Libby’s Whorehouse Ch. 3



It was now about 4:00 PM and I had fucked two ladies. I really wanted to do Norma, but needed to rest for quite a while before even thinking about it. Libby offered me another drink which I quickly accepted and Norma, Teri, Libby and another customer joined in drinking my booze. The other guy finished his drink and took Teri into the bedroom with him and the rest of us just sat around and talked. I was getting hungry and said that I was going to go out for something to eat.

I asked Norma if she would like to join me and after she asked Libby if it was OK we walked down the street to a nearby pizzeria. When we got there we went to the bar and ordered drinks. Norma was about 30 and nice looking but not beautiful. She was dark haired, about 5′ 7″ and was very well endowed. She didn’t show her tits while she was in the room with Teri and me, but they were huge. As we toasted each other I told her that I was already having fantasies about what I’d like to do with them. She said that she hoped that would happen, made some very suggestive comments about the way Teri and I had carried on.

She whispered, “Will you eat my cunt and asshole the way you did hers?” istanbul escort I told her that the feel I had of her cunt was enough to make me very hungry for it. I told her that the pussy show she put on for us was really terrific and she assured me that her earlier exhibition was only the beginning. We finished our drinks and the pizza we ordered and hurried back to Libby’s. I was ready!!!

When we returned Teri was busy doing a trick and we could hear the bed bouncing against the wall and we were all just drunk enough to suggest that we peek. Libby raised an extremely obscene objection — “No mother fucking way” –and that was that. After Teri was through fucking or sucking off her John the room was free for Norma and me. Before going to the room I went to the bathroom and while I was pissing in walks Norma.

“Oh, I’m sorry” she said. “I was just getting some nice warm water for us.” This was bullshit of course. I said to her, “You saw me piss, let me watch you.” She eagerly consented and stood before the toilet. She raised her skirt, took down her panties and squatted with her legs far enough apart for me to get a good look at her pussy which she spread istanbul escort bayan open for me. It took her a little while to start but soon yellow liquid began to dribble from her piss hole.

She was having a hard time directing her stream and some of it dribbled down the crack of her ass and onto the toilet seat. I sat on the floor to get the best possible view. I had not seen a lady pee since a trip to one of those legal whorehouses near Las Vegas and this was really exciting!!!! Having had several cocktails, her bladder was pretty full and she squirted for a long time. I was real turned on at watching this and my cock started to come to life. After she wiped she used the warm water to clean her asshole. I stood up and pulled her head toward me and she unzipped my pants, reached in and took my cock in her hand and began licking and lightly sucking it. I had never been blown by a lady who was sitting on the toilet before.

After just a little of that we went to the bedroom for some real fun. I sat her on the bed and lifted her skirt and opened her thighs exposing her pink panties. She laid back and let me lick her and the folds of her cunt lips showed istanbul bayan escort through them. She pulled her legs back farther and I tongued her asshole through the panties as well. My cock hit second gear when she pulled the crotch aside exposing her hairy nest and pink cunt hole.

While I was going down on her she unbuttoned her blouse, unsnapped her brassiere and exposed her very large tits and started playing with and pinching her nipples. I snuggled up next to her on the bed and buried my face in them and licked, sucked and gently bit her hardening nipples while finger fucking her. This turned her on a lot. Shortly thereafter the cocksucking began. She licked all the way from my mouth to my balls and rather than like Teri she sucked fast and hard and made an obscene slurping sound. She sucked my hardon and licked my balls and asshole with an intensity that I’ve rarely seen. I didn’t know whether to fuck or shoot in her mouth, but I did know that I wanted another taste. I said, ” Put you legs around my head so I can eat your cunt some more.” She immediately complied and I lapped her twat and tongued her asshole until we both came at the same time. After I spunked in her mouth she let my jism drain out and then slurped it up again and swallowed it. The end to a great day!!!

I never saw her again. Like a lot of whores she just moved on. Libby told me that she bailed her out of jail and that she never saw her or heard from her again.

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