Jenn’s First Love Chapter 4


The next morning, Mom was in the kitchen going through her usual morning ritual. As I walked in, she said, “Morning, sweetie. Get yourself a cup of coffee and sit down. I want to talk to you.”Pulling a stool up to the island, I sat across from her, sipped my coffee and asked, “What’s up?”Giving me her motherly look, she said, “You seem very taken by Brian. Are you in love?”I was completely blind-sided by her question. Never before had Anadolu yakası escort she asked me anything about my feelings for boyfriends.I felt myself blush as I looked down into my coffee cup before responding, “Yes, I am.”Mom smiled, reached out and took my hand and said, “I can understand why. He’s not only charming he’s incredibly handsome.”Looking at Mom, I said, “I have never felt Kurtköy escort bayan this way about any other boy.”“Jenn, I understand exactly how you feel. I don’t want you and Brian to get yourself into a situation you aren’t ready for, though. What are you doing about birth control?”Totally surprised by her question, I blurted out, “Nothing. We haven’t done anything that could get me pregnant.”Giving Escort Maltepe me a quizzical look, she reached into her pocket, pulled out my panties from the day before and said, “Oh really? Could have fooled me. You left these on the floor in the family room last night.”Totally embarrassed, I blurted out, “Mom, trust me there is no way I could have gotten pregnant last night. I wouldn’t do anything without using birth control.”Smiling, she chuckled and asked, “Should I go check for a used condom?”“No, I told you we didn’t do anything like that. Please believe me.”“I believe you, sweetie. Just wanted to make sure. I know perfectly well that there are ways for a man and a woman to physically express their love without intercourse,” she said.

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