Let’s Drive

Big Tits

You have come up tonight. It is a perfect night for what I have planned. You arrive and I am dressed in a little something black and sheer. I tell you that I want to take a ride.

We drive and find a dark deserted road. You park and turn off the lights. It is cold outside and the moon is full. We kiss and touch. But, now I get to fulfill a fantasy. I want to taste you. Now. Here.

I take off your shirt so I can taste your flesh. I lick and suck your neck, making my way down to your nipples. They are hard little buds now. I bite them gently, then lick and swirl the tip of my tongue around them. Then I bite a little harder. I feel your body reacting to my attention. I rub my face over your belly, pausing to lick your navel.

I can feel my goal pressing against my cheek. Your flesh aches to be free, it knows. I slowly unbutton your jeans, your cock springs upward, seeking me. I slowly, lightly rake my nails up and down your hardness, pausing at the tip. My bakırköy escort hand dips a little lower, cupping, squeezing, and massaging your balls. Push your jeans down to your knees, I want full access. I lean over and run my tongue up your cock. I flick my tongue on your sensitive place, your body reacts.

You are holding my hair so you can see my mouth on your body. After I have thoroughly bathed you with my tongue, I take the tip of you into my mouth. I suck lightly, and flick my tongue on your tip. My other hand is squeezing your balls, as one of my fingers slid lower to tickle your backside. Ooh that is nice.

My mouth releases you to move to you balls. I suck one into my mouth and my tongue plays with it. Then I take the other one and do the same. I pause and take them both into my mouth, letting the full sacs fill me. My tongue swirls patterns on your flesh, as I suck a little harder. My other hand is busy sliding up and down on your hard, uncut bakırköy escort bayan cock, squeezing the head firmly. My tongue licks a little lower, beneath your balls. You feel little flicks down there, my warm breath and my hot tongue. I lightly lick you tight hole, causing you to moan.

I feel your hands grip my hair as I leave you twitching ass and lick my way back to your throbbing cock. I stopped briefly to lick my finger and gently rub your tight hole in a circular motion.

“Oh baby.” You moan, looking down at me. “You look so sexy.”

I notice pre cum dripping down the head as my mouth, once again, descends hungrily. I take all of your length at once and I hum to send delicious vibrations through your cock. I feel you cock throb in response. I gently bite and then lick the sensitive piece of flesh on the underside of your cock, near the head, causing your body to jerk.

Your hand slides down my back, rubbing my flesh. I escort bayan bakırköy wiggle my ass to encourage you to go further. Soon your fingers encountered my wet pussy and when your fingers found my soppy hole, it was my turn to moan. I pushed my body back against your fingers, forcing them deeper into me. You pulled them out to massage my clit, quickly sending me into spasms of pleasure.

I had to stop my ministrations on your cock briefly to enjoy the waves of ecstasy, then I continued.

Your moans become more urgent as I feel your cock swell slightly. You attempt to pull me up so you won’t cum in my mouth but, I want it.

“No, give it to me.” I say, prepared for this new adventure.

I returned my hot mouth and my stroking hand to your cock, then I begin to suck harder on the head, pumping you faster. The first hot spurts caught me by surprise but, I greedily swallowed them down. Gush after gush hit the back of my throat and I struggled to keep it from dribbling out of my mouth.

When I was satisfied that you were done, I proceeded to lick you clean. Letting you softening cock fall from my mouth, I sat back in the seat.

“Did you like that?” I asked knowing the answer.

Your satisfied smile said it all.

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