Implications Ch. 02


Today is a little off, Sarah thought.

Usually, her day started at 5am, like every morning. A shower, followed by some prepared breakfast, a cigarette on the balcony. Today, she was being kept behind schedule by her wandering set of fingers. Sarah couldn’t quite recall if she had a particularly lustful dream, or if the previous day’s excess stirrings had caused this, but it was happening now so she may as well enjoy it.

Her free hand, the one still obeying her, reached to her nightstand and pulled out a plump, smooth phallus she had purchased a while ago. It got its uses on occasion, more frequently lately, more vigorously too. Sarah mussed about an addition she might want to make, a particular silver object she was fascinated by in that store.

As the thought about it, her untrustworthy hand slid further down to make room for her soft, pink friend, the tip of which slid down her now moist pussy effortlessly. After she rubbed her slit a few times with the object, Sarah applied a light pressure to her asshole with those disobedient fingers. Reduced to this, she thought.

Closing her eyes shut, her mind wandered to her nameless intern, one of many she’s had in the last few months. She pictured his hair, it would be good for directing him. Sarah absentmindedly parted her slit with the dildo, playing at her entrance with light taps and circular movements. The blue chord of his identification tag, it would be good for pulling him around on. Her lower fingers worked Esenyurt escort bayan over her anus diligently, not daring a finger, not yet. His belt buckle, an obstacle really, a barrier to his…

Sarah pushed the tip of her lovely toy into herself, spreading her wet lips apart in perfect sync with her thoughts. A raspy moan would be heard in the well-furnished bedroom, but this wasn’t the office, she needn’t be aware of others listening in. But what if they did? Would she care? Would it make things… better?

She could feel her cheeks blaze with blood flow, a seldom experienced feeling, but the thought of those under her even having the faintest idea of what Sarah was doing even now sent an unfamiliar rush down her body. Her obedient hand had grasped her silicon lover firmly, starting to thrust it into her pussy, slowly at first, but rhythmically picking up speed. The other hand had started to work a single finger into her ass and Sarah spread her legs more to accommodate it.

A barrage of faces faded into view, projected onto her closed eyelids. One at the foot of her bed, another leaning against the bureau, was that a woman standing in the door? She would recognize them if she focused on one longer than a few seconds before spotting another. Soon her satin comforter had fallen to the ground, sooner still her room was filled with imaginary onlookers, and all paying special attention to the show Sarah was putting on.

Her Escort Etiler collected lust bid her toy move faster in its rhythmic thrusts, Sarah’s legs spread wide, heels seeking purchase on the smooth sheets with her pelvis raised for the invisible audience to admire. This wasn’t for their pleasure, this was for their adoration. Sarah opened her eyes and the vague image of the nameless intern standing next to her blurred into view.

“R-Ryan…” she managed a faint whisper as her body rewarded this new, vivid fantasy.

With a climax that numbed her legs and contracted every muscle from her pelvis to her stomach, her mind surrendered to the feeling, falling into the submerging waves of sweet orgasm. Each contraction pulled a small stream of her clear juices from her body, though she wouldn’t have noticed, her eyes more focused on the expressions of the immediate imaginary audience surrounding her.

After her raised body collapsed back down to the bed, her feet having eventually failed her, the images of strangers and co-workers alike faded, and her bedroom returned to its normal, empty state. Sarah raised an arm to cover her eyes as she caught her breath, the one still clutching her loyal pink friend. A few moments of deep breaths and deeper inspections followed as she let her body slowly recover.

Sarah’s face had settled back to its natural, reserved state when her arm finally left her eyes, conflicted about seeing the still, empty room. Eyüp escort She sat up and stretched herself out, walking to the bathroom to begin her little cleaning ritual of the toy.

The apartment was quiet, broken only by the sound of the rushing hot water she was using to fill the sink. Her eyes were fixed in the mirror, at the woman staring back at her, her cold expression not fitting the mess of tangled brown hair, nor the rose that still tinted her cheeks. She needed to fix this. A few minutes passed of cleaning the toy with soapy water, after which she tied her hair back with some effort and washed her face and hands with similar care. Not perfect but it will have to do.

There was no audience in her kitchen where she heated up a pre-prepared breakfast, nor on the balcony where she ate, or as she leaned over the railing to have her morning cigarette. This strange new set of imaginations she’s concocted up stirred something in her, different from the other fantasies she’s had more control over. Sarah let herself muse for a moment how practical it might be to exercise these ideas, but no, that was reaching too far.

A puff of smoke was carried on the cool air of the spring morning, she frowned at this. It soured the view, but the habit demanded it. Habits make up my greatest distractions, she thought as some movement caught in her periphery on the balcony to her left. Her neighbor, no doubt. Sarah didn’t know her name, she didn’t have schedule, and she didn’t have structure. But she always smiled, that was ever-present.

But when Sarah turned her head, she was met with a smile indeed, but a sly one, attached to wide eyes. Sarah noted then, that in her attempt to redeem whatever remained of her routine, she had forgotten to put on her morning gown.

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