Joel and Carrie Ch. 05


“Hey Joel!” Brian called in greeting as we met at our lockers. “Did Santa treat you right?”

“He treated me fine,” I laughed. “How about you? Did he get you what you wanted?”

Brian was one of the friends I inherited when Carrie and I started dating. He was actually the first guy from the ‘in crowd’ who accepted me. Unlike some of the others, we got along pretty well.

“Nah,” Brian sighed loudly. “Lindsay Lohan wasn’t in my stocking. Neither was Avril Lavigne.”

“That’s a shame,” I joked. “Because Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Lopez were in mine!”

“Like them older, do you?” Brian teased back.

“Are you kidding?” I asked. “With bodies like those, who cares about age?”

“Good point!” Brian laughed in surrender as Robbie walked up and joined us.

“My own personal preference would be Alexis Bledel or Jessica Biel,” he put in, obviously having caught the gist of our conversation.

“Does Tina know about your infatuation with these women?” Brian asked. He was trying to sound serious, but he couldn’t completely hide his grin.

“I wouldn’t call it an infatuation,” Robbie replied. “Let’s just say they both hold a place close to my heart.”

“Probably a little lower than that!” Brian laughed.

“There too!” Robbie grinned.

He and his girlfriend Tina were now as much a part of the ‘in crowd’ as me. I think Carrie initially insisted that they come to some parties with us because she knew how close I was to them, but later they seemed to fit in of their own accord.

It didn’t hurt that Carrie was teaching Tina how to show off her assets. Robbie’s girl no longer wore frumpy clothes and a lot of guys were starting to realize what he knew for years. Tina was not only beautiful, but also very hot when she chose to be!

“Maybe Biel, but Bledel?” I asked, teasing Robbie. It was an old disagreement, but Robbie never passed up the chance to argue about it. Neither did I.

“Oh come on!” he snorted. “She’s gorgeous and you know it!”

“I guess,” I said with an exaggerated sigh. “But she doesn’t really have much of an ass.”

“Not everyone is an ass man!” Robbie snorted.

“Really?” Brian put in. I wondered if he was joking. It was either that or he was just as perverted as me.

‘Probably both!’ I grinned to myself.

Brian had short blond hair and a wrestler’s build. It made sense since he was on the school’s wrestling team. He was a little shorter than average in height and had broad shoulders. The girls seem to like his muscular torso. Brian was never one to lack company, although he wasn’t serious with anyone particular.

“I still think you’re being unfair,” Robbie argued, bringing my attention back to the argument. “I mean, Alexis doesn’t have anything close to Lopez’s butt, but then again who does? Can’t you just picture Alexis smiling up at you as she…well, you know!”

“Of course,” I shrugged. “I’m sure it would be great, but without a nice ass…”

“It’s not fair to say she doesn’t have a nice ass!” Robbie insisted heatedly.

“Who doesn’t have a nice ass?” Tara asked as she walked by. She was grinning. Robbie turned all different shades of red. He didn’t know Tara like I did.

“We certainly aren’t talking about you,” I joked. Robbie looked at me and shook his head. I notice that Brian was watching Tara silently. There was something odd about his expression.

“Thanks!” Tara laughed as she kept walking. Robbie, Brian and I all watched her ass for a moment. She knew we were doing it too. Her wiggle got a little more pronounced.

“Man!” Brian sighed when she was no longer in earshot. “Talk about a great ass!”

“If you like it so much, why don’t you ask her out?” Robbie asked.

“She’s the most beautiful girl in the school!” Brian replied, as if that was answer enough.

“One of them,” I nodded in agreement. No one was prettier than my Carrie, but Tara was close. “Do you want me to talk to Carrie? She might be able to set you two up.”

“Really?” Brian asked. I nodded. He was a good guy. Tara could do worse.

“Why not?” I shrugged.

“Thanks!” Brian said. I looked at him funny. Brian wasn’t the type to be shy around girls. He must really have it bad for Tara.

“How long have you liked her?” I asked out of curiosity.

“Since grammar school,” Brian admitted.

“I’ll see you guys later,” Robbie said as he left for his first class. “The bell is going to ring soon.”

“Later,” I called after him, and then turned back toward Brian. “Let me see if Carrie’s willing to help out. I see you after lunch.”

“That would be great!” Brain said and disappeared down the hall quickly.

My first class of the day was gym. As long as you were dressed ten minutes after the bell rang it didn’t matter if you were a little late to the locker room. I took my time walking down the hall even after the bell rang.

I turned a corner just in time to see Maria Perez pull free of Tony Collins, her boyfriend of almost a year. They were arguing heatedly. I stopped in surprise. I never saw those two even have a disagreement, Beylikdüzü escort much less a fight. Tony grabbed Maria again.

“Are you two okay?” I asked. I didn’t want to get involved, but Tony was holding Maria pretty tightly.

“Mind your business!” Tony nearly growled when he saw me.

“I wish I could,” I sighed, moving close. “Why don’t you let her go?”

“She just dumped me!” Tony cried out. I could see his pain and I felt for him.

“I’m sorry,” I said. “But that doesn’t give you the right to manhandle her.” Tony blinked once and realized how tightly he was holding Maria. He let go and pulled back.

“I wasn’t going to hurt her,” he said defensively.

“Tony, you already have,” Maria put in, rubbing her arms.

“What?” Tony asked in confusion.

Maria pulled her sleeves up and showed him the bruises that were already appearing on her arms.

“Oh my God!” he cried. “Maria, I’m so sorry! I love you!”

“I know,” Maria said softly. “That’s why breaking up with you is so hard.”

“This is none of my business,” I said. “Tony, I’ll leave you two to talk if you have control of yourself again?” He nodded.

“Thanks Joel, but you can go now,” Maria put in. “Tony won’t knowingly hurt me.”

I nodded and walked past them to the gym. I went in, but couldn’t bring myself to go to the locker room until I was sure everything was okay. I waited a couple of minutes and peaked back down the hall. Maria was talking softly to Tony who was standing there with his head down. Poor guy. I didn’t know what I’d do if Carrie ever dumped me.

Maria saw me checking on them and nodded to me in thanks. I waved and slipped back into the gym. I waited and checked one more time before going to class. The hall was empty the next time I looked. I was late to gym and the coach made me run a bunch of laps because of it, but that was okay. Some things were worth it.

Lunch came soon enough. I met Carrie at her locker and we went to eat. We were the first two at our table, but it wasn’t long before it filled. Robbie and Tina took their normal seats as well as Tara and Jill. The remaining chairs were taken up with other members of our school’s elite. In fact, by the time every member of the ‘in crowd’ was seated, three tables in our section were filled.

Sometimes I missed those lunches where Robbie, Tina and I sat alone and just hung out quietly, but Carrie was right. Dating her did seem to automatically make me part of the in crowd. It bothered me at times, but generally I just shrugged it off.

Everyone was talking about his or her winter break and there were plenty of funny stories. I spent a few minutes staring at Carrie and was rewarded when she started playing footsy with me under the table. Tara and Jill were sitting next to Carrie and they looked as amazing as always. Robbie and Tina were next to me.

I smiled when I thought about all of them, remembering my suspension. Carrie saw my smile and grinned knowingly. I felt a thrill of excitement. She was definitely planning something!

My next period was study hall. I wasn’t crazy about it being back to back with lunch, but there were benefits. Carrie had art after lunch and she pretty much had the art teacher wrapped around her little finger. I wasn’t surprised when she wondered into the study hall a few minutes after the class started.

Poor Jennifer Madden was. She saw Carrie and turned pale as she quickly shifted away from me.

“Miss me?” she asked with a grin as she held out her hand. I stood and let her lead me to a quiet corner of the study hall where we couldn’t be overheard.

“Always,” I replied, giving her a quick kiss. Mr. Henk, who was stuck presiding over study hall this semester, saw but didn’t comment. He pretty much let us do whatever we wanted as long as it didn’t get him into trouble.

“I see Jennifer is still trying to seduce you,” Carrie stated with a shake of her head.

“That girl has a real envy problem,” I shrugged. “She didn’t even know my name before you and I started dating and she sat behind me in homeroom for three years!”

“And ever since we started dating she’s been trying to get you to go out with her,” Carrie frowned. “Just like she did with my ex Jimmy.”

“It almost makes me feel bad for him,” I sighed.

“Don’t,” Carrie said firmly. “She wasn’t the only girl he cheated on me with. She was just the last.”

“How long do you have before you need to go back to class?” I asked, changing the subject.

“Well,” she grinned. “I need to make it back before the bell rings. I have the hall pass.”

“It must be nice being you,” I said with a shake of my head.

“It has its moments,” she laughed.

We sat quietly talking for a few minutes before I brought up the topic I was really interested in.

“So, what was this about a sick day?” I asked. Carrie grinned sexily.

“I was waiting to see how long it would take you to bring that up,” she laughed. “I talked to Tara and she thinks it will be no problem getting a room from her uncle’s hotel Beylikdüzü escort the day after tomorrow.”

“So then, is this what I think it is?” I asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Yes,” Carrie grinned, speaking so softly that I almost couldn’t hear. “It’s time we had a little crazy fun.”

“Alright!” I cried, drawing attention from some of those who were sitting nearby.

“Pervert!” Carrie whispered with a giggle. I shrugged. It was the truth.

“Takes one to know one!” I retorted. “Or at least I hope so!” We shared a brief laugh.

“The only problem is that Jill can’t make it,” Carrie said afterward.

“Do you want me to invite Robbie and Tina?”

“Tempting,” Carrie replied. “But no. I have another idea.”

“What?” I asked, more than a little curious.

“I’d like to invite another couple,” she replied. “I had fun seducing Robbie and Tina that time.”

“I’ll bet!” I laughed. Truth be told, I enjoyed it just as much. “Have any ideas on who you’d like to invite?”

“I’m not certain,” she replied.

“You must have someone in mind,” I prompted. Carrie looked at me and laughed.

“Okay, I do,” she admitted. “I was thinking about Maria and Tony.”

“Bad idea,” I sighed, causing Carrie to frown.


I took a few minutes and explained what I saw on my way to gym class. Carrie frowned in disappointment.

“That’s too bad,” she said. “I thought they made a good couple.”

“Apparently, Maria didn’t agree,” I shrugged. “I wonder what caused the break up?”

“I don’t know,” Carrie answered. “But I’ll find out.”

“You know, you could still invite her if you’d like,” I said thoughtfully.

“You like that Spanish ass of hers!” Carrie giggled. I grinned and winked at my girlfriend. Carrie shook her head and added, “We’ll see.”

“Hey, I have another idea,” I said, thinking of my conversion with Brian earlier in the day. “How about Brian?”

“Brian Longo?” Carrie asked with a frown.

“No!” I said with a disgusted shake of my head. I guess Longo was a good-looking guy in his way, but he was also one of the biggest jerks in the school. “I was talking about Brian Petrov.”

“Why him?” she asked.

“Two reasons,” I smiled. “First, I think he’s an ass man.”

“Really?” Carrie grinned.

“It’s just a feeling, but I’d be willing to lay odds,” I replied.

“Interesting,” my girlfriend said thoughtfully.

“Thinking about feeling his hard cock in your ass?” I teased softly.

“Either that,” she shrugged. “Or somewhere else while you take my ass.”

“Now that’s a thought!” I laughed.

“We’ll see,” Carrie shrugged. She was once again playing footsy with me. “But what was your other reason?”

“Well, he has a thing for Tara,” I answered, more focused on her foot then her question.

“I knew it!” Carrie cried.

“Is that a problem?” I asked.

“No! It’s perfect!” she replied. “I know for a fact that she likes him. This is going to be fun!”

“So now the big question,” I sighed. “You’ve known him longer than me. Do you think we can trust him? For that matter, do you think we can trust Maria?”

“Maria is a definite yes,” Carrie answered. “I’m not sure she’ll go for what we’re suggesting, but she’ll keep quiet about it in either case.”

“And Brian?”

“I don’t know,” Carrie shrugged. “But I think it’s worth the chance.”

“You’re a little hot for him, aren’t you?” I teased.

“No more than you are for Maria,” she laughingly replied. “But the real reason why I’m willing to risk it is because of Tara. It’s time she had another boyfriend and Brian is a nice guy.”

“You do realize that if you keep inviting people to seduce, eventually it’s going to get out?” I asked, changing the subject slightly.

“Probably,” Carrie admitted with a shrug. “But it’s so much fun! Besides, we only have a few months left before we’re off to college.”

“True,” I smiled.

Carrie and I spoke about college a few weeks earlier after we realized just how serious we were getting. We weren’t planning on going to the same school. In fact, our first choices were on different coasts.

She ended up settling on her second choice so that we’d be closer. It was only about a half an hour from my first choice. I told her not to switch, but she insisted. Her parents didn’t mind, not even her mother. Mrs. Capanna liked her daughter’s second choice school better than her first.

“So, how do we make this work?” I asked.

“I’ll handle Maria,” Carrie said. “You figure out how to get Brian there.”

“Deal,” I smiled. “Now what about tonight?”

“I don’t think so,” Carrie grinned. “I’m going to make you wait until the party.”

“Hey!” I cried.

“I want you to save up your energy,” she laughed.

“I have more than enough energy for tonight and the party!” I protested.

“I know!” she admitted. “But I’m not sure I will. You tire me out!”

“You’re such a tease!”

“Goodbye,” she said as she stood, still laughing. “I should get back to class.”

I Escort Beylikdüzü shook my head and watched her go. I knew she was shaking her ass a little more than usual just to get to me. I turned and saw that quite a few guys were watching her leave. I couldn’t get mad. Who could blame them?


“This is so cool!” Brian cried as we walked down the hall of the hotel.

“It will be if you keep it down,” I sighed. “If we get caught a whole lot of people are going to get into trouble.”

“Sorry,” he said in a softer voice. “And you’re sure Tara will be at this party?”

“It’s her uncle’s hotel,” I replied. His smile grew.

I knocked on the door to the room and waited impatiently. Tara opened it and smiled warmly when she saw me. Her expression quickly turned into surprise when she saw Brian. Carrie obviously hadn’t told her about inviting him.

“Hello Tara,” Brian said tentatively. Tara smiled and her eyes sparkled with interest and excitement.

“Hi Brian,” she said, moving out of the doorway and letting us both in. I saw that Carrie wasn’t in the room yet.

“She called,” Tara said, seeing my look. “She’s going to be a little late.”

“Okay,” I shrugged. “Why don’t I get you two a drink while you get acquainted?”

“Sounds good to me,” Tara replied. “Brian?”

“I’d love one,” he swallowed. “It will help me keep my nerve up so that I can keep talking to such a beautiful girl.”

“Um, Brian,” I grinned. “You said that out loud.”

“Did I?” he asked in confusion.

“Yes, you did,” Tara smiled, taking him by the hand and leading him to the small table in the corner of the room.

They sat and talked while I made the drinks. Tara didn’t let go of his hand. In fact, it wasn’t long before Brian took her other hand with his free one. They were leaning close as they talked. I took my time making the drinks.

I left Brian and Tara to themselves for the next ten minutes while I waited for Carrie to arrive. I did take the time to pour them a second drink after they finished their first. There was finally a knock on the door a few minutes later and I smiled. It was about time!

“Hello,” I said as I opened the door.

Carrie wasn’t there. Instead, it was Maria and she wasn’t alone. I groaned to myself when I saw who was with her. Okay, not so much who, but…well, to put it bluntly, there was a girl dressed in the local Catholic school’s uniform. That might be a turn on to some guys, but my biggest concern was that her arrival would kill the whole day. She had a really innocent look about her.

“Hi Joel,” Maria said with a smile. “This is my friend Deana. Don’t worry. She’s my best friend and I’ve sworn her to secrecy.”

“Hi,” I smiled. At least Deana was cute.

“Hello,” she replied softly. “I hope you don’t mind, but when I told Maria about my week she thought it would be okay for me to come with her.”

“The more the merrier!” I said, trying to sound happier than I felt. “Care for a drink?”

“No thanks,” she replied.

“Um,” I said tentatively. “Just out of curiosity, how old are you?”

“Almost nineteen,” she laughed. “Why? Do I look younger?”

“It’s the uniform,” Brian said as he and Tara joined us. “It makes them all look younger.”

“And how would you know?” I asked.

“I live across the street from St. Peters,” Brian replied.

“Do you spend a lot of time watching my classmates from your window?” Deana asked, obviously teasing him.

“Enough,” Brian admitted. “You can’t blame me. Those skirts are so short!” Deana and I laughed. Tara was holding Brian’s hand possessively. She wasn’t smiling.

“They’re really not that short,” Deana giggled. “A lot of girls roll them up when we’re not in school.”

I frowned. This was beginning to look bad. Tara seemed pretty jealous and Deana was doing a good job flirting considering she had virgin written all over her. She didn’t even drink for Christ’s sake!

“Well, I’m getting myself another drink,” I said to no one in particular. I made my way the where the alcohol was and poured myself a double. Maria joined me.

“Mind if I join you?” she asked.

“Not as all,” I said, forcing a smile as I poured her a double as well.

“Thanks,” she said, sipping it. “I just wanted to thank you again for helping with Tony. I don’t know what came over him.”

“Well, you did break his heart,” I replied.

As soon as the words left my mouth I knew they were a mistake. I tried to apologize, but Maria had already turned away. I noticed her down the double I just gave her. I poured myself another drink and thought, ‘I hope Carrie arrives soon.’

It took another fifteen minutes before my girlfriend walked in. Everyone was talking about his or her winter vacations again because it seemed a safe subject. I kept pouring drinks for anyone who wanted, but it didn’t seem to help.

“Hello everyone. Sorry I’m late,” Carrie said as she walked in.

“Have I missed you,” I said, pulling her into a sloppy kiss.

“I think you need to lay off the liquor for a while,” she said with a frown. I blinked and realized that she was right. I wasn’t really drunk yet, but I was awfully close.

“Sorry,” I said. “Have you met Deana? Maria brought her.”

“No,” Carrie said, looking the girl up and down and smiling. “St. Peters?”

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