Julie’s Pantyhose Sex Ch. 07


“Shit what are you doing?” I snapped.

He was forcing my shoe back onto my spunk covered foot. I cringed as I felt the wetness now trapped between nylon and leather.

“Get my video,” I grizzled.

He grabbed hold of my hair twisting it until I was bent double.

“Lets get something straight sweetheart, I haven’t finished with you yet,” he spat.

“What!” I screeched grabbing his arm that held my hair.

He pulled me to the door, and then forced me to the foot of the stairs.

“You see I took a couple of those horny pills. Jack’s old trouser snake wants to get into that love box of yours.”

“Please just let me go, I won’t tell anyone I promise.”

“I don’t really care; I’ve still got the tape.”

He let me straighten up but still gripped my hair.

“But if I told the police you raped me you would go to prison. They don’t like your sort in there. Do you want to die in jail?”

“Oh Julie I have thought about that. I mean if I’ve got 10 years left I’ll be lucky. I have a blood disorder you see, which is slowly killing me. The doctors reckon it could escalate and poison my system at anytime. So you have much more to lose than me. Now, I think we’ll be more comfortable in my bedroom.”

I just wanted to run, this was getting too much. Even so I figured he would probably shoot his load as soon as his dick got anywhere near my fanny. I felt his hand slip up the back of my skirt as we made our way up the stairs. I didn’t see a lot of point resisting. Again the more excited he became now, the quicker I could get the video and get out of there. I recoiled at the state of his house, the smell made me gag. The paint peeled off the walls everywhere I looked, and cobwebs and filth lay in every corner. The thread bare carpet on the stairs seemed bad enough to navigate in high heels, but with a 67 year old hand groping my nylon clad ass it just made it even more difficult. We reached the bedroom and my heart sunk even lower. The mattress was bare, and the pillows had horrid brown sweat stains all over them. My foot kick something that made a sharp pinging sound. Then the smell hit me.

“Ops I’d better get rid of that.”

I looked down and gagged as he picked up a potty with yellow urine slopping around in it. God I just wanted to puke right there! I felt his presence behind me. I was just rooted to the spot, I could have killed myself right there and then.

“Please don’t make me do this,” I said.

His hand went up the back of my short skirt again. He just ignored my request and let his fingers grope my ass.

“Oh you are so beautiful,” he mumbled.

I felt his lips graze across my shoulder as I just stood trembling. I tensed feeling a few days beard growth drag coarsely across my skin. He moved round in front of me.

“Take your top off,” he said licking his lips.

I swallowed hard.

“Come on I want to see those big tits, show them to daddy.”

He seemed like he was in a dream world all of his own. He was just staring at my breasts. I shook my head now resigned to my fate. I was going to be raped and even the SAS wouldn’t be able to stop him now! I don’t know why, but I just stared at his face as I bared my tits to him. He actually smiled at them. I mean a real smile of unbelieving delight.

Now those of you out there who think you would like to be Çankaya Escort raped or forced by someone unknown then you’re mad! It’s OK if it’s Captain Wonderful or someone who perhaps is a little overweight. But Jack Green was 67, about 5’5″ tall. He was bald with a few strands of grey hair combed over from one side of his head to the other. His face was narrow, thin slits housed his blue eyes, and he had the biggest nose in the world. He had two warts or lumps of pealing skin on his forehead and a sore of some description on his top lip that had recently been bleeding. Yuck! He had an eyebrow that not only joined in the middle but had more hair in it than a full moustache. But even worse Green had huge grey hairs hanging out of his nose too! I mean it looked like a bloody cats tail hanging out! Not only that but he smelt, badly! Probably due to the yellow stains that seemed to emanate from under his armpits. As for his clothing, well his tee-shirt could possibly have been white at some stage, but now it was a grubby grey with all sorts of food stains caked over it. The trousers he wore were a sort of plum colour, and around his crotch I noted a dark patch! I just froze, I felt disgusted with myself for even being in his grotty, smelly house!

I felt his dirty, grubby hands on the soft white flesh of my left breast. It caused me to jump and whimper. Then his lips cover my dark brown nipple. The way he groaned with lust as he suckled made me retch! I opened my eyes to see the scab on the top of his head.

“Please just fuck me and get it over with,” I heard myself say.

“Oh is my baby a little eager?” he said spinning me round.

He began to manoeuvre me towards the bed.

“Oh you are so pretty, and so young,” he groaned lustfully.

I ended up falling back on the mattress.

“Please don’t do this to me,” I said in a last attempt to get away.

He smiled down at me, and then grabbed my ankles. I struggled but for an old man he had surprising strength. He spread my legs before I had time to react and buried his face into my fanny. I could hear him sniffing taking in my sent. Then I felt my tights rip open by his trembling fingers. In one swift movement his prick pushed into my fanny. He began humping me like a mad rabbit.

“Oh you are so very sexy Julie; every time I’ve looked at you I’ve wanted this.”

Then all of a sudden after barely a minute he stopped. He pushed himself up a little.

“Yuck!” I screamed.

He pulled his fucking teeth out!

“Don’t want to break them do I?” he panted.

I closed my eyes but it was too late. I had captured the image of his teeth and the drool hanging off them. Then that horrible noise as he tried to suck up the spittle that hung out of his mouth. He resumed his frantic thrusts and pulled and twisted my nipple. Not content with this he jammed his tongue into my mouth. This caught me by surprise and I tried to twist away from him and his 67 year old gums mashing all over my teeth. I felt his trembling fingers grip my head, as he explored every inch of my mouth. Then I felt them, the hairs from his nose tickling my lip and nostrils. I tried harder to push him away but he held me tighter kissing me harder, and the hairs from his nose brushed across my lips even more. Then the sore on his top lip rubbed Cebeci Escort against my blemish free skin. Finally with all these thoughts and feelings I forced his mouth off of mine. I immediately started to cough and gag.

“Not long now my love, you will soon have old Jack’s juice in that sweet love box,” he panted with excitement.

His voice sounded strange due to the lack of teeth in his head

He buried his lips in my neck. I didn’t give a fuck about the video anymore; I just wanted this animal off my body! I felt him pant and groan. Then his body began to go into spasms.

“Please take it out!” I shrieked.

“Are you on the pill?”

“Yes!” I spat.

“Oh that’s a shame. Just think if you were not?”

It seemed to intensify his thrusts.

“You could divorce Barry and marry me. I’d fuck you every night. God wouldn’t your mum like me as her son-in-law!” he groaned frantically.

God he was sick even to think that I would marry him. I was crying just wanting to get out of there. But he wouldn’t let me up.

“Please take it out,” I sobbed again.

“Only if you swallow it,” he said with a chuckle.

“Jesus you are gross!”

“OH! Here it is my baby,” he gasped.

I lay still as he jabbed me with slow deliberate movements, moaning loudly in my ear with each stab until he lay spent on top of my violated body.

“Oh didn’t you enjoy it?” he teased.

I felt him slide down my body. At last I could get the video and have a bath.

“Oh! Shit what are you doing now?” I shrieked.

He looked up from between my legs.

“Well you haven’t had your turn,” he said with a wicked grin.

“My turn? I gasped, “you asshole I don’t want a…..”

I had this searing pain between my legs. Or more exact on my clit, the bastard had gripped it hard with his gums! I was paralysed the pain was excruciating, like when you stub your little toe on a chair leg?

“Now are you going to be a good girl for me?”

I didn’t answer.

“I thought so.”

I felt his tongue lick over my fanny lips, and then he sucked them into his mouth. He began sucking them like a kid would do with a lolly.

“You won’t take long. My you smell a little fishy,” he moaned, then began licking my clit.

“You’ll never make me cum,” I spat.

“No?” he hissed then giggled.

I felt a finger push into me; he began to work it quickly in and out. I just lay sobbing as the old man worked my clit and cunt.

“Please just let me go, I’ve done what you asked.”

His fingers dug in deeper until I quit complaining. I turned my head sideways but the smell of the mattress was too much to take. I looked up at the ceiling watching a spider make his way along the crack. The old man was really working hard on me, the fool. If he really thought I was going to enjoy this….

Well my fanny was squelching and I was panting a little. But that didn’t mean I was going to come… And that twinge inside, no deep inside. That wasn’t an orgasm that was me feeling sick… And my hips pushing up, I was to try and push him off, and my back was arched because a spring seemed to be pushing into my back…

“Oh. Oh fuck! No. Fuck you, you asshole! No!” I shrieked.

I just lay there afterwards wondering how the fuck my body could Çukurambar Escort betray me. The spider was crawling along another crack. Good knows how he survived in this shit hole! I felt something wet on my leg. As I sat up the old man was just finishing tossing himself off over my thigh. I looked down at the white mess staining my black tights.

“Did you have too?” I yelled.

He just smirked.

“I’ll get your video.”

I wanted to scream at him as his sticky spunk soaked through my tights. But the video was like a magic word, so I restrained myself. I pushed myself off the bed and retrieved my top. I pushed passed him heading for the loo to wipe his spunk that was oozing from my fanny. The potty was on the sink still full off his piss. I put my hand over my mouth to stop myself from being sick. Then I saw down the toilet. I shrieked at the state of the un-flushed mess sticking out of the water. I jumped back and caught the potty with my arm tipping it all over my legs. The cold yellow liquid rushed down my thighs, over my knees and splashing to it’s final resting place over my nylon clad feet and shoes! This time I did puke a mouthful into the sink. God the feel of my soaked nylon clad legs and the stench had me cursing. I stood there not wanting to move.

“What the hell are you doing?”

“Well what a stupid place to leave a bowl of…look at my legs for god sake! I stink! You horrible old man look at me now!” I growled.

I shook and stamped my foot in anger catching the rim of the potty. My eyes open wide. I had flicked the remains of the contents up into my face and with my mouth open…It went…In. I spat into the sink, but it was too late I could taste the old mans piss! And all he could do was chuckle.

“Go get my video,” I growled through gritted teeth.

“Gramps where are you, you old twat!”

“God its Tony he’s early!” Green hissed in shock.

“Just get rid of him,” I snapped hysterically.

“I can’t he’s staying here today.”


“Just coming Tony,” Green called back.

“Take him in the lounge and shut the door. And get my video back to me tomorrow. Clear?” I urged.

He nodded.

I crept down the stairs carrying my urine splattered shoes. My nylon clad feet wet and sticky squelched on the filthy carpet. My fanny was dribbling the old mans spunk, it trickled down the inside of my thighs. Not to mention the pee all down my legs, and in my hair. I made it to the kitchen. Then I jumped out of my skin as I heard a dustbin lid crash to the path outside.

“Oh bollocks!”

“What’s up?”

“The bin liner broke I’ll have to knock and get one.”

I closed my eyes in defeat listening to the rubbish men outside. Shit I was trapped! I sneaked quickly back to the hall as a loud knock rung out from the back door. I tipped toed back up the stairs whispering, shit, shit, shit, with every step.

So there I stood for the next 10 minutes waiting as the old man gave them a bin liner, and calmly talked about the lack of rain to the bin men.

Eventually I crept back down again and this time made it out to the garden. I breathed a sigh of relief as I made it into my kitchen. I half smiled but then remembered the state I was in. I lifted the hem of my skirt and wiped a big dollop of spunk from my fanny on some kitchen roll.


I looked up to see mum and Barry staring at me in horror. There I stood holding my skirt up, my tights ripped at the crotch covered in sticky white spunk, smelling of piss and with a hand full of kitchen roll soggy with cum. I looked backwards and forwards between them both.

“Um, a, I, can. Explain?”


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