Christmas with the Count Pt. 09


This is the ninth part of the second story following the exploits of Maggie, her friends, and the enigmatic and vicious Count Pyre. This story is mainly set in Romania. I only used this country because of the joking Count Dracula similarities. All of the people and places are purely imaginary, and if they bear any resemblance to real people that is unfortunate and unintended. If the story line upsets anyone from that great country I apologise unreservedly.

There are some old characters who make a reappearance, plus plenty of new ones that will hopefully keep you interested. The story contains elements of extreme BDSM that may upset some people. If that is the case with you, then please move on. Apart from that, there is something for everyone. Straight sex, lesbian, toys, lingerie, anal and group sex. I hope you enjoy it. Constructive criticism is always appreciated. If you hate it just leave a bad rating and move on. I am not a professional writer and just do this for a bit of fun. For me the main enjoyment I derive from writing these stories is in creating the characters. If you have strong feelings about any of the persons in the story and would like to read more, or less, about them please leave your remarks in the comments and I will try to accommodate your wishes when Maggie it must have been around eleven in the evening of the twenty eighth when Gabrielle burst into her room. She was in a terrible state and sobbing loudly.

Maggie took a few seconds to comprehend what was happening before she asked Gabrielle, “Whatever is wrong Gabrielle?” She sat up in bed and once more marvelled at her recovery times from the Count`s beatings. By tomorrow there would be hardly any trace of the severe thrashing she had received, apart from a couple of tiny persistent bruises.

Gabriele explained through her sobs, “It`s Charlotte. She had a lot of wine at dinner and then she challenged the Count about what he had done to you, and also us. She told him that you were innocent, and out of all of us you were the one who adored him the most, even loved him. What Tony had told him was a fantasy he had concocted in his own mind, and he should apologise to you.”

“Oh my God,” Maggie said her hand rising to her mouth. “What did the Count say?”

“It was terrible Maggie. He flew into such a rage. He shouted at Charlotte that as a slave she had no right to question his actions, that we were all ungrateful whores, and he would do to us what he wished and when he wished to do it. Then he called Haki and told him to bring a rope. He tied Charlotte`s hands together and then flung the rope over a beam in the dining hall. He physically hauled her up by the rope until she was dangling a few feet off the ground. He tied the rope to a hook on the wall. His face was red with rage as he ripped the dress and underwear from Charlotte. Then he flogged her cruelly with the leather whip. Charlotte was shrieking as he whipped her again and again. Her back and bum are a mess.”

Maggie was shocked to her core and whispered, “Where is she now?”

“When he stopped hitting her, I moved to help her, but he told me to leave her. That she would hang there until morning to ensure that she knew her place and to never question him again.”

Maggie got out of bed and pulled on a skirt and jumper before carefully descending the stairs. Gabrielle followed her as she walked into the dining hall. It was empty apart from Charlotte`s balgat escort body swinging from the rope. Her back and buttocks were a mass of angry welts. Maggie couldn`t see how many as the bruising merged many of the strokes into one painful mass. Grabbing a chair, Maggie stood on it with great effort and Gabrielle passed her a glass of water. Maggie tenderly poured the water between Charlotte`s parched lips, as she whispered, “Oh Charlotte, I am so sorry. I told you not to do this. I knew it would only end badly.”

The surprise Maggie had when Charlotte grinned at her and whispered, “It was fucking worth it. He had to know he fucked up. Now leave me and get out of here before he comes back and does worse.”

Maggie started to argue but Charlotte was insistent, so she and Gabrielle made their way back upstairs. Maggie said good night to Gabrielle before her door and then walked to her own room. As she entered, her breath caught in her throat. The Count was sitting on her bed, glaring at her, “Where were you?” he said.

“I went to see Charlotte Master!” Maggie glared back, her anger barely under control.

“She must learn,” he spat, “But I also listened to her bleating’s. It appears I may have been hasty in my actions and that you were not complicate in Tony`s plans. I am not sorry for what I did, as you obviously gave him cause to think that you would leave me for him, even if that wasn`t your intention.”

“No it wasn`t Master! At no time did I ever say I wanted to leave you. In fact, I told him the opposite, that I had given my oath and I intended to honour that for as long as you would let me. I have never lied or been deceitful with you Master, and I never will!”

He nodded, a thoughtful frown on his face, “How are your wounds?” He asked, genuine concern in his voice.

“Almost gone Master. Do you want to lay with me?”

“I would like that very much Maggie.”

“I just have one request Master.”

“You can have whatever you want tonight!”

“Please go and release Charlotte and tell Franky and Gabrielle to look after her. Then return to me here I will prepare myself for you.”

Without saying a word he left the bed, and then her room. Maggie moved quickly, her skirt and jumper were dumped on the sofa. She selected a jet-black bra and panties set of diaphanous silk. Rolling smoky grey thigh highs up her legs she lay on the bed and waited.

Twenty minutes later her door opened, and the Count entered. “I did as you asked,” he stated, “Now you will do as I ask!”

He was not alone. Peter Poker walked in behind him dressed in just his loose-fitting cotton pants, his bare chest glistened in the light from the fire. The Count meticulously removed his clothing, folding each piece carefully and placing them next to Maggie`s clothes on the sofa.

Peter was not so careful as he pulled off the cotton pants and his massive member sprung into view. The two men then stood before the bed as Maggie slipped off the covers. Sitting on her haunches she placed one hand around both of the cocks waving in front of her face. Running her fingernails gently up and down both shafts she alternated sucking on the heads, her tongue running over the two bulbous purple heads. Maggie lavished attention on both the dicks for many minutes until both were like iron rods in her hands.

The Count then told Peter to lie on the bed and indicated that Maggie should batıkent escort straddle him. She did as he bid her and felt Peter`s huge dick sliding effortlessly into her pussy. She had not had sex for nearly two days, and this was the longest drought for her since she had come to work for the Count. Her arousal had built quickly as she orally pleased the two men, and her snatch was slippery with her wetness. More and more erect penis pushed inside her as she used her hand to hold him as she felt herself filling and filling. She let out a sigh of relief when her bum rested on Peter`s thighs and he was completely buried within her.

Maggie felt the Count`s hand gently push her in the middle of the back, and she lowered herself until she was lying with her silk encased breast rubbing against Peter`s hard, muscled chest. This act just increased her feeling of being totally stuffed with the hugest dick she had ever had to cope with. The position she was now in caused er arse to rise provocatively. Maggie took a deep breath as she felt the Count`s fingers, slimy with lubricant, start to push slowly into her anus. “Fuck!” she thought, “They are going to DP me!”

The Count was using more and more lube as his fingers widened her rear entry in preparation for him entering her. Maggie grimaced as a second finger was pushed through her puckered entry. She felt the fingers rub against Peter`s cock in her vagina His cock and the Count`s fingers separated by only the thinnest of membranes.

Peter was immobile inside her as he waited for the Count. Then Maggie felt the tip of the Count`s penis rest briefly at her back door before he gradually thrust it home. The amount of lubricant that he had used helped to diminish the pain, but she was still rammed fuller than she had ever been before, with the Count`s sizeable dick in her arse, and Peter`s monster cock in her pussy.

Once he was fully ensconced, Maggie was breathing heavily, she could almost feel her muscles stretching to accommodate both men. Then they both began to rock back and forth. It took a few seconds before they had synced their thrusts, but when they were sliding only partially in and out of her Maggie actually found the experience quite enjoyable. Her breathing was now coming in short bursts as she ground her clit against Peter`s pubic bone. Her first climax was just a mild tingling that rippled out from her core to the furthest point of her body. The second when it arrived was a mind-bending crash of intensity that exploded out from her core, and had her screaming loudly, “Yes. Yes. Fucking Yeeees!”

The two men were not finished. They lengthened their strokes so that now Maggie felt three or four inches of their penis vacate her body, and then slam back inside and filling the vacuum. As they were moving together Maggie felt her vagina fill as her arse emptied, then vice versa as the Count pulled back as Peter trust upwards.

Maggie came hard. Her finger nails digging into Peter`s side as she bit his chest to stifle her screams. As her pussy and arse clamped around the two thrusting members the added friction hastened their ejaculations and the two men filled both her holes with come almost simultaneously, leaving her huffing and puffing on Peter`s chest as she felt their deposits dribbling from inside her and pooling in Peter`s nest of curly blonde pubic hair.

With an unspoken command. Peter rose from beşevler escort the bed and pulled on his trousers before leaving the room. The Count led Maggie into the bathroom. Sensuously removed her lingerie and then followed her into the large shower cabin. He was unrecognisable from the man who had so viciously thrashed her the other night as he directed the shower jets and used gentle touches to sluice both his own and Peter`s come from her throbbing arse and pulsing pussy lips.

Once he was finished Maggie took the shower head from him and used it to clean his penis. It was already starting to stiffen before she filled her hands with shower gel and used them to stroke him as she cleaned. By the time she rinsed away the suds he was once more standing up as hard as granite. Maggie perched on the small bench seat in the shower and fed his thick cock into her mouth.

Soon he was holding on tightly to the slick tiles in the cabin as he thrust with his hips. Maggie adjusted her position to facilitate his entry to her throat. She held him there for a few beats before releasing him. As the tip emerged from her mouth, he spurted four large ropes of his thick come over her face and hair. Maggie began to giggle uncontrollably as he jerked and jerked, more small dribbles leaking from the small aperture at the apex to his cock. Maggie greedily licked up his delicious seed, sucking him tenderly to ensure she got it all, before standing and letting the warm jets of water clean her face and hair. Leaning forward she hugged him, her hands around his waist as she bombarded his chest with small delicate kisses. Under her breath she whispered, “I love you, Master!”

They stood in the warm water with the Count running his fingers through Maggie`s wet hair as she hugged him tighter and tighter. As the water began to run cold the Count led her from the shower. They patted each other’s bodies dry using large fluffy towels before slipping between the cool sheets of the bed. He was already erect as she snuggled into his firm body. With a speed that defied his size, he flipped her onto her back and entered her in one movement as Maggie wrapped her legs around his waist, effectively holding him in place as her vaginal muscles rippled up and down his captive shaft. Maggie knew that he loved it when she did this and it wasn`t long before she felt his semen flood her tunnel as he twitched above her. The low groan he emitted as he came was more one of release, than his usual roar of animalistic conquest.

The Count kissed her on the forehead and got out of her bed. Dressing much quicker than he had undressed he glanced once more at her and left the room. Maggie waited five minutes then leapt from the bed. Flinging on her skirt and jumper she nearly ran to Charlottes room. Her friend was laying on the bed, thankfully asleep as Gabrielle and Franky applied salves and creams to the ugly scars on her body. Maggie sat down and helped the other two women massage the cream into the worst areas. Charlotte stirred occasionally, letting out whimpers and groans in her sleep. When she was breathing softly and snoring quietly Gabrielle and Franky kissed Maggie and left. Maggie sat vigil the whole night, smoking one cigarette after the other as she waited for her friend to wake.

As the weak winter sun began to lighten the window Gabrielle returned to check on her friends. The two women shared a cigarette staring at Charlottes prone form. As they tossed their buts into the moat Charlotte rolled onto her back and let out a weak shriek as her wounds contacted the sheets. Maggie and Gabrielle couldn`t help but smile as Charlotte said weakly, “Hey girls, what`s going on?” and she gave them a large grin.

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