Intimate Strangers


There was a period of life when my primary love interest lived over two thousand miles away. We lived apart other than just geographically. He lived alone and answered to no one. He lived only by the rules he himself made. He was an intellect with a highly scientific mind. He loved women and they loved him. He had a passion for all things beautiful. He lived life as though the world was his own personal playground; and, that no one, nor anything, existed unless he willed it to do so. He had many lovers and even more friends.

I, on the other hand had married very young. This is a tradition for Southern daughters, facilitating the myth that “Prince Charming” would provide for all your needs. Children soon followed. The great American phenomena, DIVORCE., catapulted me as solely responsible for the young souls left in my care. My life as a single parent became a lesson in daily survival. The result was an exhaustion level that left little room to just enjoy being alive.

Andrew came into my life like a whirlwind bringing with him a breath of fresh air. He taught me laughter, to escape from routine. Each visit was one of utter indulgence into the pleasures of life. With him I willing explored any introduction to sensual vices. He was such a good teacher!

One evening he called to chat and to tell me about a party he would be attending with a friend that night. It was two years later on the occasion of a visit by me to his turf that he once again mentioned this party.

If you’ve ever been fly fishing, then you know how it is to throw out the line with a flashy lure attached and then reel it in quickly, then repeating the process until you reel in a fish. This lure definitely had my attention:

“There’s a party tonight. I thought we might go if you’d like. I suggest you shop today for something suitable to wear.”

He was about to go out the door when I stopped him. “What kind of party?”

“An adult party.” he answered, “where should you choose so, any fantasy within your conceivable imagination can be a reality for the evening. I should be home about six.”

He winked at me before turning to walk out the door.

Quite frankly, when I found myself sitting alone in his apartment I felt momentary panic. My gut check told me that this would be an evening unlike anything I’d ever experienced before. At the same time, I was eager to bite that lure to satisfy my curiosity. What planned “vice” would be on tonight’s entertainment agenda?

I did swallow that lure. So, I did what he told me to do. I went shopping.

As promised he arrived back at precisely six o’clock. On his arm was Simone, his special someone. They both greeted me warmly with big smiles and hugs. I was dressed and ready.

The three of us drove into the hillside that was decorated with beautiful homes. As we approached the lights that illuminated from within these private domains reminded me of flickering candles. It was warm and inviting. Our destination was a home built in an area where economic comfort levels were evident; the home was three stories, plus a basement.

Andrew helped each of us from the car as we ascended the pathway to the front door. We were greeted by a woman in here mid-thirties who had a head full of flaming red curls that cascaded down her back to the middle of her shoulder blades. She was dressed quite conservatively in a pair of beige colored linen slacks and a dark green silk blouse. She seemed so elegant, so normal.

So far, so good, I thought to myself. Secretly wild fantasies had played through mind all day as to what the environment and the participants of the party would be like. This initial introduction was greatly reassuring that it would not be a den of inequity.

After we each paid an attendance fee, which was minimal and intended to cover the expenses, we were ushered into the living room. There a group of about thirty rather handsome adults were engaged in animated conversation. A table was laid out with a variety of California wines, cheese boards, fruit, and nuts. The fireplace emitted a warm glow that lit the faces of those seeking its comfort.

Andrew made his way over to the refreshments and returned with a glass of white wine for each of us. “Establishing one’s comfort zones can be easily accomplished. I suggest a tour of the premises.” With those simple words he took my hand and led me to a stairway that descended down to the basement.

The entire area was of rich redwood, floors, walls, and ceiling. An enormous hot tub filled the center of the floor. Off to the side was a cubicle that was in reality a sauna. There was only one occupant besides Andrew and I. One lone man! A naked black man! He stepped out of the tub, nodded in greeting, and smiled briefly before reaching for one of the many thick bursa escort white towels available.

My eyes did not leave his body as my mind’s eye recorded every ripple of his muscles. The water glistened against his dark skin. My attention was drawn towards his genitals as I felt myself shyly seeking to peek at them. The contrast of the elongated dark penal shaft to the soft pink color of the tip fascinated me.

My origins dictated a time and place that made it impossible for me to associate with a man of color. I found it ironic that my first introduction would be one of such an exposing nature.

“Satisfied?” Andrew whispered in my ear.

Our next destination was up two flights of stairs. We were directly above the family’s living quarters. There were several rooms to investigate on this level.

The first visual was a dormitory style room with row after row of cot style bedding. As we entered the room my eyes were riveted to two sets of feet, one set white and one set black. The couple was engaged in a heated phase of lovemaking. I stood rooted to the floor unable to enter further into the room without feeling like and intruder. Andrew wanted to continue to watch but understood my feelings.

The second room was softly lit and very romantic. All that was there were two sets of double sized bunk beds. They were draped in a sheer flowing cloth that created the illusion of privacy. As yet there were no human inhabitants to disturb the serenity. The night was young.

As we approached the next room I could hear voices. The door was closed. Andrew turned the handle and opened it. “This is the play room,” he explained, “one can choose to participate or one may opt to just watch.”

His words were no preparation for the scene before me. Reacting with a startled motion. I began to back out of the room. My senses were in overload. I tried to tell myself that it was enough to defy the sensibilities of any novice to the swing environment.

“Trust me, “Andrew’s voice soothed. “Take my hand. We will find a quite corner until you adjust.”

Gathering my courage, I squeezed his fingers tightly and answered. “Lead on teacher!”

The room had mirrors on all sides and ceiling. The floor was a thick mattress, one abutting the other with no break between them. Otherwise there was no furniture. This seemed to be the most populated room in the house.

“This is a group room,” Andrew explained. “Should someone approach you that you are not interested in just shake your head no. No one’s feelings will be hurt. After-all, this is all about pleasure.” With a reassuring arm around my waist he pulled be back to a curled position to view the proceedings.

Only three feet in front of me were two beautiful women in an embrace. Their tongues were exploring each other’s mouths as their hands delicately traced their bodies. One who had small well-manicured hands slipped her fingers between the others legs. The woman made a joyful cry as the connection was made. Two fingers ministered to the stretching vaginal walls while her thumb massaged the clitoris; her mouth sought the other’s nipple as she suckled feverishly.

It was only then that I realized that it was Simone who was the object of the other’s desire. Her lover manipulated her breasts, rubbing the buds until they stood erect with excitement. They shifted positions and the one I referred to as the giver of pleasure placed her mouth upon Simone’s vaginal opening. The second woman was the red haired beauty that had greeted us at the door. Hypnotized by such eroticism enacted with such abandonment, my hand sought Andrew’s crotch.

Andrew watched with intent pleasure. It was as though he shared his lover’s pleasure by merely being there close at hand. Her eyes met his and smiled a secret intimate message meant only for him.

My eyes traveled to a couple, one man and one woman, who sat facing each other mutually masturbating. They encouraged the other with phrases of appreciation of what they witnessed the other experience. Her genitals spread wide as her fingers flickered over the labia. She dipped one finger deep inside and then withdrew the digit and put it into her mouth. She sucked it as though it were an erect penis she sought to drain. Her other hand was busily rubbing her clit. He reacted with such excitement that his penis began to pulsate as he reached his own orgasm.

Another group of four was engaged in a “daisy chain ” of oral sex. Their images could be seen from any vantage point. The reflecting mirrors seemed to multiply their numbers.

Instinctively, my attention was drawn back to the two passionate women directly in front of me. I watched her lovely face of an orgasm washed though her body. Waves of pleasure consumed her as the giver continued to gently bursa escort bayan suck and bathe her clitoris with sweet kisses.

My own juices began to flow as I witnessed this exchange. Andrew smiled and kissed me lightly on the lips. “This definitely calls for another glass of wine! Shall we?”

I chose one end of the couch that faced the fireplace to sip my wine. I needed time to assimilate the images of the evening. In retrospect, it all had a surreal affect on my ability to think clearly. My sub-conscious kept drifting to the images of the two women; my own body ached with desire. These thoughts frightened me. For was I not heterosexual? These thoughts were alien, a taboo I’d never allowed myself to think about before. Better to quiet these thoughts for now.

So, forcing my conscious mind to take charge, I assumed the role of passive observer and listener. The conversations in this room were of politics, the environment, space, the economy; it seemed so normal! An occasional lilt of female laughter filtered through the conversational hum. It was about this time that I realized that Simone and Andrew were drifting out the door together.

Panic gripped my stomach into a knot! Alone in a room full of strangers! No! Try to remain calm I told my self. You are a grown-up! Act like one!

Nervous energy propelled me upward. Trying to project composure, I made my way to the fireplace and rested my elbow upon the mantel. The flames mocked me as they danced upward through the chimney. I began to sense that I was no longer standing alone. When I looked about there was no one there.

Across the room, a handsome Hispanic man was staring at me. He seemed to be studying me as though he found me amusing for he was definitely smiling. He started to walk towards me, my fingers dug into the mantel to support me and prevent me from bolting from the room. For courage I gulped the last of the wine.

“Look’s like you are in need of another.” he said laughingly. “Let me get it for you.”

No protest passed my lips. My eyes followed his from across the room. In the short time it took to fill his glass and mine, a woman who obviously knew him walked up and put her arms around him in an affectionate hug. He responded warmly before pointing in my direction and walking away.

He handed me the glass and stood there as though waiting for me to speak. My hand trembled and some of the wine splashed on his shirt. Unfazed, he leaned in closer. In a hushed voice meant only for my ears he asked, “You’re new here, aren’t you.”

Swallowing hard I tried to find my voice but could only nod in affirmation.

“My name is Rafael. What’s yours?”


“Do I detect an accent?”

The irony of this man with such a melodic Spanish diction should question my slight drawl struck me funny. I began to laugh with delight.

“That’s good. Now you’re starting to relax.” His eyes were dark brown and sparkled in the light. “I’ve never seen you here before and I come often.”

“Pardon me?” It was then that it dawned on me that not only were these parties a regular occurrence, but that the participants were regulars too!

As though reading my thoughts he said, “Yep, you’re right. Most of these people know each other. We all share a mutual fascination with the pursuit of sexual pleasures and other flights of fantasy.”

Truly the romantic Latin lover of any woman’s dreams, he reached out and stroked my hair. Two very small yellow fresh flowers pulled the left side of my hair back. He nuzzled my neck saying, “you smell wonderful!” Goose bumps erupted all over my skin; a clear sign that I was responding to this strange man.

My dress was a sheer two-toned pastel blue with long sleeves and collar. Tiny pearl blue buttons began just above my breasts and followed to the hem. Beneath the dress was a delicate yellow camisole with spaghetti straps, no bra. The camisole had a semblance of Victorian style.

His fingers traced the outline of my dress. An electric charge ran through my body from head to toe. “Tell me lovely lady, what brings you here tonight?”

Feeling a giddy hysteria approach, I could think of no intelligent response.

At that moment, into the room walked Andrew and Simone. She was dressed in a “French Maid’s” uniform that consisted of black bikini panties with a g-string up the backside. Just the briefest patch of lace that signified the apron covered the pubic hair; and she wore lace cuffs at her wrists and a dainty white lace collar with black string tie. Her breasts were covered in black sequined pasties that twirled as she walked. Andrew wore a black bow tie and a smile. They promenaded across the room and exited in the other side.

The comic relief was a perfectly timed coincidence that relaxed escort bursa me instantly. Only he would be outrageous enough to walk through a room of fully clothed people in such attire. Laughing, I answered. “I came with them to see what the locals do on a Saturday night!”

With all tension barriers removed, I was able to see clearly how sensuously handsome this man who stood beside me really was. Eye contact was made, chemistry ignited, a mental connection made. Through the natural course of events physical intimacy would follow. We both knew it. But, we were savoring the moment and enjoying the escalating sexual tension as it rose between us.

At some point he took my hand in his and led me out of the room. We went up the stairs and into the room with the four beds. We were alone as he leaned forward to kiss me gently for the first time. “Would you be comfortable if I asked you to take off your dress?” Already his long fingers had begun to unbutton my dress. “I don’t want to frighten you, so tell me if I go too fast” was whispered as he reached for the hem of the dress and lifted it over my head. He stroked my cheek and said words in Spanish that I could not comprehend. They evoked an international response from me as my lips parted his. His tongue touched mine and caressed it; his fingers brushed my shoulders and the back of my neck. We kissed in an exploring movement with tongues touching lips, the soft inner lining of the lips, the teeth, and the roof of the mouth, ear lobes.

We chose one of the lower bunks and sat down. His fingertips lightly trailed my throat. He reached around and massaged and kneaded my neck and shoulders. Such a patient lover he was! Here was a man who took the time to stimulate a woman’s desire to the edge of combustion.

He leaned back on his elbow and pulled me towards him. I have no memory of how my clothes were removed. But we were lying there threadbare beside each other.

“Until I saw you, I was going to leave tonight.” This man had such style! A master of sensual seduction! All that was part of my awareness was his lips and his hands. His wonderful hands!

He cupped my breast and captured the nipple between his thumb and forefinger. With varying degrees of pressure he squeezed, pulled and pleased me. My nipples were tingling, hard and ripe for more. The scientific law of cause and effect was proved and my clitoris throbbed from the breast’s pleasure. He had not yet touched me there.

He was erect, thick and hard as my hand encompassed him and pulled him towards me. Placing just the tip of his penis at my vaginal lips, he rocked delicately. The bulbous head of his penis rubbed my lips, vaginal opening and clitoris. When we were both wet and slippery he slipped inside me. My arms clung to him and held him still, his shaft embedded into my womb.

Fireworks went off in my head! Orgasm followed orgasm as my vaginal walls pulsed around his shaft! Lustful desire ruled my thinking!

Brushing away my hair he licked my ear with his tongue and whispered, “Tell me, my Lady, what fantasy do you have? Let me share it with you tonight!”

Excitement surged through my brain as I searched for a selection.

“One is happening right now,” I confessed. “Sex with a stranger has been a long time recurring dream. I’m curious what sex with two strangers would be like.”

“That can be arranged!” Withdrawing from within me he kissed my navel and patted my bottom. “Stay put. I’ll be right back.”

He returned with a short stocky man.. Around his neck he wore a gold chain and horn. His chest was covered in thick black curls. He smiled, winked and said “Hi! I’m Al. Will I do?”

Without waiting for an answer they both joined me on the mattress. One kissed my mouth while the other sucked my breast. One nibbled my ear while the other masturbated my clitoris. It was a constant motion and change in senses as to who was where and who was doing what. It was easier to just concentrate on they feeling and not dwell on who produced it.

Rafael penetrated me with methodical thrusts. Al played with my hair and dialogued about all the things he planned on doing to my body.

On cue they flipped my body over. I was on my knees with my face in Al’s crotch, his penis at my lips, and my derriere was to Rafael. He mounted me slowly, his hands holding my hips and guiding me to his tempo.

The smiling Italian guided his penis into my mouth. I accepted it eagerly. My tongue worked the same magic and rhythms to his organ that pleasured my clinging vagina from behind. Caught in the essence of bliss within seconds of each other, we all felt the hot flush of relief. Satiated we collapsed in a heap with my body nestled comfortably between them.

Sounds of approving laughter and what I thought applause came from the bed opposite and above us. There with their heads hanging over the edge were Andrew and Simone. Unbeknownst to me, they had been our silent audience. As I sunk back into the mattress I heard him say: “Well done, Diana! Well done!”

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