Liliths Goal Pt. 02

Double Penetration

*Author’s note: All characters depicted in sexual scenes are 18 years of age or older.*

Lilith’s Goal: Part 2

The cobblestone pathway turns to smooth blacktop driveway. The sound of my heels clipping against the pavement fills the quiet morning. Smiling slowly, my hand caresses the hood of the pretty WRX STI 2020. Immediately feeling the same giddy excitement blooming across my chest as it did the day I purchased it. Her name was a homage to my favorite jewelry, Pearl. Not a car expert by any means, I still knew what a pretty car looked like. She hit all of my 3-S’s; sexy, seductive and satisfying.

“Hello pearl, how was your rest?” Leaning forward kissing the hood. Stroking my fingertips over softly as I walk to the door.

The day was unusually warm for early May, slipping my blazer off I toss it across the console. Sliding into my seat and buckling. I push the ignition button, bringing her purrs to life around me. Lifting a manicured finger my gold charm bracelet sparkles as it hits the sunshine. Clicking the sunroof open, sunshine spreads across my shoulders. A breeze swooping across the top of my head. The sensation causes my eyes to flutter closed and open, a peaceful moment of contentment. Relaxed from my release the feeling of euphoria from such a lovely day places a wide grin on my face. Putting Pearl into gear I pull the car out of the driveway in a quick fluid movement. Driving slow and patient off the private lake road. A few minutes later, I reach the main country road. My foot lowers on the gas letting the car open up, reaching 80mph in 10 seconds. Turning dance music on, loud and obnoxious, Lizzo’s beat pumping. Grinning wider, it occurs to me the beat matches the steady one still thumping in my pussy.

Fifteen minutes later after avoiding old, slow pick up trucks and one family of geese passing across the road; I swing into my parking spot. Proudly looking up at the small freestanding building, I had managed to buy and make into my dream business. Two cars sit in the lot, one belonged to my employee Eve, the other was a sleek black Tesla.

“Now that’s a sexy car.” Murmuring to myself, I cock my head in thought. What client of mine has a Tesla?

Getting out, remembering my handbag. I swivel quickly. Slipping and tumbling a bit reaching for my blazer, the sensation of cool air hits my upper thighs. Realizing my skirt has ridden up to almost my waist, I panic. I hear a deep chuckle from inside the Tesla. Head rotating to glare at the car my mouth in a perfect oval. Oh shit, someone is in that car I’m flashing them! Panic sets in. Embarrassment flushes my cheeks and chest, feeling the warmth build up and down across my skin I freeze in mortification. Snapping out of it, moving quickly, smashing my head on the door as I scramble to stand. I groan rubbing the tender spot. Flustered wiggling my hips, pushing my mini skirt down. Skirt intact, standing tall and erect. I take a long deep breath, coming out in a quiet huff. I glance at the Tesla, giving it annoyed glare.

“Thank god I am wearing panties today.” Mumbling under my breath.

Blushing I grab my purse pretending nothing happened. Hoping that it’s my employees client I walk quickly across the lot and into the building. Slipping my blazer on before I reach the door, my purse hanging from my wrist. Still embarrassed I duck my head as I walk, shaking it back and forth slightly in humiliation.

Orange and vanilla tickle my senses, inside the waiting room. The smell calms me and makes me feel at ease, instantly. The small day spa was elegant, decorated in soft blues, greens and dots of pale yellow. A small chandelier hung in the entryway, the pale cream light bouncing off the crystals and reflecting rainbows on the ceiling. To the left sat a small waiting area with a large plush leather couch, two wing backed emerald velvet chairs and mustard colored chaise lounge. Locals artists paintings hang on the walls. Small bouquets of fresh flowers dotted color throughout the space. It exuded sophistication and sensuality. I smile at Eve, sitting behind the large pale wooden desk. Pausing before I head to the break room.

“Good morning Eve, how was your weekend?” Smiling brightly at her, picking up mail and flipping through the small stack.

“You’re late again.” Eve looks at her watch then back at me, lips pursed tight, frowning as she looks me up and down. Rolling her eyes at my outfit.

Expression sour, frown deepening on her thin face. Today she wore her blonde hair long and straight in a high pony, makeup simple. Dressed in jeans, sandals, an off the shoulder pink sweater and a silver crucifix at her throat.

“Seeing how I am your Boss, it looks like I’m right on time. Are we bitchy today?” She rolls her eyes at me and ignores the question, lips tightening even more.

“You had an online booking, He pulled in 15 minutes before you.”

She stares at the computer screen, the mouse clicking and arranging clients. Ignoring her I walk past the desk to the rus escort back room. Great Tesla guy is my client, just fucking wonderful. Sighing heavily I leave my purse on the break room table. Standing still as stone I massage my cheeks. Willing the blush to go away, even mortified knowing he was there for me. Walking back up to the front, stopping in my treatment room to check my wax and chemicals. Her voice calls from the desk as I step into my room.

“Did you hang your bag or leave it on the table? We have hooks for a reason.” Her voice is short and annoyed. Awww, great. She is in a bitchy mood, wonderful. Rolling my eyes I walk briskly to the break room to hang my bag. Spinning on my heels, annoyed with her behavior first thing in the morning I huff and purse my lips. angry.

Seconds later I hear the door open, the voices travel down the hall in quiet murmurs as I hear the general speech of consent forms, frequently asked questions and… Is she purring at him? I listen closely to his voice, resonating low and rumbling. I cannot understand what he is saying in response to her flirty small talk. Eve is speaking in her “I wanna jump your bones” voice. Having heard it often when she is speaking to her Husband I roll my eyes. Straightening up I relax my shoulders and tousle my hair. Shit, Eve is going to point it out if I flirt. No flirting. No flirting. I repeat my mantra to myself as I walk out the door. Moving a few steps down the hall I duck into a treatment room, making myself busy. Trying so hard to stay calm, erase the flush from my body.

As I stir my wax with a large wooden paddle I listen to her asking him standard questions. Hearing the deep and gravely notes to his voice, a very sexy voice. I can’t help but squirm in nervousness. He is young…professional…intelligent, listening to the articulate responses. Trying to calm my quick beating heart and wiping my sweaty palms on my skirt. Okay, calm the fuck down Lil. Its just some guy that probably wants his nose hairs waxed or he has a horrendous Uni-brow. After my little pep talk I square my shoulders and taking a deep breath walk out of the room. I carefully sway my hips back and forth in a sensual walk.

In the corner of the lobby sits a large Man, dark hair full and thick. His ankle crossed casually over his knee and bouncing. Focused on his phone, he looks up at me and my heart skips a beat. He’s dressed well, slim black dress pants and pale blue Tee shirt, tucked in. His shoes black leather oxfords laced up, clearly expensive. He is casual yet professional, and sexy as hell. Shit, shit, shit, I’m fucked with this one. Breathe Lil, breathe. His stormy blue eyes, intense. They land on me potent and serious, giving me shivers. His eyes travel from my heeled toes to my luscious hair then back to my eyes. A smirk playing around his mouth. Seeing his gaze makes me blush and I wobble a bit on my heels as I approach him. Plastering a sweet innocent smile on my face I hold out my hand

“Hi! I’m Lilith! You must be William.”

My hand outstretched I shake his firmly. As our hands connect I feel a slight jolt. His smile is slow and easy as he stands. Our hands lingering too long I blush red as I snatch my hand back.

“Nice to meet you Lilith.” His voice is smooth like good scotch, and he stands a foot taller than my small 5’3′ height, even in my heels.

“Let me just look over your paperwork and we can get started.”

Grinning wider I turn to Eve, her gaze narrowed on my face. Her lips twitch in a knowing smirk…Ugh, she is such a bitch sometimes, and knows me so well. Snatching the paperwork out of her waiting fingers she holds tight not letting go. Cocking my head, I give her a warning glare, her fingers release and she grins. As I yank it from her it flies into the air landing a foot away. I step over and bending down realize immediately what she had done. My ass once again in the air, him behind me. I stand, taking a shaky breath and turning I move aside, wiggling my skirt down once more.

Getting up and walking around the desk Eve’s hips sway more than usual. Passing me she smirks in my direction. Twirling a strand of hair in her fingers as she walks by.

“Right this way William. I’ll get you settled while Lil reads everything over.”

I stare at her, my mouth agape at her behavior as she leads him down the hallway. I scan his information quickly, checking for medications or things that would contraindicate in a service. Tossing the sheet onto the desk I pass her in the hallway.

“Try not to flirt too much Lil. Should I put on your sexy playlist?” Eve smiles wide and teasing.

“Don’t you dare put on my sexy list, pick some 70’s folk music. Then go fuck yourself, you clearly need to get off!” Hissing quietly, having had enough of her short and rude behavior.

Her facial expression reads hot anger at my words, snapping back into bitchy resting face and stomping back to the desk. Smiling to myself knowing sincan escort I got to her a little. I tap on the treatment room before opening.

Williams essence fills my small room. In the confined space I can smell him, hints of bergamot and mint are overwhelming. I inhale deeply, smiling sweetly at him. Turning away from to hide my blush I pull on pink nitrile gloves, the snapping of them filling the awkward silence. Before I turn, I hear the music starting, a sexy Lana Del Ray song “My pussy tastes like Pepsi Cola…” I groan silently, my eyes closing and blushing beet red. My hands fisting in pure anger. She is in so much trouble, I will be ripping slow on her next Brazilian.

Too mortified to think , I try plotting my revenge on Eve. Turning, a strained smile hurting my cheeks. He sits on my treatment table knees slightly parted palms resting on his thighs, his blue eyes laughing but his face calm and waiting. Oh he was listening to the lyrics, shit…

“So what were you thinking of getting done? I do so many things here…” His lip quirks in amusement but he doesn’t smile. Realizing how my words may have sounded I bite my lip to hide my embarrassment.

“I need an eyebrow today and have questions about the many things you do here…”

Stepping between his knees, much closer than normal. Looking intently at his brows, trying to control my facial expression and breathing. I lean forward for a better look. Realizing I am too close I stand abruptly. Pivoting quickly I trip over my feet, stumbling and falling towards my wax pots. His hands are lightening fast on my hips anchoring me. Pulling my back to his chest, hot breath tickling my ear. The sensations cause my knees to weaken, a whimper escaping deep from my chest. Common sense snaps me up and away from him, shaking my head at my actions. Stepping away his hands slide down my thighs and touch my stockinged legs, just under my skirt. Blushing crimson and standing very still I try to affirm with myself that he did just touch me that way. Blinking slowly and moving a few inches further from him, I seek his gaze. My hands on his arms I swallow loudly my mouth suddenly dry and hot. Still as a frightened doe I stay rooted in my spot. Realizing I am still close and touching him, I lean back to rest on my table behind me.

“I am so sorry! Thank you, I can be such a klutz.”

“No apologies needed, I am happy to catch you any time.”

His voice was sincere and held a tone of amusement. Turning back to him, slower this time and focusing on my feet, he is smiling at me his head cocked in curious thought. Ducking my head down I turn to stir my wax and work on settling my heart rate.

“So, let’s get down to it. Most men come here curious about a boyzilian. Which is a Brazilian, but for men. We remove all the hair from front to back. It takes about 20-30 minutes your first time depending on pain tolerance and if you need breaks. With situations like this I will wax your brows first and we can discuss everything during that service.” My words come out rapid and fast, hoping deep down he wants to take his pants off for a boyzilian service. Still a bit shaky I lock my fingers together tightly in front of me. Unsure how to stand, how to speak, all my thoughts a jumbled mess in my head. Pull yourself together Lil! My god, he’s your first client…

His smile is slow and leisurely as his eyes travel up and down my body, not once but twice. This only causes me to blush redder. Clearing his throat he looks down at my breasts then back to my face, speaking low and quiet.

“What makes you think I am curious about a boyzilian?”

His smile turns to a grin as he runs his tongue across the bottom of his teeth. Giggling nervously and feeling ridiculous I shrug, opening and closing my mouth as I struggle to find the words. My brain failing me, I rock on my heels slowly. As I rock, my eyes are frozen on his lips.

“Ummm, well. I shouldn’t have assumed. I just. Um. Well. I. Uh…” Stuttering and falling over my words I slow my nervous rocking and take 3 deep breaths, closing and opening my eyes.

When I look up he is leaning forward towards me. What is happening? Is he smelling me? Confused and unsure about what to say, I immediately freeze. Standing still as stone.

“What would you like waxed today?” As I speak I feel his hand brush my skirt, a finger brushing softly across my thigh. Sucking in a breath I hold it, looking him in the eye. Stepping back before he can respond and breaking the connection I turn slowly to my wax pots. Clearing his throat, he runs his hands through his hair. The silence permeates the room, my breathing more controlled now I turn back to him and smile brightly.

“I’m teasing you, I did want a boyzilian. I think I should wait for another time though. I am a bit hard on time right now.” His chuckle and grin was slow and low. His pun didn’t escape my attention, biting the inside of my mouth to not say something sıhhiye escort stupid I prepare my utensils and tools for his service. Busying my mind as I work. And, trying to not get turned on any more than I already am.

Taking out small thin sticks, gauze and eyebrow wand, I place all my utensils out on a clean cloth before starting. Turning back to him I lean over his chest and look back and forth from brow to brow, gaging how much is needed.

“Okay, so William go ahead and lay back.” Smiling to hide my humiliation, worried that my eye may twitch and betray my emotional state. I focus on the pink bubblegum wax in front of me.

“Okay, William. Close your eyes, we do not want any wax getting on your eyelashes.”

As his eyes close, my fingers are soft and feathery against his skin as I work. Applying wax then removing it quickly, applying pressure to the skin. Touching him was harder than imagined, his skin felt hot under my fingertips.

“What kind of questions do you have about the boyzilian service?”

“How long does it last? I have to shave consistently. I hate the hair.” His voice is steady as he stays still, one eye lid rising slightly to look at me.

“It should last for 4-5 weeks, this is personal…but when did you shave last?” My voice is calm and steady. Our discussion is helping with my excitement and I finally am beginning to feel more in control of my body.

“Its been 3 weeks. I read your website, So I am ready for it. When I have more time that is” His voice holds uncertainty and disappointment.

“You read my website? Smart Man. Any questions that I didn’t cover there?”

“Hmm… None that pertains to the waxing.” His tone shifted and he glances at me, half lidded. Leaning half over him we connect gazes at the same time. His eyes flickering to my breasts leaning over him.

“Eyes closed, Sir.” My tone is firm, his half lidded gaze causing my heart to speed up again.

Glancing down again at my chest, his eyes closing, smirking. I can see he is becoming erect. Well, that is unexpected. Looking back at him, both his lids have lifted slightly, to watch me. Licking my lips and shifting shyly.

“I found your little shop and read everything on the website and thought I would check you out.” His voice is even but I can see his eyes are watching me closely. I keep my face calm not wanting to give away my surprise and uncertainty.

“We should schedule the wax for this week, I can try to get you in at this time. If that works? Or sometimes I come in earlier.” My voice wavers at the end, If he came when Eve wasn’t here she can’t embarrass me.

“Can you do 9am? Then I can leave from here for work. You are not far from the City.” His voice amused.

“Absolutely! It’s a date, I mean not a date, date but a date in my books.” Nervous, I chatter. Shut up Lilith! My heart rate once again is fast, my skin flushed red. Why does this Man make me so nervous? Applying a light amount of aloe vera I pat the area dry and get a mirror for him to see. My back to him I reach on my high shelf for the hand mirror, only to turn with his eyes on me, intense. Smiling to hide my uncertainty, I hand him the mirror and remove my gloves.

While he is looking at them, moving his head back and forth I look down again at his cock. It is still hard in his pants the outline clear and defined. Without thinking I groan deeply in my throat. Realizing what I did my eyes snap back to his, he is smirking at me the mirror resting on his chest. Arms raised above his head, hands as a pillow. Shit how long was I staring? Why is he looking at me like that? I gotta get out of here. My thoughts probably written on my face, I tuck my head down shuffling my feet I begin to back up slowly toward the door.

“So, I will give you some time to get up, and meet me out in the lobby. We can get that appointment set up for you.

“You mean our date?” His smirk turns into a grin as he sits up, his eyes traveling from my feet to my eyes.

“Yeah, our date, on the books.” Whispering, I blush and turn on my heel rushing from the room. Eve is standing in the hallway her arms crossed with a knowing smirk. Mouthing to her “GO!” and pointing to the desk I arch a brow, daring her to disobey. Walking away from her, I walk into the lobby. Pacing and nibbling on my nails. When William walks out of the room his erection is gone, or he somehow magically hid it in his tight pants. No matter, my eyes linger a moment too long and Eve notices.

“Eve will check you out, and get you re-booked for this week. Eve, he wants a 9 am this week, Bye for now William.” I stutter, Turning on my heel and walk briskly to my room hiding behind the door, a hand over my face. Emotions swirl around me, giddy excitement and embarrassment. Shaking my head I clean my room and prepare it for the next client. Waiting to hear the bell of the door, nothing.

Why isn’t he leaving? My heart is pounding so hard I didn’t hear the door… that’s gotta be it. Stepping out the door, my walk is quick when I slam into his chest. Both of us surprised by the other, a combined “oof, so sorry” escapes us.

“I wanted to give this to you personally.” His hand out to me holds a small tip envelope. Duh, of course that is why he hasn’t left yet, my thoughts swirling and erratic with him being so close.

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