I Thought I Did See It Coming!


With the ride I got last time, how could I resist coming back for more. Although I had no idea what Chriss had in store for me, I knew it would probably be a first.

I found a spot at the bar only to find that Meghan was bartending. I got my usual drink and just sat casually, watching the Tigers play Oakland in game four of the ALCS. It was tied at three each and the entire bar was hanging on every pitch.

Megan was a cutie. She was maybe five feet-four, dishwater blond curly hair. She had absolutely no tits but she was very slender and had that button nose that you just couldn’t help but like. Her tight little butt just rounded out the entire cute little girl next door package. I’d never really talked to Megan and had only admired her from a distance as she was usually a hostess. But she was a fast learner and re-filled my drink shortly after I had finished it.

After maybe a half-hour and a couple of drinks, I got a tap on my shoulder. I looked around and noticed Chriss walking around the corner. She was looking at me and gave me a c’mere motion. I casually got up and headed towards the bathrooms where Chriss was waiting. Freddy’s was busy as usual so she simply handed me something and then went back to her post at the hostess station.

I went into the bathroom and into a stall. As this could be anything I wasn’t going to just open it at my spot at the bar. She had handed me a familiar-looking light-blue button thing and a note.

Mr. J.

I hope you had fun last week; I know Margaret did. This time you get the button, but PLEASE use it sparingly. You know the effect it has and we need to be careful so nobody gets caught. It would spoil the fun if someone got fired.

I get off in an hour and I hope you can give me a ride home tonight.

I can’t wait.


Nice! This time I had the button. I looked at it closely as if it were the Spear of Destiny; as if the holder had the power to conquer all in his path. And, given what was on the other end of this button, that was not too far from the truth. I put it in my pocket with the note and went back to my seat.

I settled in and sipped my recently refreshed drink. I was eager to use my newly acquired power but didn’t want to rush it. I drank, and watched the game, and tried to locate Chriss. She wasn’t at her station; she was probably in back seating a family of six or something. I didn’t want to buzz her unless I could see the results. I waited, patiently, for the right moment.

After several minutes I decided to get her attention. I slid my hand into my pocket and found the button. I pushed it. Briefly, at first, then pausing. Then a longer push and I let it go at that. I didn’t want to mess this up so I took Chriss’ advice and planned on using it sparingly. A few moments later it took affect as I saw Chriss return to her station. She looked at me and gave me a wink and a smile. In return, I smiled, found the button and gave it a little push; then another long one. I watched her face, looking for the recognition; looking for approval.

She must have been more used to it than I was because she seemed to ignore it. She turned to a party of four and walked them into the back. I gave it a few more pushes and then let it be for a while.

My empty glass had been unattended for longer than usual as Meghan came in from the back. She looked a little frazzled and I thought that maybe a customer had given her a hard time. She smiled nervously at me as she apologized and filled my glass. She attended to the other customers at the bar as we all watched the game; it was still tied in the bottom of the ninth with the Tigers coming up to bat.

After another hour or so of random buzzings and several more drinks I was eager to get things going a bit further. I got up and went around to the bathroom area, passing Chriss along the way. I glanced over at her and gave her the same c’mere look, combined with a quick double-buzz. She got the message and came over.

“Hello Mr. Johnson, how are you doing tonight?” Chriss asked coyly.

“I’m doing well, thank you. Seems like you have quite a crowd in tonight.” I asked in response; simply putting up the small-talk front. She watched as I slid my hand into my pocket; her eyes widened as she waited for her stimulation. I pushed it a few decisive times and watched for her reaction. But there was none. A few more pushes but nothing. A final, long push and my focus was broken by the sound of a beer bottle crashing to the floor.

Looking over at the bar we saw Meghan staring in our direction. She seemed to be not well and was giving Chriss a rather evil look. Chriss responded with a wicket smile of her own.

“You might want to hold off on that for a while.” She told me, ” but I get off in thirty minutes and really need you to help me again Escort Beylikdüzü tonight. Can I get a ride home?”

“Sure Chriss. Whatever you need.”

“Thanks. Can you meet me out back in half an hour? Sorry, I’ve got to go.” Chriss said as we were quickly interrupted by Meghan. I made a hasty retreat as to not betray my special relationship with little Chriss.

I don’t know what the two of them were talking about but Meghan seemed really upset about something. She almost seemed ill. I went back to my spot at the bar and sat down. Another bartender had taken over for Meghan, saying Meghan wasn’t feeling well and had gone home. I asked for my check and kept my eye on the clock for the time to expire.


“So, your place or mine?” I asked, Chriss jumping into my Jeep. I quickly headed out so nobody would have time to wonder why I was driving off with the rather young female.

“Mine.” She said and gave me directions to her apartment.

“Now, when we get upstairs, I need you to do what I say and don’t make a sound. When we get inside, quietly go into the kitchen and just wait there. Don’t make a sound and don’t say a word. My roommate should be home now and I don’t want her to know I brought someone home. Okay?”

“Yeah, sure, okay.” I said and she leaned over and gave me a rather long and sensual kiss. She gently rubbed my leg, up towards my crotch, as our tongues danced with each other. We broke our kiss, got out of the car and went up to her apartment.

When we got inside I did what I had been told. I quietly slid into the kitchen and just stood there… waiting… for something to happen.

“I’m home!” yelled Chriss as she took off her shirt. Teasing me she undid her bra as she went out of sight, throwing it back into the kitchen as she went to kick her roommate out for a few hours.

“God damn it you fucking bitch! You made me cum, right there behind the bar. I dropped a bottle of beer and everybody got a free laugh. I had to fuckin’ tell the boss it was cramps; how embarrassing?” her roommate’s voice sounding very familiar.

“I’m sorry hun. I didn’t mean to embarrass you. I’m really, really sorry. Is there anything I can do to make it up to you?” Chriss asked Meghan, her roommate; the bartender I had been buzzing all night.

“Well… I suppose you can fuck the hell out of me while I push your button.” Meghan replied, her tone much more calm and submissive.

I could hear the faint sounds of the two of them kissing, taking off clothes, and readying toys. I heard a faint familiar buzz and a question about lubricant. Sounds of the bed yielding to its two passengers and the beautiful song of two young ladies giggling and truly having a good, if not dirty time.

After some minutes it grew quiet and the giggling and laughing shifted into light moaning and heavy breathing. I crept out of the kitchen and tip-toed through the living room, down the hall to where the sounds of passion were coming from. I stood silently outside the bedroom and peered through the crack in the door.

“Meghan?” Chriss was lying naked, face-down in between Meghan’s legs. Her body was more beautiful than I could imagine; her curves interacting with the crumpled-up blanket like a fine painting. Meghan lay at the head of the bed, enveloped by frilly pillows and a stray teddy bear. She was rubbing her breasts and pinching her nipples as she enjoyed Chriss’ attention.

“Meghan?” Chriss asked again. “I know you’re not into it but would you ever want to have sex with a man?”

“You know I don’t like boys! They’re dumb and smelly and rude. They’ve got no idea how to make a girl feel good and they’re done in thirty seconds anyway. Why on earth would I do that? Especially when I’ve got you?”

“What if it wasn’t a boy? What if it was a man? Someone older, who knows how to treat a lady. Someone who could be discrete and not some little boy who’s going to run around school bragging about how he got laid.” Chriss asked sweetly, not pushing Meghan, just guiding her in the right direction. “What if I asked you to? Remember last summer? You said you owed me and would do anything I wanted.”

“Oh, Chriss, please just lick my pussy. I want to cum; please?

“Okay baby.” Chriss said, returning to the attention Meghan needed. “But I want you to do something for me, okay? I’ll make you cum all night but, to do this I need you to promise. You’ll do what I ask, right?”

“Okay” Meghan said, falling back into the pillows and bliss. “I’ll do what you want.” She pinched her nipples and carefully wrapped her girlish leg around Chriss’ head. They looked absolutely adorable together. Meghan and Chriss; two young ladies completely giving themselves to each other Beyoğlu escort in a passionate entanglement of flesh. “Oh, god. I’ll do anything you want. Just don’t stop.”

My cock had been ready, willing and able for several minutes now. My boxers were so wet I might just have to throw them away. I rubbed myself through my pants as I watched Meghan battle through a nice sized orgasm.

Chriss got off the bed and stood up, looking lovingly at Meghan as she lay spent in the pile of pillows. She stepped out into the hall and whispered to me to go and get naked. She rubbed the mound in my pants and said, “then come back quietly and do what I say, okay?”

I returned, with my now freed cock pointing straight up, to find they had switched positions. Meghan was on the edge of the bed with her back to the door. Her butt was raised a little off the bed and her face was buried in between Chriss’ legs, which were spread wide. Chriss looked at me with pure lust as I stood in the doorway.

“Oh, yes. That’s nice. You’re so wonderful.” Chriss told Meghan, running her fingers through Meghan’s hair; casually guiding her motions. “Meghan, you’re so good.”


“What?” Meghan replied, slightly annoyed for the interruption.

“Are you ready?”

“Ready for what? I thought it was your turn.”

“It is. Are you ready? Are you ready to get fucked? Are you ready to get a good cock-fucking?”

“Oh, yeah. That sounds nice. But we left the strap-on at Margaret’s house, remember?”

“Meghan? Do you know who Mr. Johnson is? You were serving him at the bar tonight.”

“Yeah, I remember.”

“I want you to fuck him. I want you to take him from behind while you eat my pussy.”

“Mmm, I like to eat your pussy. Its such a beautiful pussy.” Meghan replied as she pulled back to admire the beautiful sight of Chriss’ soaking wet pussy. Looking at her, then licking, then looking again as if she was eating an icecream cone; looking for a nice tongue pattern in her work. “Do I have to fuck Mr. Johnson?”

“Yes. I want you to. But you certainly don’t have to. I want to watch you get fucked by a real man. And I think he might like your beautiful little pussy too.”

“No he wouldn’t. It’s so small and men just want a hole to get off in. Men don’t know how to have sex. But if it will make you happy. When do you want to do this?”

“What if he were here right now? Naked… hard…? What if he was behind you right now, putting on one of the condoms from the dresser? What if he came up behind you; right now; and put his cock in your beautiful pussy?”

Taking the cue I found and opened a pack of condoms that were on the dresser. I quietly rolled it on my cock as Chriss smiled widely. She mouthed ‘yes’ to me, closed her eyes, and nodded her head, giving me the go-ahead. I rubbed my protected cock as I approached Meghan. The sight of her beautiful figure, excited from the evening’s activities, glistening with sweat, working on her partner, left me uncertain as to where to begin. Like Thanksgiving dinner, I was simply dumbfounded by the splendor. But instead of going straight for penetration, I decided to taste her a bit first.

“Don’t be scared Meghan. But I want Mr. Johnson to be with you right now. I brought him home from Freddy’s and he is going to fuck you right now. Are you ready Mr. Johnson?” Chriss wrapped both legs around Meghan’s back, effectively pinning her in place. With this I gently grabbed Meghan’s bottom; pushing her legs forward and spreading them I received a fabulous view of another, even more wonderful 18 year old pussy.

“Oh yeah Chriss, I’m ready.”

“Uh, wait, no, don’t.” Meghan was startled and started to struggle, only to be settled by Chriss. The grip of her legs on Meghan, along with some comforting words, seemed to allow her to relax and mentally prepare for what was going to happen.

“It’s okay baby, just let it happen. After all, it was he who made you cum at the bar. Mr. Johnson had the button the whole time; he thought he was buzzing me. You’re sorry for doing Meghan at the bar, right Mr. Johnson?”

“Oh Meghan, I’m so very sorry for that.” I said as I got in closer to her behind. I took a deep whiff of Meghan’s fragrance and then gave her a gentle kiss on her butt. “I would never want to hurt you or make you feel bad.” Another kiss, my hands exploring every inch of her exposed flesh. “And I think you have a very beautiful pussy.” I spread her cheeks and gave her pussy a full-length lick from behind. I buried my nose in her ass and went to town.

For nearly fifteen minutes I ate out Meghan as she ate out Chriss. I couldn’t tell who was having more fun until I realized it was me; a three-some with two cute little teenagers, I mean c’mon.

“Fuck her Mr. J. I want to Bomonti escort bayan see you fuck her. I want to look in her eyes as you slide your hard cock in my friend’s tight little hole.”

“I will if Meghan wants me to. I’m no rapist. Meghan? Do you want me to fuck you? Do you want to feel me inside your beautiful pussy? Are you ready for me sweetie?”

“Oh, god, yes. Please? I’m ready. Please fuck me. Fuck my little pussy. I need you.”

With that I reluctantly pulled myself away from my delicious sweet desert. I rubbed myself a little, and positioned myself behind Meghan. I grabbed her, a little rougher this time, and pulled her towards the edge of the bed. I stood with my cock standing straight out, almost at the perfect level. I took my cock and slowly rubbed it up and down Meghan’s ass. I teased her lips with the tip and feigned putting it in. Meghan tensed up and braced herself for this foreign invasion.

“Are you ready for me sweetie?”

“Stop teasing and just…” She was cut-off mid sentence as I slowly slid my cock inside Meghan’s tight, wet, beautiful little pussy. Half way I stopped and adjusted my position for better access and penetration. Meghan gasped as this; I think Chriss might have had a small orgasm; her eyes widened at the sight of her friend’s experience.

I slid all the way in.

“Oh, god baby you feel so wonderful. You’re so beautiful and you feel amazing; my hard cock in your little pussy. Do you like my cock in your pussy?”

“Oh, yeah… you’re so big. Fuck me Mr. Johnson.”

Our fucking tempo started out slow, methodical. Chriss was playing with herself as her friend’s tongue was no longer available. She was watching in amazement; her friend slowly getting pounded from behind. She was fingering herself in rhythm with our fucking as the three of us worked ourselves into a sweaty, moaning, writhing frenzy.

After maybe five or six minutes I couldn’t hold out any longer. The sights and sounds and the wonderful, soft envelopment of my shaft had brought me to the point of no return.

“I’m going to cum, Meghan.” I said, matter-of-factly. “Baby, you’re going to make me cum. I’m going cum deep inside you. I can’t stop it!”

“Meghan, did you hear that? You’re making him cum.” Chriss moaned. “He’s going to pump his seed deep inside you. He’s going to pump his baby seed deep inside your ripe pussy.” Chriss taunted Meghan as she stared at me. Her eyes uncontrollably widening and relaxing; gazing into my eyes; a window into her ecstasy.

“Oh, No! I can’t!! Oh, god no, I can’t have a baby. Please…” Meghan begged. But the suggestion planted by Chriss skipped Megan’s consciousness and went straight to her brain. And her animal instincts kicked in and told her body it was time. Her orgasm began in her shoulders; they started to tingle and there was no going back. They shot to her groin and she instantly clamped down on my shaft.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!… I’m. I’m. I’m cumming. Oh, no! No.”

She didn’t have to tell me she was cumming because the vise grip on my cock said it all. As I was already there anyway it just amplified the effect. I gripped her thighs and pushed all the way in. I held myself inside her with all my might. My cock pumping, forcing its way past, working its way through, the defenses of a young womb.

Uncontrollable, carnal, her body ignoring her brain, Meghan’s maternal instinct altered the nature of her orgasm. Subconsciously she was turning into a woman, accepting a man’s seed, and giving herself to him. It was different with a real man. She took it all in and surrendered to her body. At that point, she was free to enjoy what she was feeling and just rode the waves.

Chriss said nothing as she shook uncontrollably; lying gently back into the comfort of the bedding. She convulsed a few times, then just lay there quietly; motionless.

I slumped over Meghan as we both came back to earth. I gently rubbed her back, using full hands to softly love every inch of her skin. After a few moments I slowly slid out of her, making sure to take the filled condom with me. I slid back onto the floor and just stood there; gathering my balance; fixated on the vision in front of me.

I disposed of the condom and threw on my boxers. I checked the kitchen and made some tea and poured some orange juice. Fixing some snacks I brought them to the bedroom but they were just laying there in the same shape as I’d left them; Meghan nuzzled in between Chriss’ legs; asleep.

The clock said it was 12:15 AM and I decided it was probably a good idea to make my departure. I figured Chriss had this all planned out and it probably didn’t include me being there when they awoke. I put the drinks on the night-stand and turned off the lights.

I left a note by the drinks and made sure the door locked as I closed it.


You’re both very beautiful young women and I will never forget tonight. And don’t worry about your work as I’ll TRY and treat you as though nothing happened. It’ll be difficult, but I don’t want anybody to get in trouble.

I’ll see you both soon.


Mr. J

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