PussyBoy Forever

PussyBoy Forever
I’ve always been the type of man into really feminine boys. I like skinny little twinks who want to be fucked and roughed up by a real man. Nothing makes me harder than a pussyboy begging to ride my hard cock and moaning “Daddy” as I slide in and out of his tight hole.

I’m 6′-2″, solid muscle and proud of it. Little fag bitches go weak when they see how big my arms are and picture how hard I could fuck them. When I finally get them on their knees and my hard 9″ thick cock is in front of their mouth they can’t do anything but moan. Being called “Daddy” is newer but that’s only because I’ve started to go salt and pepper. I had no idea that would make boys want me even more.

I like my boys to be fully submissive and obey every word I say. If they don’t I slap them hard until they listen or until the leave. I love forcing a boy to my will. Making them do as I say or taking my cock when they fight me. And they either fight me and love it or leave. But none of them have left yet. It doesn’t take long until they are my slave boys completely obsessed with pleasing me and my huge cock. My newest boy is the prettiest pussyboy I’ve ever fucked. Skinny but with a round bubble butt I could fuck for days. Bright blue eyes, sandy hair, and willing to do anything I say. His only fault is his clit (pussyboys don’t have cocks) is pretty big at 8″. I rarely touch it but it’s usually rock hard when I enter a room. Sometimes I let him jerk off after I breed his hole but often I only let him get off from my cock. If he can’t cum hands free he doesn’t cum.

Only evening I had a friend over with his boy while watching the game. We had both our boys naked and sitting on the floor. Each one was rock hard but knew better than to touch their clits. I ordered them to get us new beers and they hopped up, hard as rocks and went to obey.

My friend leans over to whisper “Damn those boys are pretty. But honestly I hate those big hard clits. I wish my boy just had a real cunt, ya know?”

“Haha what?” I laughed.

“I’m serious, I think my boy would be perfect with a nice smooth cunt instead of that damn boy-clit. Think how hot he’d be with a tight set of lips to fuck instead!”

They boys came back in and as I watched them walk I pictured my pussyboy with a real pussy. And I realized I was getting hard.

The game ended and my friend took off. I bent my boy over, spit on his hole and fucked him in the living room. My hard cock slid in and out as he moaned like a bitch in heat. He begged for it harder and as I started to slam him I realized I was thinking about him with a real cunt and my cocks spreading his lips open as he begged for more. I came so hard that I was out of breath. He started begging to cum but I didn’t want that. I wanted him to cum just from my cock.

“No you little bitch. If you can’t cum just from my cock in you, you can’t cum at all.”

I could see the frustration in his eyes and how hard his clit was. He was dying for release. But like a good little slave he said “yes Daddy.”

The next few weeks I couldn’t think about anything else but my pretty little pussyboy with a real twat. A nice set of lips to fuck instead of his clit hanging there rock hard and useless. It’s the only thought that got me off. Try as he might the poor little bitch couldn’t cum hands free. I wanted that so bad. To watch him get off just from my cock. Just from a real man fucking him.

One night at a bar with my friend I confessed to him that since he brought it up it’s all I can think about. How I picture my boy with a cunt and part of me wishes he had a real one.

“Haha fuck man! I’ve been waiting for you to say that. I actually know a way to make that happen!”

“Haha bullshit man, that’s not possible.”

“No really, it is. I heard from a guy who heard from a guy about this potion. You drink it and whatever you say about yourself comes true. ‘Wish I had a bigger cock’ bam! Your cock gets bigger. ‘My eyes are blue,’ Bam! Blue eyes.”

“…..my cock is a cunt…?”

“Bam. He’s got a fresh new pussy.”

My head was reeling. Could this be possible? Could I get my real boy pussy like I wanted?

“But what if he doesn’t want it?”

“Haha best part, they don’t have to mean it, they just got to say it. It’s the words that matter not what they want! Even something jokingly said can change them.”

“There’s gotta be a catch.”

“Yeah there kinda is. I’m not exactly sure how the rules work but they gotta use it before the potion wears off otherwise they can just change it back. But using it makes it stay. I learned that the hard way…”

“What do you mean?”

“Why do you think Philip is gone? I tried it on him. It was so fucking hot. His cock just shrank, smaller and smaller. Then his lips formed and he had this tight little pussy. I couldn’t hold back. I was so turned on and started fucking him so hard. I could tell he was getting close. Seeing him moan as I fucked his cunt was too much. I blew my load before he did. He looked down, screamed, said he wanted his cock back and then it just sorta grew back. Then he left. But fuck! If I’d just have gotten him to cum from his cunt it would have stayed.”

“That’s all I gotta do to make him my pussyboy forever? Make him cum from his pussy…?”

“That’s it. And there’s no going back for him. He’d have a cunt forever.”

I knew exactly how I’d make him my pussyboy. He’d have no chance to change his mind.

My friend got me the potion and I had everything planned out and ready. I told my boy to go get ready because I was going to use his cunt like never before. While he was busy I made us each a drink. I up-ended the small vial over his drink and the clear liquid mixed into his drink as though nothing was there. I went to wait in the bedroom. He came in looking so damn hot. Bubble butt bouncing, licking his lips as he looked at my stiffening cock. I looked at his hard clit and smiled, knowing it was the last time he would ever see it. I handed him the drink and told him to down it. Took him two tries but it was gone. I didn’t even sip mine.

“On your knees boy.”

He dropped without hesitation and started at my hard cock in his face. I brought it just short of his lips and he started to open his mouth. I reached down and slapped him firmly, but not hard.

“No boy. You don’t do anything tonight unless I tell you to. Got that? You will only do exactly what I tell you, when I tell you. And you will only say what I tell you to say. Understand bitch boy?”

“Yes Daddy!”

“Do not touch your cock at all. If you even reach for it we are done. No fucking at all and you don’t get my load. Got it boy?”

“Yes Daddy, I won’t!”

“Good girl,” I laughed.

“Thanks Daddy,” he said mechanically, which only made me laugh harder.

I grabbed a blindfold from off of the bed and tied it around his eyes tightly. I knew exactly how to tie it so he couldn’t see and so it wouldn’t move an inch. Then I opened his mouth with two fingers and pushed his jaw down. Slowly I rubbed my head over his lips and then started to slide into his mouth. I could feel his tongue start rubbing all over my cock hungrily.

“The blind fold won’t come off until just before you are about to cum. The moment you can feel yourself cumming and know you can’t stop you can take it off. But not a moment before. Ok boy?”

He mumbled a yes around my cock and I grabbed the back of his head and started to fuck his mouth harder. My big balls were slapping his chin as my head went to the back of his throat. He started to gag so I pushed harder and deeper and I could feel his clit throb against my leg. He loved when I ****d his mouth. I kept going while he gasped for air on every outstroke, then rammed it back in until I was balls deep. I decided it was time to test this out.

“You like being my bitch boy? You love when I fuck your throat?”

A gargled “Yes Daddy” barely escaped his cock filled mouth. I pulled out and held it away from his face.

“You want to please me boy? Do anything I want you too?”

“Fuck yes Daddy! Anything you want!”

“Yeah? Will you do what I tell you to do? Say what I want you to say?”

“Yes Daddy! Anything you want I will do! Anything!”

“What if I wanted you not to be hard? What if I wanted your clit to go soft? Would you do that for me?”

He hesitated slightly then said, “If I could Daddy I would go soft for you right now! I would be soft and useless!”

Watching his cock it instantly started to go soft. His rock hard erection went flaccid as if he had just cum. But he couldn’t seem to tell. He was still licking his lips wanting my cock in his throat. In moments he was completely soft. I have never seen my boy go soft during sex before. He is usually rock hard until he blows his load. I started to laugh and rubbed the side of his face.

“That’s my boy. That’s my good boy.”

“Thank you Daddy, anything for you!”

I pushed my cock back in his mouth and started to fuck it again and he had no idea that his big hard cock would never be hard again. I fucked his mouth then pulled out and told him to get on the bed face down ass up. He jumped up quickly and climbed onto the bed, feeling his way with the blindfold on. As soon as he was ready he pushed his face into the pillows and raised his ass into the air. His perfect round bubble ass was smooth and his hole never looked more inviting. I buried my face into his ass and started eating his hole hard. I licked it all over and dubbed my beard across his pink boypussy. He moaned and shook with pleasure. I started to fuck him with my tongue and could hear his breathing increasing. Slowly he started rocking his hips back into my face and I knew he was losing himself to the pleasure. He was reaching the perfect point of doing whatever I said just to keep feeling good.

“How’s that feel boy?”

“So good Daddy, please don’t stop…” he moaned his reply.

“You want to make me happy right boy?”

“Yes Daddy!”

“Tell me you do. Tell me you’d say anything I wanted to hear.”

“I will Daddy! I will say whatever…ohhhh…whatever you want…” He had a hard time focusing as I started to rub his hole with my finger.

“Tell me you want to be my pussyboy.”

“I want to be your pussboy Daddy!”

“Tell me you want to be my real pussyboy forever.”

“Daddy I want to be your pussyboy. Please make me your pussyboy forever Daddy!”

“That is exactly what I am going to do you little bitch.” I pushed my finger in his tight hole as I said that. He moaned and pushed back into my hand wanting more.

“Thank you Daddy…” He sighed having no idea what he just asked for.

I spit on his hole and started to rub my head against it. Teasing him as he pushed back and arched his back more, hoping to get my cock in his boy cunt.

“You want this boy?”

“Please Daddy!”

“Tell me you want to be a muscle jock for me.”

“I want to be a muscle jock for you Daddy!”

As soon as he finished the words his muscles started to grow and swell. His arms got bigger, his ass hot firmer and rounder. His smooth back became toned. I reached and squeezed his chest, feeling it get bigger in my hands.

“Fuck boy. What if I wanted you to be the little skinny twink bitch you are?”

“I would be that Daddy! I will be your little twink bitch if you want! Skinny just for you!”

And just like that his new muscles shrank away as if they had never been. It happened so fast and he had no idea. All he could focus on was my head pushing on his hole. I pushed harder and grabbed his hips, pulling him onto my cock. My head popped in and he gasped a very soft “ohh Daddy.” Slowly I pushed inch after inch into his tight hole. Watching my hard cock disappear up his boycunt as he moaned and gasped. He was rocking his hips feeling every inch. I could tell from his breathing he was completely gone to the pleasure. He loved my hard cock in his hole and couldn’t get enough. Before the last two inches slide it I pulled him hard against me and shoved as hard as I could. He gasped and struggled. I could feel him clench around me and knew the last two inches he got had hurt him.

“Tell me how good it feels.”

Through gritted teeth he said, “It feels so good Daddy. Ohh…. Ohh Daddy Fuck! That does feel really good! Ohh… Ohhh!” The moment he said the words it happened and his body changed so that my cock ramming in felt amazing in his tight hole. I started to fuck him hard and deep. My balls were slapping against him on every stroke and he moaned like a bitch in heat wanting more. I gave him every inch hard and deep, using his hole just to please my cock. It felt so good to watch my boy take my dick in his hole just to please me. I pulled out fast and he groaned.

“I am going to lay down and watch you ride on top like a good faggot.”

“Yes Daddy! Thank you Daddy”

As I laid down he climbed on top. Watching his skinny legs straddle my body made my cock throb. He reached back and grabbed my dick, lining it up with his hole. Slowly he pushed against it until it popped inside. He moaned and instantly starting rocking his hips back and forth.

“Ohh Daddy. Fuck Daddy!” He whispered as he rode my cock faster and faster.

“Yeah boy, take my dick. Ride the only real man you know.”

“Yes Daddy! Fuck my hole Daddy!” he said as he slide up and down on my cock, giving me longer strokes instead of the short quick ones he started with.

“Damn boy you are so hot. Too bad about that useless cock huh? It is so small and useless isn’t it?”

“Yes Daddy. My cock small and useless Daddy. Only your dick matters. My tiny cock is nothing.” His flaccid cock shrank before my eyes. What was once 4 inches soft became 1inch and thin. Watching it shrink made my cock even harder. He kept riding my huge cock as his grew smaller and smaller. When it stopped it was the so tiny and looked like it couldn’t even get hard if he wanted it too. He had no idea how he had changed and was only focused on fucking himself on my cock.

“Fuck boy you make me so happy. I love watching you get off on my big dick. Tell me how much you love it.”

“I love it so much Daddy!” He started rocking harder and faster.

“Tell me it is the only cock you need.”

“It is the only cock I need and want Daddy!”

“Do you wish you could please me in other ways boy?”

“Yes Daddy! I wish I could please you in any way you wanted!”

“Wish you could please me with a real pussy?”

“Yes Daddy I do!”

“Say it boy. Tell me you wish you had a real pussy to please me…”

“I wish I had a real pussy to please you Daddy. I wish I had a real cunt to make you happy!” He said it without thought or even realizing what he was saying. He was totally lost in feeling my cock and being my boy.

His tiny cock began to grown even smaller. His balls started to shrink and go up into his body. I watched as they disappeared completely. Then his tiny cock became a nub, then nothing. He was had just a mound where his once big cock was. Then it split slowly and two lips formed. They filled and got bigger and opened wider. The tiny clit appeared at the top. I couldn’t believe what had happened. I told him to say he wanted a pussy and now he had one. I wanted to touch it so bad but wasn’t sure what would happen. Slowly I reached forward and rubbed the edge of his lips with the tip of my fingers.

He moaned loadly and said “Thank you Daddy! Ohh stroke me more please!”

He was so lost to the pleasure it must have felt like I stroked his cock. I pushed harder and starting rubbing his new pussy. All he did was moan more and push into me. I knew he was my pussyboy for sure now.

“Climb off my cock boy and bend over the side of the bed. I am going to try something you will love.”

Without hesitation he slide off my cock and bent over the side of the bed. I stood up and starred at him. His round ass was spread, his pink hole was loose, and where his cock used to be was two puffy pussylips starting to drip slightly. His cunt was getting wet and ready to be fucked and he had no idea. Slowly I pushed my cock against his twat, rubbing the head on the edge of his lips. He gasped in surprised and pleasure.

“Fuck Daddy! Oh fuck that feels good! Fuck….” I could tell he had no idea what I was doing but he wanted more. I grabbed my cock and started to spread his cunt open. I could feel his new lips around my dick. He clenched down in surprise but his pussy was too loose to push me out. He was breathing so hard and moaning, having no idea what I was doing that felt so good.

“Daddy yes, please yes, fuck ohh Daddy Daddy DADDY!” I had never seen him in so much pleasure before and I couldn’t hold back. I rammed the rest of my cock into his tight little cunt and he screamed. I started to fuck him hard and deep, feeling his twat around my cock. He started pushed back into me and begging for more.

“Good little bitch. Love that huh? Love when I fuck your pussy?”

“Yes! Yes please keep doing it Daddy! Please keep fucking my pussy!”

I grabbed his hips and started to fuck him harder than I never have before. My slick cock glided in and out and on each stroke he gasped. I could feel myself starting to get close. I couldn’t cum before him. And not in this position. I knew exactly how I wanted each of us to cum.

“Daddy… Daddy ohh fuck I am getting close. Ohh Fuck…”

I immediately pulled out and he groaned. He was going to cum, but not like that. He was going to watch himself cum. I wanted him to see his first orgasm from his new pussy just as it happened. Just as the potion made it his pussy forever.

I picked him up and pushed him onto the bed. I told him to straddle my cock facing away from me. He did so willingly. We were facing the mirror on the other side of the bed. My legs hanging off the side of the bed, his twat just behind my hard dick, and my arms around his body watching in the mirror. I raised him up slowly then lowered his pussy onto my cock. He shuddered and instantly began riding my dick in short strokes.

“Daddy fuck yes daddy…” he half whispered and half moaned.

“Keep riding until you cum boy. And when you know you can’t stop yourself, when you know you are about to cum and won’t be able to hold back, take off your blindfold and watch yourself cum in the mirror.”

“Yes Daddy, thank you Daddy. You’re going to make me cum hands free!”

He had no idea it was the only way he was going to cum from here on out. He started to fuck himself hard and fast. He pushed against my cock and slide it in and out of his pussy having no idea what was happening. All he could do was feel how good it felt. I watched my cock slide between his cunt lips, nearly popping out before he was push down onto it and make it disappear in his vag. I could tell he was getting close. He breathing increased and each breath got shorter. He was reaching the point of no return and he knew it.

“Daddy… Daddy ohh Fuck… Daddy I am about to….” He was breathing so hard he could barely form the words.

“As soon as you can’t hold back take off the blind fold boy!”

He rode it for two more strokes then reached up and took off the blind fold.

“Daddy I am about to cum cum!” He said then looked at his cunt. I saw the moment of confusion then horror on his face mixed with pure pleasure. He looked at his pussy but couldn’t hold himself back. He kept riding and I could feel his pussy throb and tighten.

“no no no Ohh Daddy fuck no no no” I watched as he came from my cock in his pussy. He watched as he pussy twitched and sprayed a little down my cock and balls. I could see in his face how good it felt to cum from his pussy but also how horrified he was. He reached down before even caught his breath and felt my cock in his pussy.

“Daddy no…. What happened to my cock…?” he nearly sobbed and tried to get off my cock. I grabbed him and held him down so that my cock was still deep inside his used pussy.

“You said you wanted to be my pussyboy. You said that you wanted to have a real pussy for me, did you boy?”

“What? No I didn’t… But that was just during sex? What happened? I want my cock back!” I looked to his filled cunt as soon as he said it and waited. Nothing happened. His pussy lips stayed wrapped around my cock and he started to cry.

“Oh boy, you said you would do anything for me. And now you are truly my pussyboy forever. Tell me how good it feels to have a cunt boy. Tell me how much you love your new pussy.”

“No. I won’t. Fuck! I don’t want this. I don’t….” His voice trailed off as I started to push my cock in and out of his pussy.

“No please…” I could tell it felt good but he didn’t want it too. I held him close and started to fuck him faster.

“You’re my real pussyboy now bitch. And I am going to fuck this pussy anytime I want.” I whispered in his ear. His breathing increased and I could tell he was trying to fight the pleasure.

“No no no…” but with every word he started to push back against my cock, pushing it deeper into his cunt. I started to fuck him harder and watched myself in the mirror. I saw his cunt lips wrap around my cock on every stroke and I couldn’t hold back anymore. I started bucking hard and fucked his new pussy as deep as I could. He moaned and cried at the same time. Loving how good it felt but hating that he did. He reached down and felt my cock spread his lips and let out a sob. That is what pushed me over the edge. My cock swelled and started to throb and I could feel his pussy tighten around it like he knew what was about to happen. I started to cum harder than I ever have before and saw my cock throb and spray deep into his cunt. He let out a moan and a shudder and covered his face with his hand. I realized that he had gotten his second orgasm from my cock in his swollen pussy. I pulled his hands down from his face.

“No boy. Look. Look at your new pussy and watch yourself cum again from my cock being inside you. You’re my pussyboy now and forever.”

As he stared at my cock spreading his twat open and some cum leaked out. Followed by more pussy juice.

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