Hot For a Retired Teacher Ch. 10


Donna settled happily into the role of a shared wife, taking on a number of lovers. We sometimes had three ways, and maybe one weekend a month she’d go on a date with one, bringing me home her well used pussy. We’d also go to house parties, which were always a good time. But it wasn’t all fun at parties, or taking on college guys while we were travelling, which we did frequently. Mostly it was quiet days at home, doing the things typical married couples do, though that also led to sexy fun.

Occasionally she’d surprise me. I really dislike the dreaded ankle length skirt. I have always felt that if you’re going to wear a skirt or a dress, especially if you have halfway decent legs, show them off. Donna knows how I feel, and that I think she has great legs. So I was somewhat disappointed to come in one morning to find her wearing the “teacher’s uniform” skirt, along with a white sleeveless top.

“I guess the honeymoon’s over,” I said, looking at her in a floral pattern light weight ankle length skirt. Then she turned toward me, and I could see that maybe it wasn’t after all. As the light hit her, I could see that she was definitely not wearing anything under it, as the sheer material was quite revealing if you looked past the pattern, and I realized I could see her bush if the light was coming from the right angle. Donna smiled. “Or maybe not,” I said, laughing.

“I know these are not your favorite skirts, but I just wanted to see how see how easy they were to see through, and if I wore one, could anyone see come running down my leg,” said Donna still smiling at me. She turned back and forth as I watched, looking for evidence of a recent encounter. Her bush did look a little wet.

“Well, you could clean up just a little after we’re done,” I said.

“True,” said Donna, “but you know how I love your come all over me after we make love, how I like to feel it in me, and spilling out, on my bush and legs.”

“I do, and I’d hate for you to give that up-and I like knowing you’re carrying my sperm around with you all day afterwards. Your bush looks a little wet, but hard to tell for sure,” I said. Then I saw a thin glistening streak on the top of her thigh. “I think you’ll give yourself away if the light hits you right, but someone would have to be looking for it. Who did you ‘experiment’ on??”

Donna pointed out the window to the college kid from a couple doors down who was riding our lawnmower, and smiled. “Our neighbor. He had asked the other day about coming over to cut the grass. When he got here this morning, I was trying on the skirt. He seemed a little flustered at first when he realized what he could see. I told him not to worry, I could help him, and walked him out on the deck to show him where the mower was. I reached over to him and rubbed him up through his shorts, which were starting to bulge. He was pretty well along, already leaking when I unzipped him. I stroked him a couple of times and sat him down on the swing, then lifted my skirt. I thought the poor kid was going to pass out.”

“Probably the first pussy the kid ever saw in real life,” I said, laughing.

“No doubt,” said Donna. “And probably the oldest he’ll see for the next 40 years. I stepped forward, and held his face to me, and told him to lick up and down, nice and easy. He was a quick learner, and he had me open pretty fast. I stopped him before I came like crazy, I just wanted his cock in me by then.”

“I take it he was pretty impressive??” I asked.

“Not huge, like Eddie, but one of the nicest looking cocks I have seen. I reached for it, and stroked him again, making a big drop of come ooze out. I got it on my finger and licked it, then knelt over him on the seat and put that big head at my opening and sank down on it.”

“How’d he react to that??”

“His eyes got really big. I don’t think he was ready for me to be so wet. I didn’t take him all the way to his balls on the first try, but by the third stroke, I was sitting with my ass on his balls, just letting him enjoy being inside a real woman’s pussy-and of course I was enjoying being spread open by that hot young dick.”

“You’re going to spoil him. Those college girls he’s used to will never measure up, now that he’s had the real thing,” I said, smiling at Donna. “Bet he didn’t last long.”

“He was done in a minute,” said Donna, with a smile. “I didn’t expect him to take long. He was already throbbing and leaking when I climbed on. He gave me a nice load, but you know how those college kids beyoğlu escort are. He was real apologetic about coming so fast, it was cute. Maybe I’ll give him a second chance when he’s done. You can watch,” she said with a wink.

“You sure you didn’t teach sex ed as part of your social studies classes??” I teased Donna.

“Ha ha,” she said, smiling at me. “I don’t know how interesting the class work would have been, but I’d have had full attendance for the labs!!”

“That kid would have had a PhD in sexual relations by the end of the year.”

“And most of his friends, too. You know he’d tell them. I’d have to take some of them on as private students, though.” Donna was thinking about it. She gave me a smile. “I’ll let you watch.” She playfully slapped my ass.

I was going to like that. Watching Donna take on another man is always entertaining, and always leads to hot sex for us afterwards. The kid finished the lawn, and knocked on the patio door. Donna went to meet him. He was sweaty from the heat of the day, and had already taken his shirt off. Donna walked out onto the deck with him, and I could see them talking. The next thing I saw, Donna was reaching up to kiss him, rubbing his hardening cock through his shorts. I could easily see the bulge in his pants once he was fully erect, and Donna didn’t waste any time getting at it, pulling his shorts down and stroking him. She was right; he did have a nice looking cock, not outrageously long, but thick with a mushroom head.

I could see her looking up at him, saying something. He then started to unbutton her top, but didn’t take it off her, letting her tits sway now that they were out in the open. Donna sat on the swing seat and took his cock in her mouth, licking the head first, then going down about half way on it. She started going up and down on it, and the kid closed his eyes as the feeling of this hot older woman giving him a master blow job set in. It looked like he was going to let Donna have his load down her throat when she pulled him out, a long string of come hanging between his leaking head and her lips. She said something to him, and lay down on the swing, the kid kneeling in front of her. She pulled up her long skirt. From my angle, I could see she was already opening up, and there was come in her bush and on her thighs from the kid’s first round. I wondered if he realized what she was about to have him do.

Donna looked at me and smiled, then took the kid’s face in her hands and guided him to her hot leaking cunt, the cunt he had just filled an hour and a half earlier. He was a little hesitant at first, but I could see Donna urging him on. He took to the task, and Donna’s hips were soon heaving into his face. Donna pulled him away, lifting his face in her hands to bring him to her for a long kiss, getting him into position on the swing so he could fuck her. She pulled him down, and I watched as his cock, drooling from the excitement, entered her, spreading her labia as it went in. Donna locked her feet around his calves and met him thrust for thrust, making the whole swing rock and bounce on the deck.

It didn’t take long, even though the neighbor had come only about 90 minutes earlier, and he was slowing his pace at Donna’s guidance. I could see her talking to him. From her lips, it looked like she was saying to come inside her again. She grabbed his ass and held him close to her, and I could see him thrust forward, his ass clenched and his pulsing balls pressed into her crotch. I knew he was blasting another load of sperm into my wife’s slutty pussy, confirmed a moment later when I saw his come seeping out of her, down her ass onto the cushion. He stayed on her a couple of minutes, I’m sure savoring the feel of his cock soaking in the two loads he shot inside this older married woman. I could see Donna talking to him. Finally, she kissed him and he climbed off her, a heavy stream of sperm dripping from her as he did. He walked around so she could have access to his cock, which she licked clean. She patted him on the ass when she finished, and he put his shorts and t shirt on. Donna stood up, gave him a quick kiss and he was off. She watched him get in his car, and I heard it start and pull away. I walked out to Donna on the deck, her top still open, but her skirt back in place. I looked at her in the light.

“Looks like he enjoyed that. Bet you didn’t have to pay him, either,” I teased Donna.

“Nope, that one was on me. Donna looked down at her dripping pussy. “And in me,” she sarıyer escort said, smiling.

“We’ll have the best tended lawn in town.”

“Yes we will. He wants to come over and clean the pool, too.” I pictured Donna in the pool with her new handyman, naked and bouncing on his cock in the buoyancy of the pool. I definitely wanted to watch that.

“I can definitely see your friend’s come on your thighs,” I said, as the light behind her showed a thick stream of semen rolling down toward her knee. “Of course, I know to look for it. The casual observer probably won’t notice.”

“Hmm…maybe I’ll wear it when we go shopping later. You know how I love being come soaked, but I can’t really go to Wal Mart in a short skirt with come from two guys running down my legs.”

“True-hot as it is to see you in a short skirt, bare pussy underneath, and a streak of sperm dripping down those cheerleader thighs, it might not be what you want to show the world, at least not at home. Though it is fun when we go to meet our friends.”

“Yeah, it is,” said Donna, with a smile. “Or when we’re on the road. Now how about being the second guy to come in my horny pussy this morning??” She led me to the porch swing, the same one her 20 year old lover had just fucked her on twice. Donna sat down and pulled my hard and swelling cock from my shorts. She gently licked it up and down, then took me in her mouth, tasting my precome. She went down on me for about five minutes, then, sensing I was getting close, pulled me out and leaned back on the swing.

“I know you like to go down on me, but I’m so hot I just want your cock in my sloppy cunt.” I stepped out of my shorts and got on top of Donna, my cock pointed at her clit. I rubbed it up and down her labia and over her little button, making her jump, then plunged into her dripping twat with a slurp, easily going all the way in her til I bottomed out on her cervix. Donna sighed when she felt my cockhead go in, and again when my balls hit her ass. She was so slippery inside I started to pound her right away, as there was no need to let her open up. She enjoyed it, and was coming all over my cock in less than five minutes, her juice and her lover’s come soaking my balls. She wrapped her legs around my thighs, holding me deep in her. I love the feeling of her toned legs on me, and I was soon ready to blast her pussy with her third load of the morning.

Donna felt me swelling and looked up at me, smiling. “Give it to me, honey. You know I want all your sweet come soaking me,” she whispered. She rubbed her legs on mine, knowing how it turns me on. I pushed deep in her and let go, adding long bursts of semen to the come already in her. Donna came again when she felt my orgasm hit her deep, and I held my cock in her while she came. I felt come overflowing her and flooding out onto the seat cushion. Donna smiled up at me, and kissed me hard. I pulled off to find a steady stream of come dripping out. She took a minute to recover, then got up, taking my hand. She kissed me again.

“Want to go shopping with me??” she said, smiling up at me.

“You know I do,” I said. “I want to see if anyone notices.” We took off for Wal Mart, where we had a fairly good list, and would be in the store 30 minutes or so.

Every few minutes, Donna would take my arm, squeeze it, and whisper into my ear, “I’m leaking, I just felt a gush.” I was watching for reactions from people, but no one seemed to notice anything. For me, it was a real turn on to know my wife was walking beside me in a crowded store with come spilling out of her used cunt. We got back to the car when we were done and had a good laugh together. Donna said her thighs were wet, as was her bush, and if people only knew. She pulled up her skirt to show me as we sat in the car. I was tempted to take her again right there, but opted to wait til we got home after a leisurely lunch. I played with her sopping pussy the whole time we were out. When we got back to the house, we didn’t get all the groceries in before we were screwing on the tailgate of my RAV4.

Donna is also quite the catalog shopper, and often will buy something she sees that she thinks we can have fun with. A couple of weeks later, I came into the kitchen to find Donna at the sink in a long tunic she had just gotten and was trying on to see how it fit and how she could move in it. It came to about mid thigh, and looked like it was the only thing she had on.

“Well, two out of three,” I started in.

“How’s that,” maslak escort asked Donna, looking at me curiously.

“Barefoot and in the kitchen. The only thing left is to get you pregnant,” I teased her.

Donna turned and smiled at me. “I bet you’d love to fill me with your seed and get me pregnant,” she said sweetly. She looked up at me, still smiling. “I’d want nothing better than to feel your sperm flooding my womb and making your baby in me.”

I stepped toward her, took her in an embrace and kissed her deeply. While I was kissing her, I reached up under her tunic and found her ass, grabbing the left cheek in my hand. “Looks like you’re ready for it,” I said, massaging her bare ass.

“You know I’m always ready to take your come,” said Donna, smiling up at me. “Why do you think I quit wearing panties??”

Donna is just over 5 feet tall, so she keeps a step stool handy to get to some of the higher places in our home. She had it in the kitchen and kicked it over to the sink, stepping up on it to allow me easy access to her pussy. She stepped up and leaned over the sink, and I pulled up her tunic to find her blonde pussy peeking out from between her thighs, lips already parted. I placed the head of my cock at her opening and pushed in slowly. Donna sighed as I entered her, intensifying it as my balls came to rest on her clit.

“Wow, that was easy. I love how you always take my cock in so readily.” Indeed, Donna lubed quite well for being 69 years old, an age when many women have a real challenge in that area.

“That’s because you always keep it well lubed. There’s not a day where I don’t have your come in me,” said Donna, smiling back at me. “And nothing says ‘I love you’ like my husband’s come in my pussy. I must be the most loved wife that ever lived.”

“Or someone’s come,” I teased her. “And, yes, I do love you deeply, and I love telling you. I’m about to tell you again.” I kept my pace, steady but making sure to pull all the way out of Donna before pushing back into her. She was soon meeting my thrusts, and my balls were banging on her clit. It didn’t take long to send her over the top, and her creaming pussy was soaking my dick, which I now held deep in her, the head resting on the opening of her womb. As she recovered, I once again started stroking slowly in and out. Her pussy, now in overdrive from her orgasm, pulsed around me. Now it was my turn.

“Donna, sweetie, I’m going to fill you with my seed. I’m going to flood your womb so hard you’ll be feeling it for days.”

“Give it to me, honey. Let me have all your baby making seed inside me. I want to be in your kitchen, barefoot and pregnant!!” My cock stiffened at the idea of making my new wife pregnant, impossible though it was, and I started to unload inside her, long jets of sperm that soon overflowed her and ran down her leg even as I was still coming inside her.

“Oh, wow…WOW!!” said Donna, feeling my sperm splashing into her cervix and overflowing her. She looked back at me. “Damn, you came a lot!! You might wake up my ovaries and make me pregnant yet!!” We stayed together until my cock softened up and I slipped out of her, releasing the big puddle of semen that had been bottled up inside her, a long drip that hung out of her spread pussy for a few seconds before dropping to the floor. Donna turned and put her arms around me. “You really do love me,” she said, smiling.

“More than you can imagine, and when we play the fantasy of making you pregnant, it really turns me on, as does the thought of you going around with a big expectant belly,” I said. We kissed.

Donna looked at me, a softness in her eyes. She put her hand on my face. “I like that idea too, it’s really sweet,” she said softly, reaching up to kiss me again.

“I just hope it’s me that knocks you up, and not one of the dozen other guys you’ve been fucking.”

“Oh, no, sweetie,” said Donna with a laugh. “I have a lot of fun with them, but if getting pregnant was even remotely a possibility, the others would all be using condoms, all the time, and there would not be as many as I’m having now. I don’t want to have anyone’s baby but yours!!” Donna kissed me again.

We spent the rest of the day teasing each other, ending up by cuddling on the sofa after dinner, watching a movie. We didn’t see much of the second half of it, as we were soon making slow love on the sofa, Donna straddling me, squeezing my cock as she sat on it while we kissed, until first she came, then, finally I did, flooding her with a copious amount of sperm. She stayed on top of me til I softened up and slipped out. Even then, she stayed on me, letting my come spill back onto me. We’d clean up in the morning, in the shower, together.

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