Lia’s Response to Wayward Behavior


Note: The following story was written a couple years ago, when I was exploring the idea of becoming a Domina. I sent this particular story to a potential sub I had met on the internet. I wanted to find out if I could imagine how a scene would play out utilizing his previously mentioned fantasies. I am submitting this newly edited story for Literotica now in this context. However, an altered version of this short story will most likely be added to the novel I am currently writing. I love feedback, whether good or bad, and would love to hear your reactions! Enjoy!


…you were so very naughty and masturbated this morning, making Mistress very angry; you know you are never to cum without her explicit permission. She has just become aware of your selfishly thoughtless transgression.

Mistress became aware of your crime when she discovered the evidence left upon a towel that was placed on top of the hamper. You realize that you probably did that on purpose, without any prior deliberation.

You find yourself worrying about the tide of ramifications coming so soon, and wonder if you are testing Mistress in some way and why that would be.

After a short period of making your ass tender with various implements, along with a thoroughly berating speech about your uselessness and failure as a sub; you have been ordered to stand in the corner completely still, without moving, like a little three year-old for exactly fifteen minutes.

You feel stupid standing there, remembering all the times Mrs. Lee forced you to do this very procedure in the second grade. You feel the clear evidence of shame and humiliation replaying itself through your body. Your cheeks grow warm and pink with blood; now, just as they did then… so many years ago.

During this silent meditative period you stand very still and find yourself afraid. You have no idea what Mistress will do to you next. You have never been so naughty, nor made her so angry, as you have certainly done so today. Your mind reels with all the upcoming possibilities.

Will she choose to ignore you for the next three days? Only speaking to you on a rare occasion to assign you chores? You know if that happens, you will not be allowed to look her in the eyes or speak to her at all, during a no-doubt lengthy amount of prescribed time.

Additionally her body will be off-limits to you in every way, not even available for worship, and you will not be able to touch her at all nor for any reason.

This would be the worst type of punishment she could enforce upon you; this period of withdrawing from you almost completely. During your “time-out” you will receive hardly any attention from her at all… neither positive nor negative; and your inner being balks at the very idea.

Surely you know this punishment would be more than effective, and may possibly be warranted… but you pray for something else other than mimed rejection.

Will she punish you through her actions or her words? You cannot even begin to fathom what her wrath might bring. Will it be something she has done before? Something she has only before threatened? Or something you don’t even know that she has only yet thought of? Will the corner-standing be enough to appease her for your terrible misbehavior?

You realize that the odds of your current punishment being the end of all this, is not a very good one indeed. But that doesn’t stop you from conjuring up some desperate hope for a clean slate.

You know her better than that, and you know that the reason she had you stand in this corner in the first place was to give her the needed time to decide exactly what to do with you. The notion that she has given you this specified time, on purpose, to allow you to ponder the anticipation of further brutality is not lost on you. This is the perfect example of the way she likes to do things, and why she can be so totally and deliciously cruel.

You realize that Mistress relishes these times when she needs to punish. She often talks about what can and will happen if you fail her in anyway. You try to be good and please her, but after her email this morning you couldn’t help yourself.

She had sent you a message from work today, about her plans for you upon her return this eve. You knew you weren’t allowed to touch yourself after reading it, but you got so hard thinking about tonight that you couldn’t bear to wait for sweet release.

You love her blow ulus escort jobs and she was feeling particularly oral in the email. She also expressed how much she loves to see and feel, as well as taste your cum; demanding that you save it up for her over the next few days.

Knowing how much Mistress wanted your cum… well, made you have to cum, and so you disobeyed… Now you will have to pay the price.

You jump a little when the egg timer goes off. You can hear the jingle of your collar and sound of your feet stumbling a little on the floor. You are glad that your fifteen minutes are up, but are hoping and praying Mistress didn’t see you jump from the alarm. You know that you are to wait until she says you can move, remaining completely still until she releases you. The timer is for her benefit only, a gentle reminder, not an announcement to you that you are free.

“Slave, I am pleased that you were able to obey such a ridiculously simple command as being immobile, but let’s see if you can obey when I ask for a little more from you.”

You quickly attempt to analyze what she has just said. Normally she calls you “Pet” when she is happy with you, noticing that you tend to get “Slave” when she is not. She had said she was pleased, but the threat of what’s to come doesn’t sound very good.

“Go to the toy box and get my strap-on bag.”

Oh good… you think, you enjoy when she pegs you with her cute little purple dildo.

Maybe my punishment won’t be so bad after all! you think to


You turn away from the corner in order to walk to the bedroom. As you are attempting your first step, you immediately hear Mistress say, “Nuh uh little boy… you have pissed me off something fierce. For this journey you are to get on your hands and knees and crawl.”

Normally you kind of like crawling around for her, but now you realize three things: A) you are naked, B) you are at her house with its all hardwood floors, and C) it’s got a rather impressively large floor plan.

Immediately you realize that crawling to the bedroom likely isn’t going to feel very good on your knees. Additionally, you have found out that no matter how frequently you clean the floor per her expectations, it’s always left surprisingly dusty.

After you return to her, your bare pale skin will likely show all the signs of your incompetent floor care, possibly pissing her off even more. Despite all these things, you immediately get on all fours and begin the long journey for the requested parcel.

When you return, Mistress makes you squat before her in your usual waiting position… hands and feet on the floor, your ass slightly raised, your legs spread apart, and your head bowing down.

You secretly watch as she places the harness around her hips and secures it into place. She unhooks the O-ring attached and tosses it in the bag.

That’s weird. you think… She needs that for the dildo.

You watch as her hand comes out of the bag, not with the delicate little dildo you have been accustomed to, but a regular human sized vinyl phallus. Not only are you immediately scared by the size, but suddenly you feel shame when you realize how realistic her toy looks.

The vinyl penis is the same color as Mistress’ lovely skin, but so obviously anatomically male looking. Along the shaft it is peppered with realistic veins, ending with a circumcised mushroom-shaped head. You become even more disgusted when you realize it even has a pair of attached testicles that look ridiculously authentic.

Mistress knows that you are only attracted to women, yet somehow the idea of sucking or getting fucked by her girl cock feels the complete opposite of gay… in these moments she is all woman, and your sole life purpose is to make her happy.

In the magical moments such as these, your whole being is dedicated in worship to her exquisite femininity. You know that even though you will be submitting to her in such a wholly wanton way, you will still feel justified in your general submission to her when it’s through.

You have found that even after intense scenes such as these, you are able to keep your confidence and self-awareness of your masculinity intact. Mistress has always restored the peace and balance back to your soul during her after-care snuggling sessions. There is nothing more heavenly than lying in her sweet arms, completely used and spent from sex, while yenimahalle escort she kisses and caresses you with her affections.

Even with the current threat of a more painstaking emasculating experience, you know that your pride will be safe and sound, and will be happily restored to you by her when it’s over.

Whenever Mistress is happy and feeling loving, she generally treats you with the respect that ought to be afforded towards you and your gender.

It’s during these sweeter moments, that you are a rather normal heterosexual couple. She will compliment your strong muscles and manly sinew, and beg to have your cherished cock inside her.

After, she may even have you hold and cuddle her, letting you be the caretaker/the big spoon. At times she allows herself to be the softer one of you both in domestic duties, open to letting you take care of her: lift the heavy things, kill the scary bugs, or stand up for her at the bar when a drunken ass gets a little too grabby.

However there are the many times when Mistress can be rather cruel. She readily admits to enjoying the power you have afforded her. Mistress holds a few tricks up her sleeve.

She has a few creative ideas that resemble torture. A few times she has enjoyed demeaning you by painting your face with her make-up, putting a classic 50’s style woman’s apron around your hips, and making fun of you as you cooked and cleaned for her while she quipped intensive insults.

Perhaps she will go another way this time, inflicting her torment upon you in more barbaric ways. You remember when you were late in meeting her for dinner, and the result was a particularly unique agony.

She had surprised you with a chastity device that she locked around your cock and balls, preventing any sort of sexual release or effective erections. She kept you that way for three days, and you catch yourself hoping that today won’t cause a repeat.

You take a deep breath and close your eyes for a moment. Remembering the giant dildo she is holding in her delicate and beautiful hand, you try to mentally prepare yourself for what is about to occur.

“Open your eyes Bitch! It’s time you paid the price for disobeying me.”

You open your eyes to see she has successfully attached the large mock cock to her harness. She is casually stroking it with her hand, just as any guy would expertly handle his member.

You look at her face and realize that she has managed to change the way her face portrays her personality somehow. She now appears be more dominant, more needy, more stereo-typical horny male. She seems to have done so by merely readjusting her expression and the gleam in her eyes.

You are totally aware that she looks harder, less soft, and a lot scarier than usual.

She speaks again. “This is what happens to bad little subs. They want to act like a selfish prick, then they get to suck on one… and it better be good, my little slut-bitch.”

She spits on her hand, and continues pumping. Then she lowers her now glistening cock towards your lips.

“OK Bitch. Show me how well you can suck my humungous cock.”

You hesitate a little before you open your mouth to welcome the intruding penis. Suddenly she jams the whole girth deeply into the back of your throat. You gag for a second, and then relax your throat, allowing her continued assault.

“You fucking slut. Just look at you, with this big hard cock in your little pussy mouth. I bet you were fantasizing about sucking a real one just like this, weren’t you… when you were playing with yourself this morning, like the disgusting little pervert you so totally are?”

Hearing Mistress speak this way makes your penis begin to stiffen, but you don’t want her to be encouraged by your increasing hardness. However, you want to please her, so despite your repulsion to the idea of actually giving a blow job… you get more passionate about it, and start licking underneath the edge along the pink head, using a hand to massage the fake scrotum underneath as you go.

You want to make Mistress proud. You want her to take all the pleasure being produced from this moment as hers alone. You love pleasing her, and would do anything to cause that splendid tremble from her glorious womb to commence.

Your eyes meet hers, and she begins to give another string of filthy commands.

“I bet when you were dreaming of being a dirty tunalı escort little cock slut, you licked your lips wishing you could taste one spurting lots of sticky white cum all over your pretty little bitch face. Didn’t you? Tell me!” She waits for your answer, looking at you intently.

You need to make up for your misbehavior this morning, and are afraid of what she might do if you don’t give her the expected or desired response. You feel humiliated saying such horribly dirty things out loud, but you want to tell her what she so desperately wants to hear.

“Yes, Mistress… I was imagining that I was sucking a cock just like this one… while I touched myself.” The last words have caused you to lower your head in shame. You can’t believe she is causing you to say such things. You look up into her eyes and hope that was enough to appease her.

“You fucking dirty little whore… You just wish I had a real-life cock just like this one that I could use to abuse you with, don’t you?… I would make you my own personal little cum slut. Your whole body is nothing but a fuck toy to be utilized for my own pleasure. I own your cock, your balls, your tongue, and every orifice in your beautiful body… I would just love to use you as my own nasty little cum rag.”

Your cock is rock hard now, and aching for attention. You feel like you would literally do anything for her to touch it. Then, you suddenly feel almost a shiver, when in an instant you feel a little bout of panic come over you.

The feeling of shame is deep and intense when in your mind’s eye; you begin to picture your friends in this room here with you: seeing you suck, lick, and please an all too real feeling peach penis.

Immediately your face turns deep red, and your chest and head feel warm. But it’s short lived when the sense of calm comes over you upon realizing that this moment in time is safe and private, and only between you and your Mistress.

You know that no one else will ever have to know about it… unless of course you want them to.

You whole-heartedly decide to give Mistress the best head of her life, and you are working on the vinyl cock with your tongue with as much fervor as any porn star would demonstrate.

She seems pleased by your technique, and is rewarding you with a series of little moans. She must be absolutely enjoying this, and she stops after announcing that she needs more stimulation.

You move back to your default squat before her, and eye her hand as it pulls out her special hands-free-external/internal-vibrator that you both enjoy so much.

Moving the belted strap-on to the side, she first places one arm of the U inside her, then arranges the other arm as it is cupping over her mound, stimulating her clitoris once she has it perfectly aligned.

She moves the belt back into place, and with the added enjoyment, strokes her cock towards your lips yet once again. She really is loving this now, and her hips buck more desperately as she impales your throat with her newly vibrating length.

The pulsing dildo is making your lips numb, but you don’t let it affect your zeal towards her pleasure. She grabs your head with both hands, fingers entwined through your hair. She pulls you roughly onto her tool, and you gag as she repeatedly fucks deeply into your face.

You know that if the roles were reversed that you would be close to orgasm, pumping your seed into her mouth or over her face and chest.

The thoughts make you all the more frustrated. You desperately want to pump your fist over your cock, but you know she would never allow it. You moan in a verbal grievance to your physiological predicament.

Suddenly she announces her nearing climax, “Oh baby, I’m going to come in your slutty mouth. Keep sucking, it’s coming. Oh my god, baby… Ohhhhh!”

Her body tenses, and she falls backwards sliding deeper into the cushions. She is rubbing herself now, finishing off the final few sensitive spasms that are gripping her clitoral nerves.

“Oh my god, that was lovely.” She states, as she pulls the toy out from her quivering pussy. She turns it off, and begins to unbuckle her harness.

“What shall I do to you now?” She asks, and you pray for some of her touches, or kisses, or licks, or anything. She is enjoying your frustration, and you try not to give her the satisfaction by keeping your face as stoic as possible.

“Well, my pet, I am going to take a bath. I want you stay here like this, and anticipate what could possibly be coming next.” Your cock and balls are crying, as is your whole being… but you respond as she obviously expects.

“Yes Mistress.”

“Good boy.” She says, as she gently pats your head before walking away.

You remain obediently in your place… always ready for your Mistress.

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