Interracial Twist Part 1


Interracial Twist Part 1Finally he was alone now and he can do his work without those stuck up bitches around making racist remarks about him and flashing their tits and asses at him, and finding it all a great joke at his expense. They now would all be away for almost 4 months, except the summer school that was in one room and that was another two weeks away. Whilst he stayed in this fucking sweat box of a school with no air conditioning, as his kind did not need it he was told. The worst was that stuck up bitch Miss Sandra Smith the fucking English teacher of all things, but fuck she had a real nice ass and her tits were fucking huge, he could just imagine sucking on those and ploughing her ass with his cock making her beg for more, he had wanted her from day one, but she turned up with some weed of a guy and he was smiling like he had won the lottery and he might as well have with that piece of ass on his arm. He had seen her sort before down at the Clubs in the ghetto trying to get down with his brothers worked up until someone made a move on them and they ran to the police screaming **** the fucking bitches. Sandra had forgotten her purse she had looked for it everywhere and the last place she had was in school, yesterday it had been in the staff room, and the janitor Winston had been cleaning the bins maybe he had taken it as you never know with those fucking people, they would take anything not tied down. Well Robert was not going to be here for another two days so she could just drive over and get it as knowing Winston he would be skiving off somewhere, as they all did if you did not keep a tight eye on them, why Mrs Faversham employed him she never knew you could the job have gone to a proper person, not some fucking sub human monkey. The number of times she had to reprimand him for working without his shirt on was ridiculous, but he was heavily muscled with a barrel chest and those arms where huge like thigh’s, and his legs where heavily muscled and the bulge in his shorts was impressive when compared to Roberts. Well Robert loved her for her brain and not her figure anyway which to him was more important, although most men looked at her for her figure alone at 5’ 7” and 38GG-28-38.Sometimes she had nightmares in which he was actually fucking her and she was screaming for more and his body was so hot and he had a nice big cock and filled her time and time again. If really pushed she would have to say he was cut for a fucking ghost, but no further. Sandra was also very aware he kept looking at her and he would pull at his crotch area just to see her reaction, which was one of horror and he would smile or laugh at her. Everyone knew they stuffed things down their trousers to try and get a decent woman to look at them and and not one of their own sluts, who just popped babies out like they were going out of fashion.Picking up her car keys she drove to the school. The heat was already oppressive it must be 95f already and it was only just after 8.00am in the morning, and she knew it would get hotter, as the day went on. As she pulled up Sandra could see the school was still locked up. Typically she thought to herself that lazy cunt is still in bed no doubt, after getting stoned out of his fucking mind or having some slut fuck him more than likely as they were all lazy bastards, if she had her way they would all be sent back to their own countries to live in poverty they deserved. Well she had her keys and would let herself in and catch him and then Mrs Faversham would have no option but to sack him. Mind you she might not be back at the beginning of next term by her size, as everyone knew she was pregnant, but she denied it. It was disgusting he was allowed to stay on the school grounds anyway with his own room at the back of school. Pulling around the back of the school she did not see Winton’s car parked on the street as he was not allowed to park on school grounds. It never entered her head it was still locked up because school was out and Winston was already in the school.That was better Winston thought, after a nice cool shower before work to cool down, as his room was like a sauna. He had better start with the staff room just in case anyone came in and tried to catch him out later. Good it was fucking hot in here, thank fuck he did not have clothes on as it would be worse if that bitch Sandra was around put your shirt on you are giving a bad example to the students. Fuck ‘em all stuck up little rich bitches, what they all need was a good hard fucking, with a real man’s cock that would show ‘em, and his cock would soon make them bitches realise what a real man’s cock is like and bred them sluts just right, so they all would come back for more. Deep in these thought’s Winston walked up the stairs to the staff room and did not see the door open but he heard the gasp of horror and looked up to see Miss Smyth stood their staring at him he eyes were riveted on his cock.Well he had not touched her bag that was a relief and to have found but he had not started cleaning in here either well she would catch him out know, as she had her camera ready. Leaving the Staff room, Sandra turned and locked the door and then turned and saw Winston and he was standing there naked and his cock was oh my god it was ridiculously long, it made Roberts look like a cocktail sausage and he was not even erect. Finally Sandra meet his eyes and knew he was going to **** and kill her, and she turned and started running screaming for help he was going to **** her. Winston saw Sandra’s eyes and knew she was going to scream ****, and he saw he take off in her heels. Who the fuck wore heels in the school except her to mark the floor, and make his job harder still. Then he heard her screaming for help and Winston took off after her. It was an uneven race straight away as Sandra could not run in her heels and it never entered her head to quick them off and Winston was bare footed, he caught her within thirty feet and his hand went to her mouth to stop her screams and his other arm around her waist lifting her from the flooring kicking and trying to scream. As she struggled, her blouse came loose and Winston shifted his grip on her and his hand went under her blouse against her skin, which was cool to his touch.“Shut anadolu yakası escort up bitch, I ain’t going to do nothing to you” Winston told her, but fuck I want to he thinks to himself feeling her ass against his cock, and his cock starts to respond to her kicks and screams. Then he pushes his hand higher and takes hold of one of her large tits, fuck it was big and her silk bra could barely contain it. Sandra can feel his arms around her and she knows there is no escape, he is going to **** her and kill her, and she can feel him against her ass and oh no he is getting bigger still, she can feel it dig into her ass, then his hand was on her tit and she knew she was a dead woman, so she struggled harder. Winston was starting to panic as he knows she will call the Police and have him arrested for touching her and she will say he ****d her, but what can he do and fuck this bitch is fit. Why not do, it if he was going to be accused of **** why not **** the bitch his room was at the end of the corridor and his bed is there and at least he will be comfortable as he fucked the bitch.Winston carried her to his office and pulled his hand away from her mouth as he did she draws a deep breath and screamed for help. “Shout all you want ain’t no one around except us two bitch so shut the fuck up.” However Winston is wrong two of his friends hear the cry and laugh, that some bitch is getting what she deserves and they go back to work. Winston reached down to the door handle and opened it, and he pushed her into the room and up against the wall, where she hit a low shelf and knocked the wind out of herself and fell on to the bed. He entered and closed the door and locked it and turned and stared at her a wicked grin spreading across his face and Sandra eyes absolutely riveted on his cock.Sandra had tried to escape but he was too quick and he is right no one is around and know she is alone in his room and she knows she is going to die here. Then why can’t she not stop staring at his cock its huge it must be at least 14” in length and 5” in width. In her mind’s eye all she can see is him filling her cunt and stretching and filling her like never before and firing volley after volley of seed into her womb, and all she can do is keep telling him more she wants more. “Please let me go I won’t say anything I promise, I will forget all about this just keep away from me” she begs, but why are here nipples aching and her cunt flooding with juice.Winston stepped forward and took hold of his cock and waved it at her as he walked towards her. Sandra backed up into the wall, but then his hands where in her hair and her face is next to his cock “Suck it bitch, and suck it fucking good all the way done to the balls.”“Please let me go I won’t say mmmhhh” her plea’s are cut off as his cock is stuffed in her mouth and she can taste his pre cum already, and is pushing more of his cock into her mouth.“On your knees bitch and suck my cock really good and I will think about it” he says. What he really means is no chance is I am going to fuck this slut bad, just like she needs it and then fill her up like never before.Sandra dropped to her knees and looked up at him pleading with her eyes as she sucked him for all she was worth, as he promised to think about it and maybe he will let her go if she can get him to finish quickly as he will be tired and want sleep like Robert. Christ his cock is huge how I am supposed to take all that in my mouth, with Robert’s it was easy, give him a quick little suck and he shot his load within 30 seconds, but this monster filled her mouth and was touching the back of her throat and she still had at least another eight inches to go. Then his hand took her head and forced it into her throat and down her throat. Sandra gagged as it hit her throat, but it kept going down her throat, she tried to pull back, but he was forcing more down her throat. “Oh god yeah bitch that’s it suck it down your throat” then he pulled her head back and she spit up all over his cock “yeah it needs more lubricant good idea it will help it go down again easier.” Then Winston is pushing his cock down her throat again and again.Sandra cannot believe she is doing this to Winston, but she wants him to come in her mouth and throat now. If anyone saw her doing this to a fucking ghost they would have died laughing as everyone knew she hated them, but somehow this felt different dirty and wrong, but also so fucking horny. Right she will show this fucking a****l now and she grabs his tight ass cheeks and forces his cock down her throat until she hits his pelvic bone, then moving her hands she plays with his balls, teasing them and then she slips a hand under him and pushes a finger at his ass hole. Finding his asshole she pushes her nail against his asshole and pushes it up and into him and she can hear him squeal, as she does it. Pushing deeper she knows he will not last much longer as her finger finds his prostate and she tickles it with her finger. “Oh fuck coming bitch” is all Winston says before she can fill his cock jerk in her mouth and throat. He holds her head against him as he pumps load after load straight into stomach. Christ she never knew a man could come so much and he finally lets go of her head and pulls his cock out of her mouth, and then fires another load straight into her face, and again and again, and then finally stops. “Smile bitch” Winston tells her and takes a picture of her cum covered face and his cock against it on his phone.“Please no you cannot have pictures of me like that, it’s disgusting, just look at me. I am a complete mess, dripping in you cum.”“Well clean it up and eat it slut, and suck my cock dry and drink my juice down” Winston tells her.Shocked at his rudeness Sandra went to say something and then he showed her the picture and he had entered a phone number, and his finger is poised against send “I am waiting.” Sandra took his monster and sucked his end watching him making sure he did not hit send and drank down his cum. Oh shit is all she can think and then wiped her fingers across her face and drinks the rest down. “Are you happy now can I go please?”“No I am not finished yet just look at my cock.” Sandra looked and could ataşehir escort see he was still erect. No it’s not possible he just finished three minutes ago and shot more cum into her than Robert ever had and he was still hard. Sandra’s own cunt was throbbing and wanting his cock in her, Christ she could feel it in her now filling her, stretching her and pumping load after load into her, and him calling her all sorts of names and her nails tearing down his back ripping his back open with her nails.“What do you want?” “You bitch, I want to fuck that sweet little cunt, ass and tits of yours and fill you up with my seed, do you think you can take that?”“I can take anything you have got monkey fucking ghost boy. Do you think you can actually satisfy me, with that puny fuck stick?” Sandra goads him. Why was she goading him it would only make matters worse, then laughing inside how much worse could it get than this already. Little did Sandra know it was going to get a lot worse for her.Winston exploded into action and suddenly Sandra was across the bed her skirt pushed up past her ass and her thong was ripped off down her legs, then she was on her feet facing the wall and his face was burrowed in her ass and his tongue licking and probing her asshole. God she didn’t want to die but she had never been man handled before and why had she goaded him so much. It only seemed to make him angry and now he would hurt her. Oh please girl he’s gone kill you fight him anyway you can he might make a mistake and you could get away from his attention and oh fuck his tongue, no it couldn’t be he was licking her ass and his tongue was amazing long and was probing her ass really well but her cunt wanted some attention as well as it was aching, so she slipped a hand down and started playing with her own clit as he seemed to tear her, a new asshole. Oh my, his tongue shit it was in her ass now she could feel it wiggling in her ass “Oh god yes! Lick my ass out, I fucking love it stuff me with your cock.” Sandra was stunned at her own words she had screamed out, but her ass was on fire from his tongue, I am just trying to get him to make a mistake she tells herself and almost believes it herself but she knows he is turning her on more than Robert ever had a side to her she did not know existed was coming to the surface.Winston could not believe it here he was licking out this bitch’s ass and she was screaming for more, when the past two years she treats me like something unpleasant on her shoe. He smiles as he hears her cry out just wait bitch he thinks as he pulls his tongue back and sucks two of his fingers and pushes them at her ass and then into her, widening her ass hole ready for his cock. He knew she need a good hard fuck but she had surprised even him at demanding him lick her out like she had. Winston pushed his fingers deeper into her widening her hole and she groaned louder. Moving his other hand around he, found her own hand playing with her pussy, and he smiled so he pushed his hand up her blouse to her tits. Finally finding her bra he roughly grasped her tits and squeezed them with one hand and heard her moan, then he found her left nipple, which he flicked and rolled in his fingers and the bitch was screaming as her orgasm hit “Coming fuck I cumming, please stop” but Winston didn’t he just twisted her nipple harder and she whimpered in pain “Please stop it hurts.”“You think that hurts try this is?” Is all the warning he gave her before he moved his cock to her asshole and pushed it in, just using his own pre cum and spit as lubricant to fuck her with! The pain tears through Sandra as his cock is pushed deep into her ass. “Oh fuck my ass please take, it out its too fucking big your, tearing me apart.” Then she was pushed onto the bed face down and his cock was pulled out and she felt some relief. What is happening to her she was a happily engaged woman and now she was some fuck toy for this ghost monkey boy, how can she stop him, do I want to stop him a part of asks and the answer comes back no she wants him to fuck with that cock of his, she has to have it in at least once, even if he is a fucking ghost.However Winston was looking for some lubricant as he spotted the Vaseline jar, grabbing it he tore it open and scoped some out and smeared some on her ass hole and then his cock. Then before Sandra could recover his cock was lined up against her asshole and pushed down and into her and this time his cock slid in like a hot knife through butter. The pain was intense like nothing she has ever had before, his cock is filling her ass, and she begged and pleaded for him to stop, but he ignored her and kept thrusting into her ass. Her ass was on fire and stretched to meet his needs, but deeper inside something stirred and a heat build in her ass. “God yes fuck my ass she finally started to beg as she could feel an orgasm build as he pushed into her. Then without speaking he rolled over pulling her with him but still keeping his cock in her, his hands take her blouse and ripped it from her body and it fell to the floor in pieces. His hands find her tits and pulled the bra up and other them so they fall to the side until he took them in his hands and started playing with her nipples again. Her own hands were at her pussy rubbing furiously to increase the intensity of her own orgasm. “Oh fuck my ass ghost boy, fuck it good.” His hands leave her tits and take her face and turn it towards him and he is suddenly kissing her. Fuck she had never kissed one of them before, but his tongue was down her throat and the kisses were intense and passionate and Sandra found herself kissing him back just as hard and as passionately. Then he pushed her forward onto her hands and knees, his cock still in her. “Oh my yes, fuck me doggy and fill me with you cock, as I am so close to finishing.” Winston smiled and pushed harder at her ass pushing another inch into her, he held her hips and thrusted, in and out of her. Then he can felt her ass implode as it gripped him trying to drain his cock of his seed, but he is close but not yet ready. Sandra collapsed onto the bed face down as her ass orgasmed and then her cunt orgamsed again, and he still has not come. “Oh you are amazing please ümraniye escort fuck harder, fuck me harder” and to her astonishment he did, then he was moaning “take this bitch, take it all” and Sandra felt him shudder and she knew he had cum in her ass. “Oh fuck yes fill me with you seed” Sandra begged.After two minutes Winston laid back on the bed his cock finally pulled out of Sandra’s ass, and her ass had leaked his cum on the bed. Turning she looked at him “is that all you have got I thought you guys were some kind of super studs, who fucked for hours.”“Look at you watch cunt and see the time” looking at her watch she can see it is almost 11.30 in the morning. How the hell did that happen, did he really go almost three hours in her mouth and ass, he must have done. Looking back up she can see he has his phone in his hand and taking another picture of her “Stop that please.” “Why?”“Because I don’t like it and why do you keep taking pictures anyway?”“So when you go the Police I have evidence you did this of your own free will.”“I haven’t you forced me to suck you cock and you fucked my ass, like I was a dog in heat.”“Oh I did, did I” well this says differently and he turns and shows he on her hands and knees “Oh my yes, fuck me doggy and fill me with you cock, as I am so close to finishing.” Sandra blushes “that’s because you had me so hot and turned on that I said that.”“So if I want to fuck your cunt, then I am going to have to **** you again then” he asks.Looking at him Sandra smiled at him and shook her head “Oh no I want that monster in me, but can you manage it.”Winston smiles “come here and see bitch, what I can do.”Sandra smiled and crawled over and could see his cock already becoming hard again, her own pussy was raw from her own frantic fingering but she is aching for him. Climbing onto his stomach she dangled her tits in his face and he sucked at her nipples and pulled them with his teeth, making her cry out in pain, but she loved it, as he is so fucking rough. Then she could feel him pushing against her cunt. “Oh you are ready again aren’t you?”“Yes as I want that tight little cunt hole of yours.”Sandra took him in her hand and guided him to her entrance “Just be gentle with me ok.” However Sandra knew he was not going to be gentle and she tried to anticipate his thrust, into her, but he just teased her barely keeping his head in her and slowly pushing in and out. Sandra could feel her own frustration grow, and her juices flow down his cock “oh come on stick it in me, please.” Then he thrust upwards catching her unawares and she moaned as he stretched her out and filled her like never before. Her own cunt juices flood down her trying to accommodate him, then he is almost out again and thrust upwards again this time further “Oh mother of god” is all Sandra can say, as he thrusts in and out, filing her like never before.“Shit your tighter than I expected what is your boyfriend a fucking pencil dick or something” Winston asks as he fucks deeper with every stroke, her cunt is like a velvet glove on his cock, drawing him deeper into her and finally against her womb. Sandra is like a wild woman moaning and groaning and riding his cock, filling herself with him, she loses all control of her mind and body and demands to be fucked senseless and filled with his seed. Her body has orgasm after orgasm drawing him into her. Then finally he groans and she knows he has come in her unprotected cunt and then she realises too late his cock must be close to her womb and he had no protection and neither did she. “Quick pull it out I don’t have any protection,” but Winston held her hips and just fired load after load into her, until he finally collapsed to her side.Sandra looks down and her pussy is gaping open and his juices are flowing like a river from her, and she reaches down and scoops them up and as he watches drops them into her mouth and swallows them down. Sandra keeps doing this until she is clear and looks at “Oh fuck you tasted so sweet with my juices mixed in with them I could drink them all day long.”“Well you have been fucking most of the day and you are now the founding slut member of the SWCBC” Winston says and Sandra grabs his phone its 3.20pm in the afternoon and her body is covered in sweet and her body aches. Handing back the phone she slides off the bed picking up her thong, skirt and bra she looks at the remains of her blouse, before going to the door and opening it. Looking back at Winston “What is the SWCBC?” she asks.Winston just looks at her “It means Stud White Cock Breeding Club and you have just been bred bitch.”Sandra shook her head “Not yet I haven’t it’s the wrong time of the month I am not fertile yet, but you are certainly a Stud and a fucking hot white boy, so you will have to try again?”“Ok give me five minutes and I will.”“Not today as I have to go, but I will be back tomorrow to check on you ok?”Winston smiles “We will need a larger bed in here? Maybe I can arrange for something tomorrow as I still have work to do here and thanks to you I am fucking late. Hey if you come back tomorrow be sure to wear the school uniform, with those sexy white stockings and suspender belt, and short skirt. As you black women look really sexy in that uniform”Sandra looked at him and smiled “I will wear what every, you tell me, as long as I can have that in me every time” pointing to his flaccid cock.Then Sandra left closing the door she could not believe she has spend most of the day fucking a white boy, but his cock was amazing and she wanted it again. Well if he wanted her in a school uniform fine, but she had other clothes as well and she would pack them as well and bring them with her tomorrow. Now she just wanted food and drink, and some rest. The rest of the day went very slowly and Robert called her, but she was distant and knows she can never have his fucking midge dick in her anymore. Finally she breaks down and admits she has meet someone else and wants to be with him and begs for his forgiveness, but all she hears is the dial tone in her ear.What had she done and what was becoming off her as she had gone to school to post that white ass and ended up getting fucked in her black ass and cunt and now could not stop thinking about him and wanting his cock in her. Fuck she hated white people she was not supposed to want to fuck one all the time. Sandra tried to sleep but it only finally came after taking her biggest dildo and thinking it is Winston’s cock in her fucking her pussy mercilessly just as he had done and using another on her ass, so filling her holes just as he had done.

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