Jimy Returns


It had been several weeks since Jimmy and Linda surprised me in the garage that day. See: http://www..com/stories/showstory.php?id=27575

Since then, that day would often be the topic of dirty-talk during sex with Linda. While we fucked, she would ask me about various aspects of it. When she asked if I liked sucking his cock, I would tell her I loved it, and she would cum. Once, she asked, “Did you like being called a bitch?” “Yes”, was all I said. She started bucking like crazy, and slapping my ass. “Cock sucking slut”, she cried out as she came. Linda obviously enjoyed it very much.

Time went on, and after a few weeks, things were back to normal, and sex between us got back to the normal twice-on-the-weekends tempo. I had pretty much put the incident out of my mind. Apparently, Linda hadn’t.

I was showering in the basement bathroom, (again), and when I came out of the shower I had no clothes to put on, (again). This is a trick Linda plays all the time when she wants to have sex. It causes me to walk around the house naked, except for a towel. Usually, she jumps out at me, and we wrestle a little bit, and then make love on the spot. Lots of fun.

This time, she was sitting in a chair in the basement, waiting for me. (It’s a finished basement, kind of a family room). When I stepped out, wrapped in a towel, she got up and led me to the basement door. When she opened the door, there was Jimmy, smiling from ear-to-ear. She quickly yanked the towel off me. Suddenly I was the only one naked, and I was kind of embarrassed.

She turned to Jimmy, and asked, “Did you bring them?” At that he nodded, and from behind his back he produced a dark blue nylon bra and panty set. I was stunned, and didn’t know what to do. Linda grabbed Beylikdüzü escort the panties from his hand, and started to put them on me. I resisted at first, but then said, “OK, whatever you want”, and relented. She quickly pulled the panties up my legs, and said, “Anything??” I knew I was in trouble, but just decided to go along with it.

Next she put the bra on me. I felt kind of silly, but the panties felt nice. Kind of smooth against my ass and my dick. Jimmy started groping my ass and pinching my nipples, while Linda went to the laundry room, and returned quickly. She told me to raise my hands, and she slipped a black nylon chemise with a yellow floral print over my head. It was too short, and so the panties showed even when I was standing still.

Linda stood back and admired her handy work. “Those panties look GOOD on him”, she said. Jimmy agreed, and pulled me close to him. “I heard you liked being my bitch”, he said.

Linda smacked my ass, and said, “Tell the truth! You like sucking cock, don’t you, slut?”

All I could say was “Yes”. Jimmy lowered me to my knees, and I found myself directly in front of his crotch. At this time, Linda was taking off her pants and panties all at the same time. She didn’t want to waste any time, when she could be masturbating while watching the show. When she sat on the couch, and started to masturbate, I began to get into it.

“Pull his dick out, slut”, she barked.

I lowered his zipper, and reached in, and pulled out his marvelous 8″ cock. It pointed straight at me, and had a spot of precum on it. “Lick his dick, bitch”, she said. I really didn’t need to be told to do that. I put out my tongue, and licked up the precum. Then I licked all around the head, and Beylikdüzü escort up and down the underside.

Linda was moaning now, probably very near climax. “Fuck his mouth like a slut, Jimmy!” she cried out.

Jimmy grabbed my head, and shoved his dick into my mouth. It felt SO good. The head was all the way in, and my tongue rested on the little ‘V’ on the underside. I rubbed and squeezed it with my tongue as I sucked. It occurred to me that a cock is made to be sucked, and mouths are made to suck cock. It feels that perfect to me.

After a minute of this, Jimmy started to jam his cock in and out of my mouth. When he yelled, “Suck my cock, you slut”, Linda started to cum. Her hand was moving at a furious pace. I looked over at her with my mouth full of dick, and she looked like she was going to pass out. She was gasping and groaning like a woman possessed. I just sucked harder.

I felt his dick start to swell up, and I was sure he was about to cum, but then he stopped. He pushed my head towards Linda, and said, “Give her some head too, bitch”. Good idea, I thought.

I crawled slowly over to Linda, and asked, “Are you enjoying the show? She grabbed my head, and forced it into her pussy. “Eat me, bitch”, was all she could say.

Her pussy was drenched. My face was soaked immediately. I found her clit, and began licking it and sucking on it. I inserted 2 fingers in her cunt, and she went wild. Her legs were crushing my head, but I didn’t stop. Jimmy came up behind me and started to rub my balls through the panties I had on. It felt great. I had never felt anything like that. Then he pulled the panties to the side, and stuck a finger up my ass. Linda had fingered my ass during sex many times, so it wasn’t Escort Beylikdüzü anything new. I just relaxed and let him do it.

After I had eaten Linda for about 5 minutes, and she had cum on my face a couple of times, Jimmy sat down next to her. I was kind of glad, because since he was fingering my ass, I thought he might fuck me. I would have let him do it, but I was kind of relieved that he didn’t. He had removed his clothes by now, and I just naturally leaned over and started sucking his cock again. Linda got an idea about that time. She got down on the floor below me, and started playing with my hard on through the panties. “Does that feel good?” she asked. I managed to say “mmmm”, because I didn’t want to remove the cock from my mouth. Then she pulled the panties down, and started to suck me. It felt SO good. She was sucking me while I was sucking him.

Pretty soon, Jimmy announced that he was going to cum. “I’m going to cum in your mouth, bitch!” he said. I kept sucking, and Linda got up to watch. He had me by the head and was fucking my mouth like crazy. When he started to cum, I could feel his dick quivering in my mouth. Linda spanked my ass and said, “Swallow, slut!” He came, and I swallowed all of it as fast as he could cum.

Linda was back to masturbating now, so after he had finished cumming, I seductively slid up his body until my panties were right in front of his face. “Like what you see?” I asked. “MMMM” was all he could say. I ground my cock into his face. The feel of the panties against my dick was driving me crazy. He pulled the panties down a bit and sucked my dick into his mouth. Linda was cumming again. It didn’t take 5 minutes before I was cumming in his mouth. He swallowed every drop.

We all sort of collapsed on the couch, and when I awoke, Linda was the only one there, still sleeping. I was still dressed as her ‘slut’, so I got up and changed. When she woke up later, she asked why I changed, and we got into a night-long fuck session.

I love her.

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