In the Office Pt. 01: Key Strokes


A quick aside before the story:

I was completely taken by surprise when I tried my first “Text with Audio” stores and heard the amazing work of Literotica user LushinLace. She was 100% the inspiration for this story and the main character. If you haven’t checked out her work, do yourself a favor and go to her page when you get the chance. I owe her a huge debt of gratitude.

I’m working on this series of stories based around one office of horny people. I plan on having it be an anthology series, so if you have favorite characters, let me know and I’ll try to bring them back in other installments.

And now, on to the story…


It had been such a busy week and I was already way behind on submitting end of the quarter financial reports when there was an urgent knock at my office door.

“What is it?” I snapped, annoyed.

“Uhhhh, Ms. Lacey? I need to ask you something,” came the meek response.

I recognized the voice as my intern, James. He was very inexperienced, but worked hard, though he did seem to demand more of my attention than he should. I sighed deeply, a bit annoyed.

“James? You were supposed to submit your budget update an hour ago. I need that submission,” I reminded him sternly.

“Well, that’s just it, ma’am. I can’t finish my report because of a computer problem.” He sounded squeamish.

“I’m really in the weeds, here, James. Is this something Doug can help with?”

Doug was our IT guy and was very competent regarding computer issues.

“I… I think he’s gone for the day. He’s not at his desk,” James replied.

I huffed another sigh, rising from my desk, then strode to the door and yanked it open.

“James, this better be quick because I am way behind on my reports,” I said harshly.

James was a tall boy, and was actually pretty good looking, if it weren’t for his timid disposition. I knew he was attracted to me, but I played it austere with him. I guess part of me very much enjoyed bossing him around and making him sweat.

I caught him staring at my chest, then his eyes jumped to my face. Does he think I don’t notice? He fidgeted for a moment. I know he is struggling to meet my gaze and not return his eyes to my bare, bulging cleavage. I do like showing off a bit at the office, and today was no different. I was wearing a tight dark blue dress, cut several inches above my knee, with a fairly high neckline. Of course, I also left two buttons open, so it was actually quite revealing. With my DDs tucked snugly in their push-up bra, my big tits created a soft, inviting shelf. I also had a habit of wearing pearl necklaces and today was no different. Today’s pearl necklace comprised of my largest-gauge pearls and I love how they perched atop my cleavage suggestively.

I smirked as James’ eyes sunk back to my chest. He was either weak-willed, or shameless, or a little of both. I put my hands on my hips and tapped my foot impatiently. The toe of my white pump made a muted thud on the carpet.


He cleared his throat uncertainly before bringing his eyes to meet mine.

“I… uh… there seems to be a problem with my keyboard,” he said, clasping his hands in front of him.

The movement of his hands instinctively drew my eye to his crotch. I quickly glanced back up, but I did notice a peculiar shape behind his slacks. Was he making a tent?

“Have you tried unplugging it and plugging it back in?” I shifted my weight from one foot to the other, impatiently.

He scoffed. “Of course. Its just that… I think I might have spilled something on it. Can you come have a look?”

I squeezed by him brusquely. “This better be quick.”

We crossed the office, James walking behind me. I’m normally a fast walker, but was now in a hurry. James stayed right behind me, easily keeping pace with his tall, long strides. I suspected he was staring at my plump bottom in my snug skirt. In fact, I could almost feel his eyes. I added a bit of a sway to my hips, smiling slightly to myself. We rounded the corner to his cube.

His desk was typically a hodgepodge of reports and diagrams. I noticed that there was a conspicuous cleared area on his desk, as if he had recently moved something. His keyboard was in that open space, tethered to the under-desk computer by its cord. James had a stand-up desk and I stepped up to it, jiggling the mouse.

The screen saver disappeared. The budget report was up on screen and I scrolled to the unfinished section. James stood behind me, slightly to the side. I could almost feel his hot breath on my bare neck.

“What did you manage to spill?” I asked, moving my hands to the keyboard to test it.

I placed my fingers on his keyboard and tapped a few keys. The cursor blinked, not registering. I turned to James and he was looking down, over my shoulder. I couldn’t tell if he was looking at my hands on his keyboard, or if he was gazing down my cleavage. I suspected the latter.

“James!” I snapped, mashing keys to no effect.

He shook his head, bursa escort mumbling, “Oh… I, uh…”

“Gotta to do everything myself…” I muttered, kneeling to get under his desk. I got on all fours and traced the keyboard cord to the back of his tower. “Do you know what you spilled, James?”

James cleared his throat, still standing behind me. “Uhhhh, it was… uhm…”

Damn this kid was guileless. He was obviously staring at my ass as I bent under his desk. He could barely form a thought. Maybe he was noticing the shape of my thong. I shifted my weight, wagging my backside as I reached behind the computer. I tugged the cord and inserted it into a different USB port.

Turning to look up at him over my shoulder, I instructed, “Try it now.”

He shuffled up closer behind me, moving into position at the stand-up desk. I could feel his presence looming over me, almost as if he wanted to grab me by the hips and mount me. The thought made my pussy throb. He remained standing over me, silently.

“Well, James? I don’t have all afternoon,” I reminded him harshly.

I heard the keys clatter. “Nope, nothing,” James reported.

I tried another USB port. “Now?”

Tap tap tap. “Still nada,” he replied.

“I guess its shot,” I said, scooting backwards. I felt my butt bump into his shin. He didn’t move. “James, can you let me out of here?”

“Oh,” he blurted awkwardly, then he shifted half a step away from me.

I backed out, still on all fours. As I turned, I could see him staring down at me. I’m sure he got a good look at even more cleavage. I glanced up at him over the obvious bulge in his crotch. He was tenting noticeably, though he did have the wherewithal to offer me a hand up.

I placed my hand in his and pulled myself up. His mouth hung open in a goofy smile as he helped me.

“Thank you. Now what were you eating at your desk?”

“Hmmm, I… I never eat at my desk,” James said flatly.

“You said you spilled something?” I said, leaning over the keyboard to inspect it.

“Yes!” James said, a little to enthusiastically.

I turned back to him with a raised eyebrow.

“Yes, I mean, I almost never eat at my desk, but today I was so busy and I wanted a snack and…”

I resumed inspecting the keyboard. “It looks like there’s some sort of gluey substance…” I remarked, noticing thick, pale globs smeared between the keys.

“Yogurt!” he said abruptly. “That’s it, I was eating Greek yogurt, not wanting to take a break. I accidentally knocked it over and it spilled down into the keyboard.”

“Hmmm, this doesn’t look like yogurt, really…” I murmured, depressing each key one-by-one to get a better look at the substance. The keys with the most white goo around them seemed sticky to the touch. It was at this point that I noticed his trashcan.

The only thing in there was a large wad of paper towels. The wad was perched at the very top, against the rim, almost falling out. I reached for it without thinking twice.

“Oh, is this what you used to clean up?”

“OH NO DON’T-” James said, grabbing my wrist.

But I was already holding the balled-up wad. James let go of my wrist, remarking, “It’s very messy…”

I took a seat in his chair, studying the crumpled ball. I turned the paper towel wad over and pulled it apart. The towels were absolutely saturated with a thick, sticky substance. Not only were the towels soaked through in places, but as I pulled them open, the goo stretched out in webbed strands between them, like some kind of glue.

“This doesn’t look like yogurt…” I said, drawing the wad open farther, watching the strands stretch and break. One fell onto the back of my hand.

James gasped, then stammered, “Um, well, uh… of course it is yogurt. What, um… what else would…”

“Ew, its…” I dipped a finger in the blob on the back of my hand. “Its actually warm for some reason…”

I ran my index finger over the slimy pearl, finding it textured and slick. It stuck to my finger and I brought it between my thumb and index finger, rubbing it between them.

I swiveled the chair to face James. He was still standing over me, watching with eyes wide.

“This is not yogurt,” I stated, drawing the sticky wad into a long strand between my finger and thumb. It looked like snot. “Oh god, please don’t tell me you blew your nose in here.”

“No, no, I didn’t blow my… my nose…” His hands were clasped together, hovering over his groin. I could clearly see the bulge throb behind his hands. His attempt at modesty was entirely ineffective.

“Well? Are you going to tell me what’s going on here, James?” I sharpened my gaze, leaning back in his chair.

“Of course,” he said quietly, his face reddening. “I… I just-“

“Spit it out, young man,” I said, abruptly rising from the chair. I again drew the sticky blob into a long strand between my index finger and thumb, holding it up in his face. “Now, tell me what you spilled!”

“Its… uhhh…” He averted his eyes, bursa escort bayan then coughed out a word. “cum,” he said.

I moved my face closer, looking up at James. “Excuse me?” I said incredulously.

“Cum,” he repeated quietly.

“Did you say… cum?”

James nodded.

My mouth fell open in shock. At first I was genuinely taken aback. “Cum?” I gasped, still playing with the blob between my fingers. “And how did you spill cum on your keyboard?” I stood on my tiptoes, confrontational.

“I, um… well, I didn’t so much spill it as I, um… shot it,” James confessed.

“Oh, is that right?” I said, now fighting back a smile. I wouldn’t have thought this shy kid had it in him to jerk off at work. “So you shot it?”

James nodded meekly.

“From your cock?”

He kept nodding.

“Woooow,” I said, exaggerating the word and letting the cum-blob collect on the tip of my index finger. “And would you care to share what it was that made your cock shoot cum all over your desk and keyboard?” I turned back to him, waving my finger in his face.

“I… its just that I have been so stressed out and you…” James still didn’t meet my eyes, but I noticed his gaze returning to my breasts. “That dress… and the pearls…” he hissed.

“Let me get this straight, James.” I folded one arm under my breasts and held my other in front of me, finger extended. I began walking around the nervous young man. “You were here, at your desk, and you decided to randomly beat off…”

James stood, shoulders hunched, as I circled him. He moved his eyes to watch me, but didn’t turn to face me. He nodded wordlessly. I remembered how he’d stared at my ass on the trip over here.

“Here, on company time, you, what- you saw my bum in this little dress-“

“Breasts,” he blurted, then he flinched.

I paused, letting a (mostly genuine) gasp escape my lips. “What was that, James? Speak up, young man.”

“Breasts,” he repeated.

I turned away as a smile betrayed my lips. I paused for a moment and couldn’t help dipping my finger into my mouth. I sucked it briefly, collecting the cum. It tasted amazing. I swallowed it and quickly cleared my throat, composing myself and resumed my slow circle walk around James.

“Oh, breasts. So he’s a boob man?”

He nodded almost imperceptibly.

Then it dawned on me. I had been by his desk about a half hour ago, dropping him a copy of my itinerary for the next few weeks. The paper had slipped from my hand as I went to hand it to him. I picked it up and gave it to him and left without a thought. When I got back to my desk, I noticed my tits had shifted and part of my bra was visible.

I crossed in front of him.

“So, you were at your desk, working away. And here comes your sexy little boss. You catch a glimpse of her big boobs and suddenly -BOING-!” I gestured, uncurling two fingers and straightening them. “You accidentally pop an erection, is that right?”

James nodded, looking at his feet. I moved in close, using my two stiff fingers to raise his chin. He stared right down my cleavage for a moment before meeting my eyes. I did my best to look angry.

“Answer me.”

“Yu-yes Ms. Lacey.”

“Yes, what?”

“Yes, I got an uh… erection.”

I took a quick glance down, just to check. Of course, James was tenting. I could see the fabric of his pants twitching regularly. His cock was throbbing with his excited heartbeat. I turned and began circling him again.

“And instead of being an adult and exercising restraint, or going to the bathroom to relieve yourself, you decided to just get your cock out and-” I pressed myself into him from behind, reaching around and making a jerking gesture with my hand, just in front of his bulge. “Whack it off until you came everywhere?”

“Well…” James said, blushing.

“You couldn’t control yourself?” I said into his ear. “Is that it?”

“Well, I… you bent over and I… I saw your bra and… your necklace and…”

I pushed out my chest, into James’ lower back. “I teased you with my big tits, didn’t I?” My boobs smooshed against his firm back. My nipples were so hard that I thought they’d cut through my clothes.

James nodded.

I opened my palm and gently placed it on his tented groin. “And you just couldn’t control yourself, couldn’t concentrate?”

I felt a powerful throb against my palm. James reached back and put his hands on my hips as I pressed into him. He drew a shaky breath.

“Answer me, James.”

“I couldn’t control myself,” he said in a strained whisper.

“You just had to get your cock out and relieve the pressure,” I said into his ear. My hand reached lower, exploring his shape. I was able to discern where his balls were dangling and I cupped them. I felt his dick twitch, trying to stretch out of his pants.

“yes, maam.”

“You were picturing me?” I said sweetly, squeezing and releasing his balls over his slacks.

“Yes-” he croaked.

“My tits?”

“Oh, god, Ms. escort bursa Lacey…”

“Tell me James. You were thinking about my tits, weren’t you? You wanted to cum on them? Give me a nice, sticky pearl necklace?”

“Yes, Ms. Lacey… yes… mmph…” James bit his lower lip.

I pushed against his back even more. James parted his legs, his hands tightening on the outside of my hips, moving down my thighs.

“So, what about now?” I wrapped my other arm around him and put my hand over the top part of his bulge. I tried to grasp his cock in one hand with his balls in my other, from outside of his pants.

“wha…what?” he said hoarsely.

“What about now, James. You can feel my big tits pressing against you, right?”

He nodded. Another powerful throb thrummed against my palm and I felt a faint warmth spreading over his hardness.

“And my nipples? They could cut glass right now. Can you feel them?”

“yesss,” he hissed.

“And you certainly are hard. I can feel it trying to burst out of your pants, probably even bigger and harder than you were before, right?” I whispered throatily.

His grip on my thigh tightened. He had strong hands. I felt my pussy flutter.

“So what’s the difference?” I said cheekily, as my hands continued teasing him. I did my best to pinch around his shaft over his pants. “You got so turned on by my big soft tits earlier. You just had to whack off. Here you are, hard as a rock, with my tits pressed up against you. Can you concentrate now? Don’t you need to get it out and relieve yourself?”

I felt his balls tighten, even through his pants. James’ cock was throbbing like crazy and I’m pretty sure I felt warmth spreading in his pants. Probably precum. I could tell he was conflicted… deliciously conflicted. Or maybe he was stunned with pleasure, doing everything he could not to explode in his khakis. I was loving every minute, but even I was becoming desperate.

I stood on my tip-toes, both arms around the large man, fondling him. His body was tense. I moved my lips to his bare neck, letting him feel how soft they were. Maybe he needed instructions.

“Take it out…” I said, lifting my lips higher, almost to his ear. “I’m your boss and I’m ordering you to take that big cock out.”

“Yes ma’am.”

I felt his hands release the outside of my thighs. I lifted my hands from his groin and settled back from my tip toes. I watched over his shoulder and couldn’t help but cup my tits, pinching my aching nipples. They needed attention. I just hope James didn’t notice.


In a flash, he’d lowered his zipper and slipped a hand inside. My mouth was watering. My panties were soaked. I watched him move something inside his pants with some effort, then he carefully produced his thick hard on. My eyes locked onto it.

He took it out, then scooped out his balls too. His thick rod stuck out proudly, circumsized, and topped by a tapered, shiny head. Once he drew out his balls, he stood with his legs parted slightly. He held his hands on either side of the open fly, as if he wanted to take hold of it, but was unsure if he should.

“Oh… James… that’s… that’s a nice hard cock, isn’t it?” I asked.

He nodded dumbly as I scooted back up against him from behind. I felt his weight lean back on me slightly as he pressed right back into my chest. I felt my tits spread against his lower back again, straining in my bra. My right hand closed over the base of his shaft. My left hand palmed his tight ballsack, then cupped it. I used the long nail of my index finger to gently scratch the spot right behind his nuts. As I took hold of him, he gasped.

“James!” I said excitedly, squeezing him with both hands gently. “Your cock is hard as steel and your balls are so tight.”

I gave his cock a half-pump, releasing my tight grip slightly so his flesh could slide through. His hands flew back to the outsides of my thighs and gripped them again. I got on my tip toes and could see his face out of the corner of my eye. His expression was intense, his face dotted with sweat.

“You like having your boss’ big tits pressed up against your back, James?” I asked, slowly dragging my right hand up to his cock head.

James’ body shuddered powerfully and his grip moved from my outer thighs, back, to onto my ass. I felt his cock throb and slippery warmth seeped into my fingers. He was leaking precum.

“Yes, ma’am,” he managed.

I pumped my right hand back to his base, then squeezed his throbbing shaft as hard as I could. His hard dick swelled into a curvier shape, the head expanding. His balls tightened in my left hand. I jiggled them gently, still tickling the spot behind them. I could feel the spot pulsing.

“Mmmm, I had no idea you were this big, James.” I stood up on my tip toes again to look over his shoulder. “Look at that, your bosses tiny hands wrapped around your big cock and balls.” I started slowly pumping him, keeping my grip tight. “Mmmm, do you like that? Does that feel good?” My hand on his cock began to make a squishing sound, lubed with his precum.

His grip became even tighter on my ass, so tight that I could feel my pussy spreading open. I knew my thong was soaked. I felt wetness trickle down my inner thigh.

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