held out both hands, palms up as one of the boys squirted ropes of conditioner in each hand. Linda then began stroking the eight inch cocks in unison, back and forth. She stroked them for about three minutes, then did the same to the long, thick, nine incher which was one of her favorite cocks of all. For it, she loved to use both hands moving up and down the shaft in unison. She was always excited to see her little fingers not even being able to wrap all the way around the thick pole.

With the stroking session over, Linda moved to the locker area and sat on one of the benches. Knowing what to do by heart, the boys lined up, again in order of length and presented their cocks to her. She was able to deep throat the six and seven inch cocks with no problem, and easily took each down to the balls, where she would flick her tongue out and tease the full sacks. It was always during this session that one or two cocks would erupt and today was no different. After about two minutes of expert cock sucking and deep throating, the seven inch cock began to tighten in Linda’s mouth. Knowing what was coming, and ready for a nice, thick, warm load, she began jacking the cock with her right hand while kneading the loaded balls with her left. Her lips moving tightly up and down the top third of the shaft and her tongue flicking the foreskin, the cock erupted in torrents of cum. Keeping her composure so as to enjoy every rope that filled her mouth, Linda began swallowing the salty syrup.

One of the eight incher’s ended in a spasmic eruption as well, and Linda swallowed her second load of the afternoon. By the time she was done orally pleasing the nine inch cock, she was as horny as she could be and ready for the last session.

Linda rose up, from the bench, and, looking at the nine incher, then motioning to the bench, the boy followed his mistress’s direction and laid down on the bench on his back. His still hard cock rested on his stomach. Linda slung her right leg over the boy and positioned her sopping wet pussy, which was still lubricated with coach Tanner’s load, over the nine inch pole below. She gently slid further and further down the shaft until she was bottomed dikmen escort out against the boy’s plumb sized balls. She began moving up and down the shaft, slowly enjoying the ride and building up to a well deserved orgasm.

The other boys stood around Linda and the nine incher slowly stroking their cocks, knowing not to interfere just yet. Linda loved looking down, between her legs and seeing her small, tight, pussy being stretched by that tree of a cock. Four minutes is about how long she usually lasted and today she went only three before she began convulsing uncontrollably in an Earth shattering orgasm.

Regaining her composure, she lifted off of the nine incher until she had only half inside her and held there. She needed to provide no direction to the rest of the boys; they each knew their position. The six incher took up a position behind Linda, straddling the nine inch boy the same as Linda. The seven incher, then began slowly feeding his cock into Linda’s ass, inch by inch, until he was in all the way. He could feel his balls rubbing the nine incher’s balls. Linda began slowly moving up and down both shafts now, her pussy beginning to tingle again.

The eight inchers took up each side of Linda and the seven incher stood right in front of her, his balls hanging about a foot over the head of the nine incher laid out on the bench. Linda now performed the best feat of all, moving up and down on the two cocks in her pussy and ass, while stroking and sucking the three cocks around her head. The boys never knew how she could keep suck timing up for five to ten minutes.

While all this was going on, coach Tanner had recovered and was watching the entire scene, as he always did, via a monitor in his office. He was jacking off furiously now.

The five boys being serviced by Linda had little time left before erupting and Linda sensed it. Her last orgasm was her favorite, knowing that she was fulfilling the dreams of five well hung boys while at the same time feeling sensations she knew few women would ever experience. She came hard, with an eight incher in her mouth and filled down to the balls by the nine incher and six incher. She knew her orgasm would set off the boys, and it did.

She quickly dismounted both cocks in her pussy and ass and once again sat down on the bench. The boys squeezed in together, now frantically stroking their cocks just inches from Linda’s face. As each cock erupted, Linda held her mouth open just slightly, not like a porn star slut, but innocently like a shy girl knowing that what she’s doing is ‘naughty’. Streams of cum shot out of each cock, literally covering her face with a thick layer of white goo. The white mess began dripping off her face, landing first on her pert 34c breasts, then forming a river down her belly and oozing onto her pussy. She was a sight to see and certainly nothing on a porn site could compare. Linda sat there, transfixed on all the cum that had just been deposited on her.

The boys gathered their clothes and left, following the protocol Linda had set for them. She had one last scene to play. As she sat there, her right hand feverishly stroking her cum covered pussy, and her left hand kneading her cum covered breasts, one last cock entered her mouth. Just as Linda came from her hand, coach Tanner unloaded a second load of cum in her cute little mouth. After they both came down from their orgasms, coach Tanner turned and walked back to his office, while Linda made her way to the shower.

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