A Pillow Chat


My wife Angela and I had enjoyed almost twenty years of happy and contented marriage. We were compatible, enjoyed each other’s company, loved to travel together on sun vacations and were acceptably open with each other. Our sex life had been great and we had been faithful to each other, although we had never acknowledged that we had on occasion considered sex with someone else.

It was strange that ultimately the admission of erotic interest in others seemed to free us in all aspects of our life, while increasing our affection and closeness. The admissions took place in bed. It all just sort of happened. We socialized with other couples of our age, and little flirtations were common. I would guess that Angela received more interest from the men in our group than I did from the ladies, but there were a few who obviously considered me worthy of erotic thoughts.

We began to relate these flirtations as a form of foreplay. The admissions evolved into fantasies. ‘Who would you like to take to bed?’ ‘I let Rob rub his cock on me when we danced.’ ‘If I’m ever alone with Larry he’ll fuck me.’ ‘Sarah asked me to call her next week.’ ‘What if we swapped with Lou and Betty?’

Gradually the fantasies seemed to make the possibility of infidelity an acceptable option. This erotic chat occurred only during sex in bed and several years passed without any real action on our part.

I had become friends with a sales representative who visited our city several times a year. He and I just seemed to enjoy each other’s company. We often went out for dinner, and just as often ended up in a bar or pub. Brad was a real pussy hound. He was outgoing and friendly and seemed to feel that it was his duty to mount every woman that looked at him. And many women looked at him.

He related his conquests to me in great detail with his love of oral sex being a regular feature. I began to repeat his stories to Angela during our sex conversations. She became fascinated with Brad, although she only knew him through his stories.

Brad and I attended an annual industry convention. I told Angela one night that Brad had regularly offered me the services of a high end call girl at each convention, but that while curious I had never accepted his offer. She was on top of me at the time, my cock buried in her as we engaged in our verbal form of foreplay, and I sensed that the idea of me with another woman was turning her on. She immediately hooked her arms under my shoulders and began to screw me almost in desperation. She hissed, “Go for it next time, fuck one and tell me about it.” She hooked her legs between mine, using my resistance to spread-eagle and drive her clenching ass cheeks down and around my cock.

We lay there for a while. She turned on her side and leaned up over me, kissed me and whispered, “I meant that. I have been thinking of it ever since you first told me.”

I replied, “Baby, I am not sure that I could do it. Besides, you’re still horny and will change your mind by tomorrow.”

That seemed to be the end of it for several months until it became Convention time once more. Angela did not enjoy conventions and was not comfortable with being a ‘Convention wife.’ She had begged off joining me most years unless the convention city was of particular interest. She declined attending this year’s affair.

We went out for dinner at our favorite restaurant the night before I left. Our sex that night was intense and tender as if my week away from her would be our last. Angela raised the issue of the call girl once more. “Do it my love, I really want you to spend a night with another woman. Don’t ask me why, I don’t know. But the thought of you in the arms of a beautiful woman turns me on. And especially with someone that you will only meet one time.” This last stated with a guilty grin.

The next day as I prepared to leave for the airport, her last words before our good-bye kiss were, “Do it.”

I was cleared to go for what would turn out to be a glorious night of sex with a beautiful woman.

I had not informed Brad of our discussions to this point, and really all that I had decided was that if offered the opportunity once more, I would almost certainly accept. I had experienced sex a few times with ladies of the night prior to my marriage. Aside from it always being a pleasure to get off in a woman, the lack of tenderness and affection did not make it much more fulfilling than jerking off. At 18 to 20 years of age, one did it more to prove one’s manhood than anything else. However, Brad assured me that he would supply me with an unforgettable encounter, and he did.

Angela and I were in our bedroom the night that I returned from the convention. She was sitting in front of the bedroom vanity fixing her hair, ready to hear my story. She glanced my way and said, “Talk babe, tell me it all, I want everything, no detail left out.” I swear her gown parted on it’s own exposing one entire beautiful breast as she spoke.

I began my tale. “I was in Brad’s hospitality suite the second afternoon of the convention. Gaziosmanpaşa Escort Brad approached me, put his hand on my shoulder and asked quietly, ‘Wanna get laid this time? We have some Grade A pussy available.’ He grinned at me, probably not expecting an affirmative reply.

I paused, this was it, and blurted out, ‘Sure, it’s time I tested out some of your best product.’ He gulped his drink in surprise. Damn, maybe he had been bullshitting me about nice ladies for customers. But no, he recovered quickly.

He said, ‘Great, I’m going to arrange for you to meet the most beautiful and sexiest woman in the world. She’s about 35 and married. She is not a regular and only takes customers when she feels like it. Her hubby is okay with it so you will not have to worry about someone pounding on the hotel room door. She is more of a courtesan than a call girl and really enjoys her work. This will be the experience of a life time, guaranteed.’

Angela spoke up. “Were you excited babe? God, I wouldn’t mind a crack at her myself.” She giggled self-consciously.

I said, “Oh yeah, I was excited. She sounded great and I was ready to meet her. My only reply to Brad was ‘when?'”

I continued, “Brad slapped my back and said, ‘give me a little while to set this up. Are you ready for later today?'”

Angela’s robe fell open as she turned towards me. Her tits were hanging out and her legs spread. “Were you hard baby? Was your mind already planning what you would do? Turn the blanket down, let me see if you’re hard now.”

I was sitting with my back against the headboard with a light sheet covering the lower half of my body. I pulled the sheet sideways. Angela’s legs spread wide, her pussy lips already glistening with moisture.

“You’re bad baby,” she moaned. “Is that for me, or for thoughts of your hot hooker? Never mind me, I’ll get mine later, tell me what happened next.”

“Brad gave me the keycard to a suite in a hotel several blocks away from the Convention Hotel. He showed me a photo of Stacy; she was very beautiful in a quiet way. I would never have taken her to be a call girl. He told me that she preferred to meet first in the hotel bar before going to the room. He said that the encounter was what the two of us would make it to be. Time was our own and that I would know whether she was available for more than one roll in the sack. He ended by saying, ‘Man, enjoy this, it is a one shot in a lifetime opportunity.’

I was nervous and returned to my own room to prepare myself for my adventure. I restricted myself to one glass of wine, despite the urge to drink the entire bottle. I shaved and showered and fussed over what I would wear. I put on a new pair of Joe Boxer’s for the occasion.”

Angela moved to sit beside me on the bed. She looked down at my hard cock but did not touch it. “Were you still hard? Did you get yourself off in the shower, like you do sometimes at home? You used to do that sometimes before you fucked me. You said it was to take the edge off and keep you from coming too quick.” She was teasing a bit, but she was not smiling and really wanted an answer.

“No babe, I decided to save it all for whatever would happen.”

“Did you think about me babe? I love it when you are horny, your hands burning to touch me, your cock throbbing to penetrate me,” Angela moaned, biting her lip as her fingertips drifted along my inner thigh.

There was really no suitable answer to that so I continued the story. “I was sitting at the bar when Stacy arrived. Heads turned as she spotted me and moved gracefully towards me in a manner that suggested we were old friends who had not seen each other for some time. She was of medium height, slender build with auburn hair. My eyes fastened on her pale blue eyes as she extended her hand for mine, and then she brushed my cheek with a kiss. She smelled like heaven. Large framed horn rimmed glasses suggested a teacher or librarian, not a hooker. She was gorgeous.

I stood, sort of fumbling with what to say to her other than, “Hello Stacy.” She nodded discreetly towards a booth and grasped my arm as we moved towards it while making it appear that it was my idea. A waiter was there immediately and I almost suggested that he close his mouth because he was gawking at her like a schoolboy. She was very gracious and ordered a Shirley Temple.

Angela said, “I’m jealous already. She sounds like a movie star. What was she wearing?”

I had barely thought about the clothes she was wearing, my mind was so intent on what was under them. But I replied, “She wore a white satin blouse, dark gray flared skirt, some sort of black net stockings and medium high heels. You could sense her body beneath the clothes and I had the impression that she was not wearing bra or panties. She was quite stunning.

I felt that she approved of me as she probed me with subtle questions obviously intended to relieve my unease. I began to relax and joined in the chat. I suddenly realized that her hand was covering mine, her eyes sort of Gölbaşı Escort sultry and inviting. She had made up her mind. ‘Do you have any wine in the suite? I think that I might like a glass.’ She slipped her fingers between mine until our palms were pressing tightly together. Sex was suddenly in the air.

I called for the bill, ordered a bottle of wine sent to the suite and attempted to look like a man of the world as I guided her out to the elevator. She held my arm as we walked, her breast rubbing my upper arm and chest, her hip bumping gently against mine.”

Angela was very hot now. She was still sitting on the edge of the bed but now she leaned over me, allowing her tits to brush my chest, while one hand felt my legs and balls. Her dark eyes burned into mine as she teased my lips with hers, her tongue tip tracing the outline of my mouth.

I was ready to fuck her and reached behind her to fondle her ass cheeks as she worked on me.

“Not yet baby,” she whispered, “keep talking, this is so hot, my pussy is soaking.”

Hardly words that might dissuade me, but I also found that it aroused me to relate my tale to my horny wife and so continued.

“Stacy surveyed the suite as if checking for bugs but I suspect that she was really giving me time to settle down. She stood by the window as I approached her with her wine. Ah man, she was beautiful. She was totally at ease and fully in control of events. We touched glasses, sipped some wine and she moved in closer, pressing her hips forward to feel my hardness, while applying a light lingering kiss.

Her eyes were hooded as she said, ‘this is all for your pleasure. Everything that I do will be for you. You can take me any way you want, use me, fuck any part of me. Or you can let me lead the way and explore your hidden thoughts and wishes.’

Her tongue slipped totally into my mouth, her soft lithe body pressed to mine as if they were molded. She pulled back to peer into my eyes for a response. This was very different from my last encounter with a lady of the night who had lay down, hiked her skirt up around her hips and held out her arms. It had been all over in about 4 minutes. If this was a modern day hooker, I had been missing something. I just whispered into her ear, ‘Lead the way.'”

Angela was squirming and panting with desire by now. She whispered with a husky voice, “Touch me now lover, I’m living every word, I’m your hooker.” Her robe was on the floor and she knelt with her knees each side of my legs, leaning into me with her arms braced on the headboard each side of my head, her tits hanging in front of me, her long nipples aching to be sucked.

I was having difficulty recalling the events of my night with Stacy but after rolling and squeezing my wife’s nipples I regained control of my mind and continued.

“Stacy set her wine glass down on a bedside table and began to undress me, slowly and deliberately. ‘Keep still,’ she murmured, ‘this is most fun, just let me do it.’ She knelt to remove my shoes, sliding her hand up under my pant legs, feeling my calf muscles, then tugged off each sock. She rose, giving the impression that she could not wait to continue. She unhooked my belt and slowly eased the zipper down. She knelt once more, I could feel her hair brush my legs as she removed my slacks and lay them carefully on a chair. I could feel her heat as she loosened my tie and pulled it off. Her fingers worked quickly and easily on my shirt buttons, loosening them and moving behind me to remove the shirt. The knob of my cock was trapped up under the band of my shorts.”

I paused in my tale now, lifted each of my wife’s tits, kissed and sucked each bursting nipple. She trembled at my touch. ‘Baby, keep talking.” I settled down, one loves to turn their partner on like this. The story became part of my seduction. I was getting equal response with my words as with my lips and fingers. I ran my hand between her legs, fingertips rubbing along each side of her swollen pussy lips.

“Stacy began to undress in front of me. Her pale blue eyes were electric with promise as she quickly unbuttoned her blouse and shrugged out of it. Her skirt slipped to the floor. I groaned at the sudden view of her strip of copper colored bush, framed by a gossamer garter belt and sheer stockings. I watched in fascination as she rolled the stockings to the floor, turning away from me as she pulled them off along with her heels. As she bent away from me, I could see her full pussy between her cheeks, lips swollen and moist.”

Angela cried out as I spoke, I slipped two fingers up into her pussy, she clutching against me as I fingered her. I whispered to her, “Do you want it now babe? This is crazy; I can finish the story another time. I want to fuck you now.”

My fingers slowed as Angela considered her options. She clutched and squeezed at my fingers with her pussy, then I felt her relax a bit and she said, ‘No, not now, I want more story now, better take your fingers out.’ This last said with an embarrassed giggle.

I Keçiören Escort reset once more, allowing my mind to return to my tryst with Stacy, the courtesan. “She was still turned away from me as she straightened and looking back over her shoulders she smiled, ‘take my bra off Jim, I love a man to do that for me.’ My hands were shaking as I approached her from behind. Actually I would have loved to feel her beautiful round ass cheeks first, but I was determined to follow orders, it had been a blast so far. I allowed my cock, still trapped in my shorts, to rub against the crease between her cheeks.

The bra was of the same flimsy material as the garter belt. I could see her dark nipples through the cloth as I viewed her in the mirror. The cups held her tits just right, sagging realistically for delightful viewing. The clasp released easily to my fumbling fingers and she turned her head as my hands slipped under her arms and cupped her tits, we kissed again as I found her nipples with my hot fingertips.”

Angela interrupted me again, groaning with desire, “Ah baby, my nipples are aching, suck them babe.” I lifted both tits up and rubbed the nipples together, teasing them with my tongue before sucking each one, much harder this time. Normally, when we got to this point in our lovemaking, it would be time for some cock in a pussy. And with one sign from Angela, that would have happened now. I felt her relax; she was determined to hear the entire story.

“Stacy took control once more. She moved to sit down on the side of the bed, pulling me to stand in front of her. She gazed lustily up at me as her hands ran up and down my legs and hips, seeming to ignore the bulge in my shorts. Then her fingertips pushed under the band and down to my ass cheeks. I could feel her fingernails scraping my skin as she grit her teeth as if trying to keep from digging her nails into my butt.

She pushed the shorts down, her hot palms caressing my ass. The knob of my cock popped out, swollen and purple with blood. She leaned ahead, her hair teasing my exposed cock. By the time my shorts were on the floor, her tongue was sliding up and down the bottom of my shaft. My knees weakened, I was close to getting off. She pulled her mouth back off as she sensed my pending release.

She said, ‘Stay calm Jim, there’s more to enjoy before I take you.’ The entire experience was earth shaking and I wanted more of it. I took a deep breath. She lifted my cock in one hand and used her other hand to stroke along the bottom of my shaft before softly grasping my balls. I moaned something like ‘Aahhhgg.’ She looked up at me again and smiled, “You are ready aren’t you, it is very tempting.’ She stood up and ordered me gently, ‘Lie down on your belly.'”

Angela chose this point in time to change her position. She sat on her butt facing me, and extended her legs forward under mine, scrunching her ass towards me as she leaned backward on her extended arms. She moved up until her pussy was within inches of my cock. We had fucked like this once, sipping wine in front of a fireplace on a bearskin rug. Despite the temptation, she had not yet touched my cock.

“Stacy moved over top of me, her hands braced on my shoulders, slowly lowering down until her tits brushed my back. She lay fully down on me and kissed and licked my body as she moved downwards. I felt her tits rubbing and squashing on my butt, her hot lips kissing and licking away on my lower back. She went lower nipping and kissing my cheeks, her tongue ran up the crack of my ass.”

Angela slipped closer to me, easing her pussy up against the base of my cock and balls. Her eyes were closed as she bit her lip and moaned. I could feel the hot pussy juices greasing my cock.

I continued, “Stacy rolled me to my back and lay down on me, her hot breath in my ears and neck, her tits crushed against my belly and her pussy rubbing and humping a thigh. She slid lower, kissed and licked my nipples, her lazy eyes peeking up at me to read my reaction. She sucked them. My stiff cock was crushed up along her belly, almost at her tits. She raised up a little, and began to tease my cock with her tits.”

Angela whimpered, “Baby, did she suck you? Where you close to getting off?” She reached ahead with one hand and pulled my knob down and rubbed it in her soaking hot pussy lips.

“Let me fuck you now babe,” I groaned. I wanted to drive my cock deeper into her than ever before. I reached down to clasp my hands on her ass, but she stiffened and resisted me.

“No, no, not yet,” she said, “Finish the story now. I want to hear it all.”

My heart was pounding, I knew that her resistance would not last very long if I decided to take her. But this was so exciting and I knew it would lead to an even more intense encounter later.

“Stacy could sense that I was in fair control and she moved my legs up over her shoulders with my cock jammed alongside her face and in her hair. She positioned it with her hands, God she had soft hands, like hot velvet gloves around my shaft. She licked the knob and kissed my balls before lifting her head up and lowering her mouth down around my cock. I grabbed her head, holding it steady as her tongue swirled around my cock before sliding her lips up and down. I began to tremble, my cock was pulsing so she pulled back off of me and lifted her body over mine.”

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