Jan’s Weekend


Enjoy, only one chapter to this one. Strong sexual content.

Jan looked up at the clock and saw that it was almost time to go home. She cleared her desk and locked the drawers. She was in a busy office of four orthopedic surgeons and as the office manager she was busy throughout the day. Another of her responsibilities was to schedule all of the operative procedures with the two local hospitals that the group used. She loved her job and always looked forward to going to work.

She pushed her chair back slightly from the desk and using her hands and arms, lifted herself to a standing position. She heard the drop locks on her left leg brace drop down but used her hand to check that they were in place and her knee was locked. She got hold of her black forearm crutches right next to her desk and placed her arms in them. Using one of them she pushed the chair back out of the way and when she had her balance she turned 90 degrees and using a 2 point alternate gait started walking out of her office. She said good night to those she met in the hall and stuck her head in the offices that still had people in them to say good night or have a good weekend. She knew she was going to!

Jan crutched to the elevator and went down to the basement parking garage. Her reserved handicap spot was right next to the elevator and she pressed the fob to unlock the doors. After looking in at the back seat and floor, she opened the door. She maneuvered backwards to the driver’s seat and lowered herself on to the seat. She reached forward and unlocked her brace and lifted her legs into the car. Using the hand controls on her car, she backed out of her space and then pulled out of the garage. She got to her town home in about 20 minutes with the rush hour traffic.

Moving as fast as she dared, she got into the condo and into her bedroom. She had a date tonight and needed to get ready. Mike was the man she was meeting and they had been waiting for some time to finally get together. He had answered her ad that she had placed on one of the disabled dating sites. They had used the chat feature for some time and then Jan finally got to trust him enough to call him and then give him her number. Jan was on the east coast and he lived in the Midwest.

They had spent a lot of time talking and agreed early on that they would both be very open and honest with each other. Jan had been crippled almost all of her life and knew what a devotee was. She asked Mike the first time they talked if he was one. He said yes right away. Jan had been with a couple before and there had not been any problems from that stand point. She had not been specific in her profile about her problems just that she was crippled.

She asked Mike what he was attracted to and he said either paralyzed legs or amputees. Jan asked which he was more attracted to and he said amputees. She laughed and told him he hit the jackpot as she was both! After several conversations, Jan admitted to Mike that she was now a devotee also and was very much attracted to amputees. Any number or type of limb was good with her.

Jan told him that she had Polio as a baby and both of her legs were paralyzed. When she was 19 she was hit crossing the street by a car driven by a drunk driver. The car hit her right leg and the brace was so mangled it did a lot of damage to her leg and it could not be saved. Sometime after she told her story to Mike she admitted that she was glad she was an amputee. She had to struggle to walk as her stump was mostly paralyzed. But she liked to walk and yes it was a sexual thrill to her a lot of the times as she did so; especially when she knew people were watching her. Mike confided that as a younger boy he had pretended to be an amputee.

Jan unfastened and dropped her skirt down her legs and then sat on the bed. She undid the Velcro straps on her brace and removed it from her leg. She rubbed it because she thought the very small, atrophied, totally paralyzed leg was very sexy. Her foot dropped straight down with her toes pointing to the floor. She felt stubble and reminded herself to shave. She pulled the plug from her other leg and pulled her short, above knee stump from her C-leg prosthetic. She rubbed what was left of it and felt stubble on it also. She removed her top and bra and pulled her wheelchair next to her bed. She transferred to it and went into the bathroom.

She transferred to the john, used it and then back into the chair and then into the roll in shower. She transferred to the bench, pushed the chair out and closed the glass door. After adjusting the water temperature, she washed her body paying attention to her breasts and pubic area. She put a belt attached to a grab bar around her upper torso so she could lean forward without having to use her hands and shaved her leg and stump. She then scooted forward and shaved the area just alongside her labia and just a short way above her clit. She had a lot of thick, long, dark pubic hair that was surprisingly soft to the touch and left that alone.

She Etlik escort douched so she was clean and fresh. It had already been agreed by she and Mike that if they hit it off with each other sex was on the agenda. Jan felt that would happen for sure. After washing her very short hair she dried off and put a towel on the seat of her wheelchair, transferred to it and finished drying her hair. She rolled to her vanity and ran a brush through her hair, applied a touch of lipstick and went back into the bedroom. She got some very low heels, a short brown skirt, and a light brown sweater and put the stuff on the bed. She changed the shoe on her prosthesis and transferred over to the bed. She put her brace on first and slid the shoe over the plastic form that held her foot up and in place.

Jan worked a bikini thong up her leg and stump. It was much easier to get dressed and put her brace and leg one while on the bed. She wrapped her stump with a 2 inch wrap and sat up on the edge of the bed. She ran the end of the wrap into the hole at the bottom of the suction socket and pulled the warp end at the same time pushing her stump into the socket. After it bottomed out she pulled the wrap off of her stump through the hole and put the plug in. She tugged on the leg and it felt secure.

She pulled the sweater over her head and smoothed it down her breasts and lower chest. It was mostly obvious she was braless. Her 36 C pear shaped breasts were very firm and there was no sag. She had very large areolas that puffed out and pushed her nipples up and out a lot. She spread her skirt on the seat of the chair hoping it was in the right position and she did not have to pull it up after she sat on it. Jan moved to her chair and the skirt was fine. She fastened it around her waist and rolled over to the mirror on the door. She thought she looked great and she hoped that Mike would think so also.

Even though Jan was on the pill, she put a few rubbers, a couple of douche bottles, a small bikini, some other things and a change of clothes in a small bag. She was getting excited and wondered if she should leave now and be early. She decided she would go now and wait at the hotel they were to meet at before she went up to his room as he had requested. She got her crutches, a brown pair now instead of the black she used during the day, and wheeled out to her car in the garage and transferred in.

She was going to take her chair in the car just in case it was needed as she seldom used it out in public. She loved the looks she got walking on her crutches with her crippled, atrophied leg in its brace and her prosthetic C-leg showing from under her skirt. She never wore slacks to cover them up.

She got to the hotel and as Mike had told her, drove up to the valet area. He had left word for them to take care of her car. Jan got her crutches and put them by the car door. She got out of the car, stood and locked her brace and got her crutches on her arms and walked into the hotel. She was about 15 minutes early and decided to use the house phone to call his room and be sure it was ok to go up. Mike answered on the first ring and said he was so glad she was early. Come up at once!

Jan crutched over to the elevator, stepped in when the door opened and pushed the 25th floor button. This was a very fancy hotel. She checked herself in the mirror. Jan is about 5’5″ tall, 115 pounds and 26 years old. The skirt she had on came several inches above her knee. She only wore lipstick on occasion and no other makeup. She noticed her nipples were standing out and she was very proud of the whole package.

Mike’s room was just a little ways down the hall at the end. She noticed there were two peep holes on the door, one at normal height and the other down lower. She knocked and the door opened. In front of her was Mike looking just like his picture and when they used Skype. The only thing different was the he was in a wheelchair and had no legs at all. He asked her to come in as he backed out of the way and she was shocked. He read the surprised look and said you never asked me if I had legs or was crippled. Jan crutched over to him and threw her arms around him being careful not to fall as she reached down to his level.

He said for her to come over and sit down so they could be comfortable. As he watched, she pulled the drop locks up and dropped down to the couch. He wheeled over and transferred beside her. He pulled her into his arms and they had a long kiss. When they finally came up for air she put her head down on his chest. She was very quiet for some time and finally Mike lifted her head up by her chin and asked if she was ok. She said better than ok. He could see the tears in her eyes and brushed them aside with his fingers.

Mike said so you are not mad at me and Jan said not at all just very surprised. She admitted that most of the talk about crippled legs had been about her and she had never thought to ask him anything along that line. He had told her several ankara olgun escort times after they agreed to meet that he could not wait to touch her leg and stump. Jan reached down to his empty pants leg and found that both legs were missing at the hip, a bilateral hip disarticulation. She asked what had happened and he said leg bone tumors with a smile on his face. His legs had been removed 5 years ago. Jan did not ask any more questions as she understood what happened.

Mike asked if she would like to see the place and she said sure. She needed to use the bathroom anyway before they ate. They were almost on the top floor and the front side of the room looked out over the ocean. The side view looked up the beach. There was an outside patio with a table and chairs. An overhead awning could be put out over it if wanted. There was a large bedroom and off of that was a very large bathroom with whirlpool tub and roll in shower. The whole suite was accessible.

Jan now realized that was why there was a lower peep hole, so someone in a wheelchair could see who was at the door. Jan said she needed to use the john and did Mike want to stay. One of the things they had talked about was watching each other do things as they lived their daily lives. Mike said yes he would like to stay.

Jan looked things over to understand how she was going to manage. Unlike home where the john was against one side wall and she had a grab bar, this one was out in the middle of the wall with only a back wall. She had been in that position at various places before and just needed to think things through. She put her left crutch against the wall and kept her right crutch. Using her left hand she pushed her skirt up and put her finger in the band of her thong. She worked it down her legs. Then pulled the drop locks up on her brace, then slid her hand back and put it on the john seat. Between her hand on the seat and the other on her crutch, she lifted her weight just a bit and her left knee released and went forward letting her drop down to the seat.

After peeing and wiping, she picked up her thong. It was soaked from her pussy juice. She looked at Mike and threw it in the sink to be washed out later. He grinned and said thanks. She struggled just a bit to reverse the process of getting up but made it ok. Mike told her how beautiful and sexy she looked. She said so you’re not afraid to be seen with this crippled old lady then. He said no, he would be proud to be seen with her. Did she mind being seen with him in his wheelchair? No she said, people would just have to put up with them being the two sexiest people in the room. They both laughed long and hard.

They went out into the living room area and Mike asked if she would like to go to the dining room or eat here on the patio. She said to the dining room as she wanted to show her crippled body off and be seen with him tonight. Mike said he was hoping she would choose that. Jan was standing at the window looking out when he asked and she only turned her upper torso around to look at him. The side view accentuated her profile and her breasts were very pronounced in her sweater. He again told her how sexy she was and if she held that pose very much longer they would be late for their reservation which was for the next few minutes. She crutched over to him and said later……

They went out the door and got on to the elevator. Jan was surprised when they went UP two floors to the restaurant. It was a revolving one on top of the building. It was moving slowly enough that she could step across to it without any trouble. They were shown to a window table and somewhat removed from the rest of the patrons per Mike’s request. A chair had already been removed for his wheelchair. Jan got seated ok and neither one ordered drinks.

Jan put her hand over into Mike’s lap but she forgot there was no leg to hold on to. She ran her hand over one of the empty hip stumps and then the back of her fingers up the bulge in his trousers. Looking him in the eye she said looks like no obstructions to get to it. Mike just gave a big smile and nodded his head. He reached his hand across his chest and under his other arm and cupped her breast. He said no obstructions here either. They were both snickering as the waiter came up for their order.

After ordering Mike said he understood that she did not like to use her wheelchair out in public but sometime would she mind going to dinner with him in her chair and without her brace, leg and panties. Jan looked at him wide eyed and said that was outrageous….and when could she do it!! She also told him that she could not wait to get back to their room and have him in her as soon as possible. She hoped he felt the same way.

Mike looked around and saw that no one could see them and slid his hand up her brace to her very wet slit and engorged lips. As he fingered it he said he was in full agreement, ASAP for him also and kissed her. In a lowered voice, Jan ankara ucuz escort reminded him that she had very little control over her leg and stump. If he ever wanted them spread for better access to her pussy, he would have to do it himself. Mike said thanks for the reminder.

The view was fantastic. Part of the time they looked out over the city and part of the time they looked out over the water. The dinner was great and they talked about several things, mostly about being crippled and how much they enjoyed being that way. They knew some people would find that strange and they also knew they were not the only ones that felt that way. They finished their coffee and started back to their room.

When they got back the room they talked about Jan getting her wheelchair out of her car. They both thought it would make getting around in the room easier and called the desk to get the key and find out where the car was parked. Mike said he would go with her and besides he thought the exercise would be good for them. They got on the elevator and went down to the desk. The valet said he would be glad to get the car for them and bring it up but Mike said that would not be necessary. He gave them the key and told him what space number the car was in. They went down to the garage, found the car and Mike got the wheelchair out for Jan. She got in it and they went back up. Mike stopped and gave the key back to the valet with a tip and then up to the suite.

When Mike got back up, Jan asked if he would like to sit on the patio for a few minutes. He said yes and they both wheeled out. The sun was down and it was cooling off. They sat side by side in their chairs but facing each other. Mike leaned forward and kissed Jan. Leaning forward to meet him she opened her mouth and invited his tongue into hers. After a few minutes Mike moved his hand up to her breast. Jan immediately pulled her sweater up so he could touch it skin to skin. Her nipples were hard as a rock. She leaned back in her chair and watched both of his hands now playing with them. She looked up at him and asked him to take her to bed and screw her now! They both headed for the bedroom.

Jan pulled her sweater off as she transferred on to the bed. Mike asked if he could take her brace and leg off and she said please do, I have been dreaming about that for a long time. He moved his chair close to her and took her leg off first. She seemed to know what he was doing as he did everything right. After pulling the leg from her socket he used his hands to massage it. It was atrophied like her left leg. Next he started undoing the Velcro straps on her brace. He removed it and laid it on the floor. He lifted her leg up into his chair seat and massaged her leg rubbing where the strap marks were. He told her she had the sexiest crippled leg he had ever seen. He could easily get his thumb and middle finger around her calf it was so atrophied. Her foot drooped over forward with her toes almost touching the seat. He pulled her foot into his hard penis.

She undid the waist band of her skirt and using her hands and arms lifted herself up off the bed. Mike pulled the skirt from beneath her and put it on the bed. She leaned forward using one arm to hold herself up and took hold of his shirt to get him to remove it. He did and she pulled at his pants. He lifted himself up and she pulled them off of his hips. His bald penis and balls stuck straight up and she got her first look at his legless torso. She told him both were beautiful. His penis was about 8 or 9 inches long but not very thick. His whole pubic area was shaved clean. She pulled on it like she was going to pull him into bed and he started to go that way. He stopped at the edge of his chair seat and said he needed a shower. He had just gotten to his room when she arrived and had not had time to take one. Jan agreed that was a good idea but she wanted to join him.

She got back into her chair and they headed to the shower. Jan went in first and Mike pulled her chair out of the way. He went in next and got on the bench and pushed his chair out and closed the glass door. They both laughed and said they should not get carried away and fall off the bench and end up in the ER. Jan got the water adjusted and turned the large shower head on to them. After they got wet, they soaped each other and then rinsed off.

They kissed and Mike let himself down to the floor and moved between Jan’s leg and stump. He kissed and licked up her stump right to her pussy and clit. Her pussy lips were very large and long. They were purple because they were so engorged. Her clit was sticking out of its hood. Before he even hardly got started eating her Jan came holding on to Mikes shoulder’s to keep from falling forward.

They dried off and returned to the bedroom. They both transferred into bed and turned into each other’s arms. They kissed and fondled each other and Jan got hold of Mike’s penis and said put it in her. Jan was on her left side and Mike was able to slide down a little. He turned on to his right side and lifted her short stump on to his hip. With no legs to get into the way he was able to get his penis to her entrance. He pulled her stump hip towards him as he moved his pelvis and penis into her. She was so wet he slid in with no problem. Being long helped and he bottomed out before he was all the way in.

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