Lincoln isn’t so bad!


God, it was hot! I mean, seriously, one of those what the ‘F’ am I doing here sort of days. All I could do was look wistfully out of my office window at the people having fun on the river that my office overlooked. It must have been 33 degrees outside, which for some is nothing but to me……. it was the surface of the sun!

My office had a great view; it’s in an old building which was picture book quaint old English. The place drew tourists by the bucket load, what with the cathedral and all this olde world shit around. To me, all it meant was the rent was bloody astronomical, the floors were on a slope, it was too hot in summer and a freezer in the winter.

Still, it did have its benefits, a bit like today when all the totty came out to sun themselves. At 50, I had gone past the nervous stage of staring at women as they sunbathed, and I had embraced my inner dirty old man! God, most of them, didn’t see me as a threat anymore anyway, more as an object of pity; so, I happily would look at their legs and breasts as they took in all the sites. Today I was running the clock down until everyone left, and I could go without feeling too guilty, I mean, I’m the boss, but for some reason, I couldn’t bring myself to get up and walk out before the girls in the office did. I just had to show them that I was diligently working as hard as they were. More than once, I’m sure I saw them looking at me, wishing I wasn’t there so they could go home and enjoy the weather. Oh no, I stayed put, miserable and wanting to be outside as much as they did.

As I was staring at a stunning set of legs on a young lady sunbathing and looking on as one of the many pleasure cruisers chugged by bastards, I caught the eye of the girls’ mother, or should I say she found mine. I felt my face go slightly red as the look of guilt crossed my cheeks; yes, I am staring at your daughter, yes, I am a pervert, yes, I do wish I was next to her licking my way from her toes to her….. yep my face said it all.

I quickly glanced away and pretended in my very best English fashion, that I was staring at something completely different. Then I became cross with myself; hang on a moment, it’s my window. I can look at whoever I want; she can’t stop me! All this internal battle must have played across my face over several seconds as I found myself having this strange inner monologue with myself. After I had gone from guilt to resentment, I retook a quick glance at mum to see if she had moved on and was back to scanning for other miscreants. Nope, she was still looking at me, but this time she appeared to have a slight smirk across her face as she had watched me; the bloody cow was having fun making me uncomfortable.

Right then, two can play at this game, so instead of being furtive, I thought I would just front it out and stare right back. As I did this, I took in everything else that was happening in this small tableau. Daughter, the one I was mentally undressing up until 20 seconds ago, was probably in her twenties, blonde, and part of pretty much every dirty old man’s fantasies, really short shorts, a tiny top and pretty much every other aspect of her body in perfect proportion. I noticed a man now sitting with the group who must be dad! He was about my age but had had far too many cigarettes and beers and looked about five stone overweight. Trust me, I’m no oil painting, but I was a Greek god compared to this bloke. He was busy shoving an ice cream cone into his gob while most of it was dropping down his overstretched tee shirt. Then there was the mum, she was still staring at me and having a laugh at my expenses.

I smiled as I thought, at least I’m not married to that guy. I guess she was in her 40s, and although she wasn’t drop-dead gorgeous by any means, she had the look of someone who cared about herself, and I would describe her as a bit of all right! You can’t get fairer than that.

While I was working all this out, I saw that her old man was desperately trying to wipe up a massive drip of ice cream from his front with a tissue, and she glanced across at him and then back at me. I smiled at her, not being horrible but more to convey that I was sorry she was stuck with that guy and that I felt her pain. So, I shrugged my shoulders and tried to say we all have crosses to bear, don’t we? She seemed to get this because she raised her eyebrows in a god, why me sort of way and went back to staring back.

After all this eye contact, I started to feel that maybe this lady was looking at me in the same way I had started looking at her daughter a few minutes ago. It is amazing what men and women are like isn’t it. We don’t know why, but for some reason, most of us know when someone fancies us, wants to take things further or is trying to be more than just friends. Trust me, we all get it wrong every now and again, but for most of us, the old ‘I’m in here’ radar seems just to pick up these signs. When it does, it’s amazing how everyone seems to get just more attractive. Suddenly this strange unknown woman was looking at me, ergo she had now become Çankaya Escort an absolute babe!

The daughter was moaning by the look of it, and dad was making a move to get up as well; it must be time for them to go and take in the next attractions that this one-horse city has to offer. Mum though, just sat there and said something to them both, couldn’t hear obviously, but it appeared to be along the lines of why don’t you two sod off and amuse yourself? I’m staying right here in the sun, and I can’t be arsed to move! Good for her, I thought.

So, the bloke and his daughter struggled up and were last seen walking off towards the high street.

Mum was still looking at me and seemed to relax just a little bit now that she was on her own. In for a penny, I thought and decided to rest my chin on my hand and just look directly at her, my eyes just running along her body from head to toe. She had trainers on and little socks that led to a beautiful set of calves and thighs. A cute denim mini skirt came next as I moved from those crossed legs higher. There is something just so sexy about little dresses; I guess it’s knowing that only a few inches away is a pair of knickers and the hidden treasure they hide. How often do you walk past someone wearing something revealing and just for a moment pray that a gust of wind blows, or they bend over, just for that slight glimpse of what’s underneath? Whitetop next, nothing spectacular but a decent-sized pair of breasts contained within a black bra under it. Then, she turned towards me while pretending to alter her body to catch more sun. She leaned her head back, exposing her neck and closing her eyes; before this, I saw that she had just the slightest glances around to see if anyone else was watching. She sat like this for about ten seconds before she uncrossed her legs and moved them apart just a few centimetres, nothing outrageous, just enough for me to gasp and start to feel the blood rush from my head to lower down my body. I couldn’t see anything, but the promise was there, just a little more, and I would be looking up this woman’s skirt. She then raised her head a little, and our eyes met; she knew I was looking and knew what she was doing and then she smiled again, leaned further back on her elbows, stretched her neck and raised her left knee. I now could see her black panties in all their glory; she swung her knees so that her legs parted wider every now and again.

When she next looked, I made an exaggerated motion of closing my eyes and inhaling deeply as if breathing her in, then licking my lips before opening my eyes to see if she had seen my action and what sort of reception I was going to receive. She was still looking, but the innocent and mischievous look had been replaced with what I took to be lust.

I stood up at this point and told the girls that I was just going to pop out for a minute and that I would be back, so don’t lock up.

As I was walking down from my first-floor window, I suddenly thought I had no idea what to do next. What if I had misread this? What if she hadn’t meant any of this? Was I just going to make myself look like a complete twat by trying to talk to this woman? What if her family came back? I could hardly get it on with the world looking at us? Really hadn’t thought this one through. However, we do have a basement under our building that the offices use and basically is a junk room. To gain access to this, you had to walk out of the building and get in via a side door; I would be on view if she were looking. At least this way, it would be her choice if she wanted to go the extra mile, she could back out, and everything was deniable from my end; I hadn’t said anything after all.

So, I walked out into the sun and made a show of unlocking and opening the door before stepping inside.

Shit! as I turned on the light, this wasn’t the most romantic of settings; old chairs and tables littered the place, along with boxes filled with god knows what? Then the self-doubt kicked in as I waited; seriously, what the fuck was I doing in a cellar, a grown man acting like a prat because a lady had smiled at him!

It was then that I heard the faint knock, and the lady’s head slowly and nervously peeked around the door, I smiled at her, and she quickly dived in and shut the door behind her. I went and locked the door, with the catch as she turned, and for the first time, we touched as my arm brushed hers. This seemed to catch us both unawares as the hairs on my arm stood on end. We were about a foot apart, and without a word, we both just moved in to kiss each other.

I was like a teenager again as I pushed my tongue into her open and willing mouth. She responded in kind, and I felt her hand wrap around my neck, forcing our mouths closer together, her other hand wrapping around my waist as she pushed her groin against mine.

With one hand against her back and the other sliding around to feel and grasp her arse, I pushed my erection against her; the first sound either of us had made was a groan as my hard Cebeci Escort cock pressed harder still. All I wanted to do was force my way through both sets of clothing. She moaned again and tilted her head back just enough for our lips to part and for both of us the gasp some air back into our lungs. I attacked her neck with little bites and kisses as she twisted her face away, allowing me skin to explore. I felt my hand move up the side of her body as I kissed lower. With my hand raising, I managed to pull her shirt away from her skirt, and for the first time, I felt her skin against the palm of my hand. I grasped her waist harder, almost pinching and drew her closer to kiss her again.

I felt her hands grapple to pull my tee-shirt away from my jeans. Her hands were now forcing themselves under my top as she pulled me tighter against her breasts.

I don’t know why but I wanted to take control of this woman, something I don’t always do, but for some reason, it just felt right; with my other hand, I ran my fingers through her hair and pulled back hard enough to make her gasp in surprise. With a handful of hair, I now controlled her movements as she looked deeply into my eyes, her breathing ragged and shallow. I looked at her and examined every inch of her face before lowering my gaze to her chest and abdomen.

I didn’t say a word but just pulled her hair upwards so that she stood still.

As I slowly walked behind her, she stood at attention, my hand running around her stomach to her arse. I walked behind her and pressed my hard-on against her while my hands slowly moved under her top and enclosed her bra clad tits. I felt her nipples harden as my fingers played through the flimsy material. I again kissed and nipped her neck, making her pant with anticipation. I began to unbutton her top, and when loose, I slid the shirt from her shoulders. Kissing her neck lower, I traced a line down her spine as I passed the catches of her bra; I undid them as I slowly kissed to the very top of her skirt. With two hands, I slowly turned her, so she was facing me. While she moved, I looked up at her face and watched her eyes as she turned to face me and saw me on my knees worshipping her. Her breasts were heavy and swaying between us. I wanted so badly to take her nipples into my mouth and suck and bite them, but before I did that, these bottoms had to come off!

While she looked at me, I undid the top button and zip of her skirt and, hooking my thumbs into her waistband, lowered them to the floor.

The overpowering scent from her pussy hit me; I love the smell of an excited woman, the knowledge that I had made her that way, wet and ready for me, was such a turn on.

I leaned in and inhaled deeply, making her aware of precisely what I was doing and felt her shiver as the realisation hit her. With my mouth pressed against her knickers, I breathed out so she could feel the heat of my breath against her clitoris. With one movement, I moved them aside and buried my tongue inside her. I couldn’t wait any longer; I had to taste this woman; I’ve never wanted to make someone cum as much as I wanted to make this stranger right now. I was going to try to slowly build up the tension and drive her crazy, but all I had managed to do was work both of us up into a frenzy. I held one of her legs up a little to allow better access. With one hand holding her beautifully puffy labia apart, I lapped at her clit like a man possessed.

I didn’t care what was going on above me or what she was doing. Whether this was even working didn’t bother me, I just wanted her to know how much I wanted this and how much she had turned me on. I must have been doing something right as I felt her hands grip my head and steady herself as she drove my face deeper into her crutch. I could hear as her breath became more ragged; every now and then, I would slow down and just slowly press my tongue flat and then lick from the base of her dripping cunt to her now drenched clit. Then it was back to frantic lapping and burying my tongue as deeply into her body as I could. She groaned louder, fuck! I love it when they’re vocal as she neared her climax; suddenly, I felt her legs buckle, and she came. I held her steady as she let out the most exquisite moan, and my mouth was suddenly filled with her juices. She now drove my face against pussy as each new wave of her orgasm wracked her body; I just rode it out with her, never letting up with my slurping and drinking from this beautiful woman. As she came down from her high, I felt her draw me off my knees and onto my feet.

With a slightly glazed look, she smiled at me before clamping her lips to mine and kissing me with renewed passion, her tongue immediately forcing it’s way back into my mouth. She seemed to love the taste of her own juices. I had other ideas for that sexy mouth of hers, and all of them involved her being a lot lower down.

I gripped her hair, pulled her lips away from mine, and then slowly pushed her downwards; she resisted at first as she wanted to continue to Çukurambar Escort kiss me, but then the understanding of what I was doing took hold. She stopped struggling and seemed happy as I lowered her head to my now aching and very hard cock.

She stopped for just a second and seemed to examine the bulge behind my jeans; she slowly reached up and quickly undid the belt and lowered the zip before pulling them down. My pants promptly followed, and then she just stopped a couple of inches from my swollen cock and just stared at it; it was as if she wanted to commit every detail of it to memory before going any further. As soon as the examination of me finished, I saw her lick her lips in anticipation of what was to come and then open her lips wide as I forced her head onto me. She placed her hands on each of my thighs so that she could control me, but I desperately wanted to just force her mouth open and push myself as far down her throat as I could. In fairness to her, she didn’t resist much, and after a few gags, she just relaxed and let me slowly build up the rhythm. Again, I gripped her hair and just started to fuck her mouth and face. I heard her as my cock hit the back of her throat and felt long streams of her saliva as it dripped from her mouth and down my cock onto my legs. I didn’t fucking care a bit, she had had hers, and now it was my turn. I was going to come soon if I wasn’t careful, and to be honest, at my age, the days of getting back up again in any reasonable time were way past me. Fucking porn writers and their miraculous hardening cocks! Not in my lifetime, mate; I needed a lie down after I’d cum and at least twenty-odd minutes before I would even become conscious of anything happening around me! So I slowed down and, for the first time, looked down; she looked back up at me, her eyes watering from the abuse I had put her mouth threw, drool pouring from her mouth and her hands desperately trying to control my hips, fuck what had come over me. I stopped and slowly withdrew my cock like a naughty school kid having been caught staring at a dirty mag, fully expecting her to scream bloody murder or at least a slap around the chops before exiting stage right……. Instead, she swallowed her drool and, with the cutest of little smiles, stared right back at me.

Fuck me, I had hit fucking gold! I tugged on her hair, and she stood, all the while keeping her eyes locked on mine. Grabbing her shoulder, I turned her around and away from me; she leaned forward, placed her hands on the wall, and braced herself for what was to come. I didn’t see the point in taking anything off, so I just continued to pull her knickers to one side and lined my cock up against her cunt. Slowly I pushed myself inside; this is just the best feeling in the world, the bit where you feel her lips stretch and engulf you. She just sighed as I bottomed out in her. I wanted to build up again, but she just kept forcing herself back against me; this girl wanted it fast and hard. So I just grabbed her hips as tight as I could; I felt my nails as they sank into her flesh, and then I just fucked her!

As she leant forward, I would wait until she was almost at the end of my cock before I drove myself into her again and again; all you could hear was the slapping as we came together and her grunts and whimpers as I pushed her closer and closer to a second orgasm.

She just let out this low groan, and then she started to shake and quiver; I didn’t stop, I just pounded and pounded myself into her over and over as she came around me.

I felt my balls start to constrict and knew that there was no way I was stopping myself this time, I was going to fucking cum, and that was that. I started to slow, and she immediately sussed on what was about to happen. I suddenly had a thought fuck, what should I do, fill her, pull out? She made my mind up for me and just reached behind herself and grabbed hold of me, pulling herself onto me and refusing to let go. I fucking came, loud and just let out an animal-like growl as I pumped shot after shot of cum deep inside her. God, I never wanted this to end, but it always does, doesn’t it? Slowly she let go, and I slowly released my grip, suddenly becoming aware of the marks I had left on her! she pulled herself away from me, and I felt my cock slip out of her.

She just reached down and took hold of her knickers; she lowered them a bit and watched her gusset as I started to leak unto it; she watched and pushed just a bit as more poured from her and down onto the material. Finally satisfied that no more was going to appear, she stood and turned around. She pulled her knickers up, pressing the now dripping snatch of her panties into her still dripping cunt and mixing all the fluids together.

I just stood gasping and getting my breath back; as this happened, she bent down and took my dripping and shrinking cock into her mouth and started to suck and lick me clean. Finally, she stood, satisfied that I was as good as new she opened her mouth to show me all that she had collected from my dripping cock that was still making a small pool on her tongue. She then just leaned forward and kissed me. I had never done that before, but nothing was going to stop this moment now, and I happily just swapped what was there between us before we both just gulped and stared at each other.

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