A cat called Frog


The pub was quiet, very quiet, probably due to the heavy snow falling, people didn’t want to go out and risk a broken leg by falling. There had been the usual early evening drinkers, the after work crowd, but then the snow had started and they’d all hurried off home.I was lucky, or unlucky in as much as I only lived in the next street to the pub, while Karen, the other barmaid that night lived about five miles away.At about eight o’clock Gary, the landlord said he was closing up.”Get off home the pair of you before it gets any worse.”We didn’t need telling twice, but when we got outside Karen knew it was too heavy for her to drive home.”Stay at my place babes,” I said, “It’s only a little bedsit, but it’s clean and it’s warm.””If you’re sure,” she said and I nodded, “Of course.”She fetched a big bag out of her car and then hung on to my arm as we made our way carefully to my place.”Christ it’s rough,” I said as I opened the front door.”Blooming awful,” she agreed, We both shook the snow off our coats and then went into my little domain.”Oh this is lovely Dave,” she smiled, “I’d love a place like this.”I lit the gas fire and she joined me in a huddle in front of it clutching her mobile phone.”I’m just ringing mum and dad to let them know I’m staying here.””Okay.”I want into the tiny kitchenette and switched the kettle on and I heard her laughing.”I’ll ask him mum, Dave are you a mad rapist?””Yes.” I laughed.”He says yes he is.” then more laughter and she joined me.”They’re both fine with it Dave, what are you doing?””Tea or coffee?” I asked but she shook her head and showed me her shopping bag.”Brandy!””Yep, I went shopping before work, want one?””Oh yes,” and I switched the kettle off.”Glasses?””Above your head.”She reached up to get them and giggled as her skirt went up almost to display her lovely little bottom.”Oops, sorry.””Hey don’t apologise,” I laughed, “In fact you can do that again any time you want.””Mum says my skirts are too short.””Rubbish,” I snorted, “You’ve Pendik escort bayan got nice legs, show ’em off.””Have you got a loo?””Yup,” and I pointed to a door next to the kitchen.She was back a minute later smiling.”You’ve got a shower as well.””All mod cons,” I laughed.”You were right, it’s very clean and tidy.””Well I like to be clean.””It shows Dave.””Thanks.””No I mean it, you’ve got it really nice, I love it.”There was a scratching sound then on the window and she jumped.”What was that?””Oh that’s my mate,” I laughed, “He wants to come in.”I slid the window up and a bundle of fur leapt onto the floor to shake itself free of the snow on it’s back.”It’s a cat,” Karen laughed.”Yeah, it’s called Frog.””Frog?””Yeah, Frog,” I confirmed and poured him out a saucer of milk with some tinned tuna on a plate next to it.She watched in fascination as he went from one to the other until they were both empty, then he curled up on top of the bed and fell asleep.”Is he yours?” she asked.”Well one day last year, I had the window open and he appeared, he’s been here ever since.””He’s lovely,” she said and fondled his ears while Frog slept on.”Can I have a shower Dave?””Of course, there’s no lock on the door, it just closes but I promise I wont peep.””Don’t worry, I trust you.”She went in the bathroom and I poured myself another drink, I’d just reached for the television switch when she screamed.”DAVE!”I shot out of the chair like a cork from a bottle and bumped into her in the doorway of the bathroom.”There’s a spider.””It’s huge Dave.” She was trembling, and I saw it on the wall of the shower cubicle, I went back into the living room to grab a newspaper which I used to put the offending creature out of the window.”Oh Dave thank you,” she said and stood on her tiptoes to kiss me. Without thinking, I kissed her back with my arms around her and it was then that I realised she was naked apart from a tiny pair of light blue panties.”Mmm you’re Escort Beykoz a good kisser Dave,” she said softly and slid her arms around my neck.I kissed her again, harder and longer, this time very much aware of her naked breasts pressing into me, she was squirming in my embrace and making funny little noises in her throat.”It’s a big shower Dave,” she breathed into my mouth as I slid my hands down her back and into her panties to cup her lovely little buttocks.It wasn’t a big shower, but it was big enough for two, and we proved it. She leaned back against the side and guided my erection in to where she wanted it. It had been several months since I’d had a girl, and my cock was rock hard, she moaned as I slid in to the hilt and once again cupped her buttocks.”Yes Dave,” she sighed, “Oh God yes, fuck me, fuck me Dave.”It wasn’t ideal, fucking while standing, but I solved that problem by picking her up, she caught on quickly and wrapped her legs round my hips.”Ooh perfect,” she sighed and snaked her tongue between my teeth, “You’re filling me.””You’ve got a gorgeous little cunt, Karen,” I hissed.”And it was made for your cock,” she grinned as she bounced up and down.”I fancied you the first time I saw you,” I said and she laughed.”Idiot, you should have said.””I was shy.””You’re not shy now are you?””No.” I laughed and to prove it, I ran my hand between her buttocks and prodded a finger against her little rosebud.She squealed and thrust herself down hard.”You’ll make me cum doing that.”So I pushed and she screamed as my finger went in to the knuckle.”Dave I’m coming, oh fuck.” and she shuddered, her whole body went stiff, her eyes opened wide and her lips drew back in a snarl.”Harder Dave,” she gasped, “Harder, Dave, oh, oh, oh fuck yes, yesss, YESSS.”And she bit my neck, I felt her finger nails raking my back and I knew I was about to come.”Karen, oh Fuck, I’m coming.” and she buried her head in my neck as I spurted jet after jet of cum Cevizli escort into her beautiful slit!”We lay on the floor in the shower cubicle, still joined, still enjoying our intimacy.”That was beautiful.” she said softly and kissed me tenderly, “But can we get out now before I shrivel up?”We grabbed a towel each and ran into the living room to dry ourselves off in front of the fire, she asked me for a shirt to wear and I had to admit that it looked a whole lot better on her than me.”I’ve just realised something Dave,” she said, “Where’s your bed?”I pointed to a cupboard.”In there.”She opened the doors and reached up to a handle near the ceiling giving me a wonderful view of her lovely tight buttocks.”Pull it,” I said and she giggled as the bed lowered down from it’s upright position complete with duvet.”Wow, that’s good.””Yeah,” I agreed, “I can lie there watching television in bed.””Great,” she laughed, “Let’s do it but without the television.”I grabbed a couple of cushions off the couch and she took off my shirt, I looked out of the window into the yard and saw the snow was coming down even heavier than before.”Do you think he’ll open tomorrow?” she asked referring to our boss at the pub.”No chance.” I laughed, “We’re here for the duration.””Mmm I can think of worse places to be.” Then she squealed as I burrowed down under the duvet. The squeal became a sigh as I found her fragrant sex and kissed it. She parted her legs for me, and I burrowed my tongue in between her labia and up into the warm wetness of her cunt.”Ooh David,” she gasped, “Ooh yes that’s beautiful.”I kissed the swollen nub of her clitoris and worried it with my tongue, just as I was about to cup her buttocks my phone rang.”Hello?” I answered and a beautiful, sweet little voice asked me if I’d seen the snow.”I have darling, isn’t it nice?””Will you still be able to pick me up tomorrow daddy?””Oh sweetheart I doubt it, I don’t think anybody will be going anywhere tomorrow.””I wanted you to help me build a snowman””I’ll help you whenever I can get there darling.””Promise?””I promise.””How’s Frog?””Frog’s fine my darling, he’s lazing in front of the fire.””Have you fed him?””Of course I’ve fed him.””That’s all right then, I love you daddy.””I love you too my sweetheart.””Bye.””Bye bye darling.”

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