Jean’s Awakening Ch. 05

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We walked down the steps, hand in hand.

Gathered at the bottom of the steps were the three men I had recently made love to, Al who I figured would be next, and I was being escorted by the man who had made me beautiful.

And I felt beautiful.

My head was high, my shoulders back.

As I touched down on the ground floor Al took my hand and did the proposal thing.

“Jean, my love, my life, will you marry me,” he said as the others watched.

“Of course, I will,” I said and laughed when he moved to kiss me but Steve put a hand out to stop him.

“First,” I said doing my best Scarlet O’Hara imitation, “please, dear God, feed me before I perish,” finishing with my hand to my breast dramatically.

Laughter went around as we went into the dining room.

The next hour was the most amazing, most exciting, most candid, and in many ways the most flattering conversation I ever had.

I won’t try to recreate it here, but I’ll try to summarize.

They all agreed that they found me beautiful which I, of course, found flattering.

They all agreed they had a crush which had become Avrupa yakası escort bayan love, and I found THAT flattering too.

They understood that this would not be permanent, that it couldn’t last of course, which made me cry a little.

Then they promised that as someone graduated they would find a “replacement.” That brought about a lot of discussion since I wanted to make sure I had plenty to say about THAT!

We ate and talked and ate and talked until we all sort of wound down.

When we were finished Steve and David quickly cleared the table and started the dishwasher.

When they were done they came back in and we all stood and they led me into the front room.

David was a senior, and senior among this group apparently.

He came and stood with me in the middle of the front room, smiling as he said, “rings.”

Four of them pulled a ring out of their pockets.

David pulled two out.

“With these rings,” he intoned, and I was surprised to find myself crying again, “we thee wed,” he finished and he put a simple gold band Escort Ataköy on my left hand and one on his own. The others had put their own on.

“We are yours now,” he said, holding both of my hands, “and you are ours. This is love Jean, far beyond just sex, and we are proud that you have accepted us.”

I turned to Steve, still crying, and said, “Oh honey, I’m sorry I ruined your handiwork.”

He grinned and took me in his arms, kissing me now, hard, thoroughly.

Before the kiss was done I was naked before them and, again, standing proud, flattered, and happy.

Steve picked me up and carried me up the stairs, an impressive feat since I am not, as I have said, a small woman.

I watched as he peeled off his shirt, dropped his khakis, pushed down his boxers, and joined me on the bed.

I couldn’t stop laughing and crying as he kissed me, played with my breasts, and then, for the first time in my life, I had a man kiss Betty.

I was aware of the others coming into the room, but only barely.

What he was doing between my legs was so wonderful, so new Şirinevler escort to me, so unexpected, I was having trouble paying attention to anything else.

When David kissed me I kissed him back.

When Roger and Bobby latched onto both of my breasts at once I came.

It was sudden and unexpected.

And Steve was swallowing noisily, drinking my pleasure, sucking at Betty, making my labia, already swollen and tender, even more sensitive.

David swallowed my cry as I came again, even more powerfully, as Roger and Bobby held me down with their weight, suckling like hungry babies.

Steve finally released my pussy and I opened my eyes to see Al taking his place, entering me with his erection, long and thin and different again from the others.

I came again, soaking us both, making him laugh softly, while Steve began kissing me, his lips smelling of my own scent, tasting slightly salty.

I have no idea how long that first, well, that first consummation lasted.

I know the common way of saying it would be that “they all had me,” but it was, at least, as much me having them.

I was exhausted, sweaty, panting, and very messy when we were all finally sated.

I was leaking between my legs, my nose was running, and I was crying softly from pure happiness.

When I coughed I spewed thick saliva, making me giggle.

Roger was still gently nursing.

Once again, I went to sleep.

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